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Asian Amateurs 1

Studio: Home Grown Video » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 3/25/14

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

GENRE: Amateur, Asian, POV, Straight

DIRECTOR: Uncredited


MSRP: $19.99

LENGTH: 1 hr 36 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: Unlike most porn productions these days Home Grown Videos chooses to present their films in a fullscreen ratio. As their name suggests they also use video that is recorded in a "Home Video" style. Sometimes this can work in the scene's favor, and other times it does a disservice in that it offers the viewer a less than HD quality presentation. In this particular dvd one, or two of the scenes seems dated, and somewhat grainy. The added shaky camera, and amateurish recording style further dulls the onscreen action being shown. I do understand that the scenes aren't meant to be porn valley productions, but not everyone is going to fall head over heels for the home video style of recording that the various cameramen go for. As far as the sound goes it suffers from the same issues as the video in that it varies from scene to scene. Some scenes sound better than others, but overall the sound quality is not horrible.

CAST: Gia, Saber Takisha, Jade Xin, Maxxx Loadz, JP, Trent White




This three scene collection is a mixture of straight sex, and oral sex between three different Asian amateurs, and some well endowed male performers. In it you'll find a three round sexual circus that takes place in what looks like a pimped out motel room, an impressive deepthroat blowjob session, and a roleplay scenario about a passionate mixed couple. The sex, when it takes place is decent enough, and the cumshots that are shown are good, or bad according to the viewers' preference. The only true negative things you'll find amidst the onscreen action are the amateurish camera recordings. Things like a shaky POV camera angle, and poorly captured POV cumshots are all a part of this particular dvd's offerings. As the studio name suggests what you'll find are scenes akin to homemade videos. If you like homemade sex tapes then you might just like what this small set of Asian inspired scenes has to offer.




SCENE 1 (Gia & Maxxx Loadz):


Gia & Maxxx Loadz


This first scene begins with a one-on-one interview captured by Maxxx Loadz himself via a handheld camcorder. He notes Gia's name, her age which is 20, and basically gets down to business with Gia almost immediately as she begins stripping herself free of her clothes as they speak. Initially there's some affectionate kissing, and groping done to get the amateur porn starlet in the mood for what's to come. Gia, who looks totally unphased by the sexual gestures, and advances continues to smack on her chewing gum as Maxxx licks her pussy, and penetrates her in the most basic of positions. Speaking of position changes the couple involved in this sexual rendezvous basically stick to missionary, doggie, and the occasional cowgirl. What's really unusual though is the fact that Maxxx, and Gia go a total of three rounds before the scene finally ends.

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The first round of sex which included the most basic of position changes (Missionary & Doggie) ended up being slightly dull in that Gia just didn't seem to be into what was going on. She wore her nerdy glasses, and continued to smack her gum throughout the first engagement. The only exciting parts that were shown, if you can call them that were when Gia was licking Maxxx's cock, and when she received a facial after Maxxx pulled out of her. After Gia wiped her face clean of the man goo via a supplied towel she then began sucking Maxxx's cock again, dropping a subtle hint that she wanted to continue. Maxx of course didn't not deny the anxious girl's silent request, and opted to go for round two.

In round two of scene one Gia has loosened up a bit, has lost her annoying chewing gum, has lost her geek glasses and has succumb to the pleasures of the flesh. At this point she's obviously really enjoying her time with Maxxx, and puts more effort into the fuck. Even though Gia is more than willing Maxxx still commands the scene with his musclebound persuasion though. Gia relaxes somewhat, and enjoys the various vaginal penetrations in missionary, doggie, and cowgirl. In this particular round watching Gia without her glasses, and her awkwardness is truly a treat. She's a beautiful porn model, and unfortunately it isn't noticable until she loses her glasses, and her inhibitions. The only downside to the performance is that the ending cumshot comes in the form of a creampie. If you guys know me by now I'm particular about the cumshots I prefer to see. Sadly creampie finishes do not rank up there with my top favorites. Hoping for a better finish I contiuned to watch on as "Round 3" ensued.

As with the end of round one the end of round two halts with another cocksucking gesture hinting at Gia's willingness to continue on with the sex. After cleaning up her previously delivered creampie the scene abruptly stops, and is ushered back in via some crude video editing. I forgot to mention this earlier, but this recording is of the most amateurish quality. It was filmed by Maxxx himself in a sloppy POV manner that didn't really capture a lot of the onscreen action well. The film quality itself is less than HD, and is even bad compared to standard definition films. It seems badly dated in my personal opinion. With that being said the sex that was captured was equally as exciting as round two. The same positions were visited once again, and Maxxx once again finished the fuck with a gooey creampie.

At this point in my viewing I wondering, "Why the fuck did they extend the scene three rounds!?". Two rounds of sex would have been more than enough to get the point across. I understand that Maxxx wanted to show Gia's transition from newbie to starlet, but honestly that third round of fucking was not needed at all. It was basically the same sex that was shown in round two.


SCENE 2 (Saber Takisha & JP): 


Saber Takisha & JP


I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this second scene. The newbie known as 'Saber Takisha' didn't look all that enticing, but damn if she couldn't give some deep head! When the scene began I, being the lucky observer that I am was once again treated with a short lived interview between the cameraman/male performer, and the amateur Asian girl involved. Saber, like the first female performer happened to be a 20 year old sexpot who was more than willing to share her naughty nature with a worldly audience. Of course that's all I could remember after seeing her reveal her tatas. Boobies FTW!!!

Instead of going for position changes, and penetrations in this scene JP decided to let Saber slob the knob the entire time. Saber started off slow, and shallow, gradually working her mouth deeper down JP's massive cock. It truly was a mouthful, and seeing Saber take it as deep as she did was a sight to behold. Saber's shining moments came when she deepthroated to the point of tears, and when she allowed JP to force her head down further upon his massive rod. Seeing her work the monstrous meat stick, and not so much as gag was an awesome spectacle indeed. The only downside to it all was that most of the ending cumshot was not shown due to poor camera positioning. I was glad that I actually got to see the cum in her mouth though, and witness her play with it a bit. Overall it was a damn good scene, and likely the best of the dvd.


SCENE 3 (Jade Xin & Trent White): 


Jade Xin & Trent White


Jade, and her onscreen boyfriend/hubby Trent, the subjects of this last sex scene played out a marital skit before engaging in their shared sexual activities. Jade, who was dressed for work was about to leave the house, and leave Trent to do the household renevations when Trent decided to force his way upon her. She resisted his tempestuous urges for a while, but eventually gave in allowing her life partner one last pre-work fuck before heading off. The two lovers situated themselves upon a leather sofa in the nearby living room area, and slowly, but surely began stripping each other bare. Jade was the first to receive foreplay after the clothes shedding, and enjoyed it for quite some time before returning the favor. I could tell that each participant was equally into pleasuring the other. Trent, being the pussy man that he was wasn't bothered by spending some quality time treating his lady, and Jade didn't mind spending an equal amount of time sucking Trent's cock.

As a result of the more professional scene capture the actual sex that was shared between this passionate couple was more like the studio based porn you see in high dollar productions. Instead of the male performer handling the camera like in the previous two scenes there was an offscreen cameraman recording the couple's every move. The position changes, and penetrations also seemed more professional than those of the first scene. Trent opted to penetrate Jade in the missionary, and doggie position on a couple of different occasions. Jade in turn got to ride his cock for a while in the cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl positions. When it finally came time for the finish Trent took the same route as the male performer of the first scene, and impregnated Jade's pussy with a gooey creampie. Once again I found myself disappointed buy the cumshot finish, but satisfied with the sex. I guess you win some, and you lose some ...




GALLERY: The gallery in this dvd is just your average photo montage filled with fading images of the action that was captured during each scene. Most of the photos are hardcore in nature featuring penetrations, and cumshot finishes. Each photo varies in size from a fullscreen presentation to a less than fullscreen image. In my honest opinion this extra feature is a forgettable inclusion. It's not the worst thing that could have been included though.



It's a huge gamble when a porn studio places it's potential success, or failure on three scenes. It can go good, or it can go terribly bad depending on the subject matter, and sexual content contained within. In the matter of "Asian Amateurs Vol.1" it went down the mediocre to mundane route. The sex, while often times good was somewhat negated by the sloppy camera work, and poorly chosen finishes. In scene one I found the scene to be overly extended. It should have ended with only two rounds, but the cameraman decided to let it drag on basically repeating things that had already been shown. While the second portion of sex in that scene was good enough it should have ended there.

In regards to the second scene. The cameraman really goofed by not capturing the cumshot in it's entirety as it happened. All I got to see, and all you'll get to see is the aftermath of the goo sitting in Saber's mouth. As far as the final scene goes it was alright. My only problem with it was the creampie finish, and that of course is my own personal preference. All in all this three scene dvd is not all that bad bad, and it's not all that great. At best it's worth a "RENT", because of the impressive deepthroat session provided by Saber & JP. The rest of the scene offerings, while decent in their own right aren't exactly purchase worthy content.



"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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