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There's Something About Tori Black

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/29/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


There’s Something About Tori Black

Third Degree

Genre: Compilation, Tori Black

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Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Tori Black, uncredited guy, John Strong, Carmen McCarthy, Celeste Star, Franziska Facella, Kayla Paige, Kina Kai, Nika Noir, Tanya James, Juelz Ventura, Mark Wood, Alex Gonz, Marie Luv, Pat Myne, uncredited male, Manuel Ferrara, Francesca Le, Ben English, Anthony Rosano, David Perry, Alyssa Reece, Persia Pele

Length: 372:58 minutes (193:23 minutes & 179:35 minutes)

Date of Production: 2014 (compilation itself)

Extras: There was a popshot compilation and photogallery but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: There’s Something About Tori Black was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by various directors for Third Degree Films. While each of the scenes had different looks to them, most were straightforwardly shot with decent lighting, a moderately amount of variations in the camera work, editing, and other technical aspects keeping it fresh. The aural components were very basic and offered in monaural only, some tease music provided but the vocals clear enough in most cases.

Body of Review: Third Degree Films and its sister companies have offered a great deal of gonzo scenes over the years that I really liked, their compilations admittedly varying a great deal in terms of quality. I found of interest awhile back called There’s Something About Tori Black, a collection of fourteen scenes from company archives (as listed below) that focus on ever popular glam performer, Tori Black. With a few BJ-only scenes and a lot of lesbian loving, the 14 scenes offered up over 6 hours of Tori Black so add that to your calculations here. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Headcase 4: Tori Black, uncredited guy: Tori Black, wearing a striped red and pink bikini outfit on top of some white booty shorts, was up first teasing with her tight little ass. Though the resolution was curiously weaker than usual, she began masturbating until confronted with an anonymous cock to suck, the premise of the original show being to merely give a blowjob to completion. It was a small pecker, Tori still only sucking the head while allowing her hand to gland friction to do most of the pleasuring, the turgid member spouting very little semen for her to swallow.

Scene Two: Nylons 4: Tori Black, John Strong: Tori Black, wearing sexy lingerie including some black nylon stockings attached to her garter, pranced about the living room with her thong deep inside her ass as the glamour queen teased to light music on the furniture. The music ended when John Strong crawled over to gobble her gash, Tori over acting but still looking great as she reclined to let him go at it. She then jerked him off and licked him at length, focusing her mouth on the head of his pecker before they vaginally fucked, more oral balancing out her passive riding before he tossed his load onto her face (which had her nylons covering most of her head).

Scene Three: Girlfriends: Tori Black, Carmen McCarthy, Celeste Star, Franziska Facella, Kayla Paige, Kina Kai, Nika Noir, Tanya James: Tanya James is having a sex toy party and all her hot and sexy girlfriends are there to check out the merchandise. Tori Black is the party's demonstration girl and she is going to be showing the guests just how great the toys can be. Tori begins by sitting on the couch and talking about the features of the particular toy she is about to use on herself. Tori lands up getting nude and using a pink vibrator on herself as all the other girls look on with obvious joy. After getting the girls all worked up in anticipation Tori comments that they should maybe open up the other toys and join the fun. Before long the girls are all over each other in a tangle of beautiful female flesh. The girls who are all quite beautiful and all look like they are having a blast as the group get to try out all the toys on each other. Kayla Paige along with Franziska Facella and Celeste Star captured my full attention and it was a beautiful thing to see such amazing girls getting it on in a smorgasbord of amazing looking young pussy. While there was quite a bit of action going on in frame the orgy as a whole was quite fun and entertaining to watch on many levels. Each girl here captures some nice camera time and in reality there might have been too much going on to fully be able to allow the full attention of me on some of my favorite girls in the scene. The eight girl orgy was hot and an amazing way to end the movie and definitely a scene worth watching again and again. (review by Jen the Horny Housewife)

Scene Four: Cheaters Caught Or Not: Tori Black, Jeulz Ventura, Mark Wood: The two women are at the pool in their bikinis. Juelz Ventura is asking her girlfriend about when she will tell her boyfriend about her being bisexual. Tori Black is afraid that he will go nuts. They kiss. Then, Juelz sucks on her friend's nipple. They kiss again and head inside the house. Once inside, they kiss. It's sweet and nice. They remove each other's bikini tops. They caress each other. Tori sucks on Juelz's breasts and they kiss. Tori kisses her friend's pretty body. Then, she kisses Juelz's hip and takes off her bottoms. She kisses her body. It's very sensual. Then, Juarez removes her gal pal's bottoms. Tori rubs her girlfriend's pussy with her thumb. She also sucks on it. Their chemistry is steamy. They kiss again. Then, it's Juelz's turn to pleasure Tori's pussy. These women really know how to satisfy another woman orally. Next, Tori kisses Juelz's body and we get a 69. The alternate ending option appears. If it is selected, you will see the two women have sex with Tori's boyfriend. If the option is bypassed, then the two women continue their good 69 action. Tori is on top. The camera angles are good. (review by Apache George)

Scene Five: Pretty Pussies Please 5: Tori Black, Mark Wood: After Shawna's scene, I honestly didn't know what to expect from the rest of this release. I was exhausted, but soldiered on because Tori Black was up next, and I must admit that she's become one of my favorites. Her scene begins like Shawna's with a brief, nude tease complete with commentary from the camera guy. After a while she declares that it's time we watch her suck some dick. Rather than suck off the guy holding the camera she meets up with someone already sitting down ready for a blowjob. She services him nice and slow, but doesn't last as long as Shawna did before she starts teasing him with her pussy. The sex here starts out with Tori on top riding reverse cowgirl. Unlike the previous scene, Tori does most all of the world here and fucks her man really hard. She slams down on his cock repeatedly for several minutes and continues to do so even when she rotates to face the other direction. The rest of this scene is equally intense and both performers really have a nice connection throughout the sex. Here's plenty to love about the action here and right up to the end it was a fantastic scene. Tori even gobbles up almost every drop of cum at the finish. (review by Harry Johnson)

Scene Six: Dreamgirlz 2: Tori Black, Alex Gonz: Tori Black, the hotty seen on the lower center of the group shot on the cover, was up next playing the entertainment at a bachelor party of Alex Gonz, his group of uncredited friends howling at him to have some fun with the lean babe. She gave him a lap dance and he felt her up handily, the blowjob in front of everyone causing them to go to the bedroom where she provided him with a full service ride. They kissed and continued with the blowjob, Alex sticking his finger in her ass when she rode his cock vaginally. Tori's dirty talk was appreciated and while she was not a very active ride in most positions, she looked great on the bed without her bikini getting in the way. They continued banging with light oral in several positions before he rubbed out a wad of population pudding for her to take to her face.

Scene Seven: I Wanna Bang Your Sister: Tori Black, Mark Wood: Tori Black, portraying Mark Wood’s sister’s girlfriend, was up next in a funny skit where hotty Tori, in a frilly red dress, wanted him. She was intrigued by the wrongness of the whole thing, Mark initially acting afraid and nervous at the prospect of hooking up until Nate Liquor convinced him it was his duty to all mankind to jump her bones. They were on the couch when she started kissing him, hiking up her skirt, and encouraging him to grab her juicy ass, the dress slowly cast aside as he gave in to her. The titty play led to her massaging his growing bulge in his pants and by then she was down to a thong riding up her ass, the gal bending over to slob his knob aggressively by taking the head into her mouth and working the shaft with her hand as he ran his hand over her ass crack. He ate her out briefly in response because he wanted to be balls deep inside her pussy, her passive riding not the best but she sure seemed tight as fuck. Toward the end of the scene, she was impaling herself on his rod, squirming to get as much of Mark as she could before he busted a nut of sperm into her open mouth, her superior eye contact making it work, before she swallowed it.

Scene Eight: Pure Sextacy 4: Tori Black, Marie Luv, Pat Myne: If its baby oil that you dig then you're gonna love this scene. Marie and Tori ROCK this scene...HARD! There is plenty of dick sucking, finger fucking, pussy licking and tons of fucking between the three during this entire scene. Talk about a major hard on! I'm not a huge fan of Marie Luv but I'll tell ya what, her chemistry with Tori is amazing. Together they do what needs to be done in order to get that dick and themselves filled to the brim with pure sextacy until they can no longer hold it in. This three way starts off with a bang and ends perfectly. (review by GTXXXTreme)

Scene Nine: Hand To Mouth 8: Tori Black, uncredited male: This was another case of Tori Black blowing and jerking off an uncredited male. She put some energy into it and the tease was good but it hardly qualifies as one of her “wildest experiences”, the POV nature of the tryst not bad though.

Scene Ten: Splashes on Glasses: Tori Black, Manuel Ferrara: Tori is featured in the second scene and her action begins much the same way that Andi's did. That means there's a fair amount of solo play and fuzzy, disjointed video as she strips and teases outside in a bikini. This eventually stops as Tori is playing with a dildo on the patio and her partner comes into the scene to give her something more to chew on. Eventually they head inside and that's where the real fun begins. Tori is simply insatiable and it's clear that she loves her line of work. There's so much energy here and such a connection between she and her man that the scene absolutely sizzles. I really enjoyed this one and thought it was definitely one of the better pieces of action on this release. Once again the scene ends with Tori needing to clean her glasses. (review by Harry Johnson)

Scene Eleven: TMSleaze: Tori Black, Francesca Le, Ben English, Anthony Rosano: Francesca Le, Tori Black, Ben English, and Anthony Rosano were up first as the pornified judges of American Idol as well as television personality "Ryan Seacrest" run amuck in the back room of the show. Francesca was the wild one here and while she looked nothing like "Paula Abdul", she was the highlight of the scene for me. Tori also looked really cute compared to the preferred womanly curves of her peer though, the two ladies offering a lot to anyone into babes. Francesca was the most sexually aggressive this time, Tori getting in on the action fairly well too, both ladies fucking and sucking as though trying to milk the men dry. Ben's wig was hilarious and his comments towards getting Tori to shut her yap making me rewind a few times as friends came in during the review being written. The gals did not ignore each other sexually but the main thrust of the action was the chemistry and passion they provided with their male partners, Ben doing Francesca while Anthony drilled Tori silly, the ladies sweating as profusely as the men, helping make the scene even more appealing to me for the realism. The scene closed out when the men unleashed their genetic juice on the faces of the gals, the heat of the scene making it well worth checking out but the humor adding something too.

Scene Twelve: Pornstar Perspective: Tori Black, David Perry: Tori Black, the cutie on the front cover, was up next and as fans have noticed, her career has really taken off this year. Beside her sitcum and feature work, she has had several showcase efforts and even her own virtual reality title, this time providing a basic scene with moper David Perry on a bed. The exaggerated zooming in and out aside, she made some funny comments with Courtney before retiring to the bedroom to get busy with David, his camerawork as choppy as it ever was when he was a director at the company. Tori's animal pattern bikini undies offered little resistance to his tongue and he savored her ass as she bent over, the tease leading to both of them doing oral on the other before the various positions of vaginal sex took place. They had some energy if little chemistry here, Tori carrying the scene during the POV camerawork as well as the wider shoots handled by Mike. It was an active ride though and she took her facial well enough, adding to her body of work for the year nicely.

Scene Thirteen: Finger Licking Good 7: Tori Black, Alyssa Reece: Tori Black, the wildly popular brunette seen on the upper right hand corner on the cover, and tanned Alyssa Reece, were up next with Tori chastising her sleepyhead friend in bed and on the outside railing before hitting the sheets yet again. They kissed and ate each other, their hands running all over their bodies while they showed all sorts of evidence that they were into the action. The sweat rolling off Alyssa's body looked sexy to me too, their eye contact superior to some of the other scenes of the movie. The section with the toys being used was actually pretty heated too, Tori boning Alyssa like she owned her using the toys offered up by the subsidiary company Evolved Novelties; Tori hardly showing as much enjoyment when it was her turn. Still, it was enough to invoke a stirring in my jaded loins so others will like it even more.

Scene Fourteen: Kittens and Their MILF: Tori Black, Persia Pele: Tori Black has asked Persia Pele about how to pleasure and get pleasured by a girl. She is on summer break from college and wants to learn so she can go back play with some of her classmates. That' what I call dedication to learning. Tori is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in porn and every time my wife sees her she asks why she is doing porn when she is so gorgeous. Mine is not to reason why, mine is but to watch and sigh! This is a great scene and Persia is to be commended as well for her sultry looks and sexual energy. Both are nasty and vocal and kiss a lot. Outstanding replay value here! (review by Marine Hardcore)

Summary: There’s Something About Tori Black by Third Degree Films looked loosely tossed together, had some mediocre scenes, and provided nothing new to speak of yet it did provide a lot of quality scenes of performer Tori Black with ample fuck for the buck to rate it as Recommended. In short then, There’s Something About Tori Black was a pretty solid selection of work by the aforementioned performer so give it a look if you enjoy her sleek body in action.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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