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Manuel Ferrara Bangs 'Em All

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/30/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Manuel Ferrara Bangs ‘Em All

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Compilation, Manuel Ferrara

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Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Tori Black, Ann Marie Rios, Manuel Ferrara, Kagney Linn Karter, Kristina Rose, McKenzie Lee, Raylene, Dana DeArmond, Renae Cruz, Brooke Scott, Audrey Bitoni, Mason Moore, Riley Shy, Lacey Love, Lyndsey Love, Kacey Villainess, Lacey Luv, Jenna Haze, Jennifer Luv

Length: 351:35 minutes (174:45 minutes & 174:50 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013 (compilation itself)

Extras: There was a pop shot compilation and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Manuel Ferrara Bangs ‘Em All was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by the varied directors of Zero Tolerance. In almost all cases, the lighting was good and that helped enhance the resolution and color accuracy in the scenes, the camera work typically quite good as well with a little bit of POV footage to boot. The aural components were pretty tame as the production was released with a monaural soundtrack but I could almost always hear the voices of the performers, even when they whispered, if I paid close enough attention to the vocals in the scenes.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance has been a leader in gonzo entertainment for years thanks to a stable of talented directors like Mike Quasar, Nate Liquor, Miles Long, and Mick Blue. One of their latest titles I decided could use a proper review is called Manuel Ferrara Bangs ‘Em All, the incredibly popular male performer/director still the most popular guy to work with by the ladies. Manuel Ferrara has always had access to the best, hottest, and most beautiful ladies in porn so it seemed like a great idea to compile 14 of his scenes even if the usual focal point is a specific woman or type of woman in such endeavors. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: You, Me and Her: Tori Black, Ann Marie Rios, Manuel Ferrara: Cover girls Tori Black and AnnMarie Rios are featured in the second scene of You, Me & Her. It starts out with the girls kissing on the guy's lap and, well, I'm sure you can figure out where the scene goes from there. They head into the next room for a medical examination! Sadly I'm not kidding. The theme of this bit has them in a doctor's office. It's corny, but who cares. I mean, Tori Black and AnnMarie Rios are freaking all over each other like cheap suits! Eventually the good doctor comes in and begins examining the inside of their pussies with his penis. The scene goes on from here as the girls take turns riding his cock quite energetically. This scene was nothing less than what I expected from these two stars and thankfully it lived up to expectations! (review by Harry Johnson)

Scene Two: Stripper Grams: Kagney Linn Karter, Manuel Ferrara: The Barbi Doll/Barbi Gets Her Real Life Ken: Kagney Linn Karter, the curvy blond bombshell seen on the center of the front cover, was up next as a pink themed Barbie doll in search of her Ken, Manuel Ferrara playing the role better than anyone else could have. Kagney got her dream man after more of the hilariously cheesy dialogue, the couple finding themselves on the white couch as Kagney began to strip and blow him enthusiastically. She enjoyed wrapping her lips around his pecker and going at it, rarely allowing more than a few inches to go down her throat at a time but making it look like fun all the same. Kagney then engaged in some vaginal penetration positions but he was again too large for her to ride him as actively as I prefer to see. She was also loud in her appreciation, the ending nut of spunk rubbed out all over her face with the gal providing some post coital head. The company website described the scene like this: “Kagney Linn Karter may have flowers in her hair and a set of pretty pink beads around her neck, but it's hard for any fashion accessory to distract your eyes away from those perfect natural tits and that tight hairless pussy. Go ahead and see how long you can last with her!”

Scene Three: Meet The Fuckers 10: Kristina Rose, Manuel Ferrara: Kristina Rose, a sexy little Latina with a growing fan base fond of her sweet ass, was up next as she followed the formula by teasing in bikini undies, resulting in her working with one of her true favorites, Manuel Ferrara. Their enthusiasm for one another was obvious and they practically attacked one another orally, Manuel going down on her before she took him in her mouth so well. The vaginal screwing showed them off in their own little world, bumping uglies as though trying to become as one, some taste testing observed but the repeated kissing building a solid connection between them that paled the rest of the show. The ending pop shot was jerked off to her face, Kristina swallowing it with ease as she glowed during the post sex interview.

Scene Four: I Came In Your Mom 3: McKenzie Lee, Manuel Ferrara: McKenzie Lee tells her psychologist played by Manuel Ferrara that her son's friends make her hot. Their conversation feels nice as she makes the moves on him. The woman straddles his lap as he plays with her tits. Suddenly, the lady takes out his dick and pleasures it with her tongue and mouth. Her bj technique is playful and passionate. Later, the guy's oral massage of her passion fruit is determined and his screwing demeanor has the same energy too. He is really into it. Their chemistry feels personal especially during the fuck from behind moments. They even kiss. The cockriding action shows good heat because of the clit rubbing antics. Nevertheless, their solid eye contact and kissing moments reinforce the connection that they have for each other. I really like how eager she is for his cock. The personal oral activity continues their sexual relationship to deepen. He finally cums inside her butthole and she pushes it out with her fingers. (review by Apache George)

Scene Five: Golden Globes: Big Titty MILFs 2: Raylene, Manuel Ferrara: Raylene is a very good looking dark haired babe. She has gigantic sized breasts and a good figure with a smoking ass. In this scene she has on a light brown bra & panties. The bra doesn't do a very good job holding in her tits, as they look like they are going to explode out of it. She opens with a nice tease. After the tease she heads over to some dude. They engage in light foreplay with kissing and tit play. Next they exchange oral sex. He eats her out (it's pretty short) and she sucks him off. The blow job portion is done nicely. Raylene knows her way around a dick. She is energetic and thorough in the act. The sex in this scene continues to offer excitement. They have good chemistry together and fuck at a good pace. We got some nice shots of Raylene's tits & ass bouncing like crazy. The action ends with the cum shot on her chest. (review by Apache George)

Scene Six: Fishnets 6: Dana DeArmond, Manuel Ferrara: Dana DeArmond, the internet hotty with the all natural body and alt-appeal, was given the bonus scene with studly Manuel Ferrara on a couch. She wore the trademark fishnets as required by the series and he spent some time appreciating her legs and other parts because of it but I was left wondering why her scene was tossed out as a bonus instead of in the main movie itself. The first thing I noticed was that the picture looked a bit off, nothing major but not as well handled as the majority of scenes shot for the movie. Dana did get mighty wet as he jammed his hand inside of her though, rewarding him with a hummer using deep throat action in between kisses. I wasn't too keen on how much attention she gave the camera since I prefer the gals focus on their scene partners, but the minimal titty fuck was pretty good and led to some active boning by the two nonetheless. The scene then provided a variety of positions where she would take his cock in her pussy and ass, giving some taste testing from time to time to spice things up as well. The scene definitely showed that Dana could be in a mediocre scene though so I could see why it was tossed in the back with the other extras (but as an extra, it was pretty decent) since the lighting was off, hampening the quality of the scene.

Scene Seven: Double Decker Sandwich 10: Renae Cruz, Brooke Scott, Manuel Ferrara: Renae Cruz and Brooke Scott were up first; each wearing skimpy lingerie that enhanced their looks and sexual appeal (darker color bras, panties, stockings and stripper footwear). One was leaner than the other (I liked the curvy cutie more) but they did some teasing lesbian action in the doorway of the living room to show they had at least a passing appreciation for each other before they were joined by studly Manuel Ferrara on the couch. He ate ass like there was no tomorrow and spanked them as they made loud howls of appreciation, driving the gals to focus their considerable energies on his cock; each sucking him off in turn as though they preferred it to pussy. The gals were even louder as they actively rode his cock vaginally, some minor assplay never leading to the anal some fans want to see. The PTM was plentiful and the dirty talk was solid too, the scene never showing quite as much chemistry as it could have but coming across as a fair warming up scene by the talented sexual athletes. The begging and pleading by the gals led to the eventual load of population pudding knocked out as a facial with cumswapping and more lesbian work; not a bad bit of work by the trio.

Scene Eight: The Doll House: Audrey Bitoni, Manuel Ferrara: Audrey Bitoni, another hot newcomer with a lean figure and pretty face, was up next in some neon pink & blue lingerie. I wasn't keen on her implants but her DSLs looked kind of inviting and while the solo action wasn't as good as the last scene, it was still worth watching a few times when you need inspirational material. Manuel Ferrara was her partner and if ever a male porn star loved the ladies, he would be the one so she relished her role with him as she gyrated her hips and gave him ample opportunity to get her wet with his oral skills. Her hummer wasn't an award winning performance but she covered the basics well enough to prepare him for a bit of hammering at her cookie, the gal thankfully contributing to the action with an aggressive bit of riding where her ass cheeks rippled delightfully. The scene ended when he came on her face, proving to be one of the few that was better during the vaginal action than the oral.

Scene Nine: A Girl, Boy, And A Toy: Mason Moore, Manuel Ferrara: Mason Moore, another curvy brunette worth paying attention to, was up next on a white couch as she masturbated while talking on the phone. She was in black lingerie when her mate dumped her, deliveryman Manuel Ferrara the lucky fellow to take advantage of her lack of knowledge on how to best use the variety of Evolved Novelty toys he delivered. As with all toys, his help made a world of difference to enhance the experience, Manuel working a few of them up her ass as he went down on her. Mason then wanted his pecker inside of her pussy, the vaginal riding complimenting the anal which soon took place since she wanted to be "fucked like a slutty whore", complete with ATM as she cleaned his dick straight from her ass. The scene ended when he lost his load of population pudding all over her face, the gal showing some serious chemistry with the guy as the scene wrapped up.

Scene Ten: 2 Young To Fall In Love 3: Riley Shy, Manuel Ferrara: Riley Shy, a redhead with a lean body, was up first as she filled out her paperwork on the kitchen table fully clothed while talking to the director. Mike took advantage of Greg's being out of town to record the bonus solo scene before it reverted to her in a "candy cane" bikini in the bedroom with studly Manuel Ferrara. He spent a lot of time eating her out; the gal giving a lot of vocals in favor of this as the guy orally pleasured her. He began boning her pussy to give her something to taste but a full blowjob was not to be had as both came across like they had an itch to scratch. He continued to nail her cookie in multiple positions with her doing some rare PTM, barely holding on as he powerfully thrust himself balls deep into her red, puffy pussy. It ended when he dropped a load of population pudding into her mouth and showed some significant chemistry to go with the energy.

Scene Eleven: The Doll House 2: Lacey Love, Lyndsey Love, Manuel Ferrara: The next scene starred the infamous Love Twins, Lacey Love and Lyndsey Love, doing studly Manuel Ferrara, the ladies posing in skimpy bikinis before bad makeup and whatever else gave them more angular, manly faces. If you like skinny chicks, these two will suit you more than me, their initial tease done in front of a mirror in a vain kind of tryst, the gals joining Manuel on a light green couch to overact when he alternated between them gobbling their gashes, the ladies reciprocating by slobbing his knob, generally focusing their primary efforts on his head while applying hand to gland friction. They were not suited for blowing him given his size and their skill level, not by a long shot, but he treated them like royalty, the idea of fucking identical twins a popular one even if they were not exactly premium quality ladies. Their mission here was to drain his dragon of genetic juice, his frothy baby batter to be shared by the twins as best they could, some passive vaginal penetration positions leading to a few moments where the ladies did an okay job though they avoided each other like the plague. There was some foot fetish action here both ladies getting some of his spunk on the mug but only one of them trying to savor the spooge.

Scene Twelve: 2 New: Kacey Villainess, Lacey Luv, Manuel Ferrara: The fifth scene features two long-haired blondes named Lacey and Kacey. Unlike the girls in the other scenes, these ladies really give each other plenty of attention. They are constantly groping and rubbing each other – very hot. After greeting their man with some oral, the girls make their move and start to ride his cock. They only get nailed in three positions (missionary, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl) but the action is extremely intense. The girls hard work is rewarded when they receive a massive blast of jizz that covers their lips and chin. Solid scene. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Thirteen: Internal Cumbustion 10: Jenna Haze, Manuel Ferrara: Jenna is a tiny blonde with a very sexy face and a smokin' body. She starts with an introduction before going down on her costar. He treated her fairly rough, often forcing her to deep throat and gag. Jenna then gets violated in all the typical positions and even some anal. As you might expect the scene ends with Jenna, on her knees, taking a massive anal cream pie which she forces out for all to see. Jenna really knows how to work her body while showing plenty of energy and enthusiasm. I'd like to see her in more scenes. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Fourteen: Internal Cumbustion 5: Jennifer Luv, Manuel Ferrara: Jennifer Luv, a pretty young lass with a smoking hot ass, was up next in the expansive house as she lifted her black shirt to show off her firm young tits, her playful nature as Manuel Ferrara told her what he wanted her to do, adding to the mix. I always liked Jennifer and even if she wasn’t wearing a black mesh pair of panties on her bald beaver, her ass and meaty muff would draw my attention. She pulled her labia out to show Manuel her goodies, reclining on the purple couch (light purple at that) to draw him in as he fingered her to a frothy orgasm. She was juiced up by his ministrations and he fed her some of the fluids before rimming her, teasing her snatch before she inhaled half his knob orally. While Jennifer was not at her most active vaginal riding level here, she looked great in the scene, sure to elicit his splooge, a realistic looking creampie of ball batter deposited in her pussy without any last second edits though it seemed to cut out quickly as the spew slid down her crotch.

Summary: Manuel Ferrara Bangs ‘Em All by the various director’s of Zero Tolerance did seem to edit a few of them, the chemistry the ladies had for Manuel Ferrara evident in many of the scenes, the technical qualities typically pretty solid, and the level of fuck for the buck enough to merit a minimum rating of Recommended or better. Manuel was always at ease with the curvy babes and they adored him, the resulting fireworks making this stand out as a double disc compilation. In short then, Manuel Ferrara Bangs ‘Em All took some of his best work for the company and put it together for a fine double disc compilation that fans of hardcore gonzo can appreciate so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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