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Little Spermaid: A Dreamzone Parody, The

Studio: Dream Zone Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/25/14

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The Little Spermaid: A Dreamzone Parody

Dreamzone Entertainment

Genre: Parody

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Director: Jordan Septo

Cast: Riley Reid, Ryan Driller, Summer Brielle Taylor, Tommy Pistol, Brooklyn Chase, Derrick Pierce, Courtney Taylor, Evan Stone

Length: 111:27 minutes

Date of Production: 2013


Extras: All the extras were on the second disc, starting off with the 17:11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It was shot with some weak footage trying to catch Jordan and his crew as they went about making the movie, some additional sex action included from the scenes. There was then a 53:30 minute sampler of the company’s Romeo & Juliet flick combined with their Godfather parody. There was then a photogallery, some trailers, a free DVD offer from 2011 and other spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Little Spermaid was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by uncredited director Jordan Septo for Dreamzone Entertainment. The production had no technical credits, the BTS revealing Jordan in charge as he barked out orders to his two camera crew. The lighting of the scenes was pretty decent, especially the beach scene as it was outside, but the framing of the scenes was a bit too fluid and involved too many close up shots for my taste (I liked the cast so seeing them contextually works better). The bitrate wasn’t bad and if you simply blow off all the feature elements of the show, it was a fair set of four and a half scenes of sexual fun. The aural quality of the movie was on the rough side too though, the distorted voice over vocals bouncing around and the music pretty weak, the ambient sounds on the beach scenes overwhelming the couple in the first scene and not getting a whole lot better as the production went forth.


Body of Review: Jordan Septo and his parodies for Dreamzone Entertainment have always been a little hit or miss with me, his latest title for the company coming out in May called The Little Spermaid: A Dreamzone Parody. Rather than provide a literal take on the original Hans Christen Andersen, Jordan took the animated Disney version as his inspiration, pornifying it liberally, and then removing most of the identifying details to make lovely Riley Reid the mermaid in question, Summer Brielle Taylor as the Sea Witch, Evan Stone as the kind of the sea, etc. While a far cry from the horrors of One Flew Over the Cuckold’s Nest, the movie provided precious little “parody” or feature elements in favor of just the sex so just how well you take it might depend on your personal stance regarding parodying children’s works in porn. On a related note, Brooklyn Chase and Courtney Taylor did look good too in the flick, the double disc set providing some fuck for the buck as a result. The back cover described the movie like this: “Standing at a crossroads in his life, Eric Prince is beginning to have second thoughts about his upcoming marriage. While reflecting on his predicament at the beach, he nearly drowns but is saved by Areola, the mermaid. Even though the event was witnessed by two lifeguards, his friends refuse to believe his tall tale. But when Curse-ola and King Two Ton show up looking for Areola, no one doubts the truth to Eric's story, or his love for the little spermaid.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Riley Reid, the featured starlet on the center of the front cover with the huge red wig on her head, was up first on the beach with her mermaid tail as she slobbed the knob of metrosexual performer Ryan Driller. She applied some hand to gland friction on his turgid pecker, soon receiving his small load of genetic juice to her face as her reward, the baby batter savored by the gal as the scene cut out all too soon.


Scene Two: Summer Brielle Taylor, the busty blond bombshell seen featured on the left side of the front cover, was up next as the sea witch, the lady bewitching Tommy Pistol to engage her sexually for no particular reason. She bent over so her fleshy, near perfect ass was open for him to rim, Tommy diving in to please her regardless of her magic abilities. He gobbled her gash and spent some time working her boobs too, the gal sucking him off with a degree of energy that suited her skills before various positions of penetrative vaginal sex and more oral were included, the relative lack of chemistry not as bad as it could have been with two lesser performers. She was an active rider in a few of the positions and worked up his load of population pudding, Summer opening her mouth to taste his sperm as she maintained good eye contact with him during the post coital head.


Scene Three: Brooklyn Chase, the curvy gal with brown hair seen up the upper right corner of the front cover, was next paired with Derrick Pierce, their tenuous connection to the rest of the movie being a brief mention of the storm caused from the magic antics. Yeah, basically it was tacked on but her juicy ass was yummy enough to blow off logic for the duration of the scene, the lifeguard tryst showing Derrick all over her tits and bald beaver. He gave her head as though he owed her a lot of money, Brooklyn overacting a bit as she moaned loudly. He tongued her precious pucker too but that was the extent of his ass play, some thigh slapping and active oral on her part getting him rock hard for the following vaginal pounding she took. Brooklyn was an active rider and her tits shook as she pushed back to meet his thrusting cock, the hollow vocals distracting but otherwise, not her worst sexual scene of recent months (some whispering included if you want to decipher what was said). The scene finished up to show him plastering her breasts with spunk, the spooge not touched or tasted before the action cut out.


Scene Four: Courtney Taylor, the big breasted blond seen on the middle of the right side on the front cover, was up next in the living room as Evan Stone, in his low budget, totally laughable king outfit. She inquired about his name, “Two Ton” versus Titan”, Courtney sucking his balls since she was kicked to the curb by “Prince” Ryan. Both of the couple liked her sucking his balls and they kissed from there, Evan fingering her as she aggressively inhaled the head of his cock. While he wasn’t completely erect, she did try to throat him and half succeeded, the gal cupping his gonads as she blew him to the best of her abilities which led to some vaginal penetration. Her shaven pussy was tight enough to milk him of splooge, her active riding weakened only by how loud she got as though that made it seem she was having more fun than her facial expressions betrayed. The oral and vaginal sex eventually led to a facial of ball batter, Courtney clamping down her eyes for most of the scene as though his semen was toxic.


Scene Five: Riley Reid, still wearing her mermaid tail, was up last by the pool with Ryan Driller, the continued practice of calling him by his full character name annoying as he carried her in the house. The poorly written reasoning why she instantly had legs once he laid her down on the bed aside, Riley let him caress her body and suck her all natural tits, moving his way downward to her very thick bush of pubes where he fingered her. Riley then gave him a very short hummer this time before mounting him vaginally, her perky ass in the air as she rode him actively and gave more head. I like watching Riley in action even if her wig looked like it was hastily replaced a couple of times while falling off, the ending nut of ball batter left on her lower abdomen for tasting as the disclaimer appeared without any cast or crew credits finishing it up.

Summary: The Little Spermaid by director Jordan Septo for Dreamzone Entertainment was better than his last parody release but the feature elements were so minimal that they still rated a major fail, Riley’s wig looking like it would fall off at any moment, and my gal pal watching this one with me pointing out that the big box cover of the product might appeal to children just too much should they stumble across it. Had there been any attempt to truly parody anything from the movie or mimic it enough to merit the label “parody”, I would have liked it better but I cannot deny that I enjoyed a couple of the trysts enough to watch it without shaking my head so I rated this one as a Rent It. I caution companies that making a parody in name only will likely result in award voting backlash in favor of productions where at least some attempt to add in feature elements is made, but Riley Reid, Summer Brielle Taylor, Brooklyn Chase, and Courtney Taylor were definitely fuckable here. In short, while The Little Spermaid: A Dreamzone Parody failed completely as a parody, enough so that even those making it left their porn names off the disc and cover, it proved my contention that Jordan Septo knows something about casting cuties and capturing them in action so check it out before buying it when released in May, just don’t think this is the latest, greatest musical porn parody it could have been with more effort.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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