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Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/23/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Scenes linked to full versions of scenes below courtesy of the Woodrocket website


Woodrocket/Zero Tolerance

Genre: Web-to-DVD, Parody

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Director: Lee Roy Myers & “Huggy”


Cast: Violet Monroe, Anthony Rosano, Seths Beard, Aiden Starr, Maxine X, Kris Slater, Dick Chibbles, Don Swanson, Leslie Grope, Dani Jensen, James Deen, Gaia, Peter O’Tool, Chloe Addison, Tommy Pistol, Veruca James

Length: 150:15 minutes

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: The first disc had a pop shot compilation from the scenes. The second disc began with a 21:46 minute long Behind the Scenes feature with clips from each of the parodies rendered for the show. There were then trailers to the parodies, to shows by distributing company Zero Tolerance, trailers for Evolved Novelties toys, and a photogallery.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Pornocopia was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Lee Roy Myers & “Huggy” for Woodrocket to be distributed by Zero Tolerance. While these skits were shot for the web, it looked like substantial care was used in the various green screen effects, the lighting, editing, and other technical aspects to provide a similar, though certainly adult oriented, experience on par with their mainstream originals, some name changes and situation changes applied to pornify the results accordingly. While none of the scenes had a high dollar look, each seemed oddly appropriate for the specific parody, the parodies averaging about a half hour each. The aural components were presented on DVD in monaural rather than stereo but frankly, I don’t know too many people who listen to porn with headphones and nobody with any sense really believes any of the companies offer a true surround sound experience no matter what their shills try to sell you so I was happy that the vocals were clear, the scores well done, and the ambient sound effects better than most.


Body of Review: Lee Roy Myers is one of the most talented creative minds in porn these days, the man eschewing the usual production company and distribution racket for the most part to forge his own path at Woodrocket. Every once in awhile, he releases a DVD courtesy of Zero Tolerance that bundles up some of his scenes for the disc market for us collectors, this time joining with fellow director “Huggy” to release a movie called Pornocopia. While most in the jizz biz simply label a mirrored copy of a movie (sex added in) as a “parody” these days, no true attempt to create anything even approaching the term, Lee and the crew at Woodrocket try something different. For the most part, they try to be funny and entertaining, their success rate for such being vastly higher than their traditional porn producing peers. That doesn’t weaken the strength of their sex scenes though, this second tenant of Lee’s works helping keep us coming back for more. The DVD in question this time combines five of Lee’s (and Huggy’s) latest parodies using some of the funniest folks in porn, the results speaking for themselves in terms of how entertaining they were as well as how on the mark they turned out as true parodies of their source material. With ladies such as Aiden Starr, Veruca James, Dani Jensen, Chloe Addison and others matched up against the likes of James Deen, Anthony Rosano, and Tommy Pistol, the technical wizardry handled by Lee and crew, how could I go wrong with this one?

The back cover described the double disc title like this: “The masterminds at America's dirtiest comedy shop, Woodrocket, have been working long and hard making X-rated versions of the most unlikely subjects of pop culture. Now Zero Tolerance has collected the cream of their parody crop of this unforgettable collection of hardcore hits that just keep coming, including many scenes that have never been seen by the naked eye. Find out what millions of on-line pervs and comedy connoisseurs already know, that Woodrocket is fucking funny!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: The Knobbit: Violet Monroe, Anthony Rosano, and Seths Beard provided the initial entry in the parody production, Anthony offering one of the most hilarious roles of his lengthy career as a certain hobbit hooking up with an admittedly creepy looking Violet (courtesy of special effects) after being dragged on a quest by a well known wizard (portrayed by Seth). Anthony’s narration and improv skills were great and Violet’s over the top version of Gollum had me busting out a few times. Sexually, she inhaled his turgid member while on her knees, keeping eye contact and playing with his balls before he wrapped his rascal and started boning her snatch. She was an active vaginal rider with some solid taste testing skills, her nut nuzzling draining his dragon of semen as he tossed off onto her face.



Scene Two: Porks and Recreation: Aiden Starr, a busty blond beauty as seen on the upper right corner of the front cover, was up next with Maxine X, Kris Slater, Don Swanson, Leslie Grope, and scene partner Dick Chibbles, in a take on a popular NBC situation comedy. Aiden did not surprise me that she had a comedic streak a mile long, after all, my belief is that all movies are better for her participation, but some of the others gave sublime performances as well. Sexually, she demanded Dick give her, well… dick, and knelt between his legs while he was seated at his desk to blow him. She applied some hand to gland friction but was most successful without any hands at all, the gal throating him with ease as both became increasingly naked. Dick, a known comic to begin with, threw in some zingers along the way though juicy Aiden was already wet and her neatly trimmed pubes looked almost as good as her yummy ass. Dick gobbled her gash and they boned actively, more oral along the way leading to the expected plastering of her face with sperm, the scene shot in the style of the television show throughout, some additional humor added in after the sex.



Scene Three: Sex Toy Story: Dani Jensen, Veruca James, and James Deen, were up next in a partially animated skit that started to look like a commercial for Evolved Novelties (of which I have reviewed numerous devices and found them excellent) as it began with Veruca having a sexy solo scene on a bed. The toys complained how much she uses them so Dani suggested that if they make some new toys, each would get less play time. That meant her and James went at each other, peeling off their costumes to eat ass, suck pussy, blow cock, do some foot fetish action, and vaginally ride like the wind with additional oral tossed in for good measure. That the ending text spoke of a creampie in the protected sex tryst was all fine and good but this encounter ended with hilarious James busting a nut all over her sweet ass.



Scene Four: The Rob Ford Sex Tape: Gaia, Anthony Rosano, and Peter O’Tool, were up next lampooning the Toronto mayor known best for his substance abuse scandals. When I first saw the picture of the team on the lower right corner of the cover, from a distance at least, I thought it was a spoof of Rush Limbaugh but Peter did a pretty fair (and funny) spoof of the mayor as well, Gaia doing a solo outing (with an Evolved Novelties toy) on the couch before Anthony provided a POV stunt cock for Peter. It was a blowjob and vaginal scene where curvy Gaia did a fine job riding and providing eye contact with the camera, her bald beaver easily accommodating Anthony’s rod though she moaned excessively as though she were sitting on a bed of fire ants. The comedy of this one wasn’t as immediate, as strong, or as lengthy but there was a fair amount of potential for a follow up from what I’ve seen in the news about the mayor. It ended when he buttered her tongue with his semen, the credits rolling soon afterwards.



Scene Five: Sponge Knob Square Nuts 2: Chloe Addison, Tommy Pistol, and Anthony Rosano were in the latest spoof of the horrible children’s cartoon, some animated opening song credits admittedly funnier than the original to start off with. The green screen effect added to the impact, Tommy serving as “Knob’s” (Anthony) sidekick starfish. Chloe was a suitable partner for the two clowns, let’s face it, both men are recognized regularly as two of the funniest men in porn (vying for the top spot with James for roles), though she started off using a certain company’s sex toys to warm up with on the bed. Her pussy looked awesome and I found her juicy ass appealing as well, the busty blond bombshell bringing the men in with her talented oral efforts as she alternated between them. This led to oral and vaginal fun, Chloe putting on a condom like a seasoned professional as she listened to Tommy’s hilarious rantings. She was an active rider and it was a lot of fun, the scene making the double entendres of the cartoon seem pretty weak by comparison. It ended as expected with the guys depositing their semen on her face and tits, the ending credits listing Lee as the director for this one too.


The Master of parodies himself, Lee Roy Myers

Summary: Pornocopia by directors Lee Roy Myers & “Huggy” for Woodrocket was admittedly not your generic stroke flick and thankfully, it didn’t try to be everything to everyone as it would inevitably fail by doing so. What it did offer was strokable sex wrapped in some of the most creative parody shorts released this year, the cast and crew combining forces to earn a rating of Highly Recommended that the general porn watching population could appreciate. Sexually, I thought Aiden Starr was on the top of the list here, followed by Chloe Addison and Dani Jensen, but for comedy purposes, it was a complete toss up depending on what tickles your funny bone. In short, Pornocopia was a select set of five parody shorts all doused heavily in porn elements designed to make you laugh and horny at the same time so give it a look, links provided on the screen captures.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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