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Hardcore Chain Smokers 7

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/11/14

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Category: Smoking Fetish/Gonzo



Cast: Eva Martin/Krystal Pink/Robyn Truelove/Tracey Venus/Sasha Rose/Marc Rose/Andy Mann/Freddie Flavas/Chris Rocks

Director: DiSanto

Extras: NONE

Release Date: 11/8/2013

Runtime: 100 Mins

*There is no online trailer available for this film*

Scene 1:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Eva Martin

The premiere scene in Killergram's 'Chain Smokers 7' begins with a smoky tease session from hottie Eva Martin. The awkwardness here is pretty unavoidable in this introductory segment, with Eva constantly looking at whoever's holding the camera for direction, and looking anything but enticing to the viewer because of it. The tease is thankfully pretty short, ending after her stunt cock steps onto set. Sex is quick to begin after a pretty complacent blowie is given from Eva, with action beginning in a doggie style fuck and soon moving into some cowgirl. Smoking fetish fans should know that Eva only smokes before the scene begins as opposed to some of the other scenes in the series where the fetish is catered to alittle more so than it is here. Sex throughout the scene is anything but great, having countless lame moments and lacking hard in terms of energy. It all ends with a facial, putting a decent exclamation on an otherwise lacking encounter.

Scene 2:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sasha Rose

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Sasha Rose is next on the list, kicking off the scene with a slightly more inspired smoke/tease as opposed to the previous scene. Things again get underway quickly, with Sasha taking a drag off of her cigarette in between sucking her co-star off. Energy is fair here, with a bit of a playful vibe that leans toward some pretty uninspired cocksucks in the passing stages. Sex sets in with Sasha taking a cowgirl dick ride on her boytoy and things do get slightly better here, but as the scene progresses there is some seriously mechanical sex that takes place. Positioning ranges from missionary, doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, ending after her unknown counterpart jerks himself for what seems like an eternity before finally dripping his jism over Sasha's face to close it out. Not a great scene here, but Sasha is pretty hot. 
Scene 3:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Robyn Truelove
Super sexy Robyn Truelove begins the third scene in the film, wearing a nice black lingerie outfit with leg warmers and white heels to finalize the look. This is the first tease in the film that is actually good, but it's abbreviated to an even shorter time than the others because porn dude steps onto set and ruins it. Ugh. An outstanding blowjob from Robyn continues the pre-sex foreplay, having ten times the amount of energy than any other scene in the film with a solid amount of cock-chokes and deepthroats from the blonde beauty. Sex sets in with a doggie style fuck, again showcasing a nicely hornified Robyn as she gets pumped hard by her stunt cock, evolving into some spooning and random bj's sporadically placed throughout. The scene progresses nicely, having a couple moments that you might skip through, but nowhere near the amount of the two previous scenes before Robyn wraps the trademark chain around her neck to accept a light jizz slathering to the cheek in closing. A better scene here for certain, Robyn is gorgeous and although she's been out of porn for some time she did have some great stuff out there. 
Scene 4:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tracey Venus
Tracey Venus encapsulates our view for the fourth scene in the film, yet another girl that hasn't graced a porn set in years according to the database. The tease kicks off shakily, with Tracey attempting to be seductive into the camera but honestly I'm just not feeling it. After a dreadful tease her cock makes its way onto set, as she starts him off with a blowie to get things moving properly. The bj is decent here, but tends to waiver as Tracey's deadened eyes stare into the camera lens and make for quite the boner killer. Sex ultimately sets in with a cowgirl fuck, having some relatively meager camera angles, and an even worse sexual encounter by these two stars. Sex is again pretty mechanical throughout the scene, ranging in most of the standard positioning we're used to seeing, and ultimately capping off with a monstrous jizzload, putting a nice end on this unfortunately irrecoverable scene. Not good, but hey there was a nice cumshot. 
Scene 5:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Krystal Pink
*Scene to Remember*
The final scene in Killergram's 'Chain Smokers' begins as we see Krystal Pink, who puts together a short and sweet tease before chugging on some dick in the coming stages. The blowie here is solid, filled with some great cock chokes from Krystal and a nice and sloppy effort as she struggles to get her co-star's monster into the deepest regions of her throat. Sex sets in with reverse cowgirl fuck given to Krystal, moving through a much more genuine set of sexual positions than any other scene in the film, and having a solid amount of energy throughout its context. Things eventually cap off with a jizz-dropping to Krystal's face as she takes a couple of final puffs off of her cigarette before the screen fades. There were some moments that weren't as great as others, but this scene is certainly the strongest in the film; Watching Krystal fight to take down every inch of her co-stars pork sword is what really did it for me, and the chemistry here was definitely more noteworthy than any of the other scenes.  
DiSanto's seventh installment of the Chain Smokers series was a little lacking in terms of whackworthy content, having some extremely slow moments mixed in with very few noteworthy points. Krystal's scene is certainly the most energergetic and intense in the film, with Robyn Truelove slutting it up pretty solidly as well, as all of the other scenes seemed pretty unispired form a viewer's standpoint. Killergram is mainly known for their web content, being among the most prolific across the pond and known for having some pretty strong hardcore content catering to a more fetish-based hardcore connoisseur. Since I don't think this DVD stands up to most of the stuff they have on their website, I'd have a pretty hard time recommending it, and there are literally ZERO extras to make this DVD worthy of buying as opposed to simply purchasing a membership to the site and watching the scenes there. Smoking fetish and hardcore fans will perhaps find some things that they'll find appealing in this film, but I don't think its sufficive to merit purchasing the movie. Rent It.



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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