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Naughty Little Asians 31

Studio: Third World Media » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 3/11/14

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

GENRE: Group Sex, Creampies, Lesbians, Cum Swapping, Blowjobs, Toys

DIRECTOR: Ed "California Roll" Hunter

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Third World Media / Asian Eyes

MSRP: $16.99 (VOD) / 2 Day Rental - $3.99

LENGTH: 2 hrs 11 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: Being the foreign production that it is Director Ed Hunter does good to keep things professionally orchestrated, and edited. There's little in the way of mosaic censoring, and being able to see all performers' genitalia is not an issue in this three scene collection. You will however find the occasional male performers' face blocked out via mosaic tiles. This is to keep their identity confidential, and avoid any scrutiny that the performer might receive in their personal life from starring in such a film. The good news is that all female performers were shown in their full nude glory, and did not opt to go the route of mosaic censoring. This keeps the sex that is shown pure, and natural. The added fact that everything from the main menu forward is shown in HD also helps the quality of each scene, and individual that is shown.

In the way of camera angles you'll find footage captured in up close, and personal POV (Point of View) perspectives as well as group shots from a distanced cameraman's angle. There is not one unprofessionally applied instance captured in the three scene film as a result of the properly managed, and edited footage. As far as audio goes it is as high in quality as that of the video presentation. The only downside I found was that the crudely edited english subtitles were brief, and did not continue throughout the scene's entire length. It would have been nice to have known what was being said during the sexual intercourse, but sadly the director chose to only include pre-sex subtitles leading up to the acts being shown.

CAST: Akubi, Yuma, Megu, Asami, Yui, Konomi




Having been my first 'Third World Media' dvd viewing I was surprised by a handful of things. Somethings were pleasant while others were not so much. In the way of pleasant surprises I found that the three scene collection was shown in full HD (High Definition). It was a clear, and vivid sexual adventure through Okinawa with some of Asia's finest glamour models. On the opposite side of things, the more negative side I found that the 2+ hour span of the film was stretched across three scenes. In most situations an adult film critic, or even an enthusiast will have had a hard time enjoying a scene that doesn't get to the point (aka, cumshot) quick enough. That is the case with "Naughty Little Asians #31". While I did have a personal problem sitting through two extremely extended scenes I found that the content was kept interesting enough that it wasn't that bad of an experience. Of course you have to consider that it is my job to first observe each scene, and take notes for the review I am to provide. The personal enjoyment comes long after I've typed up my review, and delivered it to you on Xcritic. In that respect I was able to tolerate the film more than someone who was looking for a quicker, to the point viewing experience.

The sex that is shared in this particular dvd presentation comes in an interesting assortment of full-on foreplay pleasuring, oral only antics, and one of the most thorough scenes I've witnessed in the history of porn. With only a small cast of leading ladies, and an even smaller cast of male participants the sex is stretched about as thin as the three scenes themselves. Some girls are left to fool with themselves while the others tend to the male cast members' needs. This in turn leaves some girls' performances looking bland, and others' looking exceptionally better. It is this unusal approach to directing that acts both in the favor of the performers being shown, and against them. Even with it's pros, and cons I have to admit that this was one of the more interesting porn films I've seen in regards to content, and arrangement.




SCENE 1 (Akubi, Asami, Yuma, Megu):


Akubi, Asami, Yuma & Megu


Scene one starts off with a crudely translated introductory subtitle session featuring four of the film's leading Asian performers. This interesting female cast compiled of two auburn haired beauties (Yuma & Megu), and two raven haired cuties (Akubi & Asami) will no doubt be a welcome sight for viewers tuning into their upcoming performances. Each girl who is sporting a two-piece bikini sits atop a larger than life matress in a traditional Okinawa inspired building awaiting the command to begin the orgy at hand. Before the sex actually starts though we find through English subtitles that the girls are discussing amongst themselves a previously enjoyed fish dinner that they had had as well as their "E Cup", and "F Cup" bra sizes with the offscreen gentlemen who were filming, and participating in the shoot. It is obvious that the offscreen Asian men loved the girls' breasts as they did a lot of fondling prior to the sexual engagement. It wasn't until the sexy clothing articles were removed though that the girls' natural attractive qualities were truly shared.

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After all the girls' were naked as they day they were born the three men of the scene joined in with them for the funfilled occasion. The sex that followed this birthday suit reveal unfolded in a slow teasing manner gradually leading up to the more exciting sexual tidbits. To begin with three of the girls including Asami, Yuma, and Megu tended the men's foreplay needs orally for an extended amount of time. This included blowjobs, and nipple licking which was all captured from a variety of different angles. Nothing was deep about the cocksucking though, and the nipple licking was only interesting in that you usually do not see women licking men's nipples. In the grand scheme of things the girls mainly stuck to tip sucking, and ball sucking to get the guys hard enough for future penetrations. These oral acts continued for a long while amidst the continuous group talk, and laughter making the onscreen actions more playful than sexual. When the men finally had their fill of oral sex they one by one chose to pleasure the girls before them with return foreplay, and vaginal penetrations. This was done mostly in the missionary, and doggie positions. Eventually all of the shared excitement, and stimulation led up to the pointed out pervert known as Asami getting a creampie in her hairy pussy. The rest of the female performers simply sat cumshot-free chatting amongst themselves about the cumshot that had just taken place, and played with the sticky ooze while the men rattled on about their sexual conquests.

As interesting, and as professionally conducted/edited as this scene was I found it to be stretched thin with an excessive amount of unnecessary content. The oral sex could have easily been shortened, and the cumshots could have been made better if the director had chosen to go with more than just a single creampie finish. With that being said the girls looked sexy enough, and appeared to be enjoying the sexual stimulation from the men, and the vibrator wand that was introduced midway into the scene.


SCENE 2 (Akubi & Asami):


Akubi & Asami


Elaborating in great detail about this next scene is going to be a true feat of journalistic prowess. It's honestly about as bare bones as a porn scene can get, so sharing in detail what I saw is going to be a limited thing...

In an odd turn of events director 'Ed Hunter' decided to entirely skip the extensive scene format that he had previously visited, and went for a shortened oral sex only feature. In this oral sex oriented scene we were once again graced by the presence of the petite, and cute Asian hotties known as Akubi & Asami. These returning female performers from the previous encounter joined in together with a lone man in order to give some POV (Point of View) head. It was your basic blowbang threesome with two girls tending to one cock. As exciting as that would usually be to me it was not that much so in this particular scenario. What I found instead was a mundane performance that was wholly lacking in excitement. As the sex act began I watched the man of the scene lay motionless on his back upon a mattress while the two girls had at his cock, and balls. They were intently trying their best to get the man hard enough to come, but this took quite a while to do considering the amount of oral pleasuring that was applied. The ball, and cock licking as well as the ball, and cock sucking did little to get the man hard in a quick enough manner. Perhaps he had immense stamina, or something? Regardless of whether, or not this was true I found that this scene's oral sex was so dull, and to the point that it was damn near mind numbing. The only real exciting part happened at the tail end of the scene when Asami decided to furiously jerk the guy off into Akubi's mouth. That, and the fact that the two girls swapped cum afterwards were the scene's only noteworthy points.

This is one of those scenes that left me thinking "WTF were you thinking!?". Sure the oral sex only scenario would have been more than welcome if it weren't so poorly presented. The girls looked bored out of their skull, and as a result I was bored out of my skull. If it weren't for Asami stepping up to the plate, and jerking the man off I don't think he ever would have came. It's as if he were totally ignoring what the girls were doing, and was just laying there like a limp noodle receiving a BJ. I have to say that this was definitely the lesser of the three scenes as a result.


SCENE 3 (Konomi & Yui):


Konomi & Yui


In this final scene the director goes all out to provide the most thorough sex experience imaginable. When the scene opens up we follow two sisters (Konomi & Yui) as they head to meet one of their boyfriends at a rented Okinawa villa. This unusal get together later turns out to be a treat for the younger sister, Yui. Both Konomi, and her boyfriend of 5 years seem to like things kinky, and inviting Yui along for the ride definitely seems like the perfect thing to do. After some sight seeing the two raven haired Asian girls meet at the extravagant rendezvous point only to be asked to take a bath. Of course the boyfriend, and man of the scene chooses to record every intimate detail in POV (Point of View) fashion including the traditional Japanese bath between the two gorgeous girls. Even the intense foreplay session that unfolds afterwards is captured via handheld video camera.

After the shower, and bath takes it's course Konomi, and Yui join the boyfriend on a padded mat in a screen divided room. The man of the scene pretends to act uninterested at first, but soon gets into the swing of things by pleasuring the girls to the point of crying, and squirting. The foreplay that is applied is a mixture of intense finger banging, and stimulation via an applied vibrator wand. The threesome often times switches positions during the foreplay session in order to gain better access of each others holes. This positon changing also allows for the participants of the threesome to shine, and show off their true naughty nature. As it turns out Konomi is truly the sexpot of the threesome though. She greatly enjoys every aspect of the attention that her, and her sister are getting, and it shows through her various expressions as well as her sexual gestures. Like true sisters, both Konomi, and Yui help to extend the pleasuring with occasional complimentary oral applications of their own. Things such as subtle blowing upon the pussy, and salad tossing are amongst the more taboo foreplay gestures shared between them. The boyfriend definitely goes all out to impress the two girls before him, and in doing so becomes a true gentleman porn legend.

When the gentleman lover has given it his all in the way of pleasuring the ladies before him he then turns to them for some stimulation of his own sensitive body parts. Initially this man of the scene approaches the two sisters for a simple co-op blowbang, but later allows the girls to ride him in the cowgirl position as well. This position change obviously makes for better stimulation seeing that the girl he is underneath has a tight pussy. While the girls take turns riding cock the one left out always chooses to get behind the two lovers, and further stimulates their genitalia via pussy, and ball pleasuring. At one point during the cowgirl riding Konomi quickly switches places with her younger sister Yui realizing that her boyfriend is about to reach the point of coming. She rides him in the same cowgril position as before letting her boyfriend finish the scene by coming inside of her. This of course results in a thick creampie cumshot that gains the same playful reaction as the ones shared by the girls from the first scene. Yui, dabs her fingers into the messy goo, plays with it, and even tastes it before allowing Konomi to do the same. Thus ending one of the longest damn scenes I have ever seen.





The cumshot recap extra is just as you'd expect it to be in a porn production. It is divided by scene, and the performers' names. When you access a particular cumshot recap you'll be presented with a short display of sex leading up to the gooey finish as well as the gooey finish itself. While this would be an impressive feature in most porn films the cumshots shown in ths dvd are about as dull as they come. I for one do not like creampie finishes, especially in hairy women. It looks rather nasty in my personal opinion. With that being said though you might enjoy the cumswapping of the second scene as it was the best finish out of the entire collection.



The photo gallery in "Naughty Little Asian #31" is a sloppy mix of screen captures from each scene. You'll find an oddly displayed collection of different sized photo stills featuring the female performers with their clothes on, and off. While this sort of photo extra might be welcome by some porn enthusiasts I've always found "Photo Galleries" to be one of the lesser offerings in regards to extras.



In this extra you'll find a list of playable trailers from various 'Third World Media' releases. They include everything from Asian porn to Brazilian porn, and even the more genre specific tranny, and she-male feature presentations. This is a helpful extra if you are into finding out more about what the studio in question has to offer. No harm can come from learning about the products/studios you are interested about, so long as you are interested in them. Like the "Photo Gallery" offerings though this too comes off as being a lesser extra.



To cut to the chase this extra feature is the same phone ad, and online website ad that follows each scene in this dvd. I have no idea why the studio would include this as an extra as you will ikely have seen it three times before. Also you'll find that simple internet searches via google can provide the same info contained in this poorest of extra features.



This dvd is probably one of the most difficult I've had to judge thus far this year. It contains both notably good, and awkwardly bad qualities. In the way of good I found that the final scene was enjoyable to watch despite it's long length, and the creampie finish that was given. I also found the cumswapping finish of the second scene to be a nice surprise. The fact that everything was put together properly regardless of it's lengthy nature, and the fact that it was presented in a professional manner was a huge plus. On the downside of things I found that a lot of the stuff that was shown was unnecessary in different ways. A lot of the content shown could have been cut shorter, and enjoyed just the same. It didn't have to be stretched thin over 2+ hours of presentation. I for one enjoy a solid, to the point porn scene that includes foreplay, sex, and a cumshot finish. This can easily be accomplished in less than the time that Ed Hunter had used.

Considering everything that I've said, and witnessed I'm still going to say this is possibly worth a rental just for the last scene, and possibly even the second scene (depending on your oral sex preferences). The last scene in particular isn't all that bad considering how impressive, and well organized the sex, and foreplay was. It was definitely interesting seeing the two sisters take a traditional Okinawa bath. Seeing the man tend to the ladies more than a male porn star usually would was also a pleasant change. As far as the performers themselves go you'll find one of the loveliest Asian line-ups ever shared in an Asian porno. These girls are all beautiful, and are what I consider to be the equivelant of Dorcel glamor models. If you like sexy Asian girls, and you don't mind sitting through a couple abnormally long scenes then you might find this interesting enough for a rent, or even a purchase.



"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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