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Small Chicks Like Big Dick

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/25/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Small Chicks Like Big Dick

New Sensations

Genre: Compilation, Small Ladies

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Director: Varied


Cast: Veronica Radke, Mick Blue, Vanessa Sixxx, Ramon Nomar, Rebecca Blue, Jordan Ash, Abby Cross, Bruce Venture, Dani Jensen, Mae Olsen, Mark Ashley, Jasmine Gomez, Brynn Jay, Jenna J. Ross, Carmen Valentina, Allie Jordan, Erik Everhard, Staci Silverstone

Length: 344:47 minutes (180:47 minutes & 164:00 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013 (compilation only)


Extras: The minimal extras included spam, “pick your pleasure” menu, trailers, 2 photogalleries, and company information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Small Chicks Like Big Dick was presented in anamorphic widescreen on two discs as offered by the directors of New Sensations. There was a considerable amount of variation on how scenes were shot but I liked most of them well enough, the dozen scenes worth compiling here for fans of small ladies. The lighting and editing largely worked, the aural qualities including some very decent music and crisp vocals to speak of in most scenes, none of the scenes dropping the ball in any major way.


Body of Review: New Sensations currently makes some great porn in their various series but they are still well known for offering value packed compilations as well. Their latest compilation is the double disc Small Chicks Like Big Dick, a collection of 12 scenes starring gals such as Jenna J. Ross, Veronica Radke, and Abby Cross boning healthily for almost 6 hours in the scenes listed below. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Tiny Dancer: Veronica Radke, Mick Blue: And we've come to the finale of this dance, with the very sexy Veronica, dress in see through white outfit, with a tutu of course. Can't wait to see this white swan show us her dirty side. Not a long wait, as she's already playing with her pussy and showing off her ass for the camera. Add in that sexy glance of hers and I am sure you are already in first position. But this is not a solo dance, as Mick joins in and gives her a few deep kisses as his hands are warming up her pussy. He stands her up and reaches around and lets the boobs free while his hand is right back to her pussy, but he's going to slide off her panties to make it a little easier to get to with his mouth, but don't worry the tutu stays on. After warming up her pussy, he slides in his man meat, stretching her out even more as she dances on his cock. As they reach second position, she sucks and swallows his cock, as she sits on his face, giving him a face full of booty to enjoy. She slides forward and it's back to dancing on his cock, before she is back to sucking the taste off of it. This girl loves giving his cock some love with her mouth, that's for sure. After some fun on the floor, he presses her up against the door, getting her motor running with his tongue, before sliding in with his cock, including some very nice doggy as he goes to town on her. A few more positions before he gives her the cream filled finale on her chest and in her mouth. (review by Sean)

Scene Two: She’s So Cute 5: (Note: This was labeled as coming from “My Little Panties 5” but no such scene exists there): Vanessa Sixxx, Ramon Nomar: It seems that once again, going to be surprised by another new girl. And she had me at the start with those eyes, follow that up with a very tight little body we get to check out during the tease/interview part. And after the interview she is enjoying some solo time with her pussy and tits before Ramon comes in and goes right for her pussy. He wastes no time and slides his cock inside her pussy, while giving her ass a few slaps. After a long doggy session, she begins her oral session, which includes lots of spit and showing off her non existing gad reflex. Some very nice teasing, as they stand up and he slides his cock in between her panties and pussy before sliding them to the side. She sits on him and spreads her legs wide for some reverse cowgirl, while he rubs her pussy. She tries to get away, but he brings her back right on his cock, as he pounds away. I wonder if anyone else is wondering why she is keeping her shoes on. But enough about her shoes as she is back to swallowing him whole, before she ends up back on top for some cowgirl while he fingers her ass. She arches her body back and screams with joy, before leaning forward and bouncing her booty on his cock. He grabs on tight and speeds things up and then lets her take control again. He directs a little before setting her down on the bed and giving her ass and pussy a nice lick fest, before sliding back inside her pussy. She begs for his cum in her mouth and after speeding things up a bit, he pulls out and delivers a decent money shot in her mouth. I would say a decent intro to this lady, good enough that she is now on my radar, can’t wait to see more of her. (review by Sean)

Scene Three: Down the Throat 2: Rebecca Blue, Jordan Ash: Next up is filthy blonde beauty Rebecca Blue, as the scene begins much like the previous one, with Rebecca performing a tease sesh as the camera cuts into her interview at various times throughout. Rebecca is very well known for her many previous works as being one of the sloppiest blowjob babes, and this scene is certainly a testament to that. Action begins when Jordan Ash steps onto set, giving Rebecca some hard hand gags before ramming his schlong into her mouth mercilessly. Rebecca is a sloppy mess before even five minutes pass, as the camera captures her watering eyes perfectly while Jordan's cock rests deep in her throat. Sex sets in with a missionary style fuck, having a fantastic intensity and unwavering energy from both stars. The chemistry between these two is impossible to avoid, and Rebecca's expressions and attitude through the scene are stunning. A personal favorite for me was the cowgirl fuck in the middle stages, with Rebecca ponying up and fucking Jordan back just as hard as does to her. The scene carries on strongly before Jordan fires off his sauce over Rebecca's body and mouth to close it out. A very nice scene here from a star that we do not see nearly enough, and another that I seem to see in nearly everything, it was greatly performed on both halves regardless. (review by Bobby)

Scene Four: My Little Panties 4: Abby Cross, Bruce Venture: Next up is Abby, and she is wearing some pink polka dot panties and a white tank top, although that is pretty much off her tits right away. She bends over and shows off her ass to the camera, as she slides her hands in between her panties, teasing both us and herself. And Bruce comes in and enjoys the view, as he gets all frisky with his hands. He plays with her panties as he continues to tease her pussy, then bends her over and spreads her pussy with his fingers. Some nice finger and tongue work from Bruce, and throw in lots of spit as he works over her pussy. It’s her turn to return the favor, as she sucks and strokes his cock, while grabbing his balls, and she is also a fan of using lots of spit too. She climbs on top, slides her panties to the side and bounces that booty on his cock. Some energy and enthusiasm from both parties. She climbs off and sucks the taste off his cock, while he gets a face full of her pussy and ass. She sits back down on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, which seems to lose a little of the momentum that they had going before. She ends up on her back as he dives his cock in and out of her pussy, before he is back to lapping it with his tongue. They exchange some spit, and then he ties her hands behind her back as he continues with some doggy on her. Seem to go back to what got this scene started off right, as she is back to riding him, until he sprays some ball batter on her mouth and chin. (review by Sean)

Scene Five: Redheads Are Sexy 4: Dani Jensen, Bruce Venture: A few sexy stares into the camera and she turns around and showcases her body for the camera, teasing us with glimpses throughout. She rubs her pussy, and licks the taste off her fingers, before diving back in. She grabs a plastic toy and revs up the motor as she begins to moan and purr with delight. Bruce walks in and shares a few kisses, as he finds his way to her tits, sucking on them before heading to her pussy. She reaches down and finds a nice hard cock for her to enjoy, as she gives it a few soft licks and some spit before swallowing it. Both hands and her mouth are doing a great job of making sure every inch is getting attention. He picks her up and sets her on his cock as she goes for a nice ride. She turns around and leans up against the dresser, as she breaks out the toy again for some added pleasure. And you can see the pleasure running down her leg as he fucks her. Kudos to DanI for her oral work on his cock, you can see she is driving him to the verge of cumming a few times. They make their way to the bed, as he slides up next to her and back inside her pussy, which has a little patch growing around it. Some nice chemistry between these two and I would say we are starting off on a good note. Throw in a little finger in the ass from DanI, as the fun continues, and he’s working up quite a sweat, as he mounts her from behind. He rolls her on top as she hops and grinds her booty on his man meat. Back to some doggy, as he slaps her ass and she has her fingers working double time on her pussy and ass, making her cum again. He pulls out and gives her patch a little frosting. (review by Sean)

Scene Six: Fresh Outta High School 22: Mae Olsen, Mark Ashley: With her TV not working, she calls the cable company to send someone out. When a guy shows up at the door, she assumes he is with the cable company. Discovering, it was not plugged in, Mae decides to get a little piece of him. As he went down on her and included a strong finger fucking, her response was fantastic. There was solid fucking in every position and she went strong, including having her mouth filled with baby batter, but with no follow up. (review by Bill)

Scene Seven: Tiny Titty Cuties: Jasmine Gomez, Mick Blue: The third scene begins with tiny hottie Jasmine Gomez sharing some personal things about herself, as well as talking about some of the more extreme fetishes that she has, such as her hopes of one day doing a gangbang. After the interview, (and a relatively meager tease sequence that includes mainly masturbation) action begins with Mick Blue stepping in to provide some muff munches to this pint sized cutie. Energy is decent through the beginning, with Jasmine showing some solid enjoyment, but in the early stages it seems like it isn't translating visually very well, at least in my eyes. Once the sex begins with a cowgirl fuck given to Jasmine things do liven up a bit as Mick does his best to draw a strong reaction from her, and the scene progresses pretty well with a little less intensity than I thought it would according to Jasmine's pre-scene interview. There's some nice spoon-style fucking in the later stages of the scene that is essentially the scene's pinnacle before Mick ultimately busts his splooge over Jasmine's face for the finale. Decent scene here but I was hoping for a little more to be honest. (review by Bobby)

Scene Eight: Pretty Dirty 3: Brynn Jay, Bruce Venture: Brynn Jay, a fetching little lady with pretty eyes and a sleek figure, was up next in a scene with Bruce Ventura. The scene began with the couple slowly caressing each other by a window, her towel falling down as he placed her in a large easy chair. He gobbled her gash and she slobbed his knob, some hand to gland friction enhancing the experience for him as the chemistry filled couple continued. She started off as a passive vaginal rider with a bald beaver, picking up the pace a bit as she warmed up her juicy pussy, the doggy position showcasing her sweet little ass nicely. It ended when he drenched her in a plastering wall of spooge on her lower torso, cutting away a bit too soon to the next scene in the compilation.

Scene Nine: She’s So Cute 4: Jenna J. Ross, Bruce Venture: Not to be outdone, Jenna J. Ross offers us some amazing action when paired with Bruce Venture. In her interview she tells viewers that depending on her partner she’ll either become dominant or submissive in bed. And while Bruce Venture clearly makes it a point to dominate this perky-breasted brunette in the sack with some deep dick drilling, Jenna shows fits of aggressiveness when she sucks on her partner’s cock and fucks him back. She was very energetic in her performance and both she and Bruce did their fair share at keeping things interesting by putting in a great deal of effort. (review by Charles/Dick)

Scene Ten: Big Dick In A Little Chick 2: Carmen Valentina, Jordan Ash: A blond in black lace, Carmen enters a sunlit room and masturbates on a couch before her stud appears. This guy is male “talent” who I dislike and so I didn’t really give this scene a lot of critical evaluation, but suffice it to say Carmen is good looking and extremely filthy and urges on her partner to greater heights via her verbal assemblage of expletives. (review by Marine Hardcore)

Scene Eleven: She’s So Cute 1: Allie Jordan, Erik Everhard: I have reviewed Allie Jordan before and from those scenes and this one in “She’s So Cute”, I really prefer to refer to her as “Allie Wild Fuck Jordan”, cause this girl can fuck and is very strong and down right wild at times. After some playing and pleasure with a “Hello Kitty” vibrator, her partner goes down on her with a very strong response from her. She is very, very vocal, realistic and fucking hot regardless if she is sucking cock or fucking away. Watching her in position after position gets stronger with each, busting your nut constantly through the scene. Delivering in what I consider to be a strong fuck, not only with her movements, but in her sounds facial expressions that will light you up and her vocal comments including “I’m going to make you cum” will bust your nut. Which, I did as she said it, cause I thought she was talking to me. After a superb pounding, she takes a load of population pudding all over that sweet ass of hers. Very, very strong jerk off material in this scene. Be sure to have the lube and paper towels handy right from the start, cause you will need them constantly during it. (review by Bill)

Scene Twelve: My Little Panties 4: Staci Silverstone, Ramon Nomar: And we are starting off with our stunning cover girl, Staci, in her pink shirt and striped panties. She gives us a little strip tease as she gazes at you with those amazing eyes of hers. We are given some slight glimpses at her boobs, before the shirt finally comes off. You have to give them props on how amazing it looks, crisp colors and the camera seems to be able to move around freely to make sure we don’t miss anything. But if I remember correctly that is pretty much how most of his stuff looks, and I appreciate it. She sticks her ass in the air and teases as she plays with her panties, and then rolls over and begins to play with her pussy. Sge gets some alone time and smiles into the camera, as it seems there is another person in this scene. Ramon licks up her leg and makes his way to her pussy, before going in for some kisses and time with her perky little tits. He darts his tongue in her pussy and ass, before sliding his cock inside her. She offers some oral love to his cock, as she gags and swallows him while he fucks her face, offering some spit as she works him over. He picks her up and sets her on his cock, sliding her panties to the side so they won’t get in the way .She bends over in front of him and begs for him, as he slides in for some doggy. She is giving off some amazing heat from just the body language she is giving him. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl as she puts her panties in her mouth for a bit. She flips around and takes a nice pounding from him, as he finally slides off her panties and gets her to slowly take a seat on his cock, as we get a nice look at her cute little booty. They share a Lady and the Tramp moment with her panties in their mouths. He ties her hands behind her back with her panties as he continues to work over her pussy. She fairly new to the scene, but I can say that she did a great job in this scene, pretty sure I get to see more of her in some of my other movies up to review next. He pulls out and cums on her chin and neck, as she gives it a few more licks, and then he wipes up the genetic juice with her panties and shoves them in her mouth. (review by Sean)

Summary: Small Chicks Like Big Dick by New Sensations was a good compilation starring women with all natural, small bodies such as Jenna J. Ross and Dani Jensen so I rated it as Recommended. There were no new scenes here but if you enjoy tiny cuties, you could do much worse than this one, the plethora of pussy and ass enough to merit a nod. In short, Small Chicks Like Big Dick might not compete against some of the company’s very best features or vignette titles I so actively promote but there was enough fuck for the buck to interest fans of compilations full of young, firm ladies.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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