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Anal Showdown

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/3/14

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Anal Showdown

Digital Playground

Genre: Anal, Compilation

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Director: Robby D.

Cast: Hillary Scott, Mick Blue, Brianna Love, Teagan Presley, Tyler Durden, Flower Tucci, Scott Nails, Katja Kassin, Kapri Styles, Chris Charming, Kelly Divine, MacKenzee Pierce, James Deen, Sativa Rose, Richard Raymond, Katsuni, Jerry

Length: 207:38 minutes

Date of Production: 5/28/2014 (case); 5/20/2014 (credits)


Extras: There were some trailers to newer releases, some spam, and a short photogallery but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Showdown was presented in the same anamorphic widescreen the scenes were originally shot by Robby D. for Digital Playground. Unlike some compilations on the market, this one cut right to the sex so each scene was edited to a degree, nothing crucial for the majority of rain coaters and no company watermark onscreen at all times but parts of the buildup missing. Each scene looked fairly similar with decent lighting, solid camera work, and respectable flesh tones but the scenes were shot quickly so your mileage may vary. The video bit rate varied considerably but the scenes looked much like I remember the originals otherwise if that helps your decision. The aural components were presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround but there was no headspace, special effects, or anything else that made me think the sound was rendered in anything except for monaural or basic stereo and then had a surround track encoded in post production. Regardless, I could hear most of the cast just fine, including those behind the camera when I paid attention, that always part of the fun of the series.


Body of Review: Robby D. has long been one of the most creative and talented directors in all of porn, his work for Vivid and Digital Playground often way ahead of the pack of peers that would emulate just about anything he did. I have not heard from him in quite some time but wherever he ended up, his latest release from DP is a compilation of his older works called Anal Showdown. The single disc release included over three hours of material, much of it strokable with a great cast in the ten scenes, only one scene using a contract starlet for some reason. There was some editing but it was less important to most of the scenes than the last compilation they released, the gals including babes like Kelly Divine, Sativa Rose, Brianna Love, and Teagan Presley. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jack’s POV 1: Hillary Scott, Mick Blue: Hillary Scott, one of the busiest hotties in porn these days (she's all over the place in fact), was up next as she teased Jack in front of a couch she was trying to sell in her garage. The meat was evidently provided by Mick Blue this time, as she tormented him with her curvy figure before starting him off with an awesome blowjob. There are times when you "know" a gal is in charge due to her sexual skills and this was one such time as the gal is a virtuoso when it comes to playing the skin flute. She took the dick in her pussy fairly well too, actively riding his shaft though the camera work was a bit too bumpy this time. This was another anal scene, a specialty of hers, and while she's not Lauren Phoenix in this department, she's well on her way to earning a title in this area (perhaps initially as anal princess if not a true queen yet). She did some fine ATM and he rubbed out a load onto her face. It was yet another solid scene to add some replay value to the DVD.

Scene Two: Jack’s POV 9: Brianna Love, Mick Blue: Brianna Love, another modern treasure for her incredibly cute face and curvy ass, was up next as Jack surprised her with a small birthday cake; the crew nearly making her cry in delight. This being her fourth year in the business, I can safely say she is better than ever in terms of her appeal and performances, the junk in her trunk effectively used better at 22 than when she started at 18 years of age. The surprise of the cake aside, her present was new contract gal Stoya who did not waste a beat as she attacked Brianna’s pussy in oral fashion. Brianna’s neon pink outfit enhanced the moment too, but Stoya’s skill with the cookie making Brianna get off with a squeal. While she was claiming this was her best birthday ever, Mick Blue reminded her that she had a second present coming her way too; his cock in her mouth. Stoya continued to go down on her as she actively slobbed his knob; the mix of giving and receiving pleasure making it an even more fun moment for her. With a hug, Stoya then left to let them finish the scene, Mick pounding into Brianna like he was going on a lengthy trip by ship or something as he gave her his all. She then did PTM and they moved to the floor, trying out a number of positions that rubbed her the right way. As if the vaginal sex wasn’t enough, he then started fucking her “tight asshole” and she made those little moaning noises of hers as he banged away, panting like he was dying until they took a short break for her to do ATM on him. The ass cheek ripple was sweet and she ended it by jerking out a load to her mouth to swallow. Note: this version of the scene edited out all content with Stoya, greatly watering down the result from the original.

Scene Three: Jack’s POV 12: Teagan Presley, Tyler Durden: Teagan Presley, the hotty cover gal dressed in a red bra and short skirt, was up last in a scene with her ex-husband Tyler Durden. I preferred Teagan when she had a few more pounds across her frame but she was such a cutie that I could see why she was gracing the cover. There was tease related to the lingerie she wore and he felt her genitals as she proved the pair had some chemistry back then, bending over for a spanking and giving a hearty hummer before she rode him vaginally quite hard. The minimal solo portion of the scene was more convincing than some of her "reviews" she gives shows on another website (sorry, but Teagan could masturbate to a phone book and it would be more interesting to watch than the best reviewer on the planet would be to read; the flipside being there is no observable connection between how she masturbates and the quality of the movie she is "reviewing" so go watch her repeatedly and then read one of Roger's reviews on the same titles to get the best of both worlds). The active vaginal led to an active anal ride, the finishing facial well worth the wait even if it was more of a performance than Teagan getting off at times.

Scene Four: Big Ass Show 1: Flower Tucci, Scott Nails: Flower Tucci, one of the best anal queens in porn these days, is nothing short of fantastic when doing anal and fans of junk in her trunk that look beyond her admittedly noticeable stretch marks ("Montel's" comments about a bear clawing his way up her to get to the ass did not go unnoticed but he had a point) will always be treated to a fine display of skill by this hotty. Her lucky partner was Scott Nails who helped her wiggle & bounce in her neon yellow bikini and green mesh top. It was a sight to behold and the "mirth-quake" she provided was hot enough to challenge any man to keep his pants zipped as she teased the camera enough to cause me to walk funny for a few hours. She did some early ATM with her glass anal plug but it was the way she rode him in her ass that impressed me the most. Some might like her gape time more than others while a few of you might wonder where the vaginal and oral went but she was easily the anal queen of the show for how well she did the anal deed. It ended when he rubbed out a load onto her face into her mouth that she seemed to swallow down but while it wasn't her best scene ever, it was sure fun to watch a few times for me (so far at that).

Scene Five: Big Ass Show 3: Katja Kassin, Scott Nails: Katja Kassin, the brunette on the rear of the front DVD cover (toward the middle), was up last and fans all know her as THE reigning anal queen in terms of skill, look, and passion. She began the scene by teasing in her lingerie by the sliding glass door window, wiggling her ass cheeks in such a way that the near outline look of her form did it for me. The lighting slowly got better to showcase her and her built for comfort look appeared to be firmer than past years as she showed off her muscle tone. Having long been a fan of this hotty, I can safely say that barring anything extreme, the scene was going to really rock; putting the title firmly in the must have category for me. Her partner for the scene was Scott Nails and he worked a glass anal plug inside of her as he fingered her pussy, with a close up display of her PC muscles in action as a bonus. The blowjob was minimal but fairly decent if you like the glub glub fuck socket approach; serving to get him hard as a rock for the poking he was about to do. He paddled her ass cheeks (with a leather paddle) before vaginally tapping her with the anal plug still in place. That led to her doing anal with him, complete with ATM. It was far from her most active ride but she still looked great and he tossed off a large load to her ass cheeks as a result.

Scene Six: Big Ass Show 6: Kapri Styles, Chris Charming: Kapri Styles, the hotty seen on the upper left hand corner of the DVD cover wearing the fishnet attire, was up next in a scene with Chris Charming on a couch. There was none of the set up like that shown in the previous scenes as the camera faded right into her doing some booty shaking with her panties spreading her ass so very nicely to make for a visual gap that fans will find refreshingly addictive. The shadows of the scene were worse than I prefer to see but the silent tease given up was in such marked contrast too that I found it a nice change of pace even though she is far from my favorite performer in the flick. Oh, and despite rumors that the tattooed characters on her ass cheeks say something like "Don Eats Here Free", I'm sure they mean something like "enter freely". As the tease continued, Chris came in and after a rough start; Jack presented him as a record label owner which worked wonders at getting her attitude into gear for some sexual fun. Her ambition led to her lips wrapped around his cock, slobbing away like she was working it to the bone; Kapri doing a decent job with some great visual appeal (especially the standing hummer). She wasn't as active on his cock as the previous scenes showed the ladies at first but she warmed up quickly and was soon booty clapping while he drilled her mercilessly. For those who care, she even took anal but keep in mind she acted like she was in great pain while doing so; your mileage may vary depending on what you like in a scene. She did ATM and eventually took the large facial, wanting to call her mom at the prospect of getting video work (perhaps a bit too prematurely).

Scene Seven: Asslicious: Kelly Divine, Mick Blue: In this fourth scene Kelly Devine is blindfolded and kneeling in a chair, facing the rear when a guy walks up and begins to play with her butt. Kelly's ass is her trademark and it is great, but other than that I just don't see the attraction to her. Her boobs are okay and she is aggressive, but she is just not very pretty. The scene is well-done and she must have her fans, but I did not linger long here. (review by Marine Hardcore)

Scene Eight: Asslicious: MacKenzee Pierce, James Deen, Scott Nails: Mackenzee Pierce is a leggy brunette with nice eyes and smile and beautiful tanned body. She hauls a guy into a dining room where they immediately begin to go at it. A little action there and she leads him to a couch in a living area where James Deen, who was supposed to be out of town, catches her and then joins in for a 3-way. Mackenzee looks good with the two guys and doesn't flinch at doing all that's necessary to satisfy them and us. Closeups of her cock sucking and having her ass and pussy violated are great and her eyes just lock on to you as tangles of spit flutter like spider webs as she gives the guys head. She is very vocal but not like Andi above who is forming words--Mackenzee is grunting and gasping for air all the time and it is quite real. She appears to love her ass getting drilled and rubs her pussy as she takes these big monsters into her. Her ass is fantastic and this action is the best of the scene. She takes a load to her mouth and on her stomach and slurps it up! (review by Marine Hardcore)

Scene Nine: Deeper 1: Sativa Rose, Richard Raymond: Sativa Rose, one of my personal favorite performers for her curvy body and sweet DSLs (dick sucking lips), was up last in a scene where she was passed out lying on the floor with her body half tucked away under a bed. Perverted Richard Raymond/Kline (Kelly's main squeeze), came up and started feeling her all over, including her shoes, before employing a small black anal plug on her. He used increasingly large plugs to stretch her out and then gave her a break by using his modest member on her anally. Unlike some gals in the industry, she's not an anal queen (having done it a time or two long ago) so the theme of the scene for her to lie there like a victim suited her well. For me, it was a bit creepy since I like an actively participating partner (both in real life as well as in my porn) but I'm sure this will appeal to the perverts out there as he ended it by jerking off to her sweet little ass cheeks.

Scene Ten: Deeper 2: Katsuni, Jerry, Scott Nails: Katsumi, the Asian hotty on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next in bed with Scott Nails and Jerry. The music here was slow and erotic with the visuals of a grid superimposed on the trio as they went to work. I have no idea what the fancy and artistic effects were trying to achieve as they showed her a series of polaroids; to be up front, I looked past the effects pretty quickly into the scene as they teased and played with her, though I'd rather the effects be left in the mind of Robby this time. The gal I watched this with the first time had a bunch of positive comments to make about them but I tend to go for the "meat & potatoes" look so you'll have to see it to know what I mean. Regardless, she blew them with a sense of abandon and short clips of her vocals were allowed in over a period of time, with Jerry going down on her and getting a foot job as she sucked off Scott. Jerry then started slowly drilling her pussy with Scott getting a lot more action in it afterwards. She was moderately aggressive with the cock and soon did anal for a bit, with the men rubbing out loads onto the pictures for her to lick clean.

Summary: Anal Showdown by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a dedicated compilation of scenes focusing on anal action of sorts, my biggest disappointment being how tragically edited scene #2 was to clear out all traces of Stoya’s company debut. Otherwise, the scenes had modest editing in most cases, Kelly Divine, Teagan Presley, and Katja Kassin all standing out for me from their prime days some years back so I rated the compilation as a very solid Rent It, my belief that unaltered scenes work best proven time and again in the set of ten scenes. In short, Anal Showdown reminded me of the first time the company experimented with compilations, a company big wig telling me that they would never sink so low as to become a compilation mill (I believe the exact quote was “Over my dead body…”) to which I pointed out how some companies managed to do a fine job with them as a balance to introduce new fans to various themes. In any case, give this one a look but if you’re looking for a keeper, pick up the original movies.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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