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Your Lips My Ass

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/30/14

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Your Lips My Ass: Glenn King’s Favorite Ass Worship!

Evil Angel/Mean Bitch Productions/Buttman Magazine Choice

Genre: Female Domination, Ass Worship, Compilation

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Director: Glenn King


Cast: Alexis Texas, Jeremy Conway, Nicole Aniston, Deviant Kade, Kelly Divine, Kyle Stone, Anikka Albrite, Kimberly Kane, Kid Dynamite, Julie Cash, Tom Byron, Kiara Mia, Guy DiSilva, Kelli Staxxx, Krissy Lynn

Length: 184:55 minutes

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: There was a cast list, filmographies, trailers, and web links.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Your Lips My Ass was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Glenn King for Evil Angel. The lighting was on the subdued side so there were shadows and the resolution wasn’t as solid as some of Glenn’s newest works, the single camera approach at least capturing the energy and dynamic of the female domination theme fairly well in most cases. The flesh tones were accurate and there was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner the entire show but most of the footage looked just like it did in the original productions the scenes were harvested from. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English, the vocals sometimes on the hollow side but easily heard, some limited music at the beginning and end of the show expected.


Body of Review: Glenn King is currently one of the best directors that caters to Femdom or female domination scenes in the industry. Over the years he has developed an evolving dynamic that fans appreciate, his most recent works at Evil Angel impressing even those who are not devoted fans of the whole female in charge genre. His latest release while we all wait for “Maneaters 2” is a compilation of nine scenes called Your Lips My Ass: Glenn King’s Favorite Ass Worship, each of the scenes taken from the popular FemDom Ass Worship series. With performers such as Alexis Texas, Kelly Divine. Anikka Albrite, and numerous others taking charge of the lowest dregs of the meat puppet circuit, those into seeing the men squirm as they rim and otherwise service the curvy babes will have a lot to appreciate if this is your thing. The guys get off at the end when the women jerk them off but that is about as much sex as they receive having earned a lot more via their extensive oral efforts, many of the scenes here definitely among the best the series has to offer. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Femdom Ass Worship 18: Alexis Texas, Jeremy Conway: Alexis Texas, the multi-award winning blond bombshell seen featured on the left side of the front cover, was up first dominating Jeremy Conway. Alexis was dressed up in black fetish attire, her thong riding deep in her ass crack and her hand brandishing a paddle as she set her slave straight. As is the norm of the series, the opening tease had her show off her body, especially her ass, this one sweetening it by adding in scene details like how she bought him for seven dollars and that she was going to teach him her way of doing things. Her ass was firm and tasty looking, Jeremy laying prone on his stomach on a padded bench while she hovered over him. He was then forced to kneel before her, Alexis jamming his face deep into her ass crack so he could not breathe. She removed her thong and he rimmed her at length, some foot fetish included though he also gobbled her gash. This was the longest scene of the bunch and lasted the better part of an hour, more oral on all her appropriate parts such as when she squatted over him or otherwise positioned him to her taste. The endless stream of dirty talk enhanced the moment too, a failed quiz enraging Alexis to the point where she pushed him even further. At the end, she positioned herself in a 69 so he could go down on her one last time while she beat his meat, his small load of genetic juice landing on his stomach though she did not feed him any of the ball batter.

Scene Two: Femdom Ass Worship 15: Nicole Aniston, Deviant Kade: Nicole Aniston, the blond featured on the center of the front cover, was up first in a yellow bikini, her ass crack eating her bottom as she explained to the camera how her fans have begged for her to do more of this kind of thing. After the obligatory tease that involved sitting on the edge of a black chair, she was caught fooling around by Deviant Kade on the bed. She claimed the guy (Glenn King) was a fireman who put out a fire and upon further discussion, he brought up some text messages which led to her kicking him out. The loser then ended up kissing her feet and begging to stay rather than kicking her ass (sweet though it may be) to the curb, followed by extensive rimming of her ass while she berated him, and face sitting. This process was repeated and she jerked his small cock off (the gal laughing at how small it was, comparing it to a girl’s clit) until he came a modest amount of spunk on her hand to orally cleanse with his tongue.

Scene Three: Femdom Ass Worship 19: Kelly Divine, Kyle Stone: Kelly Divine, the ever popular booty babe featured on the left side of the front cover, was up first teasing in a blue dress. Underneath it she wore pink bikini undies, her luxurious ass cheeks swallowing her thong as she bent over and sat on an exercise ball while spewing hateful verbiage. Once the tease was over, she had a vignette with Kyle Stone, the man arguing with her over her cheating ways. She beaned him with a baseball bat and he had a case of amnesia, Kelly taking advantage of the situation by making him worship her curvy ass once she stripped. He gave her a lot of oral as he rimmed her and gobbled her gash, Kelly guiding him into doing what she fancied. Kyle hammed it up as she smothered his face in various ways, the foot worshipping taking place once he removed some of his attire to join her. Towards the end of the scene, she beat him off so his genetic juice flew all over his lap, the rushed nature of the ending kind of weakening it for me though this was the best scene of the bunch (for me).

Scene Four: Femdom Ass Worship 20: Anikka Albrite, Kyle Stone: Anikka Albrite, the sexy blond babe featured on the right side of the front cover, was up first as a bad girl student wanting to show Kyle Stone who was really in charge of after school detention. She wore tight blue jean shorts and a loose top, her high heel boots adding to her sexy persona as she showed off her goodies in the opening tease. Her black thong ran up her ass crack and she sounded like a natural when speaking of the need to worship her ass, Kyle looking at a naughty Buttman magazine while ogling the gal until detention ended. That was when she made her move, Anikka climbing onto his desk to strip, making Kyle work for his object of lust as she berated him verbally. Anikka was one of the most playful ladies I’ve seen in the series, the camera angles also looking like they were upgraded as she had him orally work her perfect pucker and gobble her gash. There was foot worship too, Anikka forcing him to spend ample time on her feet orally, as well as face sitting, the gal jerking him off to a countdown to unleash his modest amount of genetic juice, the splooge landing mainly on her hand.

Scene Five: Femdom Ass Worship 10: Kimberly Kane, Kid Dynamite: In a scene of utter dominance, Kimberly Kane just orders a guy around like he was a wimpy piece of shit and buries his face in her ass, which is not bad looking, but Kimberly is somewhat slutty looking and with this look is somewhat hot to watch, her mouth dirty and her legs extra long. She 69’s him and in what seemed to be an interminably long jerk-off sequence, the guy finally explodes like a mini-Krakatoa. (review by Marine Hardcore)

Scene Six: Femdom Ass Worship 21: Julie Cash, Tom Byron: Julie Cash, the busty blond bombshell featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up next with Tom Byron, the male easily the highest profile guy of the series to date. She began her tease in tight black pants, sitting on a bar stool to showcase her ass before she encountered Tom Byron talking to Brooke Haven. Tom looked a lot like George Carlin with his graying beard, Brooke excusing herself as Julie berated the guy. She presented her ass for him to worship and grabbed his face to draw into her thick rump, the BBW gal demanding foot service as well as a lot of gash gobbling, her ass provided even more dedicated oral as the scene continued. She pulled his pecker a little and he took up beating his meat when she did not, the gal jerking him off to completion while he ate her in a 69, the population pudding landing as much on her hand as all over his lap though he did not have to savor his own baby batter like the others in the series generally do.

Scene Seven: Femdom Ass Worship 14: Kiara Mia, Guy DiSilva: Kiara Mia, a thick Latina with a big juicy ass, was up next in a red and black dominatrix outfit as she teased in a dungeon. She spread her ass cheeks and provided a lot of dirty talk, sitting on a bench to emphasize the shapely rump before the tease was over and Guy DiSilva was rimming her at length like a little puppet. Guy is popular in small circles as the performer who most looks like President Obama, the light skinned black male complying with Kiara’s easy demands as opposed to the other ladies who were bitchy in their scenes. He went from kneeling before a standing Kiara to her bending over on all fours so he could rim her better and deeper, the duo moving to her sitting on his face and smothering him before she knelt above him on all fours and jerked him off to completion. He erupted all over her hand and his stomach with the camera fading out from there.

Scene Eight: Femdom Ass Worship 18: Kelli Staxxx, Jeremy Conway: Kelli Staxxx, the pleasingly thick blond seen on the center of the front cover, was up last as a demanding bitch taking charge of her landlord, Jeremy Conway. Apparently, he had been peeping on her and she was no longer going to pay rent, the gal forcing him to remove his clothes to show his submission to her superiority. She wore a blue tube top and short black skirt, some fishnet stockings and thong completing the picture. She was sitting on his couch when the tease ended, the gal playing hard to get as he stumbled through asking her for past due rent. She towered over him in her stripper shoes and she attacked him for asking, slapping him around as she screeched regarding the topic at hand. Kelli demanded he get naked and become her pet dog, licking her feet as he groveled on the floor. The toe sucking was more extensive than in the other scenes, the bulk of the rest of the action centering on face sitting and rimming. Kelli had a filthy mouth and proved to enjoy the fetish action, the fluffy gal requiring him to spread her ass wide so he could get to every last inch. She actively rode his face at length, telling him this was just the first day of the rest of her servitude, the gal using both hands to drain his balls dry of spew that landed on his abdomen.

Scene Nine: Femdom Ass Worship 13: Krissy Lynn, Deviant Kade: Krissy Lynn, the curvy babe seen on the far right side, was up next as a model participating in a fetish shoot, Deviant Kade accommodating her needs in setting up until she walked back in the locker room to find him sniffing her panties out of her suitcase. She wrestled him to the ground and sat on his face, her black fetish attire getting all sweaty as she took further control of the mope with time. The face sitting led to foot servicing, her demands to do as she pleased including her using her feet to rub his pecker through his jeans. She stuck his head in a toilet and they continued the usual dynamic, the chair sitting episode helping her ass look fantastic as he rimmed her soundly. There was a nod to food fetish too, the gal taking a thrown away donut to feed him via her feet, Krissy jerking him off as his spunk flew wildly onto his body while he ate ass.


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Summary: Your Lips My Ass by director Glenn King for Evil Angel was a well rounded selection of scenes starring some of the highlight acts to hit the series in recent years, the curvy ladies each offering their own physical appeal as they command their mopes to worship their asses at length. Rating compilations is tough because a general audience isn’t going to find most of this of interest and the true believers will already have most of the source material found here (I have most of the volumes in the series myself, I just never got around to filling in the missing gaps of my collection) so I’m going to rate this 3+ hour extravaganza of unedited scenes as a solid Rent It, those new to female domination should certainly pick up a copy for your collection until you get the rest of them (maybe Glenn will make you a package deal) but there was a lot of fun here if you like the genre. In short, Your Lips My Ass: Glenn King’s Favorite Ass Worship! was a collection of nine scenes from the back catalog of the Femdom Ass Worship series starring a bunch of big name ladies with big name booties getting one over on a group of lower tier mopes so give it a look if this is your kind of thing.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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