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Room Service

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/25/14

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Category: Gonzo


Cast: Sara Horny/Carol Vega/Pamela Sanchez/Eva Reina/Angelica Queen/Nacho Vidal

Director: Nacho Vidal

Extras: Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 3/26/2014

Runtime: 161 Mins

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Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sara Horny/Nacho Vidal
The premiere scene in Nacho Vidal's 'Room Service' begins much like most of his POV scenes do, with our director breathing incessantly from behind the camera whilst following a hot euro girl and shakily filming her ass as he does so. Today's hottie for Mr Vidal is the appropriately named Sara Horny, who kicks off the scene well with some solid strokeworthy tease, before shoving Nacho's beef sword into her throat for some introductory blowjob fun. The camera moves into a fixed position after the initial POV formatting, while Nacho gives Ms Horny quite the facefucking as the scene continues. Sex begins with a doggie style fuck on the kitchen stool, where Nacho wobbily attempts to capture everything before ultimately setting the camera in a fixed position. The scene reaches some pretty slow moments as it moves forward, mixing in some squirting from Sara and probably reaching its best points in the later stages. After around 40 minutes of fucking, Nacho jerks himself to completion after pulling out of Sara in a doggie style positioning and dropping his juice over her ass. The scene finishes as we see Sara's jizz coated ass walking to the bathroom before fading to black. A pretty substandard scene here overall, not much to write home about.
Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Carol Vega/Nacho Vidal

The second scene features my personal favorite of the Nacho Vidal regulars in Carol Vega. Things begin as we see her putting her makeup on in the mirror, with Nacho approaching her with camera in-hand as he obnoxiously compliments her in their native language. Action begins without much of a tease or intro, as Carol grabs Nacho's jizz whistle and jerks him while he breathes heavily, before falling to her knees for a rather sensual blowjob in terms of what we're used to seeing in most of Nacho's scenes. Sex sets in rather motionless as well, with Nacho placing his camera,of the bed in front of them while the scene lies dormant for much of the early moments of it all. Things pick up a bit later on, with Nacho and Carol having a bit of fun with the camera throughout various points as well. There are some better shots in this scene, with a lot of the late parts having Nacho simply filming Carol as it seems he had to get away from her in order to hold in his cum. I don't blame him, this girl is so fucking hot. The chemistry between Nacho and Carol is noticeably pretty strong, but the scene is just okay overall. I couldn't find much about it that was really good aside from the fact that Carol is fucking gorgeous. We all know it takes more than a hot girl to make a porn scene good and this one just got old by the time it ended. 

Scene 3:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Pamela Sanchez/Nacho Vidal
Pamela Sanchez is next on the list, starting off the third scene in the film with a nice tease as Nacho eggs her on from behind the camera. Pamela is dressed in a skirt with no top, shaking her ass wonderfully in these introductory moments before she jumps on a toy rocking horse and thrusts her cooter over it. Nacho steps in with cock-in-hand soon afterwards, as Pamela dives on his dong face-first for some blowjob action. Definitely the most promising blowie of the film here early on, with Pamela dripping and drooling as she chugs Nacho's cock while he groans in appreciation. Sex sets in with a doggie style fuck on the rocking horse, with Nacho having a rough time getting into Pamela's hole, making for what looks to be quite the uncomfortable fuck-sesh to be quite honest. The camera cuts soon after, moving into a masturbation session from Pamela before Nacho steps back in to take another's crack at it. A pretty rough outing here overall, and unfortunately Pamela seems to be in more discomfort than enjoyment from the looks of it. Things do "ease up" as the scene progresses, capturing a pretty fair cowgirl style POV fuck from Pamela that gives a little more hope to the scene than I had earlier, but honestly not much. The late moments of the scene revert back to the blowjob, showing Pamela in what looks to be a pretty hornified state even after the weird sex that took place earlier. The scene later ends after Pamela jerks her stunt cock to completion, with the camera fading into the next scene soon after. This one probably takes the cake for worst scene thus far, whatever was happening was just not translating to film in any way. This was a pretty weak scene. 
Scene 4:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Eva Reina/Nacho Vidal
The fourth scene in the film begins as Nacho is talking to the camera in Spanish, continuing as he walks down his hallway and enters a room where Eva Reina is located. Nacho continues to film her through a crack in the door for whatever reason, before eventually going inside of the room, where Eva  plays with herself and even films herself for a few moments. The intro is really not great, Nacho's overt heavy breathing gets to be so fucking annoying, and the camerawork is poor and the tease is really slow. I could go on and on but I'm positive that most will be skipping through this part. Action gets underway as Nacho munches on Eva's hole, before jamming his dong inside of her mouth for some fairly nice blowjob action. The blowjob is pretty short-lived, with the scene moving on with some doggie style fucking from our director. The sex again looks weirdly uncomfortable for Eva at times, but gradually seems to get better and better as it goes on.  Positioning moves through doggie, reverse cowgirl, spoon fucking, and cowgirl before the finishing stages where Nacho busts his sack sauce over top of Eva's face for the best jizz squirting of the film. I felt like this scene was probably the best so far to be honest, Eva showed a nice energy where most of the other girls in the film so far were really sluggish and passive. I don't think it was amazing by any means but there was some nice stuff wrapped into it all. 
Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Angelica Queen/Nacho Vidal
*Scene To Remember*
The final scene in Nacho Vidal's Room Service features blonde euro babe Angelica Queen. The scene begins with Nacho relishing Angelica's perfect ass by playing with it and jostling his hands in and out of her while doing so. Angelica is dressed in a camo style neglige outfit, as actions early on is pretty nice with Angelica stroking Nacho while he fingers her hole. Sex sets in early here, with Nacho again getting some pretty strange camera angles of it all, with no shots of penetration in the early stages of the sex. The blowjob is next on the to-do list, showcasing a pretty nice energy from the euro starlet as she chomps on Nacho's knob and continues to keep an attentive eye on the home viewers. The sex begins in a doggie style positioning, giving us a really nice view of Angelica's legs and ass while Nacho gives her the business. Something about the  location of this scene makes it all work much better in context to the action than any other scene in the film. The action progresses a lot better and the sene doesn't seem to drag like so many of the other scenes did. The camera placement also seems to work much better here, with most of the shots giving a quite appealing look at Angelica throughout the sex. The scene ends with Nacho jerking himself to completion over Angelica's tits before the screen fades into the credits. 
Nacho Vidal's Room Service was pretty rough in terms of solid content, having a thinly dispersed amount of decent stuff in a mainly lacking release. I'm not too concerned with camerawork when watching most porn flicks, but some of Nacho's more recent work seems to be noticeably declining, especially in the category of quality direction. Nacho's shaky-handed filming style makes everything a little more difficult to enjoy and the scenes just don't translate anywhere near as well as they could have if there was a third person involved in it. Extras are pretty standard, having a nice group of separated photo galleries, some trailers from Nacho's recent flicks, and web access to top it off. Nacho seems to churn out these bedroom themed fuckfests quite often as of late, but the declining quality leads me to give this one anything but a recommendation. Even those who really love Nacho's work, this one just didn't have it. Rent It.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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