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Raw Talent

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/16/14

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Category: All Sex/Amateur



Cast: Keisha Grey/Audrina Grace/Isabella De Santos/Sophia Steele/Valentina/Chris Strokes/Ralph Long/Justin Tyme/Mirko

Director: Ralph Long

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery

Release Date: 6/5/2014

Runtime: 138 Mins

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Scene 1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*Scene to Remember*

 Keisha Grey/Chris Strokes




The premiere scene in Airerose's 'Raw Talent' begins as we see the quickly rising new-cummer Keisha Grey in a short pre-scene interview with our director. This is the first I've seen of Keisha in a candid talk and I must say she seems to have the perfect attitude for porn lovers across the globe to latch onto. The interview moves into a short tease in the coming moments where Keisha shakes her ass for a while before the music takes over and a fantastic tease and masturbation session takes place. The action starts after cocksman Chris Strokes steps onto set for a cock-worshipping blowie from the cutie before he turns her around and initiates a doggie style penis plunge into the nether depths of Keisha's cooz canal. Sex is solid right off the rip, showcasing an unabatedly horned up Keisha Grey getting plowed like the dickens and looking to love every single second of it. The scene reverts back to the bj throughout most of the position changes, with Keisha even saucing things up a bit at midway point by rimming our pal Chris's asshole for good merit. Wow. This hottie does it all, and I fucking love it. The scene comes to an end after around 30 minutes of solid fucking (as well as a great chemistry between Chris and Keisha) with Chris slathering his sauce over Keisha's kisser before she gives him a couple of final sucks to show her appreciation. Good stuff. One of the better scenes I've watched in a while to be honest, I'm starting to understand why there is so much attention being thrown in Keisha Grey's direction. I haven't seen a girl like her come around in a while to be honest, and after watching this scene there is really no doubt in my mind that the sky is the limit for Keisha; Her passion and energy translates great to viewers and radiates wonderfully throughout this segment. Well done. 


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Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Sophia Steele/Ralph Long

The second scene in the film begins in the same manner as the first, this time with our director Ralph talking with brand new girl Sophia Steele. We learn a few things about Sophia throughout this segment: She is NOT down with anal, she is studying to be a nurse, and she likes country music; None of which surprised me coming from new girls to today's porn industry. Anyways, the scene gets underway with some uncomfortable ass shaking from Sophia, eventually moving into a nice walkshot that commences the preliminary tease segment. The tease is fair at best, ending when dong soldier Ralph Long steps into view for the preparatory blowie. The bj is short lived and lacks some energy on Sophia's part but seems to get better as it continues, before Ralph plunges his bologna in her one-hole while she rides him in a standard cowgirl style fuck. Sex gets pretty hard here, with Ralph vigorously pounding Sophia's creamy center, but the camera has a pretty flimsy angle of it making things a little less attractive from a viewer's standpoint. Sex moves through a lot of what one would expect in your standard scene, having a much less captivating feel to it all than the previous one, but still not altogether bad in any way. Things comes to their eventual end when Mr Long empties his jizz whistle onto Sophia's cum-kisser for a pretty spacious facial before the screen abruptly cuts to the next scene. Nothing necessarily great here, but certainly watchable, just slow at times. 


Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Valentina/Justin Tyme

Simply named 'Valentina' is the focal point of our third scene, kicking things off with another candid pre-scene interview where we learn a bit about her background and musical likings....again. Cool. Anyways, the intro then moves into a poolside tease where Valentina oils her naked body up after taking a dip and plays with her pussy on a tanning chair while making a decent effort to interact with the camera, which is always a nice touch. New stunt cock Justin tyme soon steps onto set where he is welcomed from Valentina with a decent blowie before burying his sword into her vag for a doggie style dick down to initiate sex. Action is fairly complacent from both stars early on, reaching better moments as the scene progresses but seeming to be mostly a quiet and relatively "let's get this over with" kind of feel. At least from a viewer's standpoint that's what I took away from it. The scene ultimately caps off with Justin blasting a sizable jizzload over Valentina's perfectly propped up backside for what is certainly the most noteworthy moment in this otherwise drab scene. Not great. 


Scene 4:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Audrina Grace/Mirko

Audrina Grace is next up, only having done a handful of porn scenes as that seems to be the ongoing theme of most of the girls cast in this film. After the mandatory interview a slow moving and extremely boring tease sequence takes place, before Mirko steps in to feed her his dong in an attempt to fill in what the beginning moments lacked. The blowie has some decent energy from Audrina,who's rack is certainly worth mentioning as Mirko jostles his dick between them for some old school titty fucking. Sex gets going with a missionary style dick plunge that picks up nicely as Audrina softly moans to the heavens while her boytoy thrusts his throttle inward, with action moving through a plethora of position changes as things move forward. The scene again reaches major points of slowness, while attempting to pick up at times but ultimately falling short in my opinion. The finale takes place after what is definitely the most intense fuck-segment in the scene, with Mirko slathering his sauce atop Audrina's meat puppets as he's greeted with a mere smile before the screen fades. Another passable scene here if you ask me, attempting to present itself as more but failing to do so. Bleh.


Scene 5:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Isabella De Santos/Ralph Long

The final scene in Airerose's Raw Talent features 26 year old Isabella De Santos, who is celebrating her second day in porn as we learn in the pre-scene interview. After the interview, action moves indoors, where the beautiful Isabella grabs something to wet her whistle before director Ralph Long steps in for his second appearance in the film. The tease is ignored here, which really sucks since Isabella seems like she'd be great at it, but she certainly gives an attentive (albeit way too short) blowjob to Ralph to kick things off, so that's a plus I suppose. The fucking begins with a doggie style over-the-kitchen-counter-fuck from Ralph, that has Isabella moaning in acceptance as we get some choice views of this hottie throughout. Afterwards, action moves from a 69 to a cowgirl fuck, showcasing what is easily the most intense and energetic encounter since the very first scene in the film. Isabella is a go-getter and she shows it here; she seems to really let herself go as the scene progresses, letting Ralph's cock do a lot of the work but enjoying herself fully as she does so. Camera angles also seem to be much stronger in this scene, or maybe it's just Isabella's interaction -either way, there's a noticeably stronger action here that much of the film lacks in the middle stages. The scene caps off with Ralph pumping out his penile fluids over a hilariously befuddled Isabella, before she realizes that it's a porn movie and allows her co-star to drain what's left of his nuts on her willing face. Second day in porn? She gets a free pass for that one, especially since this scene easily trumps the second, third, and fourth one by a longshot. Let's all hope that Isabella sticks around for the long haul, she could be someone to watch for. 



Raw Talent from Airerose Entertainment, by director Ralph Long had some better moments than my previously reviewed 'Big Ass Crush' from the newly self-crowned 'High End' porn kings, but I'd be remiss to tell you that there is any real reason that you should go and buy this film. Two of the five scenes were well worth a whack but the rest of it is really nothing to write home about. Film quality was also notably better than what I've seen from previous Airerose releases, but still a long way from high end in porn, in my humble opinion. I'm not a huge fan of the pre-scene interviews (leave it for BTS footage) but the film has some promising moments throughout it's 138 minute runtime, and these do provide a little insight into the stars for those interested. Keisha Grey was a certain highlight in the film, as was Isabella, while the middle of the movie provides as nothing more than filler as far as I'm concerned. Extras include some cool BTS footage between Chris Strokes and Keisha where the hot newbie shows her complete lust for Mr Strokes, as well as some standard bts boring-ness from some of the rest of the scenes in the film. It's great to see new studio's like Airerose come around, I really hope they'll stick around and work to become what they say they already are - a high end porn studio. This film has some promising moments throughout a couple of the segments, so if there's still anyone out there who rents porn, give it a look. Otherwise you're not missing out on much. Rent it.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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