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Schoolgirl Diaries

Studio: Other » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/18/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Schoolgirl Diaries
Desperate Pleasures
Directed by
Date of Production
Running Time: 28:49/29:40/19:12/20:46
Young Girls/Web Series(?)
Claire Heart
Chi Chi Medina
Marley Blaze
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 at 256Kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-5 Mbps (not full screen)
Output: LPCM 48KHz/16 bits
Slutty schoolgirls banging uncles, stepdads, professors and even the janitor!
Chi Chi Medina
He's relaxing on the couch, doing his best Al Bundy impression, as Chi Chi comes in and decides to give him a helping hand and mouth with his cock. I have a feeling the camera is on a tripod and we aren't going to get much movement during the action. Also the zooming in and out, is going to get really annoying. She's got a nice little body on her, trying to figure out the dental situation, can't tell if braces or worse. Before I can even get a closer look, he apparently comes inside her.
Well she's up again, and this time it's some POV action, as she sucks and tugs on the cock. She lifts up her dress and seems to be part of the no panty club, as she climbs on and works her booty for the camera. Once again, decent body to enjoy as she rides him, just not sure it's enough to keep your attention, although this is only 28 minutes long, so here's to all of you with short attention spans. She flips around and continues to ride, but that doesn't work, so it's onto some doggy. And once again, seems he's blown his load inside her.
She's dressed up in some slutty school girl clothes, enjoying some alone time, but is quickly interrupted by a cock wanting attention, and slides inside her pussy. She doesn't seem to be enjoying it, well that makes two of us. Ok folks, she cums for him, and then seems to pass out, as he gives her a few drops of cum on her face.
Well slight edit to the review, it seems that it is longer than 28 minutes, and we are getting half montages of scenes with each of the ladies, still not sure if that makes it any better, but we shall see.
Claire Heart
A slight solo time in the tub with some toys, and then she heads out into the living room to find him relaxing, and she takes a seat next to him and begins to tease and tempt him. The towel comes off and the tits are out, as she gets on all fours and plays with the bugle, before opening his pants. And with the magic of poor editing, she is quickly on top riding him, before he cums inside her.
This time it's the sexy school girl outfit, some attention on her feet, before they head to the bedroom for some POV action. She lays back and spreads her legs for some missionary, as he keeps up a steady pace. A long missionary session, with many edit cuts, before she passes out and he cums on her socks.
Marley Blaze
And we have the classic bad student, meeting the teacher after class. And what better way to help her grades, than some POV cock sucking. BTW, the horrible placement of the watermark, right in the middle of the action. She bends over the desk, as he slides in for some doggy. And after a bit they both reach their climax and of course you know where he drops his load.
Next up is some solo action, as she is once again rocking the naughty school girl outfit. And I am not sure how I feel about the passing out thing, and this time, after she passes out, he carries her into the room and lays her on the table and seems to wake her up with some missionary action. He gives her socks some cum as it comes to an end
Chi Chi Medina
Well now she's having some fun with the janitor, with some missionary on the table, as he keeps up a nice pace and gives her some time to breath here and there. But you know, she passes out after cumming and he keeps going, as she finally wakes up. She climbs on and rides him, as he just lays there and it seems more concern about the shot than her riding him.
Overall Thoughts
I would hope by this time you have stopped reading this review, just imagine how I feel for having to sit through this horrible movie, just to make sure you don't waste your money on it. There is just all kinds of bad in this movie and I don't want to waste a second more repeating them. Marley Blaze was a pleasure to look at, but I just can't look past the whole girl passing out and the guy just kept fucking her. So wrong and weird. And it doesn't take a psyhic to realize this is getting a SKIP IT from me.

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