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Evil Anal 21

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/19/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Evil Anal 21: The Raw Edition

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Gonzo

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Director: Manuel Ferrara


Cast: Bonnie Rotten, Manuel Ferrara, London Keyes, Cameron Canada, Alby Rydes

Length: 270:12 minutes (149:16 minutes & 120:56 minutes)

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: The extras included trailers, a helpful cast list, individual photogalleries, some filmographies, websites, and a pop shot recap. Note: Those looking for BTS footage will find it incorporated into the movie itself since this was modeled after the “Raw” series.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Evil Anal 21 was presented in a crisp anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel. Unlike most volumes in the Evil Anal series, the visual elements for this volume was rarely optimal, Manuel often places the small video camera on a table or other convenient location to allow him a hands free experience with the ladies and the lighting is whatever is available, but they suffice to convey the raw energy of the chemistry filled sexual trysts he gets by picking women that truly want to work with him. As such, this volume in the series looked similar to previous efforts, the enthusiasm and passion provided more than making up for the modest technical values as presented. The audio was also on the modest side, the microphone built into the camera capturing whatever sounds it could, the vocals usually easy enough to hear even when the partners whisper to each other though some of the ambient sounds do get in the way from time to time.

Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara is one of the few male performers able to truly enhance a scene, his work at Evil Angel showcasing how he adores ladies of all types. Say what you will about lack of quality extras or modest technical values, the man delivers in spades the kind of heated fuck flick most of his peers can only dream about offering, the sheer quantity of his works also helping to push them over the proverbial edge. His latest movie is the double disc Evil Anal 21, Manuel opening up his private vaults to showcase some of his most precious memories with attractive ladies of all sorts, ladies that were dripping wet to hook up with the guy. Of special note this time was that Manuel went with the same dynamic as he does in the “Raw” series, eschewing the technical clarity of his usual approach in favor of how he does things in the popular POV series instead. The casting was also a great mix of ladies familiar with the Raw series such as London Keyes and Bonnie Rotten and newcomers like Cameron Canada and Alby Rydes, the lengthy flick giving each of them a whole lot of time to shine as it were.


The company website described the flick like this: “"Evil Anal 21," subtitled the "Raw Edition," is a marathon of intimate sodomy starring director/suave leading man/porn stud Manuel Ferrara and four lustful lovelies. Bonnie Rotten, the exotically tattooed, 100-pound package of beauty and sexual joy named AVN's 2014 Female Performer Of The Year, enjoys ass-to-mouth cocksucking and is clearly into rimming Manuel's asshole. As he reams her rectum, her pussy squirts a huge flood of girl-cum all over herself and the couch. Voluptuous Asian-American knockout London Keyes impales her shapely ass on the director's fat meat and rides. After an intense anal session he jerks ribbons of cream onto her tummy, tits, outstretched tongue, up to her forehead! Blue-eyed blonde Cameron Canada buries his thick prick in her bunghole outdoors on a chaise longue; inside, they share intimate, real sex (shot from a voyeur's eye view). Thick cocksucker's lips, a shaved-side hairstyle and impressive tats contribute to Alby Rydes' exotic look. She and Manuel share intimate, real kissing and butt-fucking before a heavy, POV-style cum shot obliterates her face. Incorporated into each tryst we see Manuel's girls choosing their sexy outfits and posing for a photo shoot.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Bonnie Rotten, the reigning Performer of the Year sporting tons of tattoos seen on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up first with Manuel Ferrara. Her braless black top allowed her boobs to shake in such a way that it drove him crazy as they tried to figure out what to wear from an extensive collection of slutty attire in her mammoth suitcase. Manuel joked about her tattoos a little, Bonnie launching it right back at him in spades, their mutual chemistry as a couple on so many levels really enhancing the tease value of the lengthy footage. The preparations took awhile but as she was so hot, Manuel (and this reviewer) did not mind one bit, the man even admitting that his biggest mistake of last year was booking her to work with another man (just like I told him…). In any case, Bonnie had a landing strip for a pubic patch and when she finally managed to figure out her black strap dress, she took a few moments to slob his knob as a reward for his sort of patience, the gal warming up her perfect pucker with a light purple anal plug. Manuel followed that with his thumb but Bonnie was prowling for pecker, his turgid rod just what she was looking for when she sucked him off and squatted to ride him actively in her dripping wet pussy. She then got up to tease and masturbate in front of him, driving him crazy with desire before some doggy held him off for more photoshoot material, the couple intermittently teasing and toying with one another before more vaginal and anal penetration positions were mixed in. The nonchalant manner in which they engaged in super fiery sex between him taking stills of her was interesting to say the least, Bonnie’s anal exploits showing how active a rider she can be (and she also loved to eat his ass!), ample evidence of her squirting provided along the way. Her eye contact was superb, their mutual chemistry awesome, and the many ways in which they clicked just made this a wonderful scene to appreciate, the couple lasting over an hour before her many talents drained his dragon dry of genetic juice, the sheer intensity of the tryst letting her gloat at how she swallowed his baby batter while leaving him completely spent (Bonnie refusing to leave before jumping his bone again and spreading out for another round).



Scene Two: London Keyes, the fetching Asian hotty seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next with Manuel Ferrara, the gal explaining it was her last day before going back home to rejoin her partners in their Asian dance tour. London was wearing a loose orange outfit that was too baggy to show her off so Manuel pulled her top down, her body thicker than ever as he reached out to molest her. She loved the attention and the scene lasted over an hour here too, London changing into a slutty biker gal outfit before kneeling in front of him to give him an amazing POV blowjob. Her eye contact was great and her enthusiasm was matched only by her energy levels, London one of the few ladies in porn able to follow Bonnie without looking like a second choice, her oral devotion enhancing the replay value substantially. They briefly fucked but took a break to get a bunch of still shots as well, Manuel wisely making the most of the opportunity to get as much material of her as possible for fans. There was also a lot of emphasis on her yummy ass, London spreading wide to accommodate a lengthy black dildo before she gave him more head and nuzzled his nuts (tossing his salad as I recall too) before more fucking took place. She was an active rider and showed the same degree of chemistry with him she has long had, no wonder he picked her for this very special edition of the series (she’d been in Raw twice, no mean feat given how rare that seems to be). So both did more oral and mixed up the strong vaginal and anal plowing, London’s hand to gland efforts alone nearly causing me to soil myself she was so passionate about their encounter. Her ass was so tight that he nearly lost his nut of population pudding a few times too, London milking him dry of the ball batter anally though he delivered it all over her torso by hand before she provided some post coital head.



Scene Three: Cameron Canada, the blond bombshell bending over on the middle of the right side on the front cover, was up next with Manuel Ferrara in the first scene of the second disc. The Canadian hotty was getting ready when he commented at how amazing her ass was, the two apparently never working together before. She claimed to be 24 at the time the scene was shot, the two trying to decide what she would wear that would highlight her ass the best, Manuel pulling out some stuff while giving a storeowner friend a free plug. Her body looked great in anything she tried on, from the silver pants to the crotchless cover outfit I appreciated, Cameron adding some accessories to give her a slutty school girl look of sorts. She masturbated for Manuel and juiced up before a new special effect was included of his stills showing up on screen. She teased him sniffing his crotch and walking around, Manuel rimming her briefly before she applied her learned oral skills on him by the pool. He reminded her to look at him but her eye contact overall was generally solid if not as good as the previous superstars, Cameron wrapping her lips around his shaft as she tried to throat him more than half way down. They moved to a lounging chair for her to continue, the gal sucking his nuts and ass before fingering her own ass and riding him, using a light blue anal plug to warm up with before he tore her apart doing anal. While she was a passive rider at first, she warmed up to his huge cock porking her precious pucker, sucking him clean at times before moving back to impaling herself on his pecker. They then moved back into the house where she displayed her love of his ass orally again, the two whispering to each other to communicate what they were going to do next. I felt she really got into him and he adored her from the first moment he saw her wonderful ass, my initial assessment of her being she really wanted to see if he was as incredible a performer as she had repeatedly heard (Manuel living up to his reputation in spades). The scene was very strong, if not quite as award worthy as the first two, so the ending when he had her lay on the floor in missionary to douse her whole body in spunk seemed slightly anticlimactic but the scene overall was another winner.



Scene Four: Alby Rydes, the exotic young lady featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was another first timer with Manuel Ferrara, the gal a wild card for me after I observed her in Anally Greedy and Tanlines 4 not long ago. She came ill prepared compared to the others who had gigantic collections of lingerie and sexy outfits, Manuel bringing out some articles for her to try instead. She was the leanest of the cast though her implants were disproportionately large, her head partially shaved and her nipples pierced, her collection of body ink second only to Bonnie. As such, she did offer some exotic appeal as uncharted territory for Manuel, the cold weather limiting what they did outside when she donned her pink pantyhose and had stills taken by the pool. The special effect showing his stills was a nice touch here as her shapely ass was well worth spending some quality time with, Manuel pawing her with some choking, some attention to her neatly trimmed pussy, and her own solo efforts. They tore her pink outfit to grant better access to her perky pucker too, some kissing leading them inside to completely consummate the deal as she dry humped him and he stuffed his face into her ass before she gingerly started to blow him. Given his size, she took it slow and steady, her oral efforts not in the same league as the previous three but gaining points for trying him out for size repeatedly. They then moved to fucking on the couch, Alby a somewhat passive rider when not on top of him but showing a great deal of potential for future outings all the same. He ended it by totally glazing her face with splooge, Alby licking at the semen and tasting herself before the credits rolled.


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Summary: Evil Anal 21 by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel had tremendous amounts of fuck for the buck thanks in large part to the chemistry between the performers, all of the four sexual trysts the sort people seeing it will remember for a long, hard time. The raw energy and passion exhibited by all the players here gave it great replay value and strokability, the fun factor high enough to earn a rating of Highly Recommended; Bonnie Rotten cranking up the heat as usual, London Keyes as sweet but nasty at the same time as ever, Cameron Canada possessing an ass to die for, and exotic alt-gal Alby Rydes providing yet another performance in her still new career. In short then, Evil Anal 21: The Raw Edition, like all the volumes in the Raw series before it, was a tribute to just how well some ladies respond to the strongest male performer in the porn industry, the ladies singing his praises as they earned accolades themselves doing the hardcore anal required to make it in the Evil Anal series, a cross breeding of series I think fans are going to appreciate.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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