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5 Amateur Japanese Young and Hairy 2

Studio: Third World Media » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 4/1/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Asian, Straight, Toys, Amateur

DIRECTOR: Shaggy Nakadashi

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Third World Media / Samurai DVD

MSRP: $19.99

LENGTH: 3 hrs 47 mins 21 secs


AUDIO/VIDEO: Director Shaggy Nakadashi captures his female subjects in an amateurish style that reflects the amateur subjects themselves. Both his chosen cast, and his approach to adult film making leave a lot to be desired as a result. His scenes which show the slow paced action contain many close-ups of the females' reactions to stimulation, and sexual penetrations. It comes off as being more of a POV presentation in that respect. Aside from the in-your-face close-ups you will find that Shaggy will occasionally stray from the POV directorial style, and will have a setup camera record the sex from a distance. The scenes which are shown in a fullscreen ratio are clear enough visually, but are definitely more standard def, than HD. The audio which accompanies each scene features spoken Japanese language with a bare minimum of English subtitles. Understanding the ongoing conversation between the male, and female performers is an impossibility for the English speaking audience as a result.

CAST: Rui, Rico, Yuki, Mayumi, Tomomi




This lengthy 5 scene collection is a drawn out experience of amateurish proportions. The director who comes off as being just as amateur in nature as the female performers themselves tries to capture the audience's attention with extensive foreplay scenarios, and short lived lackluster sex. The performers while sometimes sexy still aren't the glamor models that most porn enthusiasts will be seeking. Only a few of the Japanese girls contained within are what I'd consider as being porn worthy. Most of the amateurish acts shown come off as being faked, and carry with them no fap worthy material. The fact that the female bush is only enjoyed by a select group of porn enthusiasts will also limit this dvd's favoritism. I for one cannot stand the all natural look as it appears to be unhealthy to me. I prefer a clean shaven girl with a bare minimum of clean cut hair down there. Even if you can get past that aspect of the film you will still be hard pressed to enjoy it. Theorganized sexual encounters are truly stretched beyond their limits leaving you with a half hour of female foreplay, and less than half an hour of actual sex.




SCENE 1 (Rui):




Rui, the star of this first scene is one of the more cute specimens that the dvd has to offer. Her reddish colored hair is cut to shoulder length, and really accents her facial features quite nicely. Her breasts are somewhat small, but do have some bounce in them, as you'll see later on in the scene. As far as her hips goes she definitely has the curves, and comes off as being more pudgy than muscular. After being shown off to the at home audience for the first time on camera Rui is immediately quizzed, and groped by the man filming the footage. Questions like "Which breast is more sensitive?", and "Do you like the feel of the vibrator against your blue jeans?" are, but a handful of the things that spout from the director's mouth. As she's being handled, and violated by the director's hands, and his vibrator she try's to play coy, and puts on a cliche shy act. It's obvious though that Rui is anything but amateur, or shy. Her confession of being one to play with sex toys definitely disproves the legitimacy of her claim.

For the first 30 minutes of the scene Rui is subjected to intense foreplay, groping, and vibrator applications. While this might be alright with some viewers I found the whole experience to be far too drawn out, and about as dull as it gets. Rui did not seem to enjoy herself at all, and only gave a faked nervous laugh every once, and a while. The director/male performer on the other hand was thoroughly enjoying himself as he took advantage of the girl, and ate out at the all you can eat pussy buffet. The sex that followed was so short lived, and rushed that it was equally as mind numbing as the foreplay Rui was treated to earlier. While they did manage to squeeze in all the basic position changes including missionary, spooning, doggie, cowgirl, 69, and reverse cowgirl the sex was not great. Even at the peak of the banging Rui did little to express her pleasure vocally. She just did not seem to be enjoying the attention at all, and who can blame her? The guy stuck his nasty as in her face, and demanded a salad tossing early on. In the end when the male performer spent his load inside the condom which was firmly inside of Rui as she lay in the missionary position I thought to myself, "What a fucking waste!". It truly was one of the longest damn scenes I've sat through, and not enjoyed.


SCENE 2 ( Rico ): 



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Like the girl before her Rico was drilled with a barrage of unusually perverted questions by the director himself. When the scene opened up Rico was applying a pink condom to what looked like a sausage of some sort shortly before being quizzed. She playfully licked, and sucked on it as she answered each question that was asked of her. Of course one of the more obvious questions pertained to her sucking habit. Rico admitted to loving cock sucking, but that she could not handle deepthroating at all. This question was then followed up with a question about fetishes. After being asked about fetishes, which she had no clue about Rico was subjected to a tongue test in which the director had her to lick a clear glass pane in front of him. As if that weren't enough of the off-the-wall wackiness the director followed up his unusual approach by fucking Rico with the sausage she was sucking on. As he did so I got a close up view of her massive meat curtains, and her cooch canyon. With it being surrounded by ungroomed hair her pussy was not the most pleasant of sights to behold. That's the honest truth.

Throughout the interview, and sexual encounter I got to personally witness Rico's anamorphic looks. In some angles she looked absolutely gorgeous, and in others her natural beauty was dulled by her more lacking features. Rico's hair was long, and reddish in color almsot like Rui's in the scene before. As far as measurements went Rico had a brick body that was almost boyish in nature. Her breasts were almost completely flat, and the only real curves she had were in her hips. When it came to the sex it was nice to see Rico enjoying herself. Her eyes really lit up when the male performer/director let her ride him in the cowgirl position. After her cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl mount though Rico became less, and less responsive as her male partner took charge. The man of the scene really seemed to enjoy things in the missionary, and doggie positions, and visited each position change twice before the scene had ended. Too bad Rico wasn't feeling as excitied about those changes as the cowgirl riding though.

What made the sex in this scene annoying, or forgettable was Rico's consistent rape cry. I swear it seems that every Asian performer I've watched thus far cries, and acts pouty instead of making sounds of vocal excitement. Sadly Rico is no exception to this rule. The fact that she lay near motionless, and emotionless during her missionary pounding made the scene's more exciting moments fade from memory. It wasn't until the final cumshot came around that the scene's pleasure value truly spiked. After shooting his load upon Rico's belly the man of the scene strattled Rico's breasts allowing her to suck the remaining cum from his throbbing cock. While I considered this to be a damn good finish it was still overshadowed by a mediocre performance, and amateurish recording. I should also mention at two points during the missionary sex the camera got so shaky that it took from what was being shown.


SCENE 3 (Yuki):




Out of all the girls shown thus far Yuki is by far the prettiest one. She has that Japanese Pop Idol, and fashion icon look about her which diehard Japanese enthusiasts would go gaga over. The only problem is that this B-Cup beauty puts on one of the worst shows yet. Her performance, and interactions with her musclebound male partner are fake as a three dollar bill. Do you know what's on a three dollar bill? Bill Clinton, and a fucking pot leaf that's what! Every expression, and every orgasmic cry this youthful lady gives is that fake. I get that she's going after the whole anime/cosplay thing with her costume, and her made up looks, but damned if she doesn't go overboard with it.

I will say that I was glad to see the perverted groping, and quiz session gone in this scene. What replaced that time slot though was equally as dull as the Q&A session would have been. Seeing the male performer trade off pussy play for nipple attention wasn't exactly the type of exciting start I was interested in witnessing. He spent a heck of a long time diddling with Yuki's nipples, and even teased her body with a vibrator wand occasionally. When the fucking finally did commence it was filled with plenty of inhuman anime/hentai expressions compliments of Yuki as well as awkward as fuck fucking.

I don't for one second think that Yuki was an amateur. While her put on show would suggest otherwise I can spot a fake when I see one, and Yuki definitely falls into that category. On her behalf though there were some fairly decent parts to the scene where she was allowed to genuinely shine. Her cock ride in the cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl position really showed off her true beauty. During these particular position changes she wasn't overly acting, and definitely seemed to be enjoying herself. The camera angles during those moments also showed off her entire body in a way that made me think to myself, "Damn, she's hot!". Between the shaky missionary, the decent cowgirl, and the mediocre doggie this scene wasn't all that impressive. Even Yuki's brand of cocksucking left a lot to be desired.


SCENE 4 (Mayumi):




What the fuck, and then some!? I was seriously thinking about talking solely about the prick performer/director behind this scene, but I suppose Mayumi deserves some of the spotlight as well. When this scene opened up it began exactly like the first two scenarios only at a different locale with a different girl. The man behind the camera sparks up a conversation about Mayumi's husband, and the fact that he has been sick for quite some time. This is followed up with questions pertaining to her sex life including a question about the last time she had had sex, and whether or not she had had sex with a secret lover. The guy behind the camera charms Mayumi with flattering comments about her being beautiful (which she is not by porn standards), and slowly works his grubby hands all over her body. He massages her arm, her shoulders, and her G-Cup breasts with oil of some sort.

Slowly, but surely this prick of a man eases Mayumi's uneasiness, and works her clothes off piece by piece. She submits to his hedonistic serial killer-like behavior, and let's him do as he pleases with her body. This of course includes a heavy amount of boob groping, and pussy play. The guy even whips out his infamous vibrator wand, and uses it on Mayumi's anatomy. The sex that takes place after the foreplay is truly a one-sided ordeal. Mayumi never really gets into the swing of things, and instead lies mostly motionless on an examination table as the Asian man fucks her over six ways from Sunday.

I'm not sure if the pre-sex Q&A session shown at the beginning of this scene was a skit crafted for entertainment purposes, or if it was real, but it sure as hell seemed legitimate to me. It was like the guy was taking advantage of Mayumi for his own sexual desires, and filming it for later viewing. Hence the "Hedonisitic Serial Killer" reference. Overall the sex was just not entertaining. I felt pity for Mayumi being seduced into sex with a stranger, and thought the pervert behind the camera was exactly that. This scene was not enjoyable in the slightest.


SCENE 5 (Tomomi):




Here we are at scene number five, and damned if the sick perversion does not continue. In this latest round of sexual exploits our Asian Romeo picks up an old female acquaintance in town. Tomomi, a petite, and rather cute little Asian girl meets, and greets this lucky guy at his car in the midst of traffic. After a quick social reacquaintance she opts to ride with him back to an apartment for some R&R. The scene fades out, and then fades back in finding Tomomi in her short, and sexy skirt lying asleep on the living room sofa. What does our Romeo do? He fucking sneaks a peek of her panties as she sleeps! Not only that, but he probes her pussy with his vibrator wand through her exposed panties as well. After a few moments worth of poking, and probing Tomomi awakes with her legs spread eagle, and stares half asleep as her friend continues with his sexual tomfoolery. For most of the first portion of this encounter Tomomi does little to contribute suggesting she's not fully awake just yet. It isn't until the guy hits the right spot that she's willing to participate at all.

Between the unlikely couple there was actually some good sex going on. For a change Tomomi actually gave some proper head, and allowed the guy to pound her pussy in the missionary, and doggie positions. Being the woman pleaser (... manipulator) that he is "Romeo" also allowed Tomomi to ride him in the reverse cowgirl position as he sat upon the sofa. Even though the sex did have it's seemingly exciting parts I just couldn't help, but keep on thinking how pervertedly twisted the guy behind the camera really is though. He's a fucking deviant. What kind of pervert does this sort of shit, and parades around like it's the norm in porn!? I've seen some perveted scenarios before, but they all have some sort of laughable, or sexy elements. This does not. It's purely perverted.

If you can get your jollies off to some shit like that I feel for you, because I cannot. I've never in my life seen directing like this. It's not sexy (for the most part), and the fact that it overly emphasizes the perverted deeds that are being done makesit even more degrading. I'm still trying to get over the fact that this five scene dvd lasted damn near 4 hours in length. Wtf!?




CUMSHOT RECAP: As the title suggests this little bonus cuts to the chase, and allows the viewer to see the gooey finishes as well as a little footage leading up to the ejaculation. It is divided by the female performers' names for ease of access. The cumshot recap is always the icing on the cake, so-to-speak.


GALLERY: This is your standard photo gallery filled with stills from the scenes, and outside the recording. The photos fade in, and out in various sizes. They include both pornographic, and fashionable photos of the female cast involved.


TRAILERS: Trailers in this particular dvd are akin to the trashy gonzo subjects that 'Third World Media' are all about. You'll find accessible video trailers to 10 gonzo/fetish flicks listed by title. These releases include everything from hairy Asians to trannys, and girls with a Brazilian booty. If you are into that sort of thing you can find some sneak peeks here.


THIRD WORLD MEDIA ON THE WEB: This misleading little extra is actually the repeated between scene advertisment filled with images of tranny fucking, hairy muffs, creampies, and other trashy porn shit. If you didn't see it enough during your viewing of the core film you can return here to take notes on the official website address as well as the provided phone sex hotlines. It's classic smut for the non-sophisticated porn enthusiast. Just being honest.



OMG, and WTF!? I can't believe I wasted my entire day sitting through this piece of shit!!! Every single scene brought with it further disappointment. I did not enjoy it, and will not say that I did. I will admit a couple of the girls looked alright, but between the perverted Romeo BS, and the lackluster fucks I was lost. My mind was fucking numbed beyond the point of comprehension. I felt as if this entire dvd was about the dude behind the camera, and his sexual exploits, not the girls. It's like some sort of trophy video for a serial pervert. I kid you not. I simply cannot recommend this dvd, not even for a rent. I too have morals. Fuck this shit!!!


VERDICT: Skip It!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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