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Cum Crossfire

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/2/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cumshot

DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko


MSRP: $29.99

LENGTH: 2 hrs 28 mins + EXTRAS


AUDIO/VIDEO: As with any Evil Angel dvd you will find top quality in both visuals, and sound. Each scene, which is shown in a widescreen ratio sports Evil Angel's signature HD content. The colors are vivid, the bodily details clear, and all the imperfections shown in pure unhindered glory. The sound which is mostly about girls gasping for air, and gagging on cock as huge man meat is shoved down their little birdie throats is as clear as it gets. Even the spit, and slobber play brings with it it's own respective HD sound effects. If you are looking for the highest quality presentation this dvd has it. Not only that, but you'll also find menus sporting all sorts of skull buggery, and even cumshot cursors for the "Cumshot Recap" section. It adds that extra flair that Jonni Darkko's porno productions are all about.

CAST: Laela Pryce, Presley Hart, Britney Shannon, Tory Lane, Riley Reid




Ladies, and Gentlemen! Lads, and Lasses! Prepare yourself for the sloppiest show on earth!!! That's exactly what I feel is appropriate for this overview starter. A circus show introduction about sloppy skull buggery, and deep throat poking. That's exactly what you'll find in this five scene presentation. Each girl starts of with a tantalizing tease looking all hot, and confident, but slowly and surely they get to the point where they are begging for that final set of cumshots. In some cases the performances are super sexy, and others are downright hilarious. Oddly enough I found myself laughing it up hard on one, or two occassions as a result. I couldn't help it as the facial expressions being shown, and the words pouring out of a certain performer's mouth was LOL funny. I kid you not. What else would you expect from an oral sex freak show?





SCENE 1 (Laela Pryce):


Laela Pryce


From the start I could tell that director Jonni Darkko was going to play his usual game slowly building up the tension of the performance through a tier of sexual features. What keyed me into this hunch was the fact that 'Laela Pryce', the first girl of the dvd offered up a seductive tease to begin with in order to set the mood for the upcoming blowbang. She showed off her goods through her provided pink mesh outfit, and followed up with some seductive words of encouragement for the guys who's shlongs would be spraying their man goo all over her face at the end of all things. As the POV camera took focus upon the blonde haired bombshell I was priviliged to watch her slowly work her magic with a two-hand tugjob, and some applied licking. The sucking at first wasn't anything impressive, and was mostly spent with a mixture of hanjob applications, and tip sucking. For good measure some ball sucking was also included.

It wasn't until the first man of the scene took control that things really began to get exciting though. The massive cock before Laela's face was continually force fed down her throat with little that she could do about it. Laela ended up giving into the brutal facefucking over, and over again only stopping on occasion to spit up massive loads of slobber, and after doing so applied said slobber to the lengthy cock before her via a handjob. She made sure to keep the enormous cock lubed for easy access down her tight throat hole. I think in the end her tactics worked fairly well for her, because the gagging wasn't all that severe. Sure she made the throat poking noises, and gagged slightly, but she never really choked up, or made horrible faces assoicated with amateur deepthroating.

As one might expect a second man also took his turn about doubling the oral torture that Laela had to endure. This dvd is afterall titled 'Cum Crossfire", and you cannot have a crossfire without two cumshot ready cocks aimed at a girl's face. After some more face fucking, and sloppiness Laela began quoting her end taunts trying to get the two guys to go ahead, and reward her with her facial frosting. Unfortunately for Laela the second guy wasn't exactly through with her throat just yet, and continued banging away at it until he felt good, and ready to end the scene. When the end finally came Laela got down upon her knees between the two men, and prepared for the cum crossfire. Her face was already messy from all the applied spit, and slobber, but when the cumshots hit her face from both sides you could definitely tell she had been glazed. While Laela did flinch a little as the men shot their loads upon her awaiting face she did a pretty good job at taking it like a pro. This was definitely a good way to start off the dvd!


SCENE 2 (Presley Hart):


-- sponsored by --

Presley Hart


Like the performer in the scene before her 'Presley Hart' was sporting the same see-through mesh unitard with open pussy access. For some reason she even wore a large bangle type braclet as the girl before her did, only a different kind. For me Presley was a sight for sore eyes. While she's not a truly dark haired brunette like I usually favor she definitely had that brunette look about her. I for one always like a sexy brunette, and Presely had it going on for sure. Her eyes were stunning, and her smile infectious. I absolutely loved how she kept up her enthusiasm even though her throat was being fucked six ways from Sunday. As expected Presley gave a pre-performance tease as well as some trash talk similar to the girl of the other scene.

At first, when the blowjob began I thought Presley was going to outdo the Laela's leading performance by keeping things a little less sloppy, but after some licking, tip sucking, and handjobs she fell into the same pattern as before. The deeper the two men went down Presley's throat the more spit, and slobber that was produced. While this is usually a huge turn-off for me I think Presley maintained her sexy composure throughout. After each deepthroat, and face fuck Presley would look towards the camera, and smile one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. I could tell that regardless of the hardcore oral sex she was enduring she was loving every moment of it.

Even when the second, and more agressive guy had his turn at Presley's throat I did not see her enthusiastic expressions waver. Through gasps, choking, and gagging Presley always came away from the throat deep penetration with a smile on her face. That, my friends is what true sexiness is all about. After what seemed like 40 minutes worth of oral sex olympics Presley got down upon her knees between the two men, so that they could reward her with the facial glazing she had worked so hard for. As with every other instance in the scene Presley's expression was ecstatic as the cum hit her face from both sides. She was loving it. She even took the time to suck off each guys cock again, and even savored some of the salty goodness that was left behind. Presley gave one hell of a show!


SCENE 3 (Britney Shannon):


Britney Shannon


Britney Shannon was definitely an interesting departure from the female performers before her. Her appearance, which can only be described as "alternative" reflected a slightly less than porn star appeal. She damn near looked like a Yakuza with those oriental inspired sleeve tattoos that were displayed on both of her arms. As far as hair color goes she was a straight out dirty blonde. Like her other intimidating attributes this leading blond haired lady had a gruff air about her. You could tell she could hold her own in a fight, and as such she seemed sort of out of place in a porno such as this. You usually don't associate badass female performers with submissive roles that involve heads on skull buggery.

Regardless of her more masculine, and aggressive appearance Britney did an alright job submitting to the oppressive oral that was forced upon her. Britney, like the performers before her was afforded a pre-performance tease, and trash talk session in which her body was put on display in some revealing lacy lingerie. After the tease, and speech about wanting cum all over her face Britney got down to business trying her best to impress the at home audience. Sadly her beginnings were a little less impressive than what took place later on in her scene.

It took a while for Britney to warm up to the thought of the deepthroating the first guys massive cock, but after some licking, mediocre sucking, and tongue studded stimulation Britney finally allowed the men to have their way with her head, and her throat. As one might guess there was plenty of spit, and slobber oozing about as the massive cocks slid in, and out of Britney's mouth. The cocks were constantly lubed, and didn't cause too much of an issue for Britney's efforts. I think at one point though that the scene was spliced due to some vomitting. With intense blowbang sessions as this there's always the chance that the girl is going to upchuck. Thankfully though the director edited that part out even if it wasn't a seamless transition. There's nothing like vomit to ruin the mood.

In the end, when the deed was done Britney, like the female performers before her soldiered up for the facial blast that was to follow. She took it as professionally as she could with some slight flinching due to the expectation of the cum to hit her eyes. I think she had a right to be concerned as the thick sperm did land on both of her eyes in the end. If memory serves me correctly she couldn't even open her eyes when the deed was done. Once again it was a damn good performance, and a damn good finish fitting of a cumshot oriented dvd!


SCENE 4 (Tory Lane):


Tory Lane


Do you remember that quote I'm always referencing stating that things are "Faker than a three dollar bill"? Well, it just so happens that 'Tory Lane' has gone that route appearance-wise. Her lips are blown up, her boobs look fake, and her face is beginning to look like a Barbie doll. I don't remember Tory ever looking this bad. I guess a porn career can put some unhealthy peer pressure on folks though, but I digress. Aside from looking fake, and somewhat like a Kardashian in some respects Tory gave fully into the oral abuse that was to follow without ever complaining.

Through tons of slobber, vomit, and heavy editing I watched as Tory tried to give it her all. It was a sad show filled with Kardashian-like facial expressions, and obvious scene splicing. Even though Tory went all out to impress, and subjected herself to some deep face fucking the performance was anything, but enjoyable to watch. It was a train wreck plain, and simple. The only good parts shown were when Tory was facing to the side while her abnormally large lips were not as visible. In fact she looked fairly hot during the sideways face fucking perspective. Just being honest.

When Tory finally got the guys hard enough to shoot their loads she was looking terrible. Her make-up was smeared, and her appearance had turned from slightly sexy to that of a junkie in withdrawal. Like the other girls she begged for the final cumshots, and received them shortly afterwards. Even with a proper cum glazing I just could not enjoy the finish. This was hands down the worst scene on the dvd.


SCENE 5 (Riley Reid):


Riley Reid


Riley Reid is one of those petite female performers with an unusally cute look about her. She always envokes pleasuarble thoughts in men (including me) upon glance, and takes her job as a rising starlet very seriously. As of late Miss Riley has even gone the hardcore route sucking cock like a seasoned pro. I love a female performer who's willing to go that extra mile to impress her fans, and Riley definitely strikes me as such a performer. In this particular scene Riley gives the best pre-performance tease of them all. Looking super sexy/cute in her pink sweater, and matching skirt this expert teaser plays on the audience's heartstrings. I personally could tell I was in for one heck of a performance after seeing her seduce the at home audience.

After the model worthy tease, and soft spoken speech about wanting cum Riley gets down to business doing what she does best. If you are a Riley fan you'll be well aware that the girl can suck some major cock. I'm talking the big kind. Her oral interactions in this scene are no exception to that fact. Almost immediately after situating herself in front of the massive man rod Riley begins playfully licking, and sucking on it as if it were a lollipop. Her warming up process was short lived in comparison to the other performers though. Instead of playing it safe Riley attempted to tackle the two massive dongs deeply from the start. I could tell she was trying her hardest to outperform everyone else, and she almost succeeded in doing so. I stress the word "almost".

When she got through with her oral routine (face fucking & deepthroating) on the first gentleman Riley began to slow her pace, and take abrupt breaks to show off her goods. It was obvious to me during the transition between guys that Riley just could not handle Jonni Darkko's brand of oral sex. The funny, and almost hilarious thing is that round two with guy number two did not allow for much rest for the petite young performer. In fact the second guy got pretty nasty about the face fucking during his turn. Every time Riley went on her spill about wanting the cumshots the man would take her head, and force upon her another round of skull buggery. About the third round of this Riley went into her mini cumshot speech again, and her voice broke as she said the word "Splooge". I laughed my ass off. I could not help it. This is the shit comedy is made of. After gathering my composure I continued watching the performance unfold only to find Riley's continued verbal hints about the end cumshots interrupted a few more times. It was comedy gold folks. At the same time it was almost pitiful though.

I don't think Riley knew what she got herself into doing this shoot for Jonni Darkko. Regardless of the comedic bits, and her wavering enthusiasm towards the end Riley looked super sexy doing what she did. Even her facial finish was something to behold. I liked the fact that she perked back up just in time for the cum crossfire. What a heck of a way to end the dvd! I tip my hat to Riley for the performance, and the laugh. She truly brightened my day.




Cumshot Recap:

As one would expect this extra feature is all about the icky sticky finishes that were shown in the main film. It features a menu complete with a cum splatter cursor for added effect. The cumshot recaps are divided by female performer, and begin immediately with the cumshot crossfire. Each recap also contains footage of the aftermath in which the girls play with the salty goo, and suck off the two massive cocks before them one final time. This has always been a favorite extra of mine, and remains to be in this particular film. It helps you bypass the excessive throat torture, and get to that frosty finish.

Photo Galleries:

The galleries in this extras section are a little lacking. while the photo galleries are properly divided according to performer the photos that are shared tend to be fullscreen, and unprofessionally cropped. Some of the girls such as Riley Reid only have half of their face showing at times. With that being said all photos are not that bad, and do capture the good parts of each performance.


In this dvd you are privileged to trailers of three different Evil angel productions. The trailer access menu which provides these sneak peeks come complete with a clickable front cover image of the dvd that is being shared. If memory serves me well there's an "Asian Fuck Faces" trailer as well as an "All American Slut" trailer. I can't be for sure though. All you need to know is that they are in place in case you want to learn about something else that Evil Angel produces.

Cast List & Filmographies:

As the title of these extras suggest you will find some information on the stars of each scene. This includes a list of each of the evil Angel dvds that they have performed in. It definitely helps you get better acquainted with the performers you wish to know more about, and educates you about other dvds with them in it that may be of interest to you.



I could easily give this dvd a hard time in regards to the 'Tory Lane' scene, and the comedic value of "Rile Reid's" performance, but there is some good replay value to be enjoyed here. The question that remains though is how do you like your blowjob sessions? If you like the rough, and often times abusive nature of Jonni Darkko's oral sex features then this will probably be to your liking. It contains plenty of sexy, and properly edited deepthroating that removes all hints of vomiting via splicing. Sure there's plenty of slobbering, and even a moment of muckus, but if you can stomach it it's not all that bad. The girls definitely go all out to impress, and for the most part look sexy doing so. The fact that Jonni Darkko upped the ante, and provided a dual cumshot glazing with each, and every scene was purely icing on the cake (pun intended).

I think I'm gonna give you the go ahead on this one, but only slightly. Four out of five mostly enjoyable scenes is not a bad deal, but it is far from perfection. If you don't want to fork over the $30 for a physical copy due to my lacking rating there's always VOD (Video On Demand), and rental options in place. Just remember that I warned you about the oral abuse involved. Not everyone can handle that sort of thing.


VERDICT: Recommended!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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