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My Friend's Hot Girl 10

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/21/14

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Screen captures linked to website originals below

My Friend’s Hot Girl 10

Naughty America

Genre: Web-To-DVD, Vignettes

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Director: Uncredited


Cast: Mary Jane Mayhem, Alexxx, Kelly Anderson, Xander Corvus, Laela Pryce, Giovanni Francesco, Jada Stevens, Karlo Karrera, Vivie DelMonico, Bill Bailey

Length: See Below for the running time of the individual scenes.

Dates of Production: See below for the original release dates.


Extras: There was a slideshow and some trailers as well as a short interview of Nikki Benz lasting 5:25 minutes though she was not in the movie at all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: My Friend’s Hot Girl 10 was comprised of five scenes shot for the internet to be compiled into this release for Naughty America. No directors or technical staffers were credited but most of the scenes looked competently handled, some of the lighting and camera work in need of polishing up but the editing appeared to be okay. The scenes were not presented in anamorphic widescreen, just chopped to look widescreen, but they were an upgrade from what the company offered several years back in overall quality. There was nothing on the DVD that was not released last year online for the company website so I tried to list links for those who are members but suffice it to say that it was middle of the road in terms of visual excellence compared to companies that rely heavily on the physical disc medium, the video bit rates hovering in the middle 3.1 to 4.3 Mbps range much of the time. The aural qualities were similar in that I could hear the vocals plainly enough on my home theater set up but the music and ambient sounds found on higher end works were not as interesting here.

Body of Review: Naughty America is a huge internet company that provides some really solid web scenes on their multitude of themed websites. They are also known for taking said scenes and releasing them on disc, five scenes per disc being their standard, the latest of which I am reviewing is called My Friend’s Hot Girl 10. The premise was fairly simple here as each vignette involved a limited story element about a friend’s girl, cover hotty Jada Stevens being my favorite this time though the others such as Laela Pryce, Kelly Anderson, Mary Jane Mayhem, and Vivie DelMonico were attractive too. The back cover described the movie like this: “Have you ever fantasized about fucking your buddy's hot girlfriend? You've seen her huge tits in tight shirts and bikinis, and her hot ass in tight pants, and your buddy has told you she's got a tight, wet pussy and loves the cock. Your fantasy becomes a reality with My Friend's Hot Girl!! Now's your chance to bang her with your big dick! Did you wonder if the risk is worth it? It is!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Mary Jane Mayhem, a thick brunette with nice tits and a juicy ass, was up first in a scenario where her pal Alexxx was doing her taxes only to find problems. He was going to tell her boyfriend, his buddy, when she gave him an alternative solution of jumping his bones to maintain his silence. She started giving him a lap dance and blowing him before dragging him to the bed to strip and do anything he wanted. He savored her boobs and pussy before they fucked, the gash gobbling readying her for them to bone. There was a little more oral from there, the scene finishing up when he deposited his semen on her tits. The company website described the scene like this: “Mary Jane Mayhem and her boyfriend Bill are having their taxes done by their friend and roommate Alexxx, and when she arrives home, the taxman has some bad news for her. He tells her that they're in deep, deep debt due to her frivolous spending habits, and that he feels the need to tell Bill all about it. But Mary Jane would rather keep that a secret, and to keep him quiet she does the right thing: pulls his fat cock right into her mouth while her man is still at work! Out come her big natural titties and in her pussy goes Alexxx's cock, taxing that ass!” 24:24 minutes 1/28/2013


Scene Two: Kelly Anderson, a sexy cutie with long legs, was up next as she seduced friend Xander Corvus as her boyfriend worked on his car. She had a long day and needed some tension relief, the gal stripping in the house as she beckoned him, the couple landing in the living room where she slobbed his knob until they vaginally fucked. She was an active rider and gave additional head like she wanted to, the resulting nut landing on her mug and upper torso. The company website described the scene like this: “Kelly Anderson comes home from a long day of shopping at the mall, so her feet hurt and, of course, she's horny! But while her boyfriend is busy wrenching on the car, she employs his bystanding buddy Xander to help her carry in a large package. And after he does so, she's more than happy to carry his large package in her mouth! Xander's nervous, but his friend's girlfriend wants to fuck him right there while her man is in the garage nerding out on cars. Can Xander pass up such a risque blowjob! Fuck no he can't!” 26:16 minutes 2/4/2013


Scene Three: Laela Pryce, a beautiful young lady with blond hair and a sweet ass, was up next with Giovanni Francesco, when he was going to kick her dog out for its destructive ways. To save her pooch (and her) from being tossed out, she made a deal which included buying his silence with sex. She unfastened his pants to blow him before letting him suck her tits, the gal letting him remove her shorts and panties to grant him access to go down on her. This led to vaginal fucking and more oral on her part, the gal impaling herself at times as he banged her bald beaver. The action ended when he tossed off onto her face, Laela applying some hand to gland friction as they discussed future trysts. The company website described the scene like this: “Laela Pryce is having a good time dancing to some music when her roommate and friend's boyfriend Giovanni bursts her bubble by showing her his shoe that got chewed up by her dog! He tells her that something's got to change, but Laela pleads him to not boot her out because she can't afford it. Instead, she decides she can do something else that will make him happy -- like suck his cock and let him fuck her while his girlfriend is gone! Giovanni likes that agreement and takes full advantage of it while her dog is running loose.” 23:00 minutes 2/26/2013


Scene Four: Jada Stevens, the sexy brunette featured on the front cover with the awesome ass, was up next as Karlo Karrera gave her a birthday present. She appreciated the necklace and they had a moment of revelation regarding her boyfriend and their long time attraction, the guy all over her as they kissed, he sucked her tits, and then gobbled her gash before she blew him. They fucked pretty hard so Jada earned her spot on the front cover, her eye contact and active riding skills giving the scene some replay value before she jerked him off all over her mouth. The company website described the scene like this: “Karlo drops off a birthday gift to his friend Jada Stevens, the sexy girl who he turned down four years ago when she was 16. She's an adult now and hotter than all hell, and he confides in her that he was disappointed that he eventually lost her to his buddy, and that he wanted to be her first fuck. Jada tells him that she and her boyfriend still haven't done the nasty, and that she's always wanted Karlo to fuck her! He's in luck because her man isn't home ... perfect timing for Karlo to give Jada the birthday gift she really wants, a throatfucking from Karlo's massive cock, then a pussy pounding while her fat big ass bounces as she cums over and over and over again!” 29:38 minutes 3/1/2013


Scene Five: Vivie DelMonico, a pretty young lady with nice tits, was up last as she talked to Bill Bailey about her cheating boyfriend (Bill’s buddy). He took this as a sign of encouragement, pointing out to her that such a babe deserved better, Vivie all over him on the bed as they kissed. He pulled off her panties and went down on her, diddling her perfect flower as she smiled from ear to ear. He continued to warm her up with his fingers porking her, taking off the rest of her clothing to play with her boobs before she blew him, titty fucked him, and otherwise rode his bologna pony in various vaginal positions until he lost his load into her mouth for swallowing. The company website described the scene like this: “Vivie Delmonico and her boyfriend got in a heated argument, so she calls over her man's nice friend Bill to talk to him about the situation. She tells him that she found sexual texts from other girls on his phone, so she blew up on him. Bill tells her she needs a man who treats her with respect ... and when he does, Vivie starts hitting on him! Bill receives it well despite Vivie's reticence, and he decides that all she needs to feel better is his big dick inside her with her natural tits bouncing in his face!” 38:54 minutes 3/6/2013

Summary: My Friend’s Hot Girl 10 by the uncredited directors of Naughty America was definitely fun to watch as attractive women enjoyed the various scenarios but there were scant extras, modest technical values, and a very repetitive manner in which the scenes unfolded sexually so I rated the production as a Rent It, the technical aspects needing to be polished up and the inclusion of better extras considered for future volumes of the series to remain competitive. In short, fans of internet porn could do worse than My Friend’s Hot Girl 10 but to make the show stand out in a crowded field, expecting some new content, director cuts of the scenes, or something to differentiate it from the scenes online released so long ago would be appreciated.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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