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Fuck 'Em Slutty 4

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/2/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Click for Trailer; individual scene trailers linked below

Fuck ‘Em Slutty 4

Teen Fidelity/Juicy Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

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Director: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison


Cast: Gianna Nicole, Ryan Madison, Alanah Rae, Kelly Madison, Brooke Lee Adams, Brooke Belle

Length: 163:25 minutes

Date of Production: 8/20/2014


Extras: The first disc held the movie itself and some trailers with a list of the second disc’s contents. The second disc also began with trailers until the selection screen came up to show a POV Fluffing Camera/BTS series of clips for the ladies in the 34:58 minute production (this time offering 6 separate features as neither Alanah nor Brooke Belle had fluffing cams). There was then a series of text questions and answers by the ladies, a photogallery of stills (polaroids with comments written on the sides), a true photogallery, a BTS photogallery, some trailers, and website spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fuck ‘Em Slutty 4 was shot in anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Teen Fidelity. The production followed the performers around for more than just sex, using the mundane settings as a means of getting to know their personalities better. For whatever reason, the camera work and lighting were much more straightforward this time than in some of the company’s recent productions, making the ladies look better as a result most of the time. While it seemed as though a single camera shot all the footage and some angles were not as well covered, the framing and composition helped elevate it for me, the accurate flesh tones and lack of visual gimmicks a nice touch too. The aural components were also well done, the vocals easy to hear and the balance of the elements showing more effort, the 2.0 Dolby Digital in 192 Kbps audio bit rate added in post production.

Body of Review: Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison make a nice variety of porn at Porn Fidelity, sometimes truly hitting the mark in ways that others miss. Their latest release being reviewed is the upcoming Fuck ‘Em Slutty 4, a series of four scenes that eschew narrowly defined role play in favor of the ladies letting loose a bit more than usual to have a good times with the couple. Rather than use clueless fresh meat this time, some experienced ladies like Alanah Rae, Gianna Nicole, Brooke Belle, and Brooke Lee Adams tackled the power couple of Kelly and Ryan, often with superior results.

The company website described the movie like this: “The Madisons have once again found the hottest sluts in the business and fucks 'em just like they want. Fuck 'Em Slutty 4 contains 4 intense scenes, featuring the majestic ass of Gianna Nicole, the gigantic tits of Alanah Rae, even more big tit action with Kelly Madison and Brooke Lee Adams, finishing up with a hot wedding night scene with Brooke Belle. This set includes a second disc full of BTS videos, photo sets and more!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Moto Majestic: Gianna Nicole, the sultry young brunette featured on the front cover, was up first in a tease montage that made good use of her sweet ass and ability to shake it, some posing and outfit changes showing her and Ryan Madison all over the house and property. Once the music stopped, her was bent over in a red satin dress shaking her ass as Ryan came up behind her, some love pats and fingering showing him checking out her bald beaver and other awesome body parts. Her all natural body pleased him and she knelt before him to fish out his turgid pecker from his pants, aggressively slobbing his knob with some hand to gland friction and nut nuzzling while providing excellent eye contact before mounting him for some active vaginal riding. This continued with both giving more head at times and pounding away in various positions that included a great little doggy where her oiled ass pushed back to meet his thrusts until he gave her a realistic vaginal creampie, using a wand vibrator to get her off one last time as the camera zoomed in on some of the resulting semen. The company described this scene like this: “Gianna Nicole spends her day wearing almost nothing and teasing Ryan by standing next to his Pantera and asking him which one looks better. He decides on this day she looks better and she deserves the sexual attention she's been craving. He takes her into the house and enjoys a private lap dance then proceeds to give her a proper fuck, a load in her pussy and then a ride in the Pantera...”


Scene Two: Bitch Gets The Boot: Alanah Rae, a curvy blond with a great body, was up next after getting kicked out of her apartment by a loser boyfriend. Kelly Madison came to the rescue and helped her grab her things, next encountering Ryan Madison who wanted some fringe benefits to allow her to stay with them. He started in by massaging her boobs, Kelly joining in as all three of them started getting increasingly frisky and naked. Both the Madison’s grabbed a tit to savor and they gobbled gash a bit too, the ladies double teaming Ryan orally as well as engaging in some lesbian fun. It was energetic and passionate, the chemistry and eye contact superior, some oiled up titty fucking and active vaginal riding included. Kelly sported a small patch of pubes while Alanah was shaven bald, the ladies both giving a really strong performance before his vaginal creampie slimed up Alanah’s crotch with sperm for Kelly to lick clean with some post coital head included too. The company described this scene like this: “Alanah Rae gets her sexy ass and all her shit thrown the fuck out! What's a girl supposed to do? Well when you look like Alanah it's not hard to find a place to stay. Kelly comes to the rescue and lets Alanah stay in her spare room. Ryan lays down the law and lets her know she isn't gonna be staying rent free. He'll put her right to work on his cock. Alanah will be working her ass off for the rent... Literally!”


Scene Three: Brooke’s Booty Stalker: Brooke Lee Adams, a cute brunette wearing a pink top and tight white shorts, was up next pumping gas, the gal noticed by curvy Kelly Madison as a dine piece of ass. Kelly followed her around the shopping center parking lot, the camera catching Brooke’s ass swaying back and forth a lot, one thing leading to another before Brooke was completely naked, totally oiled up and glistening with sweat in the bedroom. I’ll be the first to admit that I really liked the oiled look, the beads of sweat or water just working that much better for me. Kelly came in wearing her animal print dress and started playing with the hotty, fingering her and running her hands on the gal as Ryan walked up to Brooke’s mouth with his boner ready to be sucked. Brooke teasingly blew Ryan as Kelly continued, the gal sucking his nuts as Kelly knelt between her legs to go down on her. There was a titty fuck and the ladies reversed roles so Brooke could munch rug as Ryan slammed Brooke hard in her oiled cookie. The trio moved onto the bed to get some more from each other, both ladies offering active riding positions and the passion needed to make the scene work, Kelly’s huge breasts inspiring Brooke as much as her oral skills had. Brooke was awesome at giving oiled handjobs too, the squishy noise of her hands pumping his rob exciting Kelly as she watched the gal milking Ryan’s nuts dry though it was her pussy that drained his dragon into unleashing his seed all over her torso. The company described this scene like this: “Kelly saw something and it had to be hers. She wasn't going home without it. Her mouth and pussy got wetter and wetter. She watched Brooke's ass bounce up and down. It drove her crazier and crazier as she followed her around town, until she just couldn't take it anymore. Kelly took what she wanted and was going to have her way with that ASS. You know Kelly gets what she wants!”


Scene Four: Newly Head: Brooke Belle, a blond in a wedding dress, was up last as she lived out a fantasy of being married, ostensibly to Ryan Madison, though it was unclear how far in that direction the fantasy went. He carried her into the house and they moved to the bed right away, her dirty side coming out much to his appreciation. At her request, he went to get her a drink which was just an excuse to give her a chance to change into some slutty lingerie, the talk between them making it clear that they had been chaste in their relationship (this being role playing after all) until just then. He felt her up and she blew him with the kind of experience that just doesn’t happen overnight, a variety of oral and vaginal positions included until the end. They had good eye contact and played their roles well, the bedroom tramp aspect of the scenario certainly showing some acting chops. While he fingered her ass a little a few times, she said they would “save that for later”, her dirty talk bringing him home to plaster her face with his semen after which she gave a hot look at her ass in the air. The company described this scene like this: “Romance is in the air. Brooke Belle just lived a fantasy that she's had since she was a little girl, getting married. Ryan is about to live a fantasy that he's had since the moment he laid eyes on her...fucking her brains out! He's going to carry her over the threshold and bang her until she regrets wearing white. They both said "I do, 'til death do us part" but we have a feeling Ryan's only going to stick around 'til he cums.”

Summary: Fuck ‘Em Slutty 4 by directors Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison for Porn Fidelity had four different kinds of scenes that all worked for me on several levels or more, the physical attractiveness of the ladies not hurting in the slightest though it was their universally slutty demeanor that held onto me the entire time. Gianna Nicole, Alanah Rae, Brooke Lee Adams, Kelly Madison, and Brooke Belle all deserved a nod here though I was very appreciative that Kelly was involved so much given the strength of her work with partner Ryan. The replay value and strokability were well above average and even the technical aspects seemed cleaned up over many of their other efforts of late so I rated this as Highly Recommended, your mileage likely to vary if you like teenage gals with boyish bodies or prefer some other particular brand of kink over good old fashioned heated times. In short, Fuck ‘Em Slutty 4 had all the right stuff to stand out in a crowded field, the ladies, the technical aspects, and the extras all worth exploring so check it out when it is released next month.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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