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Our Father

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/30/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Our Father

Digital Sin/Tabu Tales

Genre: Drama, Erotic

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Director/Writer: Jacky St. James


Cast: Penny Pax, Alec Knight, Dakota Skye, Ryan Mclane, Carter Cruise, Steven St. Croix, Ava Taylor, John Strong

Length: 126:30 minutes

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: The best extra was the 26:25 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, the footage comprised of a series of post sex interviews. There was then a sex act menu, a photogallery, some trailers, spam and company information. Each of the interviews was different but allowed the cast and director put their scene in context as well as allow them to expound on various topics so don’t miss it.

Condoms: None


Audio/Video Quality: Our Father was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Jacky St. James for Digital Sin under her now-established Tabu Tales line. The director of photography was Eddie Powell, no surprise there, an acknowledged expert in the field with very few peers in terms of quality production work, their collaborations together considered some of the very best the industry has to offer. Unlike a recent competitor’s title touching on a few of the same themes, this one was much more reminiscent of the classic “Taboo” series starring Kay Parker though with all the modern upgrades in cinematography. It was clear that a lot of work went into the movie and it looked really good, the editing by Gabrielle Anex and lighting helping a bunch. There was a company watermark in the lower right corner of the screen but it was very light and unobtrusive so few should complain. The aural components were well done too, the quality of the stereo English presentation combining clear vocals, appropriate ambient sounds, and a mixture of well handled musical pieces to work really well.


Body of Review: Jacky St. James and her work with Eddie Powell at Digital Sin have won many awards and been nominated for even more, sparking enough sales that the usual copycats are “borrowing” even more than usual from their idea mill. Their latest collaboration in the “Tabu Tales” line is called Our Father, each of the four scenes centered on step family trysts where both consenting partners relished the impromptu encounters, the sex flowing naturally out of every day events. Of note was the age appropriateness of the couplings, no stretches of the imagination needed here as is all too often the case elsewhere, and the personal chemistry of the couplings; the believability of the encounters such that the company placed a disclaimer on the front of the credits. With Penny Pax, Carter Cruise, Dakota Skye, and Ava Taylor on hand, I felt it had some potential but also provided some wildcards compared to previous releases in the series.

The back cover described the movie like this: “Nobody knows better than Our Father. Sexual tension explodes when a rebellious college student asks her straight-laced stepfather to spank her for her bad behavior. Determined to lose her virginity, a young woman seeks help from her promiscuous stepfather in the hopes that he can teach her the ways of the world. After discovering that his insecure stepdaughter has made an appointment for breast augmentation surgery, a man sets out to convince her just how desirable she really is. Using his knowledge of the medical field, a stepfather convinces his naive daughter into letting him teach her, firsthand, the benefits of anal sex.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: My Anal Teacher: Penny Pax, a redhead wearing glasses, was up first in a striped tank top, was up first as a very open stepdaughter to Alec Knight, the bearded man having a very open relationship with her in this opening vignette. Unlike some of the series’ vignettes where there was animosity between the players, they talked about everything, Penny wanting to have sex with guys but not wanting to get pregnant. They ran down a list of options and came up with anal sex, admittedly a bit funny in the context of the conversation. As a doctor, his clinic had a sex toy designed for anal stimulation so she accepted his offer of using it on her, the vibrating anal plug a lot smaller than many things I’ve seen go into Penny’s ass over the years. This led to her taking his turgid pecker in her ass, the surprise value alone amusing me when the “toy” she agreed to was discovered to be his penis (her acting ability again proven to handle such dialogue way better than most). So he boned her ass in a multitude of positions, actively riding him in cowgirl variations as she became acclimated to the sensations, Penny sucking him clean with some hand to gland friction before he deposited his nut on her sweet ass.


Scene Two: Daddy Knows Best: Dakota Skye, the perky blond with amazingly pretty eyes, and scruffy Ryan Mclane, were up next as the featured act from the front cover. They were related by marriage and she wanted to get implants, frustrating him that she would destroy her natural beauty in favor of a bigger chest. Unlike the previous scene, there was a greater degree of mistrust and animosity this time, the initial conversation turning into a shouting match where she demanded he look at her itty bitty titties and tell her the trust, her mind made up given her experiences with idiots that preferred quantity over quality. The look in her fawning doe eyes was priceless as she asked him to show her how her physical appearance made him feel, Ryan giving it to her in spades in the male fantasy. His hand was in her tight pants grabbing her ass as they kissed, Dakota guiding him down to her chest for him to suck as she unfastened his shirt, the lean little hotty kneeling down to blow him. She gave great eye contact and went almost to the base but for her hand holding him steady, Ryan porking her bald beaver in a variety of positions with some taste testing before he launched his load of semen on her torso (then they cuddled).


Scene Three: The Price of Admission: Carter Cruise, a slutty babe wearing loose fitting clothes and boots, was up next as she explained to disciplinarian stepdad Steven St. Croix how she got caught at college blowing someone in class. Her observation that sucking cock gets you further in life than hard work, a questionable philosophy in the long run mind you, was then put to the test as she pulled down her pants to demand a spanking. Steven shunned her advances until she blackmailed him into doing it, her juicy ass and dirty talk having the intended impact as her pierced nipples came out and her juices flowed on her hairy snatch, the spoiled gal getting in spades all she demanded form him. He held her wrists on his desk as his hand worked her pussy and they kissed, her ripe rump reddening as she squirmed for more until he ate her pussy aggressively, a mean look on his face amplifying the grudge fuck factor of the tryst. She then reciprocated with an active hummer, slobbing his knob almost to the bone before they vaginally fucked in various positions. The tryst seemed to have more shadows from that point, as if to make the fucking less explicitly displayed, but she went crazy for cock as she actively ride him until he bust a nut on her ass and lower back.


Scene Four: The List: Ava Taylor, a mousy brunette wearing glasses, was up next as a virgin to cheating stepdad John Strong on the couch. His wife wasn’t giving him any so he found it elsewhere, a common enough dilemma, though he acted like he was chaste and only enjoyed her. Ava was the bookworm type and asked about his former sex life when he tried to push her into doing something fun on spring break. She asked if he ever had a virgin and he avoided the question before admitting to the appeal of teaching someone brand new to sex, Ava telling him that she was referring to herself, her lack of self confidence needing to have sex with someone she trusted. She stripped as he begged her to stop, his wicked ways catching up to him as he caved in all too soon, feeling her up as he helped her remove her moist panties, her bald beaver and perky tits demanding his ministrations. He went from fingering her to gobbling her gash, Ava giving him a lustful look of satisfaction as he then went to vaginally boning her slowly, no blood displayed as he warmed her up. This continued until she gave a hand assisted hummer, focusing her efforts on his head using her mouth while her hand tackled the shaft, John verbally encouraging her before they went back to boning, Ava riding increasingly actively here. She ditched the glasses and threw herself into the act more but still held back, John dropping a load on her face before they rested in each other’s arms.

Summary: Our Father by director Jacky St. James for Digital Sin had solid casting, upscale technical values, and four creative scripts going for it, the casts ably handling the material as though it was written just for them. I know some out there prefer the brighter themes of Jacky’s Romance line to the forbidden fruit aspects of Tabu Tales but the darker elements give more to work with and remain more interesting over time for some, enhancing replay value for many and strokability for others. This time, the series of vignettes earned a rating of Highly Recommended thanks to the stories clicking for me better, I suppose those famed rewrites of the scripts, so unheard of elsewhere, contributed to polishing the material. In short, I really liked Our Father as another welcome outing in the “Tabu Tales” line, Jacky again proving to have the right stuff to pull such an effort together without it getting creepy, the number one wood killer associated with most of the copycats and imitators on the market so give this one a look and feel free to compare it to contemporary productions using the same themes, just don’t blame me when the others leave you wanting your money back.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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