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Everybody Loves Sasha Grey

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/30/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Everybody Loves Sasha Grey

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Compilation, Sasha Grey

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Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Sasha Grey, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, Trent Soluri, James Deen, Maya Gates, Johnny Sins, John Strong, Joanna Angel

Length: 325:04 minutes (154:01 minutes & 171:03 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013 (compilation itself)

Extras: There was a pop shot compilation and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Everybody Loves Sasha Grey was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by the varied directors of Zero Tolerance. In almost all cases, the lighting was good and that helped enhance the resolution and color accuracy in the scenes, the camera work typically quite good as well with a solid helping of POV footage to boot. The aural components were pretty tame as the production was released with a monaural soundtrack but I could almost always hear the voices of the performers, even when they whispered, if I paid close enough attention in the 14 scenes.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance has been a leader in gonzo entertainment for years thanks to a stable of talented directors like Mike Quasar, Nate Liquor, Miles Long, and Mick Blue though I have not had as much access to their works of late to say this statement still holds true. One of their latest titles I decided could use a proper review is called Everybody Loves Sasha Grey, the now retired brunette having found a lot of success in her short career in the porn industry. Sasha was known for great dirty talk, superior oral skills, and a willingness to take it up the ass from a great many men (and toys), her icy persona somehow endearing her to many even if I found the attitude to be very hit or miss. The compilation has 14 scenes from her active days and nothing new but with nearly 5 and a half hours of Sasha Grey footage, you really can’t complain about the double disc set if you’re looking for a decent company overview of her work for them. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Shot Glasses: Sasha Grey, Mick Blue: Sasha is the cutie found on the DVD cover. She is another gorgeous babe and probably the most well known for this cast. She has a sexy young appeal with a tight figure and nice tits. In this scene she is dressed a hot outfit: white blouse, black mini skirt that doesn't cover her ass, stockings. We find her rushing into the dude's house. She's late for an appointment with him. Of course when she gets there they end up having sex. The fun begins with a blow job. She gives a hands free performance and it gets really steamy. Next they engage in sex. The penetration action gets intense with straight sex and some hard pounding anal action. The scene ends with a facial. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Two: Hairy Movie: Sasha Grey, Mr. Pete: Staring into the camera with her hands pulling her undies back, Sasha begins her scene by showing off her accumulated flying-V atop her cleanly shorn pussy lips. A few fingers and rubs later, we're following her thinly veiled ass rumble up the stairs slowly, leading to a seated Pete. Sasha shoots a knowing, mischievous look our way from between that long mane of hers before kissing the zipper of her partner's jeans, undoing his fly and gripping his balls with her thin trickle of a mouth. The nuzzle graduates into a tongue lashing, further inhaling Pete's prick down her throat, springing hot amounts of wide spit across her cheeks and down his wiggle stick, glaze everywhere. He pulls her hair and shoves her head into his crotch, though Sasha is more than game to take him on. Now nude, Pete turns around and plops his wang into her mouth from above in 69, smearing even more grease across Sasha's face as he shuttles down. Flipping her over, he snaps and slinks his mouth between her legs while Sasha conjures the proceedings with a string of dirty whispers. In missionary, Pete sticks his thumbs into Sasha's mouth, wandering around as she grunts and coddles his thoughts with her filthy froth, rubbing her crotch as keeps his crotch socking away, soon venturing into doggy-style rump bumping. In reverse cowgirl, Sasha rides and diddles herself, trading off the lion's share of duties halfway with Pete, veering into a beautiful side-saddle that he insists on seeing (with an ass like Sasha's, this position should always, from now on, be mandatory! Please!). Cowgirl allows for more gorgeous ass bobbling, and Pete takes the opportunity to hold Sasha close and tweak her nipples between his teeth and along his fingertips. Standing up as she kneels below, he jerks as Sasha tickles his balls, finally depositing nearly every drop of his seed into her mouth. She culls out the post-drops and spits it down her chin, collecting and re-collecting it until it covers her neck and chest, on into fade-out. As she often does, Sasha more or less shows everyone up with her well-honed brand of sexual fitness, maintaining her own kind of grace within the pleasures of her own and that of her partner. Her beaver is quite wonderful to witness full fledged, even if its puffy riches weren't used to full capacity in this scene. Still, great as always, but more tugging on that pelt next time? (review by Wind Tunnel)

Scene Three: POV Centerfolds 7: Sasha Grey, Mick Blue: Sasha Grey, next up sunny herself on a lounger in her skimpy bikini, then paired up with studly Mick Blue. She convinced him she was horny but pulling her panties to the side and fingering her precious pucker, the scene shot in point of view (POV) camera angle. Once inside, she put on a solo masturbation show with toys in her ass, sucking the purple one clean before moving to the real deal. Sasha’s oral skills were never in doubt any more than her dirty talking abilities, the lass inhaling his member before impaling her ass with it. I found her dirty talk to enhance the moment even if it was over the top, the speed of her penetration quite solid considering how passive she tended to be as the ice princess persona she developed, the gal rubbing one out to orgasm before their fucking allowed her to jerk him off into her mouth, Sasha enjoying his wealth of spooge though the camera faded out before she could swallow.

Scene Four: Strip Tease Then Fuck 10: Sasha Grey, Trent Soluri: Sasha Grey, next up in a black outfit that played to her strengths in her living room tease, slowly stripped before working with moper Trent Soluri. She gave him far better head than he reciprocated with, his slapping of her yummy ass falling short of the mark though he did eat her ass like a good little slave. The vaginal penetration was weak with him doing most of the work until the end, her juicy little ass bouncing as he porked her during her verbal tirade of filthy talk. Despite the complete lack of mutual chemistry, she took his minimal nut of splooge to her mug, giving the loser some post coital head before she swallowed.

Scene Five: Fishnets 8: Sasha Grey, James Deen: Sasha Grey, next up wearing almost nothing in the living room in front of a large red couch, slowly adorned her body with sexy fishnet lingerie, her hairy pussy adding some exotic appeal to the mix. I liked the red satin and black bikini aspects but it was the fishnet stockings that added something special, James Deen jumping in to rough her up as he helped get her off at least once. He used his hand to warm her up and she got him hard with her mouth, the vaginal sex passive as she streamed the dirty talk though when they switched to anal she lost her ability to concentrate as easily. She did more oral and sucked him off during the finally blowjob, his semen landing on her face and in her mouth, some cum play leading to her swallowing.

Scene Six: The Doll House 3: Sasha Grey, James Deen: Sasha Grey, then up in a similar outfit on a plain set, pranced about to showcase her splendid ass as she shook her moneymaker and pawed her all natural boobs, the moves less polished than some of the other scenes in the compilation. The technical aspects were weaker this time too, the glare of the lighting washing her out too much to appreciate as she continued to grind her hairy snatch on a chair. She then joined James Deen on the couch and they pleasured each other, a toy deployed on her to stretch her ass out for him to follow in the passive (for her) anal riding eventually leading him to jerk off onto her feet while her fishnets were still on.

Scene Seven: Grand Theft Anal 11: Sasha Grey, James Deen: Sasha Grey, wearing a g-string that rode deep inside her wonderful ass crack, safely nestled against harm so close to her privates, then finished up the first disc of the compilation in the living room setting as she slowly danced in her bikini undies. She then bent over to slowly insert a standard vibrator up her ass, the device replaced by the cock of James Deen surprisingly quickly as he took her passive ass to go balls deep. She gave him some head before it ended and he drilled her some more in the ass, plastering her tonsils with his fluids after she used both hands to jerk him off with excellent eye contact.

Scene Eight: Meet The Fuckers 7: Sasha Grey, Maya Gates, Mick Blue: Sasha Grey and Maya Gates, both dressed in extremely colorful bikinis or lingerie by the pool on a sunny day (pink and yellow), were up next in the first scene from the second disc of the compilation. The ladies kissed and pawed each other as their clothing flew off, the ladies going into the house to give Mick Blue a POV hummer. The chemistry between them was like most of the scenes, a contradiction in terms given Sasha’s icy persona, but the mechanics of the matter were fun to appreciate as the ladies proved sharing is caring. They nuzzled his nuts and made his turgid pecker happy before going to the upstairs bedroom to have some lesbian anal fun, Maya kneeling on the bed with her head down and ass in the air for Sasha to rim and stretch open with a vibrator, some taste testing leading Mick to drill her pussy as Sasha tongued her bunghole. Maya then sat on his face while Sasha sat on his cock, allowing him to do all the work but her perfect pucker clearly seen as she arched her back nicely. More vaginal by both led to Maya taking him in her ass, Sasha following while giving a steady stream of dirty talk though again riding passively. The ladies then sucked his balls dry of population pudding, the ball batter toyed with briefly but not swallowed.

Scene Nine: 2 Young to Fall In Love 4: Sasha Grey, Johnny Sins: Sasha Grey, next up in bed wearing a skimpy pink bikini, then paired up with muscular Johnny Sins as she groped his growing bulge. When she finally unleashed his cock, he was already sporting a full blown erection, at least it was full blown after she was finished with it. The hummer included a session of full throating, Sasha having sucked hundreds of peckers over the years to develop her degree of skill, Johnny pulling her panties off so they could do some 69 together. This was cut way short for her to vaginally ride him, a relatively rare case of her aggressively pumping on the pecker as she put forth a lot of dirty talk. She had some pubic hair and seemed to really like working with him too, the guy draining his dragon of splooge into her mouth as she swallowed his sperm with a smile.

Scene Ten: Nylons 5: Sasha Grey, John Strong: Sasha is the girl found on the DVD cover. She is a real sexy babe with some great qualities. In this scene she has on nylons that go up to her leg and do not cover her pussy or ass. The camera opens with a great shot of her tasty ass. Then she gives a short tease. Next the dude shows up. She goes to work on his prick and gives him an intense blow job. Afterwards he returns the favor and eats her out. The oral exchanges were exciting. The sex continues to offer plenty of spank-worthy action. Sasha looks fantastic as she is penetrated. The scene ends with the cum shot on her nylons. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Eleven: Dreamgirlz 2: Sasha Grey, James Deen: Sasha Grey, the orally inclined brunette seen on the lower left front, was up next as she engaged in a therapy session warning her to stay away from men. Needless to say, the first guy she stumbles across is loser James Deen ("Hal") and she offers him some macaroni & cheese, the dive impressing the hobo before she dragged him over to the couch to have sex ("don't worry, you won't consider it work"). James was rough with her and she liked it, Sasha finding the appeal of a complete loser somehow fulfilling her psychological needs more than therapy. He ate her out and she sat on his cock, giving him some oral between positions, jerking him off to her face at the end of the scene. They had chemistry and displayed enthusiasm so it was a good scene for me.

Scene Twelve: Totally Fucked 2: Sasha Grey, Mick Blue: Sasha Grey, wearing a metallic bikini that hardly covered any part of her body, was up next as she let in a stranger while asking him for money, dropping her panties to reveal a hairy mound of pubic hair while teasing him but not letting him touch her. Mick Blue walked over and she dropped down to slob his knob aggressively, throating him with ease and applying some hand to gland friction until Mick gobbled her gash and rimmed her ass. They actively fucked vaginally from there, well, he did anyway, until he beat off a round of genetic juice to her mouth for swallowing, the ice princess playing with the baby batter before downing it.

Scene Thirteen: I Wanna Bang Your Sister: Sasha Grey, Joanna Angel, James Deen: Joanna Angel and Sasha Grey, two attractive brunettes well known in modern porn circles, were up next as they cooked for James Deen, the man sending Joanna out for oregano while he and Sasha went at it on the bed. They quickly took advantage of their friend leaving, their clothing flying off as they orally consumed one another, both giving head before some passive vaginal riding by Sasha. As the scene progressed, she rode more heartily at times, her looks again helping make up for her inconsistent penetrative skills. About midway through, James went for the upgrade as Joanna came back; James eating her ass before nagging her too. They quickly transitioned to anal sex and Joanna was the superior rider, her taste testing leading to him asking her to get some paprika as Sasha came back for another round of romping. He then beat off some genetic juice to her mouth and the scene ended when they were all sitting at the dining room table eating their soup.

Scene Fourteen: Headcase 2: Sasha Grey, Johnny Sins: Sasha Grey, the cute gal on the front cover was up last although she was wearing a red and black outfit instead of the one on the cover. Those of you that like skinny gals with pretty faces and youthful bodies will appreciate her less for the limited tease she gave as much as the sloppy hummer she bestowed on her partner for the scene. It also wasn't one of the top blowjobs of the movie but she was among the best looking while giving it so your mileage may vary from mine; the scene ending when she took the load to her mouth and let it slide down his shaft.

Summary: Everybody Loves Sasha Grey by the various director’s of Zero Tolerance fell short of their best compilations for me because I did not find her work to be as consistently awesome as her slavering fan boys did but if you are just now discovering her, you’d be hard pressed to find too many showcases of her work that would satiate your needs than this one so I rated it as Recommended for the general audience and a “must have” for those into her that do not have the original source material. In short then, Everybody Loves Sasha Grey might not be exactly true since not “everyone” was completely enamored of her but she certainly remains as one of the standing top ice princesses who went on to find a modicum of mainstream success before she predictably fell of the map as most knew would happen so give this budget release a look if that sounds good to you.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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