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Voracious Season Two Volume 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/2/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Voracious Season 2: Volume 3 (episodes 8 to 12)

Evil Angel

Genre: Web-to-DVD, Horror

Director: John Stagliano


Cast: Lea Lexis, Rain DeGrey, Chastity Lynn, Jessie Volt, Ashley Fires, Roxy Raye, Stoya, Rocco Siffredi
Non-sex or limited sex roles: Christian Mann, Miz Berlin, James Deen, Wolf Hudson

Length: 153:33 minutes

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Date of Production: 2014


Extras: There were some partial filmographies for a few of the ladies, a cast list by episode, some trailers, art captures (photogalleries), and a few websites but that was all. Keep in mind that this is the third volume of the second season, unlike the first season which was released as a single set of discs with all the extras together (for a higher price).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Voracious Season 2: Volume 3 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel. Unlike the first season that was released in a single boxed set after all the periodic episodes were released to fans, this second season shows Buttman releasing the DVD sets four or five episodes at a time, drawing out the show a bit for those of us that prefer a physical media release. I’ll be up front that I have avoided all media discussion about the episodes as they came out, my review below containing as few spoilers as possible to refrain from ruining the viewing experience for the rest of you. That said, the show is very dark thematically but also in terms of the way the episodes were lit, often just hints of light allowing the viewer to delve deeper into the sex and story elements which added replay value. There was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen during the show so it stood out compared to most company releases that are more traditionally lit. Still, a lot of thought went into the editing and framing of the scenes. No credits were provided for the crew yet but it was clearly a collaborative effort, the moody look of the show very well done. In the same sense, the aural components of the series were also well handled with a lot of care, the music and vocals blended in with appropriate ambient sounds to make it seem like a mainstream feature. There was precious little exposition this time but as I don’t intend on giving away major plot points, that makes it all the better.


Body of Review: John Stagliano is one of the recognized leaders of gonzo porn, his style of participating in action literally spawning generations of copycat directors over the years. John’s company, Evil Angel, is considered one of the biggest and brightest stars of the gonzo realm even now, years later, John focusing most of his talents on tease titles with minimal actual sexual contact these days. John’s upcoming volume of Voracious Season 2: Volume 3 (episodes 8 to 12) is a marked change from his usual material, a dark tale of vampires and sex continued. The whole sexy vampire porn angle is nothing new to the industry yet John took it to new heights (or depths) with his web-to-DVD show and later season set release awhile back, this sequel amounting to taking some of the characters on a new journey for fans to appreciate. Lea Lexis is back as is Rocco Siffredi, joined by former contract babe Stoya to weave another tale of darkness and depravity. Most of Stoya’s feature work to date has been very tame and lightweight, the same holding true for the rest of the cast (more or less), John allowing them all to let loose a bit in a darker look at things. The company website has not posted any description of the most recent set of episodes but suffice it to say that as the feature elements start coming to the close of the season (in volume four), the sexual elements are getting increasingly kinky, a religious angle brought in last time getting more attention and some key plot points come out (I don’t like revealing them, sorry). Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Christian Mann (RIP)


Episode Eight: A Body Built For Sin: Lea Lexis and Rain DeGrey were up first sexually after Miz Berlin and Christian Mann had a religious moment. Berlin as a statue transforming into human form was an interesting touch, her large breasts caressed and revealed in an enticing manner though the arm ink did not seem to work in the context of her portrayal any more than the stripper shoes, the moment definitely open to artistic interpretation. Then Lea, on the run and seeking sanctuary, hooked up with nun Rain, the interesting aspect being that the initial sexual aggressor was Rain, the nun, rather than Lea, the vampire. The sex was at night in a confined area surrounded by large metal bars, a lot of caresses and gash gobbling combined with ass rimming and religious commentary to make this a particularly decadent outing. In terms of the feature elements, those following the story to date will understand how the roles became reversed as Lea roughly reciprocated from a position of strength, slapping pussy and ass alike as she did not just physically dominate Rain but mentally as well. The sexual ending was not at all anticlimactic and the feature elements certainly came out as I foresaw them (knowing each from prior episodes) but that made it no less creepy in ways.



Episode Nine: Reborn: Chastity Lynn, Jessie Volt, Rain DeGrey, Ashley Fires, and Roxy Raye, as a group of nuns, were up next in a bathroom setting as Mother Superior led the others to dominate Chastity. The religious elements made me uncomfortable here too, the four ladies “baptizing” Chastity in her scrubbing water before some sex toys were used on asses, Chastity serving all of them orally as well as in whatever slutty manner they wanted. The ATM, use of anal toys, and lesbian gang bang aspects of the scene were pretty hot other than the addition of the religious stuff.



Episode Ten: The Devil Will Come To You: Ashley Fires, Jessie Volt, and Roxy Raye, were up next during their nightly bedtime prayers after Rain berated them (and smacked their tasty asses repeatedly). The scene included non-sex roles by Chastity Lynn and Rain DeGrey but the emphasis was definitely on the heated trio getting frisky with each other as their solo efforts warmed them up for a lesbian tryst in the darkened dormitory. The use of the red anal toy was visually interesting, the ladies sucking it clean before and after anal insertion on each other. Ashley seemed particularly intense as she propelled the scene by being in charge, each taking turns with the devil inside them to display anal gape hang times that showed their anal credentials. It was too short for my tastes but sexy all the same, their knowing smiles while getting off speaking volumes about their proclivities.



Episode Eleven: I Thought You Were Dead: Stoya, the beautiful young brunette featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, was then up with Rocco Siffredi, his own picture featured on the upper right corner, when he decided it was time to come back out of hiding to resume his role when he was clued in by Chastity regarding their location. There were some very brief cameos of a non-sex nature by Lea Lexis, Rain DeGrey, Chastity Lynn, James Deen, and Wolf Hudson but the central aspect of the episode was the reunion of Stoya and Rocco. She was clearly happy to see him and his hunger had grown while he recovered from a previous attack, the man sucking her tiny nipples and ass before moving to her pussy. Stoya loved the attention and showed a great deal of chemistry for the man as the sweaty duo went at each other, his oral exploits on her reciprocated mostly after he banged her like it had been far too long since he had gotten any. Her smile was more of a playful one than a lustful type I would have gone with but she sucked a good portion of his turgid pecker while applying some hand to gland friction, spreading her legs wide for him to vaginally pound as she overacted (a vampire saying “Oh my god” repeatedly seems a bit of a stretch, if you catch my drift). The moody music was splendid as they fucked, but thankfully Stoya started actively riding him when she was on top. Fans of foot fetish will appreciate that a lot of it took place too, the lack of a facial as she swallowed his semen out of his cock (and then he kissed her), might not work for some fans but the way they were dripping in sweat added to the effect.



Episode Twelve: You Know What It Means To Be A Vampire?: Chastity Lynn, the impure nun featured on the bottom portion of the front cover, was up last with Rocco Siffredi, their communication between the two part of the ongoing theme of the season. She desperately wanted to become one of his kind and he was not convinced, demanding she become his blood slave first as they met regarding the computer chat they engaged in previously. He had her naked in moments and bent over, the man stuffing his face in her ass to savor his desire to taste her ass before she aggressively slobbed his knob. He was rough with her in a way that his name almost announced beforehand these days but that was something she was clearly okay with, the throating and vaginal leading to anal sex that pushed her extensive limits. She was his slave in every sense of the word too, tossing his salad and doing his bidding as she bent over again with her ass cheeks spread to receive him, Rocco going balls deep on her sweet rump as she moaned in pleasure. The dark setting lent an air of mystery to the specifics but they went all out to make this one work too, Chastity kneeling to accept his mouth load of sperm to swallow as she gave him some post coital head.


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Summary: Voracious Season 2: Volume 3 by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel was five episodes of the follow up season that have me on edge wanting to see the last chapters, my preference for full season sets aside, it was a lot of strokable fun. The sex was steamy and intense, the vampire theme polished up really well to show the horny blood suckers at their most devious, and the technical aspects enhancing the final product enough to make this the latest “must have” for any vampire lovers out there. There were some heavy religious themes and the nun versus vampire aspect of the season was coming to fruition but those with sensitive beliefs might want to skip this one in favor of something less sacrilegious, just warning you ahead of time. This show is not for the squeamish by any means but it already has earned a rating of Highly Recommended, the best is yet to come. In short, Voracious Season 2: Volume 3 was the next step in evolution for John Stagliano’s epic tale of vampires and intrigue, the kind of show becoming increasingly rare these days which makes it that much more appreciated, so turn down the lights and watch it with a friend, I suspect many of you will be pleasantly surprised when this is released in August.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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