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Sex Party Swingers

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/13/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Category: All Sex/Swingers



Cast: Barbie Styles/Lexi Ward/Racquel Kelly/Amy Johnson/Tamara Grace/Hannah Shaw

Director: Don Roobles

Extras: NONE

Release Date: 5/16/2014

Runtime: 113 mins

*There is no online trailer available for the movie*


 *Condoms are used throughout various scenes in this film*


Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Barbie Styles

The premiere scene in Don Roobles' Sex Party Swingers begins as we see blonde sex machine Barbie Styles introducing herself and soon running into the next room to kick off the action with her two faceless male suitors. The action begins extremely slow, with Barbie sucking one of her friends' cock while the other simply sits there and Barbie moans tediously to nauseating extremes. Sex eventually begins with a doggie style fuck, where Barbie gets some dick from both the front and back before swtitching into the next form of positioning. Thee sex is as standard or sub-par as one would expect from a scene like this, having curious moments where the camera seems to forget what's happening, as well as moments where Barbie looks to be hoping this will all come to an end and she can pick up her paycheck. There's also nothing to signify the end of the scene, just simply Barbie getting fucked and the camera then cutting to the next scene. It's all pretty awful to be honest. There's nothing I could possibly tell you that would favor anything that happened in this scene. Horrible. 

Scene 2:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Lexi Ward

Next up is Lexi Ward, introducing herself to the viewers upon the scenes opening while looking hot to trot in a black top and short skirt with black heels. The scene then moves into a musically driven tease session, lasting a short time before another nameless pud begins jerking next to her face in the coming moments. Lexi is then presented with two cocks, giving a double barrelled blowie to her boytoys that slows to an excrutiatingly slow point before the fucking sets in. Sex is far better here than the previous scene, but still never reaches a really strong point that allows the viewer to really get lost in all the happenings. Positioning moves through the standard doggie, missionary, and spoonfuck; even having an extra guy jump in at midway point which only seemed to make things move even slower than they already were. The scene caps off with a facial, while the other two guys seem to just disappear in the midst of it all. Another terrible effort here for the most part. 

Scene 3:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Amy Johnson/Tamara Grace

In the third scene we begin seeing Tamara Grace, who interestingly enough, introduces herself in the third person, before acquainting the home viewers with her co-star, Amy Johnson. Ther action begins sluggishly, with Tamara sucking off one of her pals while Amy eats her pussy, as a phone continuously rings in the background. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. Sex eventually sets in with some doggie style fucking from yet another nameless random guy as it seems that this movie is littered with them, as Tamara all but disappears in the coming moments and action continues between Amy and her boytoy. The scene consists of a lot of bj action, having two sexual positions and an extremely lethargic feel to it that makes everything seen worse than it already is in terms of intensity and energy. After Amy's first suitor blows his wad into her mouth the scene abruptly cuts to our star sucking off another guy as he dittles her nether regions to try and liven things up a bit. Not working. The scene thankfully comes to it's end after a short stint of sex, doing so with Amy getting a facefull of Johnson-sauce before the screen fades into the next scene. If I had to use one word to describe this scene it would be: Awful. 

Scene 4:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Racquel Kelly

Next up is Racquel Kelly, who's face is graffiti'd with various writings including, "Cum Junkie" and "SpunkDump" as she indulges in some forced conversation with a female that is somewhere behind the camera. Action begins by way of a sub-par blowjob (chalk another one up to the collection)and continues with Racquel sucking off a plethora of less than endowed individuals, and having mainly a look of annoyance and irritation throughout most of the going's on. Once things get going there is another phone that continuously rings in the background, causing me to believe that there is no possible way that the guy who directed this film gives one fuck about what he's putting on camera, but whatever. The scene consists of pisspoor audio, terribly fixed camera positions, awful sex, and a 2 minute segment where all the viewer sees is a dude's ass. What the fuck. I refuse to say anymore about it. It's easily one of the worst scenes I've ever watched. 

Scene 5:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw is the focal point of the final scene, looking fantastic in the scene's opening moments as she gives us an abbreviated tease that leads into what I can only imagine will be another detestable sexual encounter to wrap up this god-awful film. Hannah looks great throughout the course of the intro, and soon two males arrive with our main star welcoming them with a double-barrelled blowie. Hannah shows the best energy of anyone in the movie by a landslide, and looks the hottest too, so you can definitely chalk that one up in her favor. But the action does get irrevocably slow throughout certain points. The capturing of the scene was of course, as shitty as the rest of the film, but Hannah Shaw definitely showed promising signs that makes this scene easily the best watch of all of them. Things eventually cap off with the guys jerking themsleves to completion, slathering a decent helping of jizz over Hannah's face before the scene comes to it's end. It wasn't great, or even good, but it was the best scene in this movie. Does that mean anything? No. 


I could honestly say that Sex Party Swingers from Killergram video is one of the worst porn films that I've ever watched. I would imagine that the director was simply trying to document swingers, rather than show them in heated enocunters because if he was actually attempting to make a porn worthy of someone spending their hard earned dollars on, then he failed miserably. The sex in this film is among the worst I've seen in porn in a while. Even the guys seemed like they were wanting it all to be over with. Its fucking ridiculous. There are zero extras, zero good or great qualities about any part of the movie, and zero reasons to even look in the direction of the boxcover. The film was captured poorly, and seemed to have no effort thrown into any part of it at all. Don't watch this movie. Don't buy this movie. Don't take this movie if someone offers you money for taking it. Just leave it alone. If you see this movie on the shelf at your local porn shop, knock it on the floor and give the clerk a dirty look. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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