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TS Girlfriend Experience 4

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/4/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Transsexual

Director: Josh Stone

Cast: Beatricy Velmont, Dany De Castro, Nicolly Navarro, Aline Monteiro, Nicolly Gaucha
Length: 127 minutes 

Extras: There is a Behind the Scenes segment. It starts off with Nicolly Navarro and her male partner taking a shower after their scene. Then, we see her getting dressed in the bedroom. Next, Beatricy Velmont is in the bathroom. The camera focuses on her butt well. Afterwards, I enjoyed watching Nikolly Gaucha blow dry her hair.  

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 

Condoms: Yes

Overview: TS Girlfriend Experience 4 is the fourth installment to this series. Director Josh Stone knows how to make very good adult movies since he has been doing it for many years. It was a big "get" to see him making transsexual ones. He has only been making these types of productions for about two years. With this film, he has finally surpassed his other Trans 500 work and easily surpassed them. It never hurts to have incredible performers like Beatricy Velmont, Dany De Castro, Nicolly Navarro, Aline Monteiro, and Nicolly Gaucha in the film too.
Nikolly Gaucha 
Scene One: Nikolly Gaucha is a pretty blonde tranny escort whose male customer is in a bad marriage. After he pays her, she walks to the bathroom to tell the agency that she is alright and that her guy is a sweet man. She changes into some red sexy stockings. When she returns, her customer fondles the woman a bit before she squats down to remove his pants and socks and then, take out his dick for some good pleasuring head work. I liked seeing Nikolly take him deep. Also, the mouth fucking delivery looked nice too. I liked the pretty lady's thoroughness of sucking his dick and balls. However, I wished that she was not wearing her red gloves. It would had been nice to look at her nails. Afterwards, the tranny is on the bed in doggie position as the man eats her ass with much passion. After a very brief cock suck by Nikolly, she really gets fucked by the man really good. There are no wasted fucking vigor by him. You can tell that he wants to fuck her so badly. Later, she removes her gloves and bites one of them. The guy fucks her even harder afterwards. He does not slow down until they get into the spooning position. They is some kissing activity. I liked seeing him stroke her dick. Later, he does start to spoon her with more vigor. He slaps Nikolly's face quite a bit. While watching this performance, I could not help it, but my dick wanted to get harder and harder. Nikolly looks so beautiful while riding him reverse cowgirl style. During the mish, the eye candy tranny kept stroking her dick with much effort. Nikolly eventually makes herself cum. Her cum looks quite nice on her body. Then, the guy increases his screwing pace and then, pulls out and cums in her receptive mouth. This scene is very hot and one of the best for Nikolly.
Beatricy Velmont     

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Scene Two: Sexy dark-haired Beatricy Velmont arrives at her customer's room. Even though there was some chemistry between she and he in the beginning, it got lost after they started to make out. As a matter of fact, as she was calling the agency to inform them about her situation, I thought that she might say something negative about him. The tone and feel of this scene really does feel like something that would happen during an escort session. For this film, it's a noble thing. She did show good enjoyment while she was getting her dick sucked. However, the tranny really showed more enjoyment while screwing him. Her hot body looks so yummy. Beatricy has always been one of the better fuckers. She likes to look down on her partner and see them moaning and breathing hard. It gets her so turned on that she increases her fucking rhythm. Later, she ends up cumming on his face. Moments later, the man jacks himself off. Overall, Beatricy has the sex mind of a guy with the sexy looks of a woman.
Nicolly Navarro 
Scene Three: Nicolly Navarro is a very cute long-haired brunette who arrives for her escort session. Her customer wants her to dance at the stripper pole. After going though all of the formalities like Nicolly receiving the payment, calling her agency, and putting on something more comfortable, the tranny shows off some sexy moves at the pole. Soon, the man fondles her a bit. He spanks her butt a bit. I also like watching Nicolly react to him. Good chemistry develops. They kiss as the the woman has her back against the pole. It leads to her laying on top of him on the bed. Soon, she is in doggie position as the man focuses on her ass and snatch with some tasting and spanking action. I enjoyed how the guy spent a lot of time in sucking Nicolly's cock. Moreover, she even felt quite pleased by his focused pleasuring activity. After some brief asshole play by him, the pretty woman sucks his dick with solid personal attention. At times, it looks sensual. Some mouth fucking activity also occurs. Then, Nicolly doggies him. Her screwing rhythm looks nice and steady at first, but then, she picks up the pace. She gets fucked next with a doggie screw. I got a better hard on while she was getting screwed. He picked up his screwing pace too. I liked seeing him fuck her deep. Her partner does a very good job. She jacks herself off while still getting mished by him. Finally, he shoots his load all over her tits.
Aline Monteiro 
Scene Four: Aline Monteiro arrives for her escort session. This cutie changes in the bathroom and puts on a cute a very short blue mini skirt. When she enters the room to rejoin him, she looks yummy. He immediately caresses her body from behind her and sucks her nipples. Some ass fondling activity and kissing action also occur. After the groin fondling moments, he spanks her ass as we get a good view of her hot butt. I liked watching him finger her asshole while he continues to kiss around her sexual region. Next, the lucky man rubs his dick along her tailbone before eating her out. My mouth got all watery. I could not wait to see him fuck the tranny. But, it took a bit longer since the man decided to suck Aline's dick. His cock sucking actions combined with the eye candy appeal of Aline's hot body made me squirm in my seat. Then, she sucks his dick afterwards with good effort. Then, he doggies the woman while having his left foot on Aline's head. The screwing activity becomes more heated as he increases his fucking delivery. He wants to fuck her really good. A cock ride by Aline follows. I liked the man's pumping delivery. He really applies some heated ones. I was getting a nice hard on. As a matter of fact, the man's screwing intensity increases as they move to the mish moments. During their missionary session, Aline makes herself cum on her tummy a lot. Then, the man increases his screwing delivery even more. Finally, he pulls out and cums on the very pleased tranny. She jacks him off on her right breast.
Dany De Castro  
Scene Five: Escort Dany De Castro walks up the stairs to the bedroom where her customer gives her the monetary tip in an envelope. She leaves the room and returns immediately in her scantily attire. Some caressing and kissing action occurs. Even though Dany looks cute wearing eyeglasses, she is much more prettier without them. It leads to some groin groping and titty sucking by the man. I enjoyed watching her active hip movements as her partner continued to kiss her body. Then, pieces of clothing are removed from both of them. He focuses on her tasty asshole while Dany strokes her dick. I enjoyed watching him suck her meaty sexual apparatus. Next, while the pretty blonde tranny is sitting on the edge of the bed, she sucks his dick with solid passion. She gave good eye contact during her brief cock suck. But, this scene has a lot of cocksucking action by the man. It is apparent that Dany is getting so turned on by it. Then, she doggies him since he did say that he wanted to be a passive partner. Dany fucks him well. I enjoyed watching her stroke his dick while continuing to screw him. I like how she enjoys being the fucker and that she wants to fuck well. I am also impressed that Dany continues to be aware of her partner and how he is reacting to her work. For her, it's not all about her. She wants to make her partner look good too. Even though the man said that he wanted to be passive, at times, he really gets into the fucking action and applies some good vigor as he is getting spooned and while he is pumping her during Dany's reverse cowgirl ride. My dick was getting harder at this point. Afterwards, she is getting mished and the cute tranny's body continues to be showcased well. Later, she jacks herself off on her stomach while the man is still inside of her. Then, he shoots his load on her chest and tits. She really wants that cum on her.      
Final Thoughts: This film is the best one that the studio Trans500 has ever made. All five performances are very hot and provide a lot of turn-on, strokable, and replay value. I enjoyed watching the transsexual performers screw their male partners as in the case of Beatricy Velmont, Nicolly Navarro, and Dany DeCastro. These ladies are amazing. Then, beautiful Nikolly Gaucha and sexy Aline Monteiro add on to the very high eye candy appeal. For those who prefer just wanting to see a man fuck their tranny partner, then, these two scenes won't disappoint. Director Josh Stone has made a non-stop thrilling film that should be up for many awards next year. It's definitely one of the best transsexual films of the year. I highly recommend this gem.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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