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Mike John's Load Almighty 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/8/14

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Load Almighty 2
Jules Jordan/Mike John Productions
Directed by Mike John and Tim Von Swine
Date of Production: 1/28/14
Running Time: 2Disc (2:16:28 and 2:28:13)
Darryl Hanah
Claire Robbins
Tatiana Kush
Andy San Dimas
Katie St Ives
Emma Heart
Sarah Shevon
Chastity Lynn
Special Features:
Multiple Chapter Stops
Cumshot Recap
Photo Gallery
16 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps
Part One:
Chastity Lynn (4 Loads)
A brief tease/interview and soon the cocks come filing into the room, one at a time, getting some one on one time, before the gaggle of man meat is upon her. As she stated in her interview, she's a big fan of blowing guys, and you can see that early on, and you know this is going to be a good one, and perhaps a little extra fun, if she really gets horny. Plenty of gagging, face fucking and spit, as she works her way around the cocks, keeping her mouth and hands very busy. She continues with some ball appreciation as they give her pussy a little attention as her mouth is filled with cock. The last time I review a blowbang movie, it was a gaggle of them and those had at least double the guys in it, but these smaller hordes, mean they all get attention and don't have to wait around for their turn. Off come her panties, and she bends over and finds a face deep in her ass and pussy, along with some finger banging. And thanks to the man behind the camera, we know what's next, a tea bag merry go round, as he calls it, and of course followed by a deep throat one as well. And you can see guess how it ends. They kept mentioning "praise the load", I am not sure if that is just a common phrase, or a mix-up in where this scene belongs.
Andy San Dimas (5 loads)
Is the camera man scared, as he starts the interview from a distance, and it's hard to hear her, but finally closes in. It seems this is a first for her. Andy is going to start off with two cocks right away, and starts off with some hand and mouth love on both. The guys move onto the pussy licking a little early too, perhaps they know it's her first time and they want to ease her into the experience. Two guys tag out and are replaced by two more cocks for her to enjoy. After the tag teams, it's time for all four cocks to surround her, as she makes her way around the circle. Lots of spit and drool, as she makes her way around, a little timid at first, but seems to be turning it up a bit as the scene continues. Titty fucking...ok? She assumes the position as the tea bagging portion begins, with a little face fucking thrown in as well. Some very nice double fisting and mouth work, as she makes her way around the circle of cocks once more, before the custard begins to fly. But she is going to get one more load, after a quick clean up, it's time for some POV time. He works his fingers over her pussy and seems to be hitting all the right spots from her moans. The focus is back to him, as she gets on her knees and works him over, quickly getting a rise out of him. It's weird, but I think I am enjoying this portion more than the blowbang. And being the camera man has it's advantages, as she bends over and lets him slide into her pussy, getting her somewhat vocal as he picks up the pace, and slaps her ass. She seams to climax, a few times, as she rides him, and now we just wait for him to explode for her, and it's going to be longer than you think.
Emma Heart (5 loads)
Well we are going to get up close and intimate with her ass, as it fills up the screen, and it's going to be a few minutes before we even seen her face. She flashes her tits, but the guys seem more focused on the booty, as they bend her over for the camera. She gets two to play with at first, but three more make their way into the circle fairly quick. She assumes the position for the tea bag portion, but it seems to be more of a face fucking time. At this point I am waiting for something to come along and grab my attention. These guys are ass men, as they make lay down on the couch, and slide their cocks in between her ass cheeks, as she continues to keep her mouth full. That didn't seem to work too well, so it's onto same face sitting, as her oral work continues. Well the good news is that it's a short scene and after her cum mask is applied, we can move onto the next scene.
Darryl Hanah (5 loads)
She's already to go and isn't sure where to start, but some teasing for the camera as her lingerie comes off, and her ass fills up the screen. After some solo time, it's time to give those dicks some attention, getting on her knees and using her hands and mouth to make her way around. She's got five cocks ready for her attention, let's hope she does a better job. Armpit fucking...ok? She seems to have a little more energy in her work, but looking at the time left, I have a feeling this is going to be another short scene. The guys are sure to keep her pussy entertained as well, with some finger action, as well as some face sitting. And as they work their magic on her face, she gives each a little more love before moving onto the next layer of frosting.
Part Two:
Sarah Shevon (5 loads) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)
Well as we start disc two, the good news is that I think we are going to have a great start to this one. Outside, showing off her tits and ass for the camera, followed by some up close looks at her pussy, as she spreads it with her fingers. Seems she has attracted a small crowd of men with her nakedness, it's funny how that works. She plays with her pussy and they have their cocks outs and warming up with their hands, till she can move in closer and wrap her mouth around them. Some very nice teasing as she grinds up against the fence. Now that these guys are warmed up, she takes the action inside and covers them in spit as she makes her way around the meat. It's early but she's doing a great job of making me forget about the previous disc, thank you Sarah. She lays back and gets some pussy attention, as her mouth and hands continue spreading her cock love. There may be 4 cocks for her to enjoy, but there is one particular that seems to the target of her attention for most of the scene. No tea bag session and so we get back to her on her knees waiting for them to plaster her face with their cum. But if you did your math right, that is only four loads, which means some one on one POV action is coming up soon. We catch up later and she's all cleaned up, but she is still working over her pussy with her fingers, but he presents her with a alternative, as he slaps his cock on her leg. He tells her to bend over, as he slides in for some doggy action, sending waves down her ass. After the doggy, he takes a seat and she focuses all of her attention on one cock, giving some attention to his balls as she juggles them in her mouth. The spit plays continues, covering his cock in some liquid love, making sure to cover every inch of his man meat. After the spit lubrication, she climbs on for some cowgirl, keeping up that energy. She climbs off and works her oral magic, followed by more booty bouncing, and leads to her getting her fifth load on her face.
 Katie St Ives (4 loads)
The cute and adorable Katie is up next, and she's ready to show off her dirty side for the camera, but first a nice close up of her booty. She can also make her boobs bounce, so plenty of bouncing body parts to enjoy. She gives the camera a little pussy tease and her bush, as her crowd of men come in, giving her tits and pussy some attention, and then the cocks come out. It looks like she has three cocks to play with, so that means some POV action will follow. Actually I was wrong, as the fourth cock enters the circle. She seems to be more of a one on one girl, making her way around focusing all of her attention on one cock at a time. She flashes that smile and giggles as she waits for them to plaster her face with cum.
Tatiana Kush (4 loads)
She decked out in some sexy black and blue lingerie , giving us a tease as she strips down, letting out a few smiles as he closes in as she plays with her pussy. Her naked body is surrounded by 4 cocks, all starving for her attention, as she works her pierced tongue on them. She seems like more of a team player, as she keeps both hands and her mouth busy at times. They oil up her tits, for some titty fucking, and because it's been a few scenes, the tea bagging is back, but she adds in some ass licking as well to the mix. As they plaster their cum on her face, we get a little crossing of the streams, which we know is a bad thing.
Claire Robbins (6 loads)
She gets a special intro before she enters the room. It seems she has some experience with blowbangs and has worked with him a few times. The first guy enters the scene and goes right for her pussy, working it over with his mouth, getting her warmed up. Now that she is warmed up, it's time for the cock sucking to begin, as she returns the favor. Cock #2 enters, as she bends over and works her mouth on it, while her hand is working over the other. That number quickly jumps to 5 as she is surrounded by cocks, keeping her mouth and hands busy. As she leans over the couch, it's tea bagging time as they give her pussy a little finger action to keep her going a bit.  And it seems these guys are all about crossing the stream as they shoot their loads on her face. She cleans up and tries to get away, but it seems he isn't done with her just yet. Bring on the POV time. And cause of her no bra and panty philosophy, doesn't take long for her to get naked, as she sucks and strokes him off. She props herself up in the chair and spreads her legs, as he slides in, getting her rather vocal fairly quick. Some cowgirl and doggy follow, and leads into our final cumshot of the movie
Overall Thoughts:
Awhile back I went through a run of blowbang movies, covering the bigger releases from a few of the studios. They ranged in number of guys, but I think that 4 or 5, was most likely the lowest number. And I think if you are in the mood for watching a blowbang movie, the higher the number, the better it should be. Well after sitting through this one, almost 5 hours total, I can say that this one doesn't even stack up to the others. As I state in the review, they keep mentioning Praise the Load, and so my guessing is that these are the scenes that didn't make the cut perhaps, although a few of them I can see why. Seemed to really drag on at times, and I am not sure the POV section was necessary, could have easily been some bonus material. It's not horrible, and for that reason I am going to give this one a RENT IT, and if you have a choice to pick only one disc as an option, I would a slight edge to the second disc, just for the Sarah Shevon scene alone. A quick update before I end this, as the credits roll I see that these scenes are actually from previous Praise the Load movies, now I know that maybe that is a series I need to keep away from in the future.

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