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Cum Glazed 5

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/9/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Straight, Anal, Cumshots

DIRECTOR: Vince Voyeur

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Vince Voyeur Unleashed

MSRP: $29.99

LENGTH: 3 hrs 6 mins 42 secs + EXTRAS


AUDIO/VIDEO: Set in a completely white room, and recorded in HD the five scenes contained within this 3+ hours long presentation are of the richest quality. The color is vivid, and the flaws are highly visible on the bodies in motion. As the pounding continues throughout each scene the excessive moans, and groans from the ladies involved can be heard easily, and often. So much so that it often times gets annoying. The added fact that each scene is stretched beyond the limits of reasonable timing makes the vocals shared rather repetitive. If you like slightly sexy models with all their flaws in plain view, and don't mind hearing them go overboard with their sexual vocal expressions then you might can handle this dvd.

CAST: Austin Taylor, Casey Calvert, Asia Zo, Raven Bay, Alina Li




When it comes to dvd content you'll find a mixed assortment of cast members in the latest "Cum Glazed" film. There are a couple of Asian girls, and a black guy thrown in with the rest of the white cast. While the sex is fairly uniform you'll find that one girl goes totally oral while another girl goes totally anal. The rest of the cast tries to keep things fresh by continually switching up positions in a straight sex orientation. They even improvise with some of the position changes that they decide to take on. The sex in general is hardcore, and with two massive cocks to service the ladies you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be gaping holes left behind. Even the faces of the female cast aren't safe from big cock torture. It's all about men who manhandle their girls, and have no mercy whatsoever.




SCENE 1 (Austin Taylor vs Jovan Jordan):


Austin Taylor


Vince Voyeur opens up this hardcore show with a doozy of a MILF. Austin Taylor, who is the leading lady of this scene obviously loves her big ass, and obviously loves BBC (Big Black Cock). Throughout her pre-sex interview with the director she's constantly twerking that big white bum of hers while on all fours, and continually states the fact that she loves BBC. When Vince has finally had his fill of her repetitive talk he summons 'Jovan Jordan' to do his dirty deed. Almost immediately this man with a larger than average cock plants his face firmly in Austin's ass crack. It's apparent that he loves big booty, and he doesn't mind getting up close, and personal to it. There's plenty of salad tossing, and pussy pleasuring going on as Austin twerks the hell out of the man's face. At this point in the viewing I was so shocked I did not know whether to laugh, or think it was sexy.

After the face twerking session was done Jovan allowed Austin to suck his massive cock, and lube it up with slobber for the penetrations to come. From the looks of Austin's pussy though it did not need much lube as she's one of those MILFs with a gaping canyon. Aside from a gaping pussy with massive meat curtains this MILF was suffering from some Barbie doll syndrome as well. Her face was stretched tight, botox was applied, and her tits were fake. Regardless of her perfect flaws this mature lady did know how to work her way around the BBC. She sucked fairly deep considering the massive girth of the cock before her, and even took it up the puss like a pro. The most impressive of position changes though came when she was in the doogie position, and during the spooning. The cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl showed of a rather pudgy side of the performer, and did not give the proper viewpoint for fapping needs.

When Jovan reached the point that he could take no more pleasuring he pulled out, and positioned Austin on her knees before him. As the tile suggests the MILF's face was glazed with a thick load of man goo. In fact a huge portion of the load landed upon Austin's right eyelash causing her to keep it shut at the end. The rest of the splooge pretty much covered her entire face, and made a proper mess out of it. Before the scene moved one Vince, Jovan, and Austin sat down together to discuss the aftermatch of the scene. It was small talk filled with a laugh or two, and some cumshot humor thrown in by Austin herself.


SCENE 2 (Casey Calvert vs Jovan Jordan):


Casey Calvert

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Once again we have a scene with a white girl begging for some BBC. This time around though it's the lovely 'Casey Calvert' who blesses us with her presence. Casey, who is a brunette is sporting a look that is somewhat retro. It's like a look you'd see in 80's porn, and it doesn't really do her too much justice. I will admit however that Casey is not that bad looking at all. In fact she's one of this dvd's best looking female performers, if that amounts to anything. As the camera focuses upon this beautiful specimen early on we are priviliged to find out that she's a total tease, and that she loves sticking things up her ass. In fact Casey has with her a clear glass dildo with which to play. She continually shoves the massive cock shaped piece of glass up her bumhole repeatedly as she goes on about how she wishes she had a BBC. After about ten minutes of self pleasuring her BBC savior appears to help her with her toys, and her fucking request.

Picking up a steel buttplug from offscreen Jovan Jordan, the man of the scene begins thrusting the metallic object in, and out of Casey's butthole as she lies upon a couch spread eagle. This round of toy play is short lived, and thanfully so as I do not care to much for gory butthole close-ups. When the actual sex begins shortly afterwards Casey, like Austin slobs the knob a bit to get it good, and hard before it goes in her tight hole. By tight hole I mean her bumhole. Casey seems to be one of those rare exceptions that love pure anal, and nothing else. In the doggie, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and spooning positions this girl continues to take it up the arse, and take it deep. The surprising thing is at one point during a missionary penetration Casey abruptly stops Javon, and appears to be in pain. The situation isn't really explained on camera, but it was definitely an interesting occurance.

After an anal reaming like no other Casey gets down on her knees in front of Javon's BBC to receive her gooey prize. As expected her face gets plastered thoroughly. Trying to keep it sexy she samples a taste, and continues to put on a show for the camera. Like the scene before this one it carries with it an aftermath session in which the two performers sit down, and talk to Vince about what just took place. Casey seems like an entirely different person during the talk, and in doing so makes her performance seem like a forced one. After watching the scene from beginning to end I could not help, but think to myself that Casey was not being a genuine performer, but that she was instead trying hard to be what she believes a pornstar is. This was a huge letdown in itself. Had she been genuine she could have been amazing.


SCENE 3 (Asia Zo vs Jovan Jordan):


Asia Zo


Here it is. The infamous Black male versus Asian female pairing. As sexy as that setup may seem it is anything but impressive for a number of reasons. The first, and most important reason lies with the fact that 'Asia Zo' is not all that attractive. Her skin is flawed by acne, and to be totally honest she looks inhuman in certain sexual situations. While Asia definitely has her physical flaws she have the skills to at least swallow BBC deeply. That's about it though. I was gonna say Asia fucked like a pro, but her pussy was so tight Jovan could not even stick his BBC tip in it. The only thing this scene really amounts to is a whole lot of deepthroating, and severe gagging. The camera POV shots of Asia's face while cocksucking looked so abnormal, and horrific that I cannot even say this scene was good. I honestly don't know what some directors are thinking.

The only highlights of this scene, if you can even call them that came with the variety of different positions changes. In one instance Javon does a standing "69" with Asia allowing her to suck his cock upside-down while he eats away at her pussy. The attempts at actual penetration later on were also alright in their own way, but the lack of full penetration in the missionary position, or any position for that matter made the scene solely about sucking, and truly lackluster. As such it was unsatisfying to watch in.


SCENE 4 (Raven Bay vs Chris Strokes): 


Raven Bay


Oh, the things I could say about Raven Bay. This raven haired female performer has an interesting look about her. There's no doubt about that. It's not one that I'd call beautiful though. Raven bears an alternative appearance that also harbors the wear of a smoker, or possibly someone who tans too much. Not only that but her body also shows signs of plastic surgery, and even breast implant scars. Just looking at her I could not find out why someone would consider her to be pornstar sexy. Maybe the HD amplified her flaws, or something. I don't know. What I do know though is that Raven did alright taking the manly abuse from Chris Strokes. Chris who also had a massive cock took absolute control of Raven throughout the scene, and kept positioning her for penetration advantage for the duration of it. I did like the fact that Raven was positioned in some improvised ways that used only a hint of standard positions. The one time she laid flat upon her belly, and allowed Chris to pound away at her pussy from behind was super sexy. The only downside was that Raven would not shut up. Like the other girls Raven seemed to have an issue with her repetitive vocal expressions. It was rather annoying, to be honest.

Raven's scene in comaprsion to the other's was extremely long, and drawn out. At some points already visited position changes were revisited, just so Chris could get hard enough to come. Things like spooning, doggie, and missionary were among those positions. The only real complaint aside from Raven's worn appearance was that the camera focused, and lingered upon Chris's stupid "O" face. Chris's expressions were laughable, and at the same time almost mood ruining. It's something a male viewer would no doubt wish that they could unsee. Even the facial cumshot at the end wasn't all that great. It was a complete mess, and with Raven's already worn face now sporting a cumshot it wasn't too appealing to see. You usually won't find me complaining about a facial finish, but this one was mediocre at best.


SCENE 5 (Alina Li vs Chris Strokes):


Alina Li


This scene was a first for me. It's the first time I've seen a fashion model of any sort take on a porn scene. Alina Li, who is this particular scene's leading lady is such a model. In fact she happens to be a model that hails from China. In this scene she looks absolutely gorgeous, and definitely has that signature fashion model appearance about her. I think her fashion sense, and applied make-up definitely add a sexy element to her overall appearance. As far as the performance goes she does a bang up job. During each position change, and penetration (Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning ...) she looks as if she is really into what's going on. Unlike other performers I've seen she was actually seems to be enjoying herself. I suppose the only downside to it all was that Alina was trying hard to be what she think a pornstar is. She kept on saying things like "It's so deep" while keeping straight on eye contact with the camera making her seem more like an attention whore than a performer who is genuinely into the sex that's taking place. For that reason I was a little disappointed.

Even so this scene was still the best out of the entire five scene collection. Alina, when not spouting out porno nonsense looked sexy fucking, and even seemed to be enjoying it for the most part. It's not often that you get to see a fashion model turned pornstar, so it was a bit of a treat. Like the other girls before her Alina also took a cumshot to the face ending the scene properly. I think the cumshot was a little less impressive than the other more impressive ones, but at least it was on Alina's face.




Behind the Scenes 

This "Behind the Scenes" feature is more like a blooper reel than anything else. It shows the goings of three different scenes, and gives you only slight insight on things that were not shown in the initial viewing. Casey Calvert is shown crying after literally getting butthurt from the anal pounding, and there's even a recap of the scene aftermath between Austin Taylor, and Javon Jordan. The best of it though is the shower scene involving Alina Li. In it we get to see Alina take a shower, and clean herself before/after the shooting. This extra was not that long in length though, and did not provide too much notable content.



Unlike other galleries I've seen the photos shared in this extra carry with them a Vince Voyer border, and logo. The first photo of each grouping also has the performer's name printed upon it. It's definitely one of the better galleries I've seen in that respect.


Cumshot Recap

This is the ultimate extra. I feel that any porno with cumshot finishes should have such an extra in it. In the case of "Cum Glazed 5" the 'Cumshot Recap' is a noteworthy extra in that it helps you get straight to the point, and past the ridiculously long fucks contained within each scene. It makes for good fapping material in that the cumshot finishes linger around for a decent while. You get to see the gooey deed take place, and you get to see the girls enjoy it for a short while.



These are your standard porn trailers. There's four in total, and each one is marked with a typed title, and cover image, so that you can understand what it is that you are previewing. While this extra does more for the porn studio than it does the viewer it's still a good extra in that it helps you know about similar dvds.



I'm going to be bluntly honest about this dvd. Sitting through the 3+ hours worth of stretched out footage that only spanned five scenes really tried my patience. There's a point when a scene's length goes beyond a reasonable limit, and Vince Voyeur pushed the inlcuded scenes beyond said limit. With the added vocal annoyances, and repetitive/lingering position changes I felt rather angry about having to sit through the dvd's entirety. Most of the girls themselves left little to be desired in both appearance, and performance. Some of them even sported that Barbie doll look that I'm always talking about. Only two of the girls shown were what I'd consider to be beautiful. Their performances though, like the other girls left little to be desired. Whether it was the excessive moaning that was going on, or the tryhard performances I felt that watching each scene through to the end was a waste of my time. I do not understand how it got 6 likes on AdultDVDEmpire. You'd have to be super horny to like this dvd.

I think I'll close the conclusion on that note. I cannot recommend this dvd. The cast was not sexy enough, and the sex was not all that great. I don't care how good a girl can take a huge cock, or how good they can deepthroat a BBC. If they don't look sexy doing it then it's not worth watching. Plain, and simple. This time around Vince Voyeur chose a poorly fitting cast, and stretched the scenes beyond a reasonable time frame. I've seen better four scene dvds than this one in my time. I'm just being honest folks.


Verdict: Skip It

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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