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Dark Side 1

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/5/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Dark Side 1

Teen Fidelity/Juicy Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo, Rough Sex, Role Playing, Web-To-DVD

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Director: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison


Cast: Mattie Borders, Ryan Madison, Bailey Blue, Amanda Tate, Tysen Rich

Length: 163:26 minutes

Date of Production: 4/22/2014


Extras: The first disc held the movie itself and some trailers with a list of the second disc’s contents. The second disc also began with trailers until the selection screen came up to show a POV Fluffing Camera/BTS series of clips for the ladies in the 62:04 minute production, only Tysen not getting any BTS (just some fluffing camera work). There was then a series of text questions and answers by the ladies, a photogallery of stills (polaroids with comments written on the sides), a true photogallery, a BTS photogallery, some trailers, and website spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dark Side 1 was shot in anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Teen Fidelity. The production followed the performers around for more than just sex, using the mundane settings as a means of getting to know their personalities better. As such, there was a lot of footage where the lighting and editing did not give the same polished appearance one usually expects from a porno, the strength for me was in how it developed a better bond between them before the sex, this particular movie using a lot of stylish photography. The sloppy camera work and problems with lighting (too much or too little) were troublesome but did not kill the intensity of the better moments, just reduced the replay value somewhat for me. The aural components were also a mixed bag in that the music was so loud it was distorted initially, then it was hard to hear what few vocals were present in the flick, the 2.0 Dolby Digital in 192 Kbps audio bit rate added in post production as I recall.

Body of Review: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison make a nice variety of porn at Porn Fidelity, sometimes truly hitting the mark in ways that others miss. Their latest release being reviewed is called Dark Side 1, a series of four scenes that show Ryan in the role of a man obsessed with the beauties provided in their short vignettes, his darker side brought out by his desires for them. As with the other series released by the couple, considerable time is spent building up some sexual heat and intensity, the duo going above and beyond to secure four of the most attractive ladies available including Amanda Tate, Bailey Blue, Tysen Rich, and Mattie Borders, the second disc full of extras for fans to appreciate. You can find individual scene trailers on one of the company websites, for free, but it wasn’t practical for me to search for them as a non-member writing a review with a longer trailer covering all four scenes.

The back cover described the movie like this: “Every mind contains two separate identities. There is the surface person that you show to the general public. The happy smiling, harshly judged, every day average Joe. Then there is the person behind closed doors, the subterranean mind in a dark room who has thoughts without judgment. You all know Teen Fidelity for its brightly colored, happy themed, cute teen videos, but this is far different. This is TeenFidelity after dark.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Teen Captive: Mattie Borders, a cute newcomer with blond hair and pretty eyes, was up first to establish that Ryan Madison had control over her, the scruffy man pawing her and licking her as both of them became increasingly naked. Suffice it to say that there were enough moments of her smiling to break the creepy illusion established by her captivity to make this strokable but even as a fantasy it was darker than I generally care for, the gal jerking him off as he pressed her against a wall in a dive of a location. She was initially chained but her sexy body looked good, Ryan making attempts to gobble her gash and kiss her entire body just as she slobbed his knob fairly well. There was some hot candle wax using too, the candles allowed to drip on her body to stimulate her a bit on the floor before she choked on a turgid pecker, the gal seen featured on the front cover for those who want a better idea of her looks than my screen captures provide. The couple then moved to a mattress in a white room, the stark differences as he power pounded her pussy noted, the hair pulling and other rough stuff an acquired taste with the next round of boning coming in the pool where he tossed her in. The final wad of semen he launched was in the form of a believable vaginal creampie, her oral efforts helping drain his dragon of seed before the nut was left in her to ooze out of her snatch. The company described this scene like this: “Mattie Borders is chained up in an unfamiliar place and when she finally sees her captor, she fears for her life. Once he gags her with his cock, pours hot wax on her tits, chokes her out, throws her in the pool and cums in her pussy she's torn between the idea that she was being tortured and the fact that she's showing signs of Stockholm Syndrome.”


Scene Two: Scavengers: Bailey Blue, a fine young blond hotty, was up next eating a messy meat plate with Ryan Madison, the gal wearing a goofy hat that looked like she was in the frozen tundra before he pounced on her and removed it. He had his hand massaging her pussy and fingering it within moments of the scene opening, her boobs allowed out of her white short as she gazed upon him with her gorgeous eyes to settle in on her back on the dining room table to get some vaginal love from the man, his cock slowly inserted into her before he went wild. The theme was more subtle this time and she appeared to be a willing participant all the way, kneeling down to inhale his cock with relative ease between bouts of vaginal boning, the vaginal and oral continuing as he would toss in some rough acts at times, her perky body actively riding him and her eye contact well done. He finished up by delivering a vaginal creampie to her after the missionary pushed him over the edge, the single camera shoot lingering to see his remains inside of her before it cut away. The company described this scene like this: “When you live off the grid you learn to survive, to scavenge for food and be self sufficient, but above all you need to have an outlet for your carnal rage and desires. Lucky for Ryan he gets to live off the grid with Bailey Blue and she's more than willing to help him relieve his tension deep in her tight teen pussy.”


Scene Three: Teen Callgirl: Amanda Tate, a skinny blond, then portrayed a hooker in a night scene with Ryan Madison, the man making it clear what he wanted and that his very specific needs were to be met. While she gave the appropriately creeped out response (slightly hidden), she played along as he took pictures and rubbed her feet, her black stretch pants lowered so he could munch her pussy on the hard bench in front of his place leading him to pick her up and cradle her in his arms as he swatted her ass and pulled her tits out. She looked around like they had an audience, seemingly not wanting to get caught as he brought her inside to abuse, making her blow him in the hallway while applying hand to gland friction. Her nearly bald beaver was receptive to his antics and she gave more head as needed while they went at it on the floor, her active riding helping though I admit I liked her ass oiled up as it pumped during the reverse cowgirl best. They eventually moved to a lounger of sorts to continue, Amanda on top bouncing on him before some missionary and oral ended it, his last drop of sperm left on her crotch. The company described this scene like this: “Amanda Tate is a new call girl and she's a bit nervous to visit The Madison house, because she's heard that Ryan is a very particular customer who likes things done a certain way. When she first arrives she doesn't know what to think but she starts to forget the golden rule of business before pleasure and starts begging for a mouthful of cum.”


Scene Four: Trick or Trap: Tysen Rich, a tiny little cutie wearing a Disney styled mouse costume, was up last with Ryan Madison, her ears and familiar attire supporting the Halloween theme as much as the inflatable ghoul on his front yard. She walked in the house when no one answered, a bad idea under the best of circumstances, a chain appearing out of nowhere reeling her back in before a supernatural Ryan kept dragging her back to the house when she ran off. He tits came into view and he bit her neck, the gal afraid of the circumstance but eventually going along with it as he warmed her up with some oral and fingering. They were still naked on the porch but she didn’t seem overly troubled by the fact, Ryan taking her pussy in a standing doggy before some additional positions and a solid blowjob led them inside the house. He teased her shaven snatch and caressed her frame as he ate her, more boning and a very long ending hummer where she used both hands glazing her open mouth as she swallowed his seed, Ryan drilling her some more before she sucked him clean and the ending credits rolled. The company described this scene like this: “Tysen Rich is trick or treating solo this year for the first time. When her neighbors aren't makin' with the goods, she heads to the old Madison house to see what kind of sweet things she can wrap her mouth around. When she meets Ryan's ghost, she gets a mouthful of more treat than she bargained for.”

Summary: Dark Side 1 by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Teen Fidelity was a lot of fun, the ladies enjoying Ryan in some admittedly darker trysts. The extras were also really solid, adding to the fun factor involved here, which enhanced the replay value at times and strokability, making flick Recommended or better depending on your tastes. In short, the wealth of extras was secondary to the excellent casting of ladies such as Amanda Tate, Bailey Blue, Tysen Rich, and Mattie Borders, making Dark Side 1 another solid company effort of late as far as I’m concerned so check it out and have some fun.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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