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Big Wet Asses 23

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/30/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Big Wet Asses 23

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Oil, Big Ass

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Director: Toni Ribas

Cast: Ashley Fires, Erik Everhard, AJ Applegate, Toni Ribas, Abbey Brooks, Manuel Ferrara, Aleksa Nicole, Ramon Nomar

Length: 154:23 minutes

Date of Production: 4/27/2014


Extras: The extras included a 3:37 minute long Behind the Scenes feature (generally post sex interviews but only Abbey and Aleksa), a pop shot recap, a photogallery, some trailers, and web information. The best extra was an AVN nominated, unrelated bonus scene between Alison Tyler and Toni Ribas from Big Wet Asses 22 lasting 29:52 minutes as described below.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Wet Asses 23 was presented in anamorphic widescreen with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by credited director Toni Ribas for Elegant Angel. Camera work was credited to Toni alone this time, the editing by R. Patrick helping to keep the energy levels high once the sex started. There were a number of times when I wished a second or third camera might have been deployed to pick up some contrasting shots but aside from some minor framing issues and the heavy reliance on close up shots, it looked good most of the time. The video bit rate stayed fairly high too, the picture quality impacted primarily when the lighting was not optimal but there was no company watermark observed as with other companies, a definite plus for some out there that really hate seeing them onscreen. The aural components of the movie’s four scenes were decent too, the 2.0 Dolby Digital at 192 Kbps allowing all the screams of pleasure to be heard with ease, the musical interludes during tease montages nothing special but then not credited either. In all then, the technical aspects were a step up from most of Toni’s previous works at the company, falling just short of his last flick.


Body of Review: Toni Ribas has been a performer for years, joining many of his meat puppet friends to become a director once established. His works at Elegant Angel have taken on a new life of late as his former status of fill in man has changed to become one of their top tier men in charge. Proof of this is that he was assigned to handle one of the season’s biggest projects, a flagship title called Big Wet Asses 23, the last volume of the series being the last time the company released a DVD to receive an “XCritic Pick” from a seasoned, veteran reviewer. The series has a lengthy history worth noting, starting off as a silly Mick Blue vehicle by director Thomas Zupko before William H. Nutsack established the award winning formula that so many of us came to appreciate. Now with Toni at the helm, one hopes he will add his own touches to freshen the series up a bit, the mainstay aspects of the scenes still needing to key ingredients; lots of oil and curvy, juicy asses. The cast of ladies included smoking hot Ashley Fires, amazingly beautiful A.J. Applegate, bountiful booty babe Abbey Brooks, and sultry hotty Aleksa Nicole, the anticipated drop to four new scenes a sign of the times.

Given that everyone under the sun now shoots similar scenes, including Nutsack himself, I wondered if Toni would either 1) stay the course and offer exactly what Nutsack did over and over again (with different women) or 2) build upon the past as others have so successfully done, or 3) start his own traditions of excellence as he did with the recent “Squirtwoman” release. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Ashley Fires, the sexual dynamo featured on the front cover, was up first swinging her top off as she pulled her panties up her crotch, the slow tease out by the pool on the sunny day allowing the camera to give a good look at her. I admit to adoring her brilliant eyes and sexual skills, her shapely ass always a treat to see in action. As her heart shaped ass was oiled up, she caressed her cheeks, the resolution of the camera good enough at times to display her fine ass hairs surrounding her perfect pucker, some brief footage of her in the hot tub cut short when the scene jumped from tease to her with Erik Everhard in the living room. Once there, she was wearing an orange bikini, the gal mounting standing Erik as they kissed, his fingers exploring her ass before his tongue started to do likewise. Their chemistry seemed strong here, nearly as strong as their pairing in “Soaking Wet” in fact, Erik gobbling her gash and ass before stretching her ass open with his fingers and allowing her to slob his knob briefly. He then rubbed on her ass crack before porking her pussy hard, her juicy ass cheeks rippling delightfully well even before she impaled herself in cowgirl variations to show why she is so desirable. The vaginal led to an even more active anal, his turgid pecker sliding with ease into her asshole, some ATM and nut nuzzling by the blond beauty leading to her tossing his salad with some full service oral. He then took her with head down and ass up, the gal flipping around to get her face plastered with semen, Ashley savoring every drop of it with some lingering post coital head. The company website described the scene like this: “Ashley Fires proves she's got the ass-set to qualify for the title, in the first few minutes of her scene for Big Wet Assets, using baby oil and all the sexy moves a woman can perform using only a bikini bottom and the option to remove it. After the sunshine and ass worship, she next proves her sexy ass is good for more than show, by having hot, slippery anal sex and taking a cumshot in an ass-to-mouth finish!”


Scene Two: AJ Applegate, one of the most physically attractive blonds in all of porn, was up next out by the pool wearing a skimpy yellow and black bikini, her overly large sunglasses pulled down so she could give the camera a knowing look with those wonderful eyes of hers. The slow motion tease continued with the camera focusing on her incredible ass getting oiled up, some footage of her in the pool leading to her paired up with Toni Ribas nearby in the shade. His hands were all over her as he removed her attire, peeling her thong nestled deep inside her ass crack before he added some oil as she shook her moneymaker. Toni then reclined in a lounging chair to allow her an opportunity to blow him as he continued to caress her ass cheeks, her eye contact very nice as she throated him to the bone. While their chemistry for each other was questionable, she appeared to have a lot of fun, applying some hand to gland friction and toying with him before he bent her over to bone her pussy (rather than go down on her). The light warm up fucking led to more oral on her part, Toni dipping back inside of her ass on the next go round, her riding improving when she was on top and oiled up some more. Her all natural, itty bitty titties bounced as they fucked too, AJ rubbing one out as he drilled her, more positions leading to her taking his wad of sperm to the face as she licked him clean, streams of jizz still present across her face. The company website described the scene like this: “AJ Applegate lets the camera get up good and close, where you can see all the droplets of water and baby oil sizzling in the sun on her big wet ass - and then embarks into exactly the kind of signature behavior that made us call AJ for a spot on Big Wet Asses! The male talent couldn't even wait for this sensual, natural beauty to finish playing outside, before approaching her... so we shot the entire scene out on the yard, instead!”


Scene Three: Abbey Brooks, an attractive blond with big hips and large implants was up next, the gal wearing a bright peach colored bikini out by the pool as she swayed back and forth while being oiled up. The overuse of slow motion grated on my nerves a little but her ass looked better than ever as she lost weight from her earlier times in the industry. The emphasis was, of course, on her ass and the oiling process, from there but it was truncated from the previous scenes whose tease was already too limited. The poolside tease then faded out as she ended up on a white couch in sheer black lingerie with Manuel Ferrara all over her, kissing her and going down on her like her bald beaver was candy. She responded well enough in her moans and facial expressions, trading places to suck the head of his penis rather than a full fledged hummer as her ass was oiled up. The limited blowjob weakened it for me as did her relatively passive vaginal fucking, the gal letting Manuel do all the work even when she was on top of him. Then the anal began and she seemed in great pain, Manuel taking it slower than I’ve ever seen him in the past as they kissed, his cock only allowed to go part way into her ass before some taste testing led to more boning, her fleshy ass finally putting some effort into the action, though not nearly as much as her peers to this point in the flick. They continued and it ended when she knelt before him, Manuel tossing out a wealth of his seed all over her welcoming face, Abbey squeezing out the last few drops as she drained his dragon. The company website described the scene like this: “Abbey Brooks lays on so much baby oil that her bikini bottom almost falls off on its own, as she shows the camera what she's working with, in her opening moments for Big Wet Asses. Then she heads indoors to meet Manuel and find out what he's got for her. He can't resist such big tits, that big ass, or the big smirk on her face... Abbey's slippery ass did exactly what she wanted -- it convinced Manuel he needed some deep thrusting anal!”


Scene Four: Aleksa Nicole, a curvy Latina, was up last wearing a purple one piece set of strings that hardly covered anything on her as she teased by the pool. The eye patch covering her pubes was admittedly cool and the strings running up her ass separated her cheeks quite well, the gal getting oiled up particularly early in the tease as she bent over to bear her delicious ass. I read some comments about her selection for the movie not long ago and one look at her oiled up rump bent over by the pool should answer anything they had to say, her implants not nearly as scar ridden as the last gal and her attitude decidedly better as she tackled third tier meat puppet Ramon Nomar inside the house on the white couch. He squeezed her ass and slid a finger in to prepare her, Aleksa encouraging him to oil her up before more penetration took place. The flexible gal immediately took him in her ass as she placed her head down and ass in the air, the initially passive riding improving with time as she warmed up. She then climbed on top of him but let him do the bulk of motion, weakening the scene though she did look good overall. When she started to actually ride, he slipped out of her and the excess lubricant looked like he popped in her ass, the rest of the fucking a mix of her letting him do most of the work and the occasional burst of energy as she pushed back to meet his thrusts, her shaven snatch fingered to get her off as his cock slammed into her ass. The ending facial pleased her, his sperm as tasty as her own juices he elicited from her pussy that he fed to her, Aleksa basking in the afterglow though not swallowing.


Bonus Scene: Big Wet Asses 22: Alison Tyler/Allison Taylor, a curvy young brunette with an ass to die for and a great smile, was up next with muscular Toni Ribas. She already had an anal plug in her perky ass during the tease, her body just fleshy enough to merit additional attention from me though her eyes beckoned too. Her tease seemed smooth and she shook her ass with confidence as the music continued, her dark animal print bikini swapped out for a more colorful version once the tease was done. Neither piece lasted long as Toni pulled them off, the gal anxiously wrapping her lips around his pecker to suck him like she was trying to get him off early. Her boobs swayed as she continued inhaling his cock, the jeweled anal plug firmly in place as she bent over to provide a fantastic view of her body and oral skills at the same time. He then applied more oil to her and she smoothed it out, his cock inserted into her pussy for the technical DP (the plug still in her ass) and once he took it out to feed to her. From there he tapped her juicy ass and she seemed quite at home with his turgid rod porking her backdoor, additional oil applied again to ease it in even smoother. All three of her holes then took turns satisfying his need to lay seed, Alison getting off as both gave their all to make this a very fun scene, complete with very solid eye contact between the two. The scene ended when he jerked off into her mouth, his spunk spit out to fall on her chest with Alison milking his balls dry.

Summary: Big Wet Asses 23 by director Toni Ribas for Elegant Angel was another spotlight movie that will have fan boys and real critics alike taking closer looks at it. Sexually, Ashley Fires earned the cover for her performance with studly Erik Everhard, AJ Applegate as stroke worthy as ever with the director (with an added plus that the camera work was better when he was in front of the camera), Abbey Brooks possessing the kind of curves long welcomed in the series and Aleksa Nicole providing a perfectly acceptable tryst with Ramon, albeit not on quite the same scale (she claimed this was her first time working for the company and despite some mean spirited comments about her read online, there have been plenty of worse ladies in the series previously). So with two really fun scenes of merit and the other two worthy of your time if not possessing as much replay value, Toni earned a rating of Recommended this time, a fine rating given the lack of chances taken, the casting, and overall quality. In short, Big Wet Asses 23 did not use a quartet of top tier ladies (or men) in the production, relying on a few each and their willingness to all do anal as a primary selling point. The technical aspects were decent enough and while the bulk of the related extras were generic (the BTS so short that I wondered, why bother?), the bonus scene from a previous volume was okay so with some polishing up, the series is well positioned to regain its former glory in due time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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