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Daddy's Little Groupie

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/13/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


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Daddy’s Little Groupie

Girlfriends Films/Reign Productions

Genre: Feature

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Director: Barrett Blade

Cast: Summer Brielle Taylor, Stephen St. Croix, Romi Rain, Alan Stafford, Tasha Reign, Clover, Jessa Rhodes

Length: 113:52 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/5/2014 to 4/7/2014


Extras: There were trailers, web access, and a photogallery but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Daddy’s Little Groupie was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Barrett Blade for Girlfriends Films. The editing was handled by Sonny Malone, director of photography Barrett was the only one credited with camera operation (as second camera too), and some generic name applied to the lighting guy. This production reminded me a lot of the last time I saw Barrett and Tasha work together, the results looking equally sloppy (which is crazy since Barrett has made a fair number of good looking flicks in the past). The aural components were okay except that the music was mixed in too loudly, the vocals seemed to be hollow and often barely above whisper level, and the overall impact was much like the rushed visual images.

Body of Review: Barrett Blade is a former rocker who now directs porn for companies like Devil’s Film and Girlfriends Films, his work with Tasha Reign far from his best. Their latest collaboration is called Daddy’s Little Groupie, a set of five scenes that were tied together with almost no story whatsoever, the proverbial “written on the back of a matchbook cover” seemingly applying here. The minimalist story showed Tasha Reign as the daughter of a music producer (Stephen St. Croix) wanting to be a groupie so her mother (Romi Rain) takes her to a rocker’s (Alan Stafford) mansion where she hooks up with a guitarist (Clover). If you think anyone killed a lot of trees writing that story, you should see the forests I clear writing about such flicks. In any case, the feature elements were lousy but the sex wasn’t bad, after all, Romi Rain and Summer Brielle Taylor have been wowing fans for some time now, Tasha’s own fans likely to appreciate her male on female tryst more than her lesbian outing with Jessa Rhodes. The back cover described the movie like this: “As rock stars run rampant in Hollywood, I'm going to slurp each rock hard member until everyone knows I am the best little groupie around. My dream team of hot, bodacious sluts takes debauchery to the next level. My big time music producer Dad, Steven St. Croix, gets us into big-time sexy trouble! My little fucktoy, Jessa Rhodes, screaming hot and horny step-mom Romi Rain, and luscious rock royalty model Summer Brielle drain the cum of the music industry moguls, leading the party of the century! Are you in? Ps. Keep on rocking hard and fucking harder!”


Then the press release described the project like this: “Reign Productions’ newest release, “Daddy’s Little Groupie,” is now available on DVD today from distributor Girlfriends Films. The sexy rock ‘n’ roll movie features producer and star Tasha Reign, as well as Jessa Rhodes, Summer Brielle, and Romi Rain. “I am so excited for my fans to see ‘Daddy’s Little Groupie’!’” said Tasha Reign, who was known as the world’s sexiest music reviewer in her vlog for RockConfidential.com. “Rock and sex have always gone together, and my newest film showcases the super-hot energy of two of my favorite things in life.” Rock stars are rampant in Hollywood, and Tasha Reign wants to blow, suck, and fuck everyone in a band in “Daddy’s Little Groupie.” The daughter of a big-time music producer is going to slurp each rock hard member until everyone knows she is the best little groupie around – however, everyone needs a little help, so Tasha has enlisted a dream team of bodacious little sluts to join her rampage and take the debauchery to the next level. Jessa, Romi, and Summer help Tasha drain a long list of musicians and music industry moguls, leading to the party of the century. Romi plays Tasha’s step-mom, Jessa her little fuck-toy, and Summer is a hot model who marries into rock royalty. Directed by Barrett Blade, “Daddy’s Little Groupie” gives fans four hot sex scenes of rock and roll heaven! "This movie is unique from my last few titles,” Tasha continued. “It's like one really fun episode of a show condensed into a movie, I had too much fun shooting it and dressing everyone up in themed attire! Barrett totally gets my vision, and I'm so enthusiastic about this new style we are releasing." “Tasha’s titles are always great sellers, and we expect ‘Daddy’s Little Groupie’ to do the same,” Girlfriends Films President Moose stated. “Tasha has her own groupies ensuring her DVDs move off retail shelves quickly, and our pre-orders have been very strong for this release from our retailers, as well as her fans. We’re excited to have Tasha’s newest project on shelves everywhere.”” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Summer Brielle Taylor (blond on the lower right hand corner of the front cover), wearing a form fitting pair of jeans and sheer black top over her pink bra, was up first in bed with Stephen St. Croix, seducing him while their spouses were in the other room watching. With no reason given, she made it clear she wanted him, Stephen helping her undress despite his verbal protests to where he was kissing her juicy ass as she bent over. Some gash gobbling and foot play led to her slobbing his knob a little, sucking the flaccid rod and applying some hand to gland friction to revive him, finally getting a modest erection where she focused on the head. That led to them vaginally screwing in a few positions after a very poorly captured 69 (just one camera? Really?!?), Summer actively riding better than the lead did by far. Her bald beaver soon drained his dragon of semen that he launched onto her lower torso, her giggling making her seem like she was on something.


Scene Two: Romi Rain, the busty brunette seen on the center of the left side of the front cover, was up next with moper Alan Stafford as he led her to a living room. Her slinky blue and black dress barely covered her body but it soon came off all the same, the gal blowing him before he ate and fingered her shaven slit. This led to some passive missionary and better cowgirl variations, Romi impaling herself once warmed up though showing no chemistry with him at all, Alan’s load of sperm delivered to her mouth way, way too early as she gave him some post coital head.


Scene Three: Tasha Reign, the thematic lead of the show seen standing on the center of the cover with a guitar in her hand, was up next with Clover on the couch, the man complimenting her skill with the instrument before she showed her true calling by bending over to reveal a thong nestled into her ass crack as she slobbed his knob. Tasha used her hands more than her mouth to pleasure the guy, taking in his head as she stroked him, not providing nearly as good eye contact here as expected. She titty fucked him in the weakest of ways and then she bent over for him to lick her a couple times, wince, and then start vaginally drilling her as she screamed loudly. I expected she would get better when she climbed on top of him but Clover was left to do the bulk of the work as she stayed positioned above him, her shaven slit looking good but hardly working the bone like she wanted it. This led to him plastering her chest with his seed.


Scene Four: Summer Brielle Taylor, up next waiting in bed wearing a pink negligee, was paired up with sweaty Alan Stafford, her husband in the movie. She didn’t speak much and his comments were pretty weak, the man pawing her before she gave him a short hummer, he reciprocated, and then they vaginally fucked after he sucked her foot a bit. The oral and vaginal were mechanical again and the camera work was as bad as the lighting, her vocals during the session not caught very well before he lost his load on her crotch.


Scene Five: Jessa Rhodes, dressed up with a mullet and garish clothing, was up last in a lesbian tryst with Tasha Reign, the lead explaining how proud of her friend she was that the gal got signed to a contract. They were on a large bed and kissing, their hands roaming wildly as the clothing was taken off, some titty play leading to a strap on dildo used on Tasha. Other toys and rug munching came forth from there, the barebones lesbian action containing no chemistry as they simply went through the paces with each other. To me, it was like Tasha kept posing for stills rather than let herself freely enjoy the moment and Jessa was trapped by the dynamic with nowhere to go, but whatever the specifics, the scene was weak.

Summary: Daddy’s Little Groupie by director Barrett Blade for Girlfriends Films was as shallow as a summer pond, the feature elements as weak as any I have seen in some time. The acting was about as bad but with little to work with, even guys like Stephen St. Croix can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, those with lesser acting skills (ie: the rest of the cast) making me wince every time they opened their mouths in a non-sex manner. Romi Rain looked hot and Summer Brielle Taylor was as curvy as ever so that helped but the lack of chemistry in any of the sexual liaisons watered down any replay value so this one would be best suited for slavering fanboys of Tasha Reign who want everything she is in, her own trysts in the movie admittedly not even close to her best work so I rated this as a Skip It. In short then, Daddy’s Little Groupie failed in many ways so while I have no doubt that it will sell based on name value alone, as company president Moose suggests above, it was a sexual and critical flop for anyone that has a discerning eye.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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