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Aaliyah Love 1

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/9/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Aaliyah Love 1

Naughty America

Genre: Web-To-DVD, Aaliyah Love

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Director: Uncredited


Cast: Aaliyah Love, Johnny Castle, Allie Haze, Amanda Tate, Steven St. Croix, Ritchie Calhoun, Tasha Reign, Tyler Nixon

Length: Running time for each scene listed below.

Dates of Production: See below for the original release dates.


Extras: There was a slideshow and some trailers as well as a short interview with Phoenix Marie (not in the movie) lasting 2:36 minutes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Aaliyah Love 1 was comprised of five scenes shot for the internet to be compiled into this release for Naughty America. No directors or technical staffers were credited but most of the scenes looked competently handled, some of the lighting and camera work in need of polishing up but the editing appeared to be okay. The scenes were not presented in anamorphic widescreen, just chopped to look widescreen, but they were an upgrade from what the company offered several years back in overall quality. There was nothing on the DVD that was not released last year online for the company website so I tried to list links for those who are members but suffice it to say that it was middle of the road in terms of visual excellence compared to companies that rely heavily on the physical disc medium, the video bit rates hovering in the middle 3+ Mbps range much of the time. The aural qualities were similar in that I could hear the vocals plainly enough on my home theater set up but the music and ambient sounds found on higher end works were not as interesting here.

Body of Review: Naughty America is a huge internet company that provides some really solid web scenes on their multitude of themed websites. They are also known for taking said scenes and releasing them on disc, five scenes per disc being their standard, the latest of which I am reviewing is called Aaliyah Love 1. As expected, the idea was to showcase Aaliyah Love getting frisky with various men, no new content added to round things out. Those who have watched Aaliyah know she is a pretty blond with a youthful appeal many of her peers just don’t offer their fans. The company website described the young lady like this: “Aaliyah Love up and left Chicago, Illinois, USA for San Diego, where Naughty America is delivering you your fantasy by way of her wet pussy begging for a big dick. She's dying to get fucked hard, which is why Naughty America is ecstatic to have her. Watch the sexy Co-Ed get what she wants … giving you what you want … Aaliyah Love porn AND Aaliyah Love pictures! Naughty America loves Blonde hair! Naughty America loves Hazel eyes! Naughty America loves Small Natural Tits tits! That's why Naughty America loves Aaliyah Love porn videos! She loves cock, and we love to watch her deepthroat a big one and take it in her warm pussy. Sit back and enjoy this Co-Ed doing what she loves to do! Watching Aaliyah Love fuck is a life-changing experience. Looking into her eyes while she's taking a big hard dick in her tight little pussy will make you blow your load before she takes a faceful of jizz. Naughty America loves the Co-Ed, and for good reason: she loves to give blowjobs, loves to get her pussy eaten, and loves to fuck! What more could you want? Aaliyah Love porn videos … only at Naughty America! Naughty America loves when Aaliyah Love creates a fantasy that makes us want more. The striking porn star has Small Natural Tits that we can't say no to, and the way she looks up with her eyes while giving a nasty blowjob is mind-blowing! Just watch for yourself as the libidinous beauty spreads her legs, opening her wet pussy for a giant cock to thrust inside of her … all the while being exactly what you want her to be in Aaliyah Love porn videos!” The back cover described the movie like this: “Aaliyah Love up and left Chicago for San Diego where Naughty America is delivering you your fantasy by way of her wet pussy begging for a big dick. She's dying to get fucked hard which is why Naughty America is ecstatic to have her watch. Watch the sexy co-ed get what she wants giving you what you want. Aaliyah Love porn and Aaliyah Love pictures!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Aaliyah Love, the sexy young blond featured on the front cover, was up first taking a look in the closet of Johnny Castle, neither of them coming out of it before the scene ended. They had been partying the night before and the cutie thanked him for letting her and her sister crash. Aaliyah was wearing a slightly sheer green dress where her nipples poked through and her delicious ass was in plain sight. She bent over to show her heart shaped rump and then dropped her top, her all natural curves exciting Johnny as she closed in to kiss him. She slobbed his knob energetically and he gobbled her gash equally well, her bald beaver making her look younger than ever as she diddled herself and he tongued her bunghole. This led to several active positions of vaginal sex, additional oral by both of them as the chemistry filled pair get off. Aaliyah used dirty talk to push him over the edge, the gal being pounded in a standing doggy before he unleashed his wealth of seed on her fine ass by means of his hand to gland friction. The My Sister’s Hot Friend website described the scene like this: “Aaliyah is staying with her friend's brother Johnny while they hit the town. She gets up a little early because she spilled her drink over their dresses. She amazed at how big Johnny's closet is and how successful he is in life. She actually think that it's kinda hot and sends Johnny a nice message that she's ready and willing. Johnny checks her out all the time and loves the way her ass looks but, his sister told him to keep his distance. She bends over and lifts up her gown making Johnny completely forget what his sister told him.” 23:57 minutes 4/15/2014


Scene Two: Aaliyah Love, Allie Haze, Amanda Tate, and Steven St. Croix were up next as the ladies were confronted by their landlord Steven who complained about their damaging his property and not paying rent. They were party girls and he was a stuffed shirt, the quartet moving into the house to see the inside upgrades before the gals all jumped his bones on the black leather couch. They peeled his attire off and took turns sucking him off and caressing his thighs, stripping before taking turns riding his turgid rod and eating each other. In all though, it was not a bad tryst, the fun factor elements pretty high as they milked his balls dry of sperm, each taking the facial as he spanked his money all over the kneeling ladies. The I Have A Wife website described the scene like this: “These three party girls don't have a care in the world except planning for their next party. While doing so their landlord comes up to the property to let them know they are late on their rent and he also doesn't like what they've done with the outside of the house. They invite him in to show what they did on the inside too! They let him know that his paintings were destroyed in another party and that he needs to just relax and not be such a stick in the mud. In this day and age there are other ways to feel better and have the rent paid when you have three young pussies in your face!” 25:35 minutes 11/29/2013


Scene Three: Aaliyah Love, up next in a white dress, was up next as she visited Ritchie Calhoun in his new place, his friend Danny Wylde in a short cameo role but leaving when she came in. Apparently, she was Ritchie’s fathers’ new main squeeze and had the hots for the younger version of the family tree, unbuckling his belt and embracing him to kiss before she blew him. Aaliyah put substantial effort into the oral and kept her usual excellent eye contact with him, the hand assisted hummer getting him rock hard before he munched her delicious rug and began pounding it. Her ass was poetry in motion as they fucked vaginally, the noisy lady coaxing him to hit it hard which soon led to him busting a wad of semen all over her open mouth. The My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend website described the scene like this: “Richie just moved out of his dad's house and into his bachelor pad. He just had to get out of his dad's house because his dad's new girlfriend, Aaliyah Love, is so hot and Richie can't handle himself in front of her. The temptation to bang Aaliyah is just too high. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay away from her for too long because Aaliyah stops by his new place with a house warming gift, but what she really wants to do is warm up his cock in her pussy. Richie finally gives into temptation and fucks his dad's hot girlfriend.” 27:31 minutes 12/9/2013


Scene Four: Aaliyah Love and Tasha Reign, a couple of very attractive blondes, were up next in the back yard where Aaliyah was working out and Tasha was busy with her cell phone. Tyler Nixon walked in on them as they waited for his sister, both gals finding him hot but Tasha wanting to kiss Aaliyah more instead. Aaliyah went to take a shower and her sheer pink bikini undies looked good on her but better on the floor, Tasha getting frisky with her as she finished up when Tyler walked in on them again; the trio dealing with his belief they were lesbians. There was some lesbian action here but the ladies largely focused on Tyler’s modest member, pawing him and letting him access their goodies with him eating both of them out to reciprocate. The he then boned both of them vaginally and they were active riders, their eye contact and passion for both sexes leading to the titty fuck by Tasha that drained his dragon all over their mugs. The My Sister’s Hot Friend website described the scene like this: “Aaliyah and Tasha are in their friend's backyard working out and taking selfies. Tyler comes out to the back to see if they know where his sister is to which none of them know of her whereabouts. Tyler goes back inside to see if he can find her while Tasha and Aaliyah stay back for a little alone time. Aaliyah says she's all sweaty and needs to take a shower before they get to business. Tasha comes inside while Aaliyah is enjoying washing her more sensitive areas and catches her in the act and starts to help her out by rubbing on her clit. Tyler later comes into the bathroom and sees the two going at it and watches before he lets them know he is there. He knew they were close but, not that close. Tasha asks if he likes what he sees and like a young adventurous man he is, he takes the opportunity for a threesome with these beautiful ladies as long as they don't tell his sister.” 30:00 minutes 1/10/2014



Scene Five: Aaliyah Love, wearing a green tank top and white shorts, was up last with Johnny Castle, the gal looking for his sister who apparently blew the gal off to deal with her boyfriend. He consoled her and she invited him to take his sister’s place, it coming out that he was told to stay away from Aaliyah. That led to the usual dynamic so both started kissing each other, their hands freely roaming as they stripped off attire, went down on each other, and satisfied each other physically with more oral between some moderately active vaginal penetration positions. He licked her ass to really get her off and she kept her eyes on him at all times, the couple always looking good together from what I’ve seen. The energetic tryst ended when he eventually gave her the facial she asked for, some post coital head completing the picture nicely for the scene and the movie. The My Sister’s Hot Friend website described the scene like this: “Aaliyah comes over to Johnny's place to go to the movies with his sister. Aaliyah finds out that his sister has bailed on her for the third time over her new boyfriend. She invites Johnny to come along instead but, Johnny can't go because his sister forbade him from hanging out with her hot friends. Well, she isn't there and more importantly, Johnny can't let that pretty face and hot body go to waste!” 26:29 minutes 10/7/2013

Summary: Aaliyah Love 1 by the uncredited directors of Naughty America was definitely fun to watch as Aaliyah Love enjoyed the various scenarios but there were scant extras, modest technical values, and a slightly repetitive manner in which the scenes unfolded sexually so I rated the production as a Recommended, the beautiful titular hotty certainly standing out compared to many of her peers in the company spotlight series. I wished they had included a couple more scenes with Aaliyah in them but understand that it leaves room for a second volume, the babe definitely striking a chord in her legion of fans that adore her for good reason. In short, fans of Aaliyah Love could do much worse than Aaliyah Love 1 but to make the show stand out in a crowded field, expecting some new content, director cuts of the scenes, or something to differentiate it from the scenes online released so long ago would be appreciated.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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