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Taboo Family Affairs 3

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/21/14

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Scene's #1 and #3 have trailers attached

Taboo Family Affair 3

Blazed Studios/Pure Play Media

Genre: Incest, Web-to-DVD

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Director: Mark Blaze


Cast: Cadence Lux, Sean Ashton, Dakota Charms, Conor Coxxx, Gianna Love, Nadia White, Tracy Licks, Warren Piece, Billy Blast, Billy Raw

Length: 94:41 minutes

Date of Production: 6/25/2014

Extras: There was a pop shot reel and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Taboo Family Affair 3 was presented in widescreen color as shot by director Mark Blaze for Blazed Studios. Each of the four scenes was separate from each other, nothing tying them together as though it were more than some web clips tossed together using a common theme. The flesh tones were washed out a bit from the lighting and the editing by Stitch Mahoney and the director was a bit rushed looking, no establishing shots provided, just static household sets with what appeared to be a single camera shooting the footage. The framing of the picture was similarly distressed but as far as amateur work for sale on the clips 4 sale website is concerned, I have seen worse in the past, a company watermark displayed in the lower right hand corner. There were some compression artifacts observed too, the quality of the disc mastering looks like it was designed from footage meant for a smaller computer screen rather than a large television set so your mileage may well vary. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English aural components seemed on the hollow side with no separation to speak of. The vocals were generally easy to here and no score or ambient sounds got in the way but this definitely looked closer to VHS quality than what I have grown used to from the bigger companies.


Body of Review: Mark Blaze is the director and presumably owner of Blazed Studios, a company known for releasing sex scenes online through popular portals. They are now compiling such scenes in thematic sets, the latest coming in from distributor Pure Play Media being called Taboo Family Affair 3. I found two of the scenes online with ease and did not spend much time searching for the others but the idea was to cross the proverbial line and show family members having sex. Not step families or looser relationships like you’ll see from the larger companies but true incest themes, noting that the disc and website made it clear that the performers were unrelated. Of the four scenes, three had women like Cadence Lux, Dakota Charms, Gianna Love, and Nadia White that I would have no problem fucking, my taste in grannies not really extending to ladies like Tracy Licks, though it should be noted that she was the most enthusiastic and energetic woman of the entire show. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Sexual Arousal Syndrome: Cadence Lux, the attractive lady featured on the front cover with Sean Ashton, was up first in her reported first scene with a guy. She portrayed his sister and after being diagnosed with a medical disorder involving having to have sex all the time, she basically went from rubbing one out on her chair with a vibrator to slobbing his knob and having him gobble her gash. While it looked like she dressed in the dark for the role (pink tank top, blue jean shorts, pink Nike sneakers and garish lime green socks), I’d be lying if I said I overlooked the incest feature to focus on her hot little ass. The sex was oral and vaginal, some hand to gland friction applied before the ending facial (it was a weak pop shot too), the jumpy camera and weak editing worse than the lack of chemistry. The company website described the scene like this: “Cadence couldn’t stop masturbating and touching herself so she went to the doctor. She found out she has a unique disorder called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, medically known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. While telling her girlfriend about it she can’t help but to play with herself. “Ashley I’ll call you back. I have to get off” she tells her and hangs up. Cadence grabs her glass dildo and slides it in her wet and waiting pussy. That still not being enough she picks up the Hitachi and vibrates her clit. Just as she’s getting close to cumming her twin brother Sean walks in on her. “What the hell are you doing Cadence?” he asks awkwardly. She tells him it’s not her fault and what the doctor said. He laughs in disbelief telling her she’s just making excuses to be a slut. “You realize we’re twins and we have the same DNA. How would you like cumming in your pants as you walk down the street?” she told him. Getting hornier and more frustrated because she didn’t get to cum, Cadence jumps up and tells her brother “YOUR’RE GOING TO FUCK ME”! She tells him to take his pants off. “Wow sis you are horny” he says surprised by her aggressiveness. Cadence tells him he has no idea and starts sucking his dick till he’s hard and ready to fuck her. “I have to have you in me now” she tells her twin. She bounces her ass up and down on his cock and tells him to pound her pussy harder. Cadence becomes a nympho switching from position to position trying to her brother’s cock inside her as deep as she can. “Pull my hair” she shouts as he fucks her doggy style. Sean turns his sister on her side and pounds her from behind with his hand wrapped around her neck. “Harder, harder” she pleads squeezing his hand tighter. He moves on top and spreads Cadence’s legs wide so he can pile drive her pussy. “Cum for me brother. Cum on my face” she begs. Sean pumps her couple more times and then pulls out covering his twin sisters face in cum just like she wanted. “I hope you’re satisfied now” he says out of breath. “For now but you’re going to have to fuck me again later” she demands. That just the joys of being my brother…”


Scene Two: Brother’s Viagra Birthday: Dakota Charms, a pale white brunette with a girl next door look, was up next with Conor Coxxx, the man celebrating his 21st birthday with a large crew of uncredited folks. The trick was that Dakota, portraying his sister, wanted to solve his ongoing problem with virginity by getting him a cake with Viagra cooked into it, no one else partaking of the small cake though a fetching and curvy blond hung around for the christening of his sexual awareness. Dakota’s flesh ass looked pretty yummy as she mounted him right away, the crowd leaving for no apparent reason, the gal slowly bouncing on him before blowing him as her friend stuck around on the yellow couch with her phone in hand (presumably recording it). After she blew him, they vaginally fucked slowly in a multitude of boring positions, no chemistry observed between them though again, I’d have fucked her if she asked me nicely enough. In any case, it ended with a ting nut of semen on her ass, the sperm signaling the end of the tryst.


Scene Three: Sisterly Love/Surprised By Dad: Gianna Love and Nadia White were up next, this “Gianna White” not the same as the one listed on the IAFD database. In any case, the two portrayed sisters in a double bedroom set up, their boredom leading to a sexual tryst that fell flat as far as establishing a link between them. The blond and brunette caressed each other and slowly stripped, looking completely unrelated as they went from kissing to munching pussy, the gals continually looking at the camera for approval. Some toys were used and just as they started to cuddle, an older man walks in (an uncredited such man by the way) and decides it is time to teach his daughters about sex. As far as scenarios are concerned, perhaps a second matchbook could have been found to write out a more detailed reasoning for their sexual relation, the ladies sucking him off and vaginally riding him on the passive side until he lost his minute wad of seed after about ten minutes to the blond, the brunette getting some by cum swap (the ladies were not individually identified either) and what fell on her ass. The clips 4 sale website described the scene like this: “Gianna and Nadia are fed up with guys. “Boys are such assholes sometimes. They have no idea how to treat a girl.” Nadia tells her sister. Gianna agrees and tells her “It’s like guys and girls are from different planets”. Nadia moves to her sister’s bed as they talk about what to do tonight. “We could keep each other company” she says rubbing her hand her sister’s leg. Nadia pulls her sister’s panties off and goes down on her pretty pink pussy. She flicks her tongue across Gianna’s clit until she makes her squirt all over the bed. The girls traded places and Nadia pulls out her new toy for her sister to use on her. “It’s so pretty” Gianna tells her as she slides it in. She fucks Nadia hard making her cream all over the glass dildo. Wanting to return the favor, Nadia grabs a 10”inch and pushes it deep into her younger sister’s tiny hole. Gianna whimpers slightly but loves how the fake cock fills and stretches her pussy. “I’m going to squirt!” she yells. Nadia pulls the dildo out as Gianna explodes. She gives her sister a kiss and says “I love you sissy”. Ahhh…. Sisterly Love. Gianna and Nadia jumped when their dad walked in their room. “I see you girls are getting closer” he smirks. Nadia asked if he was mad she and Gianna were playing. “Of course not, I’m glad you are exploring new things with each other. We’re family!” he laughed. Their dad walked over and unzipped his pants. “I think it’s time Daddy taught you girls about boys” he told them pulling out his 9” inch cock. The slutty sisters take turns showing off their blowjob skills to the dad trying to one up the other. “He thinks I’m the better cocksucker so I get fucked first” she joked with her sister. Gianna didn’t care because she sat on her dad’s face and while he licked and sucked her pink 18 yr old pussy. The girls kiss and fondle one another as they take dick and tongue inside their young twats. Gianna tells her dad she wants his cock so she and Nadia switch places so she can get father fucked. Her dad pulls her hips up and down and he shoves his tongue inside her sister. “Fuck her had daddy!” Nadia shouts through her moaning. Their dad bends Gianna over and pumps Gianna doggy style while her sister licks his dick as it slides in and out. He pulls out and explodes on her ass and Nadia’s face. “Now go give your sister a kiss and let her taste my cum.” He commands. They kiss and share his milky cum smiling and satisfied from their unexpected fun.”


Scene Four: 3 Men & A Slut: Tracy Licks, a blond granny who appreciated her lawn boy, was up last with Warren Piece, Billy Blast, and Billy Raw, the lady pawing her worker on the yellow couch before he called over his father and “brother” (both youths named “Billy”) to enjoy the woman in a blowbang. She dropped her top to reveal her sagging boobs, the lady kneeling down to jerk the men off as she sucked another, alternating who was given the head at any given time. I thought they were going to start boning her but as the shortest scene of the bunch, the soon just glazed her face with sperm and the limited ending credits rolled.

Summary: Taboo Family Affair 3 by director Mark Blaze for Blazed Studios had what I diplomatically refer to as “limited technical values” which means the picture was not very crisp or clear, the main selling point of the four unrelated trysts being that they all had some direct form of incest, the last scene showing a father and two sons fucking the same women but in the earlier scenes, brother and sister action or father and sisters was the norm. I think I would have liked it better if the feature elements were much, much better but most of the ladies were attractive enough and the basics tenants of modern porn were covered, I just wish the flick had much more fuck for the buck and extras than it did. Had this production come from a bigger studio, I’d have suggested you stay far away but given the ultra low budget aspects of it and the casting of ladies, I was generous with a Rent It, at least on a slow day because as cheesy as some of the dialogue and acting was, Taboo Family Affair 3 at least gave fans of incest porn something they don’t get from reputable companies; a BTS and some better polishing up of the material might make it more worthy of praise in the future.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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