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Oddjobs 6

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/4/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Category: Fetish/Gonzo



Cast: Dana Dearmond/Vicki Chase/Gabriella Paltrova/Miley May/John Strong/Mark Wood

Directors: Aiden Riley & Katie Payne

Extras: BTS/Photo Galleries/Trailers

Release Date: 3/31/2014

Runtime: 2 Hrs 25 Mins

Click on the play button above to watch the trailer for Aiden Riley's 'Oddjobs 6'!




Scene 1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dana Dearmond/John Strong

The premiere scene in Aiden Riley's sixth installment of the Oddjobs series begins with an absolutely magnificent fetish inspired tease from Dana Dearmond. The tease is set to no music and essentially consists of a playfully spit-induced foot, pussy, and ass show that Dana Dearmond looks simply stunning throughout the course of. The action comes into play after this extended masturbation sesh, and begins with a role-play effort from John Strong and Dana, where she explains how sorry she is for fucking John's friend. I'm guessing John is her husband or whatever, but either way the elaborate reactions and over-acting from Dana continue to play a large part in making the scene shine wonderfully as far as dialogue goes. An outstandingly sloppified blowie from Dana gets things moving, chock full of excessive energy in a form that only Dana seems to be able to pull off, moving into an outstanding footjob from the brunette hottie in the coming moments. Things progress extremely well throughout the scene, with Dana continuing to draw lots of attention to her asshole via some hard hand-thrusting and constant hole-burrowing. After a plethora of facefucks, footjobs, rimjobs, and every other "job" that one could use to describe a sex act, the scenes closes out with Mr Strong unleashing his dick sauce over Dana's face as she pulls open her cheeks in an effort to catch all of it. Still missed some, but a valiant effort nonetheless. Great scene here overall, there's certainly no lack of creativity on anyone's part, the scene was shot really well, and translates to the viewer fantastically containing all the things that keeps this series in a class of it's own in terms of originality.



Scene 2:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vicki Chase/Mark Wood

Buttplug ATM

Vicki Chase encapsulates our view for the next scene in the film, looking as perfect as ever in a pair of gold stripper heels and a bikini top and bottom as a buttplug is conveniently placed next to her. Vicki puts her plug to proper use in the early stages, pointing her well-rounded posterior to the sky for all the viewers to enjoy, while continuing this abbreviated tease before Mark Wood steps into view shortly afterwards. Action sets in with a ball-worshipping blow-j that evolves into an extra sloppified facefuck, capturing some lovely views of Vicki's various pieces and parts through it's context. There's a really nice camera interaction from Vicki through the scene, moving into the obligatory footjob at around midway point with her perfect peds caressing Mark's Wood lovingly as he groans in appreciation. Vicki's buttplug continues to play a large part in the scene, with Mark jostling it to and fro, even pulling it out for Vicki to suck on at points which was a nice touch if I do say so myself. There's really no slowness to the scene if you're a fetishist such as myself, unless you count some of the more sensual parts of it where action is mildly delayed, but still carrying a nice intensity from the performers. Vicki keeps the sloppy component of the scene fully in tact throughout, dry-humping Mark's spit-soaked jizz whistle well in the later stages before reverting back to some foot and blowjob action in the later stages to finish him off. The finale comes with a sperm slathering to Vicki's soles, capping off the scene as she gives him a couple of final foot strokes in closing. Another solid scene here on all facets. I always love watching Vicki and this scene was no exception.



Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gabriella Paltrova/John Strong



Gabriella Paltrova is next up, beginning the scene wearing a large mascot-style rabbit head as she teases next to a bowl of carrots. The silliness of this tease actually makes it even hotter than it may have been otherwise, with Gabi playfully prodding herself while taking short breaks to gnaw on her carrot as some cheesy orchestra style music runs in the background. She then uses her carrots as a makeshift dildo, jamming them into her pussy while keeping her mask on to fully stay in character. Gabi is adorable throughout this introductory segment, pulling off her rabbit mask toward the end of it all and messily eating her carrots before John Strong steps in and action sets in. Debauchery starts with some slopped up dicksucks from the gorgeous starlet, with pieces of mashed up carrots and spit dripping from her pie-hole as she throats her stunt cock like the champion that she is. Footplay is again showcased well as things progress, mixed in with some "cheek" fucking from John that gives us a great view at Gabi's propped up dirtbox while she playfully wiggles it for the home viewers. Energy is pretty strong through the course of it all, having some of the most exaggerated cock chokes shown thus far, mixed in with rimjobs, ball sucking, and all of the other mainstay sex acts that the oddjobs series continues to deliver in it's scenes. The scene comes to a close with Gabi chomping on a carrot and wantingly saying the words "Feed Me" over and over before John obliges by jerking himself into her mouth. A well done scene here with creativity playing a large role. Foodplay, footjobs, rimjobs, you name it, it's got it, I fully enjoyed it. And Gabi is awesome.



Scene 4:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miley May/John Strong



Newcomer Miley May is the focal point of the final scene in the film, kicking it off with a more standardized tease than the previous scene, but having a consistant strength coming from her overly sexualized mannerisms. A can of whipped cream is Miley's prop through this introduction, as she lightly squirts it over her breasts and various parts of her body before licking it off. Action begins when John Strong steps onto set, with Miley grabbing hold of his johnson for some opening dick sucks to prepare him for the upcoming scene. The blowjob is a little less sloppy than those showcased in the film thus far, although gaining steam through it's course by way of some solid deepthroats from Miley. Although Miley is a hottie, the energy in this scene tends to waiver at points, with a messy whipped-cream induced blowie taking up most of the first half, and the overall action seeming a little less authentic than what I watched so far in the film. There's a really nice shot of Miley's legs at around the midway point, where she's pulling off her shoes in preparation of the footjob, while John rams his rod in her throat before the footfun ensues. Things do lift up before the scene ends, with some light facefucks taking place as the whipped cream helps in making things messier throughout the course of it. Miley's messy face gets a jizz-squirt in the scene's finale, before she sticks her tongue out and holds up the peace sign looking much like the popstar who I'm guessing she named herself after. A decent scene here I suppose, with action lacking more so than the other scenes, or maybe just not translating as well. Either way Miley is a babe with a bright fufure, and I do believe her fans will enjoy it.




Aiden Riley's latest installment of the Oddjobs series provides an abundance of fetish-inspired content throughout it's context, with the foot fetish being the most prominently used one, and sloppy blowjobs and creatively used props playing a large part as well. Dana Dearmond shined in the film, being a mainstay in many of Riley's works for good reason; The scene had a great amount of energy combined with a noteworthy amount of fetish content to keep things in adherance to the lines succession. The rest of the scenes fell in line with it, and kept things pretty uniform to the fetish style, as it seems these type of niche titles are unfortunately becoming more and more of a dying breed in the world of porn. I love the attention to detail in Aiden's films, and I think it keeps a consistance in his style as we always know when a film is a Belladonna Entertainment release. It wasn't specified what part Katie Payne played in the directing of the film, but if she shot some of these scenes I'd say that this girl is a perfect fit for Aiden's crew. Extras consist of a nice grouping of separated photo galleries as opposed to the standard slideshow or poorly thrown together gallery, some trailers from Aiden's latest releases and almost an hour of some interesting BTS footage to top it off. I'd certainly give this one a high recommendation for fans of the more fetish inpired titles; As I said, these movies are getting harder and harder to find as of late and I think that there is a certain autenticism about the way that the crew at Belladonna Entertainment does it. Check it out! Highy Recommended.



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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