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Glory Hole Gaggers 3

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/11/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Blowjob/Gloryhole/All Sex


Cast: Tanya Tate/Krystal Pink/Keeley Maggee/Samantha Shaw/Tracey Venus/Andy Mann/Marc Rose/Chris Rocks/Stefan Hard

Director: DiSanto

Extras: NONE

Release Date: 2/10/2014

Runtime: 79 Mins


 *There is no online trailer available for this film*


Scene 1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Keeley Maggee 
*Blowjob Only

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The premiere scene in the third installment of the Gloryhole Gaggers series begins with a pretty nice tease from Keeley Maggee. Keeley shows off her goods nicely as she sits on a restroom toilet, before two cocks pop out of the wall to begin the gloryhole fun. The blowie sets in with a fair amount of goodness, with Keeley giving a nice camera interaction as she sensually gives a double suck to her two faceless pals. Eventually, the guys come out from behind the wall, with the camera giving us some 'lurking' looks by capturing some views from behind the gloryhole at times.  The scene progresses pretty poorly in all honesty, it starts out well but the action seems to drag in the late stages and the scene is only 14 minutes. It all comes to an end after these dudes are jerking themselves for what seems like an eternity, before finally spraying a fair amount of dicksnot over Keeley's cute face in closing. A pretty lame scene here, although Keeley seems to do well, the scene dragged especially in the later moments.
Scene 2:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Samantha Shaw
MILF Samantha Shaw is next up, starting off the scene as she walks into the Killergram gloryhole bathroom and takes a couple of drags off of her cigarette before the scene begins. Things move forward when her stunt cock pops its head through the wall, easing into a rather complacent cocksuck from Samantha before another dick also enters view. Things liven up a bit when the guys step out from behind the wall, as they jostle their fingers in her various holes while she boringly sucks their dicks and continues this snooze-fest. The scene progresses as poorly as you might imagine, but does actually contain some sex this time in a doggie style position as Samantha sucks off the guy who isn't banging her. The scene soon caps off with each of the guys spraying their jizz whistles over her face nicely but again seeming to take forever to do it. It's funny, these scenes are so short but the content could probably be edited down to about 6 minutes if you were only to include noteworthy action. Blah.
Scene 3:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tanya Tate
*Scene To Remember*

One of the more well-known stars in the film, Tanya Tate, is next up, starting us off with what is definitely the best tease segment in the film before her stunt cock arrives through its respected hole. A nice variation here from Tanya, as she teases the home viewers while choking down her dick slowly and staring intently into the camera. Tanya knows whats up, and it's obvious that the other girls showcased in the film this far have no idea. Anyways, the scene continues well, this time only being a singular dicksuck, but having ten times the energy of the previous scenes. Sex takes place after about ten minutes through, with Tanya accepting her co-stars meat sword well as she lies classily bent over the toilet. The later stages of the blowie are certainly stronger than any part of the scene, but there is a great energy during the sex as well, which moves through reverse cowgirl, missionary, and of course doggie style. Things conclude after Tanya's co-star spouts off a nice load of dicksauce over her face, before she smiles into the camera and shows off her reward. Definitely the best scene in the film here. Tanya is outstanding. 

Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Krystal Pink 
*Blowjob Only
Krystal Pink is our next contestant at the gloryhole, starting off the scene with a nice filth inspired tease sesh that's set in the same locale as the rest of the film, having a nice amount dirty talking into the camera for an added effect. Action sets in in the same manner as the other scenes, with Krystal being the prime recipient of a two cock salute through the bathroom wall. The blow-j begins slowly, moving forward better than I anticipated after her two blokes come out from behind the bathroom wall. The scene contains a vast amount of double dicksucks from the filthy Krystal, pushing the cocks together at various times to offend the homophobic porn watcher but making for a rather kink-filled session for others. The scene progresses poorly though, and overall gets pretty boring throughout its 17 minute runtime, ending after another needless amount of dick jerking takes up the final four minutes of the scene. Do these guys know what editing is? Jesus fucking Christ. Every one of these scenes has a dude jerking his dick at the end of it for like 5 minutes, it's unnecessary bro. Not good. 
Scene 5:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tracey Venus
Tracey Venus is our featured star of the final scene in the film, starting off as her friend brings her to the gloryhole as it seems that she's grown rather shy of doing it on her own. The action begins with Tracey blowing her friend, before an anonymous hand reaches through the wall to grab her and she takes the bait after he sticks his cock through. Tracey attempts to play the art of the surprised 'gloryhole goer' but does a poor acting job in doing so (not that it actually matters). Things progress fairly in compliance to the rest of the film, moving into some doggie style sex after about seven minutes while her other stunt cock still lies behind the gloryhole wall. Positioning runs through the standard rigor, with her gloryhole lad eventually stepping into the bathroom to join her and her friend. Sex reaches some decent points, never really gaining the steam it needs to be considered a solid scene, but giving the viewer a fair amount to masturbate themselves to nonetheless. The scene comes to an end after each of Tracy's blokes drip some jizz over her tits and face to reward her. Blah. If I were being kind I would say that this scene was fair.
DiSanto's latest installment of the Gloryhole Gaggers series is a mashup of mainly old raggedy scenes shot around the 2009 time period. The scenes were all pretty awful upon my looking back on the film, with the exception of Tanya Tate, who looks to be the only of these brit babes who's still alive and kicking in the porn world. For whatever reason, this DVD was released in 2014 and it doesn't even stand anywhere close to the quality of content that we're seeing from some of the higher acclaimed american production companies. There are literally no extras (which I'm guessing is the norm for Killergram since I've reviewed a bunch of their titles lately and they've had none) and the quality of the content is just as meager as you could possibly expect. It's just not worth your time in any way, shape, or form. If you see this one at the local porn shop just keep walking. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, do not watch this fucking movie. Skip It.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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