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One Flew Over The Cuckold's Nest: A Dreamzone Parody

Studio: Dream Zone Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/23/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


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One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest: A Dreamzone Parody

Dreamzone Entertainment

Genre: Parody, IR Cuckold

Director: Jordan Septo


Cast: Brianna Brooks, Rico Strong, Kim Blossom, Rob Piper, Shayla LaVeaux, Jon Jon, Alexis Ford, LT Turner
Non-sex roles: Rob, Kyle Stone, Brandon Iron, Christian XXX

Length: 98:03 minutes

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Date of Production: 7/14/2013


Extras: All the extras were on the second disc, starting off with the 9:42 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It was rather incoherently shot with some weak footage trying to catch Gina, Jordan, and others as they went about making the movie. There was then a 53:30 minute sampler of the company’s Romeo & Juliet flick combined with their Godfather parody. There was then a photogallery, some trailers, a free DVD offer from 2011 and other spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by uncredited director Jordan Septo for Dreamzone Entertainment. Given the end result, I could see why no one wanted to take credit for the production as it was a parody in name only. Skipping that, the lighting was generally decent, the editing okay, and the flesh tones accurate with reasonably decent framing of the scenes. The sets were ultra low budget and the production was not the best of the batch from the company but at least there was no continuous company watermark on the screen as the movie played. The aural quality of the movie was on the rougher side though, the vocals bouncing around and the music pretty weak, no ambient sounds on the 2.0 Dolby Digital production to speak of.


Body of Review: Jordan Septo has been a talented gonzo director for years, some comparing him to a few of the best directors in the industry once upon a time. While I haven’t seen many of his gonzo titles in years, apparently someone at the company demands ratings far exceeding the quality of the product all too often, it seems he has moved on to make parodies even now that the genre has waned considerably in recent times as consumers have wised up to the weaker efforts so heavily populating the market. Well, the folks at Dreamzone Entertainment carry forth with their mission to make parodies all the same and one of their latest releases is called One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest: A Dreamzone Parody. Upon reading the front and back cover, the double disc movie appears to be a parody of the Jack Nicholson classic, a movie so ingrained in our pop culture that there are literally hundreds of aspects that could be mimicked or poked fun at, you know, as good parodies seem so apt to do. Sadly, this is one of those crappy parodies that only poke fun at the name, this not the first to do so for the movie in question. As such, the feature elements were largely worthless in value and the sexual aspects of the movie became dedicated to interracial cuckold material, where a white woman was sexual with one of the black males staffers as their significant other sat by helplessly. Even worse, most of the mopes used as the husband were shown to be completely out of it, wasting the cuckold value that works best if they are fully conscious and aware. Still, with lovely Alexis Ford and returning anal queen Shayla LaVeaux, I was hopeful something could be salvaged here, newcomers Kim Blossom and Brianna Brooks okay too. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Brianna Brooks, an attractive bleach blond with a big chest and curvy ass, was up first with Rico Strong as Rob bobbed his head around, barely paying attention. She kissed the muscular mope and peeled off her attire quickly, Rico ravaging her tits before she slobbed his knob, the turgid pecker ready to bone quickly, despite her only taking a couple of inches into her mouth. She did apply some hand to gland friction as she sucked the head and licked the shaft, her eye contact better than her acting skills as she readied him to plow her bald beaver, no gash gobbling here. She was a relatively passive rider here and my appreciation for fluffy gals waned a little given how mechanical they were with each other, Rico taking quite a while to jerk out a wad of genetic juice on her face, such a small load of baby batter that he must have worked hours before this one.


Scene Two: Kim Blossom, a skinny redhead with a small body, was up next with Rob Piper as Kyle Stone sort of watched from a wheelchair in a drugged haze. She removed her attire to leave her bikini undies on, her g-string riding her perky ass as they kissed and she probed his pants for a big black cock. She sucked him off like she had a great deal of experience but stayed with the top portion of the head as her hand worked the shaft, Rob sucking her feet clean before her bald beaver. Once he kissed the monkey, he started banging her pussy but she remained still, rolling her eyes and moaning but not contributing to the ride at all. She got better when she was on top of him but only marginally, Rob still doing most of the work with Kyle so out of it that he asked her “where do I know you?” as she was worked over. The ending doggy elicited his spunk into her mouth, the man tossing out the ball batter for her to savor though it was not shown if she swallowed it or not (so I’m guessing not).


Scene Three: Shayla LaVeaux, the curvy MILF seen on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next with orderly Jon Jon as Brandon Iron was left in the room with them. She skipped the tests by paying double the usual rate, Jon roughly pawing her before she removed her top to let her now naked boobs free. He sucked them and Brandon looked off in the distance past her as she grabbed Jon’s rod, so many jokes could be made about this that I’ll refrain for now. Shayla aggressively blew him before impaling herself on his cock, some intermittent oral by the gal leading to his spooge being tossed off to her mouth, the semen not clearly swallowed as the camera moved away.


Scene Four: Alexis Ford, the busty blond bombshell featured on the front cover, was up last with LT Turner, the gal playing “Nurse Snatch-It” who was the lead of the cast. Alexis introduced her husband, played by Christian XXX, to the doctor who played along with her desire to try her treatment in front of him. LT sucked her tits and she stroked his pecker, the man drilling her shaven snatch in a few positions as Alexis moaned really loud. Christian did almost nothing here and rarely spoke, Alexis actively riding LT’s rod until he plastered her face with splooge, the movie ending immediately afterward for the credits to roll.

Summary: One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest by director Jordan Septo for Dreamzone Entertainment skipped all the meaningful parody elements they could have delved into and made this one look so cheap that no one would allow their name to be sullied by being credited director. I saw Jordan and his producer squeeze Gina on the BTS so I affixed his name, his status as the lead director for the company alone would have had me listing this as his flick even if he were absent. The good news is that the lighting was solid even if the other technical values were not up to standard. The bad news is that the feature elements sucked donkey balls and the title appears to be another low rent grab for your hard earned cash so I rated this one as a Skip It though it has some minor value for the four interracial scenes, the director perhaps needing some lessons from an expert like Glenn King in how the cuckold dynamic works. Having a half conscious zombie in a chair that doesn’t recognize where they are doesn’t cut it to drive home the matter, my appreciation of Alexis Ford and Shayla LaVeaux enough to watch it with my teeth gritted tight but frankly, the movie was not entertaining at all. In short, when parodies go bad, they tend to go really bad and One Flew Over The Cuckold’s Nest: A Dreamzone Parody was the worst I’ve seen in quite some time, the kind of crud even a fanboy would be embarrassed to admit finding passable so if it is nominated or wins any awards, you’ll know where most of the budget went because it sure wasn’t on the screen or in the extras.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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