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Redhead Nextdoor, The

Studio: Other » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 8/9/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Image This was the first adult DVD review I ever wrote from way back on 6/30/2005. Although I've watched many adult VHS tapes and DVDs that left me dissatisfied, this was the first one that made me so pissed I actually decided to write about it. Being my first review, this isn't as detail-orientated as the reviews I would write later, nor is this as image-packed.


There are so many things wrong with this compilation video that it's hard to know where to begin. It'll probably be best if I just list everything.

* The case art says that the video is four hours long. This is hardly true. Even with all of the advertisements (more on that later), it runs a little under three and a half hours. By the way, the layer change is at 111:53.

* The case art gives the amateurpornvideos.net web address, which misleads the consumer into thinking that this video contains all amateur footage. There seem to be only one or two amateur scenes. All the rest seem to be pro, including one that I know is from a pro film.

* On the back of the case art it says "some of the fetishes you'll find in this movie" and then proceeds to list them all. This is great, except for the fact that many are complete lies. The fetishes you will NOT find in this movie are: 3-Way Fuck, Bumping, Pussy - Rubbing, Self Fingering, Squirting, Straddle, Female Cumshots, Hair Pulling, Masturbation F, BiSexual Female, Interracial, and Costumes. There might be a tiny bit of Pussy - Rubbing and Self Fingering in the lesbian scenes, but that's par for the course.

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* The image and sound quality are both very poor. There are many compression artifacts and overall the image quality is on par with VHS, if not a tad worse in spots. For the most part the audio is very loud, though in one scene the audio is extremely low and primarily in the right channel only.

* Not only are there advertisements inbetween scenes, but there are text ads on screen over the scenes themselves. All scenes have two text ads placed over them, with only four scenes having just one (scenes 1, 4, 5, and 11).

For your benefit, here's a complete rundown of the contents of Title 2, which runs 208.45 (3hrs 28 min 45 sec).

0:00 - FBI Warning

2:10 - Advertisements
6:20 - Start Of Video (Opening Titles)
6:40 - SCENE #1: TT Boy & Brittany Andrews (not a redhead, dyed hair or wig).
[12:11 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 12:25]

18:17 - SCENE #2: 2 guys and a girl (dirty red hair).
[23:07 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE (SCROLLING), to 24:06]
[32:23 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 32:37]

36:47 - Advertisements
37:48 - SCENE #3: Chris Cannon & Heaven Leigh (natural redhead, pierced nipples & naval, butterfly tattoo on lower back, tattoos on lower left and right legs) in a scene taken from "Hollywood Tramps" (1999).
[42:47 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 43:01]
[55:00 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE (SCROLLING), to 56:00]

60:40 - SCENE #4: guy & girl (brunette with dyed red hair) poolside and in pool.
[67:29 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 67:43]

74:55 - Advertisements
76:00 - SCENE #5: J.J. Michaels and Vivi Anne (kinda brunette-ish) in a scene taken from "Flesh For Fantasy."
[80:17 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 80:31]

88:26 - SCENE #6: guy and brunette girl (Vivi Anne ?) on a lounge chair.
[92:36 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE (SCROLLING), to 93:35]
[104:05 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 104:19]

111:53 - Advertisements
112:53 - SCENE #7: Sonya Redd (redhead, tattoo on right shoulder) & Envy (brunette Polish girl, devil tattoo on right ass cheek) in a scene taken from "Sluts Who Fuck Sluts" (1999).
[118:16 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 118:30]
[130:54 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE (SCROLLING), to 131:53]

136:37 - SCENE #8: redhead girl (brunette with dyed hair) & blonde girl (brunette with dyed hair). AUDIO EXTREMELY LOW AND PRIMARILY ON RIGHT CHANNEL ONLY.
[141:52 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 142:06]
[152:40 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 152:54]

156:51 - Advertisements
157:51 - SCENE #9: very ugly guy & girl (brunette with blonde streaks/highlights).
[161:12 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE (SCROLLING), to 162:11]
[171:46 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 172:00]

177:26 - SCENE #10: guy & girl (dyed strawberry blonde).
[181:22 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 181:36]

186:30 - SCENE #11: Vivi Anne (auburn/light brown hair) & Wendy Divine (blonde) in a scene taken from "Girls Who Like Girls 4" (1999).
[192:42 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE (SCROLLING), to 193:41]
[203:10 - AD TEXT OVER SCENE, to 203:24]

208:15 - Release Date Information

The best scenes were #3, #5, #7, and #11 - hence why I bothered to research who starred in them and what movies they came from (and special thanks to all of the kind folks who helped woth the IDs). You're better off renting/buying the original videos these scenes came from, as they would obviously be of better quality - and of course, they'd have no ads running over them.

I think that you can now see how bad this DVD is. Even with it's extremely low price, it's just not worth it. If this is an indication of what Mojo's other releases look like, I'll be sure to avoid all of them in the future. Simply put, Skip It.

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