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College Rules 1

Studio: Other » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 8/13/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


College Rules, which is the first in a series, advertises itself as "real sex videos from colleges and universities across the country". From what the title screen says, the concept behind this series of DVDs is that real college students sent in the videos so that they could get $10,000 if their video is used. As for how "real" everything is, I can tell that everything is staged. That much is a given, as the situations would be too coincidental otherwise. That said, the performers certainly are not professionals, and neither is the camerawork - though everything is shot with high-quality widescreen cameras, as this certainly isn't VHS quality. It does appear that the footage is cropped on the bottom, as on the lower right edge of the screen you see some black "dots" (a mere 4 pixels high) which is probably the tops of some embedded text that was originally in the footage (a "College Rules" watermark, most likely). I cropped this out of my images so they'd look a little better, but here's what I'm talking about (arrows added by me to point it out).

(click for full size)

The DVD is broken up into four segments (four separate videos submitted), with each one broken up into a few individual scenes (except for the first video, which is one giant orgy). So, to give you a good idea as to what you'll see, I'm going to organize this review in much the same manner. The brief descriptions at the head of each section is the exact text that appears on the back of the case. It should be noted that chapters are liberally placed in good spots, but there does seem to be too few of them. Also, nobody uses condoms, which I find odd. Since these aren't professional porn stars, you'd think that they'd all be using condoms. Sure, it's obvious that they're all real friends, if not real couples, but you'd think they'd want to be safe.

• Date Of Production: 4/8/2011
• Runtime (h:m:s): 2:32:36
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen [menu is 4:3 Fullscreen]



These 10 students pretty much had an all-out group sex session. They turned off the lights and partnered up. What happened next was something wild!


Image Scene #1
Performers: 7 Girls & 3 Boys
Length: 33:34

After everyone gets downstairs into the basement, the lights are turned off and the next 4:38 is filmed in green night vision. This is mostly just everyone getting to know each other and the start of the sex, so not much is ruined. Then the lights are turned back on and the remainder of the sex scene is filmed normally. The 10 people pair off into five couples: three Girl/Girl and two Girl/Boy. They never intermingle with each other.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image


[Long-Hair, Short-Hair, Black Gal, Brunette, Pigtails]

The girls mission was to go around and suck off as many of their male friends as they could. Their goal was 12 cocks; do they make it happen, or do these girls come up short?


Image SCENE 2-1
Performers: 4 Girls & 1 Boy
Length: 10:11

The scene starts with a long-haired blonde telling the black gal behind the camera (who looks like a black Lacey Chabert) that "Tina's got some cocks waiting for us, and don't forget: 12 blowjobs today. That's the goal." This makes it sounds like there's 12 guys already waiting to get sucked off, but instead we walk in on a guy and a short-haired blonde already fucking. The blonde and the black gal join in, thus giving us three gals on one guy. A cute brunette comes in later, but she only touches the cock briefly, so the entire scene is more like 3 on 1, but I'll count her anyway to make the total of 4 gals. The majority of the scene is a nice POV triple blowjob; he finishes by cumming in the short-haired blonde's mouth, which she lets drips out for us to see.



Image SCENE 2-2
Performers: 4 Girls & 2 Boys
Length: 9:58

They walk out of the room from the previous scene, and meet two guys in the hallway. They quickly drop to their knees, pull out the cocks, and start sucking them. I find it odd that no one walks in on them as they're in the middle of a hallway and not in a private room. This is more proof that this is staged. Although four gals are in the scene, you only see three at one time because one needs to work the camera. In the middle of the blowjobs, the cute brunette undresses revealing pierced nipples, a few nice tattoos, and cute "peace sign" jewelry dangling from her pierced belly button. Later, for some odd reason, right after she's giving a blowjob, it instantly cuts to her sitting on the floor alone playing with herself. Then it shows the short-haired blonde getting her pussy eaten, before it cuts to the cumshot already in progress. She eventually goes over and kisses the other guy, who doesn't cum, thus getting the other guy's cum on his lips and face.

Image Image


Image SCENE 2-3
Performers: 5 Girls & 2 Boys
Length: 16:50

Continuing on from the hallway blowjobs, the gals walk in on a guy and a blonde in pigtails having sex. They get her off his cock so they can all start sucking it. They force the guy to play a stupid guessing game, which the gals never know the correct name for. They want him to guess who's sucking his cock, but they keep calling it "Who's In My Mouth?". It takes the gals quite a while to wise up to the error, but by that point, the viewer will have gotten really annoyed by either the constant mis-naming, or the fact that the guy almost always guesses wrong. That makes what should have been a great scene, a real pain to watch. It's not erotic, it's not fun, and it would have been so much better to just forget about the "game" and just go back and forth passing his cock around to each other. The only benefit to the "game" is that we learn the names of the gals, but not who is whom. At some point between the cuts, the cute brunette and the long-haired blonde put on knitted caps with dangly tassles. Not sure why, but they did.

Eventually, another guy (his roommate?) walks in; he starts to leave, but the gals invite him in; they show him some loving too. After they suck him off, everyone starts doing vaginal. This is the only scene in this segment that contains more than just blowjobs. Unfortunately, they play the stupid guessing game with him, only this time he has to guess whose pussy he's in. As with before, he usually guesses wrong, and it just takes what would have been a great scene, and makes it painful to watch - at least with the audio on. The other problem with this scene is that it's mostly just the gals sucking cock or getting fucked one at a time, during which the other gals sit around on the side looking bored. Again, this would have been so much better if, like the first scene, more than one gal was participating at a time. The first guy cums on the black gal's face POV-style. The second guy starts to cum inside the blonde with pigtail's pussy (you hear him exclaim, "Oh shit! Oh Fuck!"), he quickly pulls out and tries to hold his load in so he can cum on her face, but he ends up shooting into the air from off-camera.

Image Image


Image SCENE 2-4
Performers: 3 Girls & 1 Boy
Length: 6:12

The brunette, the short-haired blonde, and the blonde with pigtails enter the Men's restroom, and start sucking off the guy they find inside. I find it odd that no one walks in on them as they're in the middle of a public restroom and not in a private room. Again, more proof that this is staged. He eventually cums on the brunette's face.

All in all, this was a segment with great promise, but it didn't live up to its potential. We were promised that 12 guys would get sucked off, but they only took care of half that amount. It could be argued that since each gal sucks multiple cocks they they reached the goal of 12 blowjobs, but I find that to be a weak argument. I count the number of guys sucked off, not the number of mouths each cock went into. Also, some of the gals don't give the most visually appealing blowjobs, which makes these four scenes boring after a while.



[The two gals on the left don't participate in any sex]

These crazy girls went all over the place looking for trouble: a classroom flashing, in a car, giving random students blowjobs and even acting out their wildest fantasies in front of the camera.


Image SCENE 3-1
Performers: 2 Girls & 1 Boy
Length: 15:31

The premise of this entire segment is that six gals (5 brunette and 1 blonde) are trying to put together an awesome sex video in the hopes of winning some money. You won't forget this as the gals constantly remind the viewer of it; to the point of annoyance. After all six flash their tits for the camera, the blonde drives three brunettes around in a car to find a cock to suck. Two of the brunettes suck cock while the other brunette films the action. Because of all of the set-up, the actual blowjob doesn't commence until 2:25 into the scene. The two gals take turns blowing him, and eventually one jerks him off onto the other's tits.



Image SCENE 3-2
Performers: 2 Girls
Length: 14:00

Simply put, two of the gals go at it while the others watch and cheer them on.

Image Image


Image SCENE 3-3
Performers: 1 Girl
Length: 1:41

Not much of a scene, but since it's separate from the scenes before and after it, I have to list it as its own scene. It's just one gal sitting at a desk in a classroom flashing her tits and playing with herself a little bit (the camera goes under the desk to see). Nothing more, nothing less. This scene is a clear indicator that this is all staged, as if it were taking place during a real class, the teacher would have noticed one gal filming another playing with herself. Also, a close-up of the test she's taking reveals it to be a "College Algebra Midterm", and her answers for the first three questions are (1) "Jingle Bells", (2) "Batman smells", and (3) "Robin lays an egg". Yeah, this is staged, no doubt :-)


Image SCENE 3-4
Performers: 1 Girl & 1 Boy
Length: 13:04

The blonde says her fantasy is to fuck a black guy, so her friend calls up a guy she knows. They fuck while the other gals watch.




These crazy students were enjoying themselves a lil too much, which isn't a bad thing. Things got nice and heavy once the party went inside the RV and the clothes came off!

Image SCENE 4-1
Performers: 1 Girl & 1 Boy
Length: 5:40

The first 2:19 is random flashing of tits and other non-sex tailgating festivities. The gal starts off stroking two cocks, but after a few seconds she goes to blow only one, so I'm considering this to be strictly a Girl/Boy blowjob scene only.



Image SCENE 4-2 & 4-3
Performers: 1 Girl & 2 Boys / 3 Girls & 2 Boys
Length: 22:51

Here we have two scenes somewhat intercut. (1) In the RV's bedroom is 1 gal and 2 guys going at it. Both guys have their entire face and upper torso painted in half red and half white (the team colors of the Oklahoma Sooners). They do DP and solo anal, as well as the usual stuff you'd expect from two guys and one gal. (2) In the RV's living room you have 3 gals and 2 guys fucking each other. The intercutting is very minimal, but it's enough that I can't time this correctly as two separate scenes.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image


Photo Gallery (3:20)
The slideshow consists of 33 still photos, but only from the first scene and the first two parts of the second scene. All photos are shown 4:3 full screen, with no text or watermarks over the photos, so you can view them all unobstructed. A chapter mark is placed at the start of every photo, easily allowing you to skip to the next photo, or go back to the previous ones. The photos seem posed as a lot of them show positions not seen in in the main program.

Image Image Image Image

Popshot Recap (8:24)
All cumshots from the main program shown back-to-back.

Web Access
A single still screen with the www.morallycorrupt.com website address written on it.

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