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Pale Girls

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/19/14

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Category: All Sex/Tattooed Girls


Cast: Draven Star/Mabel/Madisin Moon/Mabel/Severin Graves/Vera Drake/Mick Blue/Erik Everhard/Mark Wood/Mr Pete/Tommy Pistol

Director: Joanna Angel

Camera: Mike Quasar

Extras: BTS/Trailers/Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 4/30/2014

Runtime: 125 Mins

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Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Draven Star/Mick Blue

The premiere scene in Joanna Angel's 'Pale Girls' begins with one of the acclaimed director's go-to girls, Draven Star. A tease opens up the scene wonderfully, with Mick Blue eventually stepping onto set as Draven welcomes him with a throaty blowjob to get things moving. Energy is pretty nice here, with Draven really giving her co-star a solid matchup in this surprisingly nice fuck sesh. Sex eventually sets in with Mick pummeling Draven's one-hole with his pork sword as she willingly accepts, while she begs for a harder and faster fuck that Mick eventually povides to th tattoed vixen. Positioning switches through a lot of what one would typically expect, with a nice fluidity to it all and a solid break in the middle of the scene where Mick jams his hand into her ham-hole in a fairly intense finger-fucking sesh. The scene runs for about 28 mins without much dragging or fast-forwarding necessary. It reaches it's finale when Mr Blue blows his dong-sauce over Draven's face for a fairly mediocre facial to cap it off. A good scene nonetheless with a great performance from Draven.

Scene 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mabel/Mark Wood

The next scene features a girl with only a few credits to her name in Mabel, as well as hall of fame performer Mark Wood. The scene kicks off with a fair tease from the pale skinned cutie, set to the rockin' sounds of a band that reminds me a lot of Tool, if Tool were a cock-rock band made up of fourty something's that are desperately attempting to write music that is relevant. The action sets in as Mark steps onto set and grabs a handful of Mabel's pussy before she falls to her knees and jams his bologna into her cakehole. The bj is decent for the most part, with a fair intensity but sort of a dragging feel to it in the early moments. The sex sets in with a doggie fuck from Marky Mark that really sets the scene into motion as Mabel yelps like a lost beagle in Yellowstone Park. The scene gets best in these moments, staying in a doggie style fuck for a while before moving into Mabel taking a cowgirl style dick ride on Mark's galloping glow worm. Sex is solid for the rest of the scene, sticking to most of the standard positioning with a pretty organic feel to it all. The moments that Mabel sucks on Mark's rod are really memorable as the scene draws closer toward it's finale, as she really does anything and everything to jam it down her throat heartily. Things come to their end after Mark churns out  load of ball batter over Mabel's kisser as she thanks him by giving him a couple of final deepthroats for good merit. Another mainly strong scene here with new girl Mabel giving the viewers a great show. 

Scene 3:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Madison Moon/Erik Everhard

 Next up, we have an eccentric (to put it nicely) introductory segment from Madison Moon where she does a lot of spiritless movement that essentially bored me to put it mildly. The tease is again set to a rock band that sounds like something a juggalo would listen to, and after a relatively lifeless masturbation sesh from Madison Erik Everhard steps in to get things moving. He welcomes himself by diving face-first in Madison's love muffin, causing the scene to be even more downtempo than it already is before the sex sets in. Some solid intensity is shown later on, but the scene as a whole is pretty meager. Sex runs through missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, and most of the standard grade stuff with some pretty nice angles at certain points to give it an extra umph (which was much needed). Erik really lets this tattooed hottie have it in the later stages of the scene, eventually whisking out a load of nut sauce upon Madison's face to show his appreciation. There was a lot about this scene that wasn't great, mainly the reciprocation from Madison Moon and the overall chemistry. It was all just, meh. 

Scene 4:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Severin Graves/Mr Pete

Anal, ATM

Severin Graves is next up on the list, consistently seeming to stay atop the "alt" girl trend by continuing to give solid performances above all else. The scene unfortunately intros with another meager tease, thankfully to a canned set of music rather than the music we've been hearing thus far in the film. Severin wears a neck collar along with a black bikini top and eventually welcomes Mr Pete onto set with a solidly throated up blowjob that leads into the introductory doggie style sex. Things seem to have pretty nice feel, with Severin being extremely easy on the eyes as well having a really happy-go-lucky fuck as opposed to a rough and tough fuck-a-thon. Nonetheless, the scene is fairly hot overall, with the best moments coming near the end of it as Severin seems to be at full go by that point, as well as anal sex taking precedent. Things cap off with Mr Pete tossing his sauce over Severin's gorgeous face, directly after he pummels her butthole for added effect. A good scene here overall, things got slow at times, but if you're a fan of Severin I think you'll fully enjoy this one. 

Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vera Drake/Tommy Pistol

Vera Drake is our main focus in the final scene of the film, giving a tease session to a ridculously cock-rockin' tune as she looks absolutely incredible to say the least. Vera is perhaps the most appealing on a broader level than the alt girl spectrum, having just a few tattoo's for those who actually care about things like that. Aside from Vera being really hot, the tease segment is not great, and action begins once Joanna's go-to stunt cock steps onto set in the form of Tommy Pistol. Things are slow to get moving but a massivley outstanding throat fuck takes place afterwards, where Vera seems to take the driver's seat as Tommy simply enjoys himself. I would've honestly liked to see this segment last longer but unfortunately it quickly moves into a doggie style fuck from Mr. Pistol to iniate sex. The action through most of the scene is among the best in all of the film, with Vera and Tommy seeming to show a great chemistry as translated from the viewer. The bj's are prevalent betwixt the various position changes as the scene ultimately caps off with Tommy pumping his penile pusover Vera's face. This scene fell in line with most of the others, not really knocking it out of the park, but something to watch, if you want, I guess. 


Overall, Joanna Angels' Pale Girls was really nothing to write home about. The male talent Joanna and Mike brought in made most of the scenes notably stronger than they probably would have been otherwise, but the comprehensive viewing of the movie just wasn't all that memorable for me. Draven and Severin were among the strongest scenes in relevance to the rest of the film, with Vera bringing home the bronze and being an absolute beauty to boot. Extras consist of a BTS segment of only Vera's scene, having some photoshoot coverage, extra sex, and a short interview. There is also a photo gallery, as well as four trailers from some other Burning angel films to round it out. I'd have to go against recommending this one, but I will say that if you're in the market for renting or checking out these individual scenes at BurningAngel.com, there may be some things about the film you'll like. Buying this one seems like a stretch. Rent It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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