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Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/26/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature, BDSM, Fetish (2 disc set)

Directors/Writers/Producers: Dee Severe and Aiden Starr
Executive Producer: Jimmy Broadway
Cast: Aiden Starr, Dee Severe, Caroline Pierce, Nikki Darling, Dana Dearmond, Kiki D'Aire, Charli Piper, Maia Davis, Jay Taylor, Jessie Parker, Anna Valentina, Megan Cox, Dixie Comet, Jimmy Broadway, Tim Woodman, Mickey Mod, Marcelo, Ruckus, Dominick Kross, Slut Bottom Chris. Non-sex roles: Lotus Lain, Tommy Toscano   
Length: 228 minutes
Extras: There are several very good segments in this area. The first one has us meeting the ladies and Slut Bottom Chris who were involved in the gangbang scene. It lasted six minutes. The next one is a Behind the Scenes, outtakes, and bloopers footage. It lasted ten minutes. A very nice photo gallery is included too as well as several Severe Society Films trailers.
Condoms: Mickey Mod uses a condom. 

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Treacherous is a film by the studio Severe Society Films and directed and written by Dee Severe and Aiden Starr. The plotline is about a power struggle between two managers of an underground sex and fetish club. The young up-and-comer Aiden Starr versus the long-in-the-tooth Tim Woodman. Mistress Dee Severe is the owner of this naughty establishment who has seen it's success dwindling. As for people, who do not know about Dee Severe, I advise them to read my interview with her by clicking on this link Mistress Dee Severe interview.
Scene One: As Kiki D'Aire, Lotus Lain, and Tommy Toscano take their seats, the show begins. We see Tim Woodman wrapping and tying rope above and below Jessie Parker's breasts. In the meantime, Charli Piper is in a cage beside them. The tying activity by the man continues as he wraps the rope around her belly and underneath her crotch. Suddenly, Tim hands Jessie over to some of the attentive audience members. One of them is Dominik Kross who enjoys fondling her. Meanwhile, Tim takes Charli out from the cage and caresses her nipples as the woman leans back against him. Both women are getting turned on by their partner's touchy-feely behavior. Soon, Tim wraps and ties rope around Charli's torso similar to how he tied Jessie. When he brings the two women together, I enjoyed listening to Jessie egg him on at times especially while he is flogging her. It's cute. She has spunk while Charli is quiet. Tim also applied nipple clamps to their nipples. It reminded me of putting charger clamps while recharging your car's battery. The sight of the two women staring at each other as well as  their bodies in close proximity to each other provided much anticipation for them to make out. Charli and Jessie sort of embrace as Tim flogs Charli's ass and Jessie's back. As far as the lighting, I liked the dark background of the room and the glow of the ladies bodies as the light shined down below them. The ladies' moans sounded cool. More assertive behavior by the spunky babe follows which leads to her getting flogged more and more. Tim also pulls off the nipple clamps off the women quickly. Then, he focuses on flogging their titties a while. Jessie really puts on a show of confidence and nerve while getting flogged by the man. Afterwards, Tim sucks their nipples briefly before taking his dick out for them to suck it. The more obedient Charli gets to orally pleasure the guy first. As the bj activity lingered on, Jessie chokes on it a bit while deep throating him and develops cool saliva strings. Moments later, Charli sucks Tim's cock again and soon, he unloads his cum in her warm mouth. Next, the ladies  kiss.

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Scene Two:
 Aiden Starr and a group of paid female customers are going to go to town and humiliate their guy toy Slut Bottom Chris. When the blonde hottie releases from the cage, the man crawls on his knees and starts to orally pleasure their feet. I liked listening to Aiden's vocal remarks. Meanwhile, Chris is a good active foot worshiper. He definitely stays busy moving from one lady to the next. Some of them are wearing leather boots and others have heels on. Champagne is passed around for the women. Kiki D"Aire is holding his leash. All of the women are wearing strap-ons. Some of those plastic penises are long. Aiden continues to vocally demean him. Later, after he has completed kissing and licking their feet, Chris gets on the stirrups so that the ladies can fuck him in the ass. Bespectacled cutie Jay Taylor gets the honors to screw him first. His asshole gets lubed first. Then, her effort is quite good and she applies a fun and driven delivery. Even though I have never been fucked in the ass, Jay would be a nice face to look at. Next, beautiful long-haired blonde Maia Davis fucks the guy. She inserts the plastic cock inside of him with the enjoyment level rising when Chris repeatedly says "I'm a fucking slut." At this point, Maia's screwing delivery becomes faster. Dana Dearmond, dressed in a nun's costume, fucks him next. Dana is a solid fucker who loosens up his asshole well. She also does a nice job praying for him. She also teases his tiny weiner. Her swirling hips look cool as she screws him. Anna Valentina gets to shove her big thick cock into him and Chris vocally blurs out "Oh My." Her fucking delivery is a good driven one. She fucks him very deep as the woman pounds his ass. Chris' ass becomes so slimy and sticky. A much longer cock enters him with the help of Kiki D'Aire. Chris does not have any trouble taking that monster cock all the way in. I was very impressed. Megan Cox has a big thick black cock and she shoves it in Chris. It's pretty cool. Then, the man climbs on top of the cage and positions himself for some doggie action. This time Aiden Starr gets to perform the screwing duties. She looks good in that dominating position as she vocally degrades him. During the active screwing by Aiden in which she looks like she is riding a horse, Chris takes turns in sucking several of the ladies' dicks. Then, some women take turns in sticking a big dildo into his ass. Aiden mouth fucks him hard. Later, Chris gets mished by Megan again. Maia applies good effort in spitting at the man at times. It leads to the women screaming at him to jerk himself off. This scene is pretty intense with a lot of vocal barrage by the women and Slut Bottom Chris deserves a lot of respect for taking it all in especially all the hard work in his asshole.
Scene Three: Marcelo and Jimmy Broadway have their ankles tied to the legs of the table and their wrists are tied to each other. These guys are in the roles of piggie slaves. They are bent over so their tummies and chests are on top of it. After Aiden and Dee Siren tickle Jimmy, the blonde cutie flogs the man repeatedly. I enjoyed seeing Dee flog her guy. Later, Aiden sticks a metal butt plug into Jimmy's ass in a slow and delicate manner. As Dee looked on, it felt as like the mentor was looking at her prized pupil. She also attaches nipple clamps on him too. A heavy barrage of flogging and paddling activity by the women follows. Jimmy's butt gets very red. An easy moment occurs for the male viewers as well as Jimmy is when Dee applies several clothespins on his balls and penis especially on the sensitive tip of his dick. Then, she removes them. I could feel my crotch hurting. Meanwhile, Aiden is using a vibrator to electrocute her piggie slave's balls and tongue. Later, we see the two men change positions. Now, Marcelo is standing and getting his entire sexual package covered with clothespins. There must had been over twenty. I was crossing my legs tight just seeing it. Meanwhile, Jimmy is sitting in the chair as Dee repeatedly fiddles with his penis and plays with the weights that are hanging on his balls. At this point, Aiden has applied a bunch of clothespins on Marcelo's tongue and mouth right before she ran an electronic vibrator along his sexual package. The attractive lady holds that sexual device on his dick for a long time. Her vocal remarks made the scene exciting. The stimulation on the bottom of his dick lead him to cum. The sight of Dee Siren was always a turn-on since she looked very sexy in her mistress outfit. Next, we see Jimmy getting a vibrating butt plug inserted in him by Aiden. Then, we see Marcelo sucking Jimmy's dick as the women ordered him. Aiden continues her remarkable vocal barrage of demeaning words to Marcelo. She definitely shines in this film as a determined woman who gets what she wants. Dee sticks a long dildo into Marcelo's ass during the man's cocksucking session. Later, Aiden fucks him with a strap-on solidly with cool vocal dirty talk. Marcelo's consistent, very long, and hard sucking action makes Jimmy cum in his mouth.
Scene Four: Aiden Starr comes onto Tim Woodman while he is playing billiards. It leads to teasing him by fooling around with gal pal Caroline Pierce. The blonde protégé puts on a strap-on. However, she decides to focus on the lovely brunette's ass a while by spanking it with her hand. Some fingerfucking action by Aiden occurs as the long-haired brunette is on her hands and knees. The sight of Caroline's pussy is hot. As Aiden spanks her again, Tim kisses Caroline. It's always nice to see these two ladies together since the educated viewers can notice their good chemistry. Afterwards, Caroline turns around so that her pal can fuck her missionary style with her silver dick. Suddenly, Tim and Aiden are kissing as the blonde continues her steady screwing delivery. As the pleasuring activity on Caroline continues, she becomes quite turned on. The tone of their performance is about three pals having fun together. Later, Caroline gets to suck Tim's cock as Aiden doggies her. Then, the attractive cocksucking brunette is on her back getting her pussy worked on by an electronic vibrator. Later, Tim cums inside of Caroline's mouth. Then, she pours it into Aiden's palm. Some sticky finger licking action follows as Caroline licks her friend's tasty fingers.
Scene Five: Tim Woodman tells the audience to have fun. An orgy is about to begin. Nikki Darling is giving head to Mickey Mod. Aiden walks up to Ruckus and releases his wrists and ankles from a St. Andrews cross. Then, the man sits on his knees as the pretty blonde straps his wrists to a bar. Meanwhile, Tim is flogging the back of cocksucker Nikki. Next, Ruckus bends over while Aiden applies an electrocuting device along his ass and snatch. The electrocuting activity becomes more intense when Tim applies it on Nikki's chest and mouth. Afterwards, Tim puts clothespins on the nipples of a gleeful Jessie Parker. At this time, Aiden is running her asshole along Ruckus' mouth. Beside them, Mikey is fucking Nikki hard as she rides him. Next, Ruckus gets on his back so that Aiden can fuck him with her strap on. A nice shot of Nikki's hot bod occurs when Tim flogs her pussy. Thus far, I enjoyed seeing Aiden focus solely on her male slave although the more exciting activity occurs with the trio of Nikki, Mickey, and Tim. These three work well together. Later, Ruckus crawls towards the dark-haired and smiling Dixie Comet. They kiss and suddenly, he licks the bottom of her shoe. I kept on getting turned on as Tim repeatedly flogged Nikki's back as well as seeing Mickey doggie her very hard. Meanwhile, I was so pleased when I saw Aiden riding Ruckus since I did not want to see her pussy go to waste in this film. Later, the blonde domme jacks him off. In the meantime, Mickey cums in Nikki's wide open mouth.                                           

Final Thoughts: Treacherous is an ambitious production especially for a fetish BDSM film. Most of these films are the usual gonzo type flicks with some brief set-up scenarios, but this one has a very good storyline with twists and turns. A lot of credit goes to Dee Severe and Aiden Starr for writing a productive and entertaining screenplay. I enjoyed seeing Dee look so sexy in her Mistress role. Throughout this film, the fetish and BDSM activity is top-notch. Viewers who are not accustomed to watching this type of production will cringe many times especially during the "should be" nominated performance for Best Group Sex scene of Slut Bottom Chris and the seven ladies who demean him. In that scene, Aiden Starr, Dana Dearmond, Maia Davis, and Anna Valentina have the most memorable moments. Jimmy Broadway and Marcelo also deserve much praise for withstanding much pain. I was also impressed with Nikki Darling and Mickey Mod's heated performance. Tim Woodman had an amazing performance both in acting and in fetish play. His angry moments were spell-binding. He also has a scary presence about him which makes him perfect as the punishing slave master. Meanwhile, Aiden Starr looked very confident in her assertive role. She was great in demeaning, punishing, and fucking her male partners. Perhaps, we may see Tim and Aiden be nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress respectively. I highly recommend this film which is the main contender for Best BDSM release for the AVN and XBIZ awards.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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