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Buttman Focused 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/7/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Buttman Focused 7
Evil Angel/John Stagliano
Directed by John Stagliano
Date of Production:
Running Time: 3:06:55 (Disc One) 2:54:42 (Disc Two)
Holly Michaels
Jessie Rogers
Melody Jordan
Anikka Albrite
Lea Lexis
Roxy Raye
Alison Tyler
Jynx Maze
Kelly Divine
Bella Dellamorte
Mariah Mars
Dee Siren
Kara Price
London Keyes
Brooklyn Lee
Ashley Fires
Ivana Sugar
Jada Stevens
Sheena Shaw
AJ Applegate
Chanel Preston
Special Features:
Multiple Chapters Per Scene
Motion Chapter Index
Photo Galleries
Cast List and Filmographies
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 192Kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-8 Mbps
Output: LCPM 48KHz/16bits
What is Focused? Focused is concentrated porn. Each section is ONE theme, with many different girls.
16 Different Obsessions. No chit chat. Just the good stuff.
FOCUSED: The best fix for your fetish!
Wedgie: (8:16)
Features Holly Michaels, Mira (multiple outfits), Jessie Rogers (multiple outfits), Melody Jordan, Anikka Albrite
Camel Toe: (4:52)
Features Holly Michaels (multiple outfits), Mira, Jessie Rogers, Melody Jordan, Anikka Albrite
Walking Butts: (9:06)
Features Holly Michaels (multiple outfits), Mira (multiple outfits), Jessie Rogers (multiple outfits), Melody Jordan (multiple outfits), Anikka Albrite (multiple outfits/toys)
My Nose Your Crack: (8:24)
Features Holly Michaels (multiple outfits), Mira, Jessie Rogers (some face sitting as well), Melody Jordan (multiple outfits), Anikka Albrite (multiple outfits, and some face sitting)
Hot Babes: (36:45)
Features Jessie Rogers (blue top and lace leggings that we have seen in the previous chapters, some boob grabbing and juggling, and of course, plenty of ass admiring. Naked stretching, with some anal fingering), Melody Jordan (tight latex pants and a mesh top which leaves little to the imagination, some ass appreciation, along with some hands on time with her boobs. Add in some armpit and tickling to the fetish checklist. Outfit change into that red dress that we have seen earlier, as she shows off her dancing moves and flexibility, all while wearing pink heels. Some toy play in her pussy, as she spreads her legs wide), Anikka Albrite (blue mesh top and some tight white pants, some nipple play and pussy play. Outfit change and some anal finger play, as he continues to play with her nipples. Some anal plugs and dildo play, as she tries to stretch her ass with a glass dildo.), Holly Michaels (white shorts, and purple top, and right off the bat, does a great job of showcasing her body for the camera. Outfit change and it's hot pink shirt and latex time, and then legs spread wide, as she filled her ass with a pink toy.) Mira (tall brunette, going to be doing a little research on her. Tight pink top and some tight leggings, very tone body. Out fit change and some toy play.
Tight Clothes and Ass: (12:52)
Features Holly Michaels (multiple outfits, love those red latex pants on her), Mira (seems she has to prove herself, he wanted tighter ones) Jessie Rogers (back to those lace leggings, with plenty of ass admiring, outfit change into some pink panties, that only enhance her booty), Melody Jordan (blue latex pants, with the holes down the back, making it easy to show off her curves and dancer flexibility. Changes into that red dress, showcasing her curves, as she bends over for him.) Anikka Albrite (blue mesh and white pants, showcasing her ass for the camera, utilizing a chair to enhance her booty.)
Boobs: (18:42)
Features Holly Michaels (nipple play and some motor boating, multiple outfits, wet t-shirt) Mira (lots of hands on time with her boobs), Melody Jordan (hands on and nipple play), Anikka Albrite (nipple play)
Suck It: (13:13)
At this point in the review, you can pretty much guess how the rest is going to play out, so I may just highlight who is involved in each section. Features Holly Michaels vs dildos on the mirror and glass dildo. Mira vs the vibrating toy. Melody Jordan vs the dildos on the mirror, gagging and spit. Anikka Albrite vs heart shaped dildo and then onto the mirror dildos, with a twist, followed by some big toys as we test her gag reflex
Messy: (20:31)
And we finally come across a new lady, Lea Lexis as she is having some fun with that troll shaped toy in her mouth, as the spit drips down her face.  And the troll is back with Roxy Raye, as she shoves it in her mouth. Boy this troll is getting plenty of action today. Alison Tyler vs the black troll, testing out her gag reflex with his hat, followed by a pink rabbit. Double dose of Allison Tyler with the troll, and some spit play as she makes her way to the dildo on the mirror.  Jynx Maze is up next with the troll, licking it, covering it in spit to help her swallow him. She moves onto a pink dildo, once again lubing it up with spit to help her swallow it. Kelly Divine tests out her gag reflex with the crystal butt plug, coming up for air, as it tickles the back of her throat. I'd say that Kelly and Allison are the stand outs in this category.
Pussy Tease: (3:26)
And we are back with Holly Michaels once again, wearing a very small piece of fabric over her pussy, and then swallows it into her pussy. Mira follows with this same small piece of underwear, which finds its way in her pussy. Jessie Rogers is up next, squeezing her pussy through her lace stocking. Brief clip of Anikka Albrite
Pussy Close-Up (11:25)
"I can see her liver" shots (OK, maybe not that up close) of Holly Michaels, Jessie Rogers, Melody Jordan, Anikka Albrite, Mira(with some up close ass shots as well, and some pink rabbit penetration as well)
Double Penetration: (22:57)
Guess what, Holly Michaels is back, and she's got her holes filled with toys, he convinces her to do it doggy, as we get plenty of booty to enjoy as well. Look ma, no hands, as he sits back and watches the toy do their work. Lea Lexis is up nest with a riding whip in her ass, and a robotic looking dildo in her pussy, and I mean deep in her pussy.  Roxy Raye fills her ass with a Hitachi and her pussy with a big black toy in her pussy, followed by a kush ball and a bird toy sticking out of her ass. Bella DellaMorte continues the DP of toys, followed by Jynx Maze and Kelly Divine who has three toys keeping her holes satisfied. Mariah Mars keeps the streak going with a butt plug and rabbit. Dee Siren loves glass toys inside her. Melody Jordan is back with the rabbit and butt plug, you can tell what kind of toys he has lying around and he's got his favorites.
Orgasm: (15:51)
Seems fitting to end the disc on this note, as we see Holly Michaels, Mira, Jessie Rogers, Melody Jordan, Anikka Albrite all reach their happy place, most with the DP of toys continuing.
Disc Two
Bare Ass and Gapes (40:19)
Well we start off the second disc with the same way we started the first one, admiring Holly Michaels booty. And it seems this time around, we are going to get a more up close look at her ass. And luckily we get more of her in those latex pants, although they don't stay on for long. Mira and her booty are up next, shaking and dancing for the camera, before it's time for a close up. Some nice shots of her booty pressed up against the glass chair. Next up in the booty jiggle fest is Jessie Rogers, with some booty appreciation in the sun, before they take things inside. Segments like this make you realize how much care and upkeep these ladies go through in this industry. Melody Jordan is back with her latex pants, which are going to be really stretched out by the time he is done. She pulls them down and it's time for some close ups and then it's back to the red dress and the booty appreciation and more showing off of her dancer skills, including some sexy splits. And it would be a booty spotlight if Anikka Albrite wasn't involved. He rolls her tights slowly down her ass, stopping along the way to enhance it even more. And we even get a double dose of Anikka and her booty, in some ass less pink panties, and we even get a somewhat official measurement.
Buttholes (68:03)
Well I can officially mark watching an hour montage of buttholes off my bucket list. Holly starts us off, as he plays with a double sided butt plus in her ass, testing to see how far he can go inside her. She gets the juices going as she speeds up the toy insertion. Add in some clamps on her pussy as the anal toy fest continues. If seeing anal toys going in and out of assholes up close are your thing, you are going to enjoy this next hour. Mira is back with a frog in her pussy as she shoves a glass dildo in and out of her ass. And the clamps are back as her ass is getting filled with the butt plug. Plenty of gapes as well in this section. Jessie is back and she starts off trying to shove her whole hand in her ass, and then moves onto the toys. You can add pussy clamps to the list as well, as it seems most girls partake at least once in their segments. Melody is up next, once again with her wings spread wide, as the toys enter her ass. Anikka and her booty return, as a red butt plug finds it way in her ass, with a red heart sticking out, as she walks around the room. She might change outfits, but the booty stays the same. And she's a magician as she makes a frog toy disappear in her ass hole.
Tit Torture (67:27)
And we have finally reached the final leg and it's starting off with someone we haven't seen so far, Kara Price is applying some clamps and devices to her tits, this might be a little painful to watch. And the new girl streak continues with London Keyes, whose getting her nipples pinched and stretched, followed by some titty wrapping of tape, making them look like Hershey Kisses. Jynx Maze seems to prefer the clothes pins on her nipples and tits, followed by that contraption we have seen already. Brooklyn Lee, someone we haven't seen in awhile, as she  goes all out with the clothes pins on her tits, adding in some clamps as well, which leaves a few marks. The one and only Ashley Fires is up next with the nipple vacume things and Ivana Sugar, Dee Siren as well. Jada Stevens tests out the contraption on her nipples as they test out her threshold, before the clamps are applied. Sheena Shaw applies the pumps and seems to go a little farther than the previous girls. And our favorite girl, Holly Michaels is back as her tits are wrapped in tape, before the clamps come out. Anikka smiles as her nipples get stretched out, as they poke through her top. AJ Applegate and Chanel Preston end things off with more clamps and clothes pins. A duo of Jada and Roxy as they clamp their tits, and pussy lips together, connected by a  few chains.
Overall Thoughts:
Well the marathon is over, I really need to keep on eye on run times for screeners, and I guess that might be why it was sitting on the review list for awhile. But enough of that, let's get to the movie, all 6 hours of it. It's a sort of compilation video, taking different scenes he's shot and break them down into different fetishes to better suit your fetish favorites or moods. And it helps the fact that a few favorites are included, which makes the long run time, not as bad. And if you are familiar with his work, you know what you are getting, and for that, this is getting a RECOMMENDED rating from me. It's got 6 hours, 2 disc of fun, there has to be something you like, no matter what you are into.

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