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Burlesque Sex

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/28/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: All Sex/UK Porn





 Cast: Delta White/Loz Lorrimar/Michelle moist/Robyn Truelove/Sisi Sinz

Director: Mark Cremona


Extras: None

Release Date: 6/27/2014

Runtime: 94 Mins


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Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Loz Lorrimar
The premiere scene in Mark Cremona's Burlesque Sex begins as we hear a grungy rock tune while seeing the outstanding Loz Lorrimar give us an abbreviated tease and masturbation session that leads up to the action. Loz is fully "burlesque'd" out, looking like a victorian babe from the early 1900's as she puts a little twist on the outfit with some fishnet stockings and clear heels for an added effect. Once Loz's male counterpart steps onto set, she welcomes him with an extremely lengthy rimjob before things finally get moving with a facefuck given to the lovely Loz. The early moments here are pretty meager in terms of energy and strong content, ultimately evolving into the sex, which begins with Loz taking a reverse cowgirl ride on her faceless co-stars bologna pony. Positioning runs through cowgirl, missionary, and doggie, with the set being so dark that it's actually hard to tell what's going on at certain times throughout. Things cap of with Loz being rewarded with a goopy jizz splat to the kisser, as she gives her stunt cock a few final kisses before the screen fades. Not a great scene here at all. The lighting was awful; I rarely even notice shit like that but when it effects your view of what is happening in the scene then I think it makes for an extremely negative viewing experience. The energy and overall action was just mediocre as well. Bleh.

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Scene 2:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Robyn Truelove

A personal former favorite of mine, Robyn Truelove is next up, beginning the scene with another fairly weak tease sequence that leads up to the British blonde hottie getting a finger and ass munch from her co-star. The early moments are extremely slow, and soon move into Robyn giving her stunt cock a notably strong blowjob that really gets the scene moving a lot better than the previous moments. The blowie mainly features Robyn fucking her own face, but regardless she gets after it pretty well. Sex begins after the camera cuts away from the blow-j, with the gorgeous Robyn bent over a chair while receiving a doggi style schlong-smacking. The sex is already far better than the previous scene, having an overall solid vieiwing of Robyn, while unfortunately continuing to be poorly lighted, but it didn't make too much of an impact on this scene thankfully. Things end with a fair jizz squirt to the face, as Robyn stares into the camera while spitting the semen onto herself in closing. This scene was better than the previous one, but had some weak moments and I don't think the replaybility factr was very strong at all. 

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Scene 3:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Sisi Sinz

Sisi Sinz is the focal point of the thirs scene in the film, not to be confused with the american teen pornstar who has been retired for what looks like about 3 years. Sisi begins the scene with a better tease than we've observed thus far in the film, as it slowly moves into action setting with a facefuck from Sisi's co-star. The facefuck is solid here, with Sisi taking some roughness from her male counterpart and keeping his schlong well-slopped as he pounds her cake-hole. Sex sets in with a doggie style fuck, soon moving into a Sisi taking a cowgirl dick ride that has her yelping to the heavens. The scene progresses better than most we've seen yet, with our director Mark still not seeming to understand the concept of properly lighting a porn scene, but whatever. In turn, the scene caps off with a facial that you will miss if you blink (so be careful of that) before Sisi gives some final cock-kisses to her fuck buddy. Comprehensively, this scene had a much stronger feel to it than what we've seen so far, but the action dragged hard in certain parts. 

Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Michelle Moist

Michelle Moist encapsulates our view for the fourth scene in the film, and if you know me from twitter or any other various places on the internet, then you'll know that this girl is easily one of my favorite pornstars on earth. If you have yet to see a scene of hers I'd strongly recommend it, but let's see how this one plays out first. It all begins as we see the beautiful Michelle giving us a short (dimly lit) tease, which ends with her co-star stepping in as she gives him some mouth love. The blowjob is well done, but it becomes quite obvious in the later moments that the chemistry here is pretty awful, especially once the rimjob starts. Michelle still works her stunt cock well, with sex ultimately setting with a reverse cowgirl fuck, after the camera goes into a "blair witch-esque" shaking frenzy. The sex is fairly solid from a viewers standpoint, with Michelle being her nasty self for the most part, but again, lack of chemistry from a viewer's standpoint, having a largely negative effect. The scene is pretty much a drag overall, with the cumshot being the best part, and the camera capturing it terribly from an upshot angle. Shitty. Michelle is mainly amazing in everything she does currently, but this scene is all the way from back in 2009 and it was a dud overall. 

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Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Delta White

The once highly acclaimed british porn babe Delta White is the featured star of the final scene in the film, kicking things off wonderfully as she gives a short tease to introduce herself. The action begins shortly to follow, with Delta chugging on her stunt cock hesitantly while giving him some nut love and rimjob action to help in matters. Delta seems timid through a lot of the early moments, with her co-star preparing her for a pounding by munching on her love muffin. Sex actually kicks off much better than I expected it to, as Delta trounces hard on the bologna pony in a reverse cowgirl dick-dunk. The sex gets progressively worse throughout the scene though, as Delta portrays a bit of an uncomfortable vibe, tentatively seeming to let loose at certain times, but not nearly enough to let the viewer really get lost in it. After the scene runs it's course with 4 separate position changes, Delta jerks her stunt cock to completion resulting in a drippy, gooey, jizz releasing that she laps up while staring into the camera. Well, back when this was shot Delta was pretty much on top of the world, even coming to America to shoot with some of the top web companies and studios quite often. A girl as beautiful as her is always a good watch, but if you're looking for an over-the-top intense sexual encounter you're not going to find it here. This was a dragging scene with a pretty monotonous sexual overtone. 

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Killergram's Burlesque Sex from director Mark Cremona makes for a pretty weak viewing overall, having a lot of sex acts and camerwork that had me scratching my head more so than pumping my dick. A couple of the scenes started with an unnecessary, and seemingly unwanted, rimjob from the girls to their [uncredited] male stars, and the poor lighting & blur effect that is positioned in some of the scenes is more of a hindrance to the viewer than anything else. The cast is loaded with some of my former favorites along with a current one, but the overall appeal of this film after watching it is virtually nonexistent. It seems as though the scenes were positioned and scripted as opposed to an authentic sexual encounter that allows the viewer to really get lost in it. Extras, as always with Killergram DVD's, are completely null and void, leading me to my ultimate opinion of this film not being worth your money or your time as a fan. If you're thinking about adding this one to your collection I'd think again, you're not missing much should you choose against it. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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