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Twinky and the Bear

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/21/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Gay

Director/Writer: Austin

Cast: Fabio Stallone, Shay Michaels, Ian Levine, Chase Young, Dustin Gold, Ryan Colton, Brian Davilla, Christian Matthews, Dusty Williams

Length: 90 minutes
Date of Production: 6/30/2014

Extras: There is a good Behind the Scenes segment, a nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, and web information. In the BTS footage, we see Shay Michaels roaming around the kitchen and taking directions from Austin as they shoot the scene. We also have him giving head to Fabio Stallone. More BTS footage in the kitchen follows. The next scene covers the Ryan Colton-Dusty Williams performance. The remaining footage in this BTS covers the scenes of Dustin Gold-Shay Michaels and the trio of Ian Levine, Christian Matthews, and Brian Davilla.   

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 

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Condoms: Yes

Overview: Twinky and the Bear is a film from director Austin and production company Manville Entertainment. This movie takes a spin on the tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Austin created a storyline in which there are four twinks who get lost in the woods. They split up and each one finds a cabin. In those homes, there are bearish men who enjoy being pleasured sexually by twinks. The twinkies are Shay Michaels, Dustin Gold, Ryan Colton, and Ian Levine. The hairy bears are Fabio Stallone, Shay Michaels, Dusty Williams, Christian Matthews, and Brian Davilla.
Scene One: Hungry Chase Young climbs through the window of Fabio Stallone's cabin. While searching for food in the kitchen, he awakens the hairy man. When the muscular guy confronts the trespasser, Chase looks up to him and says that he got lost in the woods and is hungry. They end up working something out by fucking. Fabio takes his big pecker out and Chase sucks it well. I enjoyed watching him lick the bottom of his dick as his tongue moves from the top of his ball to the tip of his penis. I know that having a tongue on that portion of your cock feels very good. Chase also applies a good grip as he strokes that dick with his hands. When Fabio gets to taste his young trespasser's sexual delights, he really gets into it during the ass eating moments. The camera shots are good during the fuck from behind action as the camera shoots upwards towards their screwing regions. Also, this standing screwing activity is very lengthy. I could imagine Chase's asshole burning as he continues to get worked up even on the sink and then, on the floor. It was nice to see Chase's pinkish-white legs wrapped around the hunky man's waist.  During the screwing activity on the floor, we can see Chase grimace a lot. He eventually cums on the hairy man's body while sitting on top of his cock. Then, Fabio jacks off in his trespasser's open mouth.
Scene Two: Dustin Gold enters the garage of Shay Michaels' cabin. The horny fella awakens the sleeping bear. He makes it up to the man by making out with him. Meanwhile, Shay is hanging in his leather strapped swing. Their kissing session feels nice. It's not too hot and not too cold. It's just sweetly nice. Then, the intruder sucks his dick with good effort and horniness. But, it is their nice kissing activity along with the following lengthy screwing action on Shay that will be the lingering images of this scene despite the swinging contraption being quite noticeable. Later, Dustin bends over while holding onto the hanging straps so that Shay can eat his snatch. Shay's cocksucking activity got my attention even more since Dustin's hard dick looked very appealing to me. Then, Dustin fucked the guy with a solid and steady fucking delivery. As their consistent performance lingered on, Shay really felt that dick inside of him as his asshole burned. In the end, the bear Shay jacks off at his guest's open mouth. Then, Dustin cums on his sexual package.

Scene Three: A lost Ryan Colton needs to find a phone. He stumbles upon Dusty Williams' home. He accidentally awakens the owner of the home. After the young guy explains to him about his situation, Ryan and he kiss. I enjoyed that the cocksucking activity took place quicker. My mouth got very wet as I saw Dusty orally pleasure Ryan's dick. The slurping sounds are cool as Dusty used his dick to fuck his mouth. Some cockriding by the intruder follows. While Ryan lays down on his stomach, the bearish man eats his snatch briefly before screwing him. The fucking activity is good and I could imagine being in Ryan's position and having Dusty hold my waist as he fucked me solidly with that delivery. But, I have to admit I am very ticklish so I probably be squirming a lot. The camera shots of his steady pounding sexual region looked hot. You can tell that Dusty is getting turned on much and wants to continue to fuck his partner very badly. Later, the young lad strokes himself off.
Scene Four: A sleepy and tired Ian Levine climbs into the cabin and sleeps on the bed. He accidentally awakens couple Christian Matthews and Brian Davilla. Soon, the trio start fooling around. The twinky lays on his back while handsome Christian plays with his asshole while Brian gets his dick sucked by their guest. It does not take long until the bearish men trade places and roles. When the two men position Ian on all fours, my mouth got wetter watching Brian suck his snatch. On the other end of the action, Christian and Ian kiss a bit, but most of the activity at that end is really about Ian's cocksucking performance. Brian doggies and then, spoons him next. I started to get antsy a bit as I wanted to see Christian do the fucking. He did not disappoint because when he did get his dick inside of Ian, Christian fucked with a lot of energy and pace. After Ian rides both men, he cums on their faces. Then, the bearish men make themselves cum.          
Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this film a lot especially since the storyline is entertaining enough for the set-up vehicle to lead to the sexual activity. It is important to note that the main acting work goes to the young twinks. However, the older men perform most of the fucking action. I was impressed, however, by seeing Dustin Gold fuck his more mature partner. The best performances are the Chase Young-Fabio Stallone and Dustin Gold-Shay Michaels ones. Those are the ones where you can feel assholes getting worked up incredibly well. Overall, I could see this movie get nominated for a XBIZ award for Gay Movie of the Year. I highly recommend this film.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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