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Rocco's Best Redheads

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/15/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours

Date of Production:  June 2014

Genre: Gonzo, Anal, Double Penetration, Group Sex, Ass to Mouth, Big Cock, Redheads, POV

Condoms:   No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Katja, Cecilia, Kyra Cat, Judith Fox, Jazz Duro, Diether Von Stein, Dorotella, Stefany, Annet, Bacr, Angel, Slonik, Vadim, Liza Monelli, Vanessa Hill, Kati, Nikolett, Judith Fox, Lilith, T.J. Hart, Julia Taylor, Zsoit Nemes, Vivien, Julia Taylor, Katy Moore, Sheila Rossi, Piroska, Sandra Taylor, Stefany, Selly Elson, Nacho Vidal, Zenza Raggi, Mike Foster, Jonny Montana, Paul Littel, Leslie Taylor, Frank Gun, Omar Galanti,  Cristian, David Perry, Remigio Zampa, James Brossman, Franco Roccaforte and Rocco Siffredi

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Photo Galleries; Filmographies; Trailers for Rocco’s Psycho Teens 7, Teens vs MILFs, Slutty Girls Love Rocco 6; Websites


Often times, a porn compilation may not be exactly what you’re looking for because so many of the scenes may be relatively new themselves. The likelihood is that you’ve seen more of the scenes in their original movies than not. But what I like about Rocco’s Best Redheads (a compilation of 12 classic hardcore scenes) is that this movie really goes back into Rocco’s archives and finds a number of old classic scenes involving redheads getting their asses and pussies rocked by some of the leading male pornstars in the business. What I also like about this flick is the large number of scenes (12) and the variety of themes running throughout the compilation, everything from anal to double penetration to ass-to-mouth and much more. This collection truly is one to get a hold of, especially for the fans of Rocco’s flicks. Because many of the scenes are from the archives, don’t expect to see a lot of highly produced moments. It’s truly a collection of gonzo fuck sessions. Adding something new to the collection such as a few interviews or other never-before-seen footage from these scenes would have taken the flick to a new dimension. So, I recommend this one. It’s a good solid compilation of archival footage that you’ve probably not seen in years and will enjoy seeing again and having all in one DVD.

Scene 1: From Initiations 6 - Katja, Cecilia, Kyra Cat, Franco Roccaforte and Rocco Siffredi

There’s a little POV action in the opening scene of the compilation as Rocco films Katja, Cecilia and Kyra taking his cock out of his pants. These redhead wonders are all surprised at just how big Rocco’s cock really is as they each get on their knees and attempt to deep throat his meat. Cecilia is the first to brave Rocco’s cock and he buries it deep in her ass in standing doggy position. Franco joins in on the action and fucks Kyra missionary style on the kitchen table. She’s soon the recipient of some ATM action from Rocco as he slips his dick in and out of Cecilia’s ass and then into Kyra’s mouth. Franco continues to pound her pussy. Cecilia is thoroughly enjoying Rocco’s cock and is practically shivering in pleasure, but she really starts shivering when she takes Rocco and Franco DP style in cowgirl position. Kyra is still in love with the ATM, slurping up Rocco’s dick as it comes out of Katja’s ass. She ultimately becomes a receptacle for Rocco’s cum as he pulls out of Katja’s ass and cums directly in Kyra’s mouth. Franco soon pops too, shooting all over Cecilia’s face and mouth.

Scene 2: From Nasty Tails 3 - Judith Fox, Jazz Duro, Omar Galanti and Diether Von Stein

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Judith is showing her ass off for the camera, pulling up her skirt and rubbing her ass cheeks as Omar watches. She soon finds herself handling two big cocks in her mouth, jerking and pulling on each as she tries to squeeze them down her throat. It’s not long before the guys are fucking her throat, making her gag.  She sits on a barstool so Jazz can eat her pussy from behind while Omar continues to stuff her face with his cock. Jazz soon stuffs her ass with his dick in doggy position over the barstool. Judith is a trooper, taking cock in both ends and loving it. Omar gets his turn in Judith’s ass and he pounds her hard. She’s in an anal love fest now, taking Jazz up the ass in doggy position. She’s keeping her eye on the camera and really bringing the viewer into her pleasure zone. Jazz crouches over her to fuck her mouth and then he pulls out and comes directly in it. Omar keeps the anal love going in missionary position and follows suit by coming on her feet.

Scene 3: From Animal Trainer 2 – Dorotella, Stefany and Nacho Vidal

Dorotella is looking to buy a car. She’s on the showroom floor and Nacho has her contract ready for her to sign. He wants to get the deal done, but it’s becoming clear that Dorotella has her mind on something else as she starts to rub on Nacho. Dorotella exudes natural, sexual heat on film. It doesn’t take long for her to heat up and she’s like a wild animal crazing Nacho’s cock.

This makes for a very intense scene. She gets her mouth fucked hard in Nacho’s office and she even licks Nacho’s ass before he pounds her up her ass in doggy position over the desk. Stefany joins in on the action, sucking Nacho’s cock before he stuffs it up Dorotella’s ass again in reverse cowgirl position. It doesn’t take long before Nacho is shooting cum all over Dorotella’s face, covering one eye in the white stuff.

Scene 4: From Dirty Dreams 8 – Annet, Bacr, Angel, Slonik, Vadim and Omar Galanti

Scene four brings the first of several group sex scenes, this time involving six horny stars. Omar is one of the crazy ring masters of this scene, running from girl to girl, conquering their assholes first. He’s focused on Annet, fucking her up the ass in cowgirl position, then pinning her to the floor in doggy position and fucking her up the ass. Two of the guys pull an ATM on Annet, cumming in her mouth right out of another girl’s ass. Omar keeps up the anal doggy and does an ATM out of Angel’s ass into Annet’s mouth as he cums.

Scene 5: From Dirty Dreams 8 – Liza Monelli, Vanessa Hill and Leslie Taylor

Vanessa is busy getting her pussy eating out thoroughly by Liza. Both girls are really into this girl-on-girl action and Vanessa soon cums from Liza’s fingers and tongue. Leslie adds his cock to the party, giving the girls his meat to suck on. They share it for a short time before Liza takes it up her ass in reverse cowgirl. Vanessa is busy licking Liza’s pussy and sucking Leslie’s cock right out of Liza’s ass. Liza rides Leslie in cowgirl position now up the ass and Vanessa seems insatiable as she licks up and down from Leslie’s balls all the way up to Vanessa’s ass. Vanessa’s cowgirl riding gets Leslie off and he cums on both girls’ faces. They fight over his cock, slurping up any cum in the area.

Scene 6: From Initiations 2 – Kati, Nikolett, Zenza Raggi, David Perry, Remigio Zampa and Rocco Siffredi

Kati is horny already, stripping for Rocco and teasing him on the balcony. Rocco introduces her to the guys and the lady of the house, Nikolett, and the actions immediately takes off. Kati gets right on top of a hard cock and rides it up the ass in reverse cowgirl position. The two redheads in this scene are somewhat shy, making them even more attractive. They are a hesitant in the beginning about grabbing hold of the hard cocks now surrounding them from David, Zenza and Remigio, but they eventually warm up by sucking on Remigio’s dick. Kati reaches for David’s cock and jerks it off right onto her face and in her mouth. Nikolett wastes no time licking it all up as Remigio shoots his load on Nikolett’s face.

Rocco has his way with both girls, fucking Nikolett in reverse cowgirl and then in standing doggy before cumming in her mouth.

Scene 7: From Nasty Tails 6 - Judith Fox, Lilith, Zenza Raggi and Cristian

Zenza grabs hold of Judith’s ass and helps her out of her clothes, licking her pussy in the process. Judith transitions to sucking Zenza’s cock just as Cristian arrives. Cristian feeds Judith his dick while Zenza fucks her doggy style then in reverse cowgirl. The fucking gets to Judith and she cums on Zenza in reverse cowgirl, quivering on top of him. But Judith has only just begun to take cock now that Cristian stuffs her ass with his dick in cowgirl position. Zenza doesn’t let up either, stuffing his cock down her throat. Now with her ass all warmed up, Judith gets DPd in cowgirl position with Cristian in her pussy and Zenza in her ass. They pump her holes and then shoot their loads directly in her mouth.

Scene 8: From True Anal Stories 4 – T.J. Hart, Julia Taylor, Zsoit Nemes, Mike Foster, Frank Gun, Leslie Taylor

TJ is admiring Julia’s hard firm body and she introduces her to a room full of hard and ready guys. Both TJ and Julia are being manhandled by these guys and Frank has decided to Julia’s ass is ready to be fucked.  He fucks her in reverse cowgirl up her ass hole while she sucks on another dick. TJ is getting pummeled as well in reverse cowgirl up her ass with Leslie’s cock. There’s no escape for TJ and Julia as both their assholes and mouths are stuffed full of cock.

Julia is soon being DPd in reverse cowgirl and she’s going wild as she gets pounded. Not wanting to be left behind, TJ takes two dicks as well in doggy position and she’s screaming with every stroke. The girls take their pummeling and loads of cum as the guys blow their loads all over TJ and Julia’s faces.

Scene 9: From True Anal Stories 10 – Vivien, Rocco Siffredi and Paul Little

Rocco starts tongue lashing Vivien’s pussy as she bends over the desk. She turns around to suck on his cock and Rocco slips her his dick, fucking her pussy in missionary position. Paul enters the room as Rocco is fucking Vivien up her ass in missionary position. She reaches for his cock and sucks him off while hosting Rocco in her ass. Paul fucks her ass then pulls out and cums in her mouth. She jerks Rocco’s cock but he’s not done with her yet, fucking her ass in doggy position and in revers cowgirl. He also DPs her with his dick up her ass and a dildo up her pussy. He pulls out and cums all over her face.

Scene 10: From True Anal Stories 13 – Julia Taylor, Katy Moore, Jonny Montana, Leslie Taylor, Rocco Siffredi and David Perry

Julia has made it into another scene in Rocco’s compilation. This time, she’s joined by Katy Moore as the two girls suck cock. Julia is the first to take cock up the ass and she’s doing it well in doggy position, getting pounded by Jonny. But Julia loves a good DP and she’s at it again, taking David and Leslie in cowgirl position. She’s stuffed and loving it as Rocco and David start working on Katy, pouncing her doggy style. Katy jerks Rocco off until he cums in her mouth.  

Scene 11: From True Anal Stories 19 – Sheila Rossi, Piroska, Sandra Taylor, Nacho Vidal and Rocco Siffredi

Piroska has a beautiful ass and Rocco is admiring it. He gets her to bend over and he fingers her pussy, making her squirt. It looks like she’s in a trance as she takes Rocco’s cock in reverse cowgirl position up her ass on the swing. Piroska has completely surrendered to Rocco’s cock as Nacho steps in. The threesome makes their way indoors where Sandra sits on Rocco’s cock in reverse cowgirl. She’s taking him up the ass too and so is Shelia who is taking Nacho up her ass. Nacho quickly pulls out and cums on Shelia and Sandra’s faces. Rocco repeats.

Scene 12: From True Anal Stories 17 – Stefany, Selly Elson, Nacho Vidal and James Brossman

The final scene of the compilation put Stefany and Selly outdoors with Nacho and James and by now we know exactly what’s going to happen. Stefany comes across as the horniest starlet in this scene, reaching and grabbing at the guys. She finally gets her cock, but not until Nacho has buried his face in her pussy. Selly sucks James off and then both girls enter their cock assault. James fucks Stefany first as Selly rides Nacho in cowgirl position on the picnic table. These girl’s assholes get punished, especially from Nacho’s incessant pumping and pounding. Nacho and James cum all over Stefany’s face and she licks up their cum.

Final Thoughts:

Compilations can sometimes be good and can sometimes be bad. Often times the scenes that are being pulled for a compilation may be relatively new scenes, ones that haven’t been around all that long. So for avid porn viewers, chances are that they’ve seen the scenes recently or may even still have the original movies that the scenes came from. What I like about Rocco’s Best Redheads is that he really went back into his archives and pulled some long forgotten scenes that celebrate redheads getting fucked on film. So from that standpoint, it makes this compilation something worth getting a hold of. My guess is that many of these scenes were originally distributed on VHS, making them impossible to find these days. It’s nice to have these scenes pulled and added to a DVD. Because many of these scenes truly are from the archives, don’t expect too much in the way of highly polished and produced scenes. These are straightforward gonzo fuck session with our redheads taking cock in every hole allowed. Anal and DP sex abounds in this collection and it’s worth the watch. I recommend Rocco’s Best Redheads, primarily because he did a good job of bringing back some long forgotten, hardcore scenes that will still get you raring to go once you see them. 

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