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Teens Take It Big 8

Studio: Other » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/8/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Teens/Coed



 Cast: Darcie Belle/Kiara Knight/Mila Blaze/Victoria Paradice/Jerry/Jamie Stone/Will Powers/Ralph Long

Director: Stoney Curtis

Camera: Chucky Sleaze 


Extras: Trailers/Photo Gallery

*Extra Scene: Peyton Sparxx & Chris Strokes from Teens Take It Big #3 

*Bonus Scene: Staci Carr & Samantha Grace from Cougars Crave Young Kittens #13

Release Date: 144 Mins

Runtime: 9/3/2014

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Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Darcie Bell/Jerry
The premiere scene in Teens Take It Big #8 begins with some awkward conversation between cutie Darcie Belle and one of the remarkable, yet underrated male stars of our time who goes simply by the name Jerry. The introductory moments are a mainly silly segment where Darcie asks her older counterpart to rub some oil on her body before she goes outside to work on her tan. Of course, things become sexual immediately as Darcie feels Jerry's cock jousting into her back as he's applying oil over her breasts, and thus the action begins. A blowie from Darcie gets things going, or at least attempts to do so, with these early parts of the scene dragging like RuPaul in preparation for a runway show - I mean, this is slow. Jerry then returns the favor to Darcie with an abbreviated muff-munch, with no talk and very few expressions that show any sign of excitement or arousal. Sex sets in with a missionary fuck given to Darcie, carrying the same wave of non-emotion that the early mometns did, before Jerry finally gets (sort of) a sign of life from the teenie through some monotonous moans that make me shake my head in disapproval. The scene continues like this through it's entire 35 minute runtime, having very few points of solidity that mainly occur during various angles of Darcie's tight bod being captured by our director. The scene closes out with a meager facial given to Darcie before she gives a couple of smiles at her co-star and the screen fades into the next scene. Not good, nothing about this scene was really good aside from Darcie's looks. Bleh.

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Scene 2:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Kiara Knight/Jamie Stone

Kiara Knight is next up on the list, looking fucking fantastic in the early moments as she appears to be stranded roadside wearing a tiny pink skirt and white top while the home viewers get some choice views of her. Her male co-star, Jamie Stone soon comes to the rescue, showing off his ride to the adorable Kiara as she appears to be turned on heavily by his badass whip. The action gets underway quickly as Kiera explains her love for "stick shifts" and grabs his protruding meat stick in his pants before the two quickly retreat to Jamie's humble abode. Action begins in some muff worship before she whips out his hog for a short lived dong-suck that evolves into Kiara taking a cowgirl dick ride on Jamie's pumpstick. Sex is already leaps and bounds above the previous scene in the film, showcasing a cock-yearning Kiara getting pounded plentifully in a slew of different positions and seeming to love every moment of it. Things progress fairly upon the scene's continuance, with action frequently reverting back to a blowie from Kiara before switching into the next position, and ultimately capping off with Jamie emptying his ballsack over her tiny chest before getting a couple extra thrusts in for good merit. A nice scene here that fans of the teen demographic are likely to enjoy, with an especially hot teen in Kiara Knight.



Click here for a trailer from this scene at LethalHardcore.com!

Scene 3:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mila Blaze/Will Powers

The third scene sets up with a snoozing Will Powers, as cutie Mila Blaze approaches him while he's sleeping to steal his car keys out of his pocket. Will soon awakes and calls Mila into the room asking her about the keys that she sneakily stole from him. Mila, of course denies the accusations that Will soon makes, before fessing up in the coming moments as it seems she was hoping to take her friends to the mall. Will ultimately proposes a trade with his gorgeous co-star, one in which he gets to fuck her and she gets to take his keys; Of course, she complies. Action sets in with some good old fashioned groping amongst  Will and Mila, evolving into the pre-sex blowie that features an adorable Mila staring up into her stunt cock's face with doe eyes throughout. The blowie could be better with a more exuberant Mila, but Will does attempt some successful facefucks that helps things move in the right direction as things continue onward. Sex sets in with Mila riding Will's sausage pony in a cowgirl position, as he thrusts up into her hole to draw some fruitful reactions from the Mila as we continue forward. Positioning runs through the standard rigor of what one might expect after watching the previous scenes, having some slower moments tied into some of the more pragmatic ones that will probably have the viewer surfing about to find the latter. The scene reaches its finale when Will blasts what is easily the most prominent cumload of the film over a hungry-mouthed Mila who then shows off her reward to the home viewers. A decent scene here, I think Will made what he could out of it, showing a large part of the reason that he continues to get cast in many roles for some of the larger gonzo companies in the industry. 


Click here for a trailer from this scene at LethalHardcore.com!

Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Victoria Paradice/Ralph Long

Victoria Paradice is the focal point of the fourth scene in the film, being called into the principal's office for dressing to provocative in school. Ralph Long plays the role of Victoria's principal, and after some silly banter between the two, he stands up to reveal he's wearing no pants under his desk. Ralph uses this as an example of what she looks like when she's walking down the hallway, but after he sees that Victoria is pleasantly surprised at what she sees, he decides to give her a sampling of his beef thermomenter. A doggie style fuck sets things into motion, giving the viewer a solid look at Victoria's backside as her plaid skirt is ruffled over her ass while Principal Ralph thrusts his johnson to and fro in her ham-hole. The blowjob comes next, featuring a pretty cock-hungry Victoria giving a decent but short-lived blowjob to her adventurous principal before continuing in some missionary style fucking. Sex is decent upon it's continuance, as it seems that Victoria is rather uninterested through points, but makes a few valid attempts at convincing us otherwise. Things cap off after Victoria munches her principal's balls, while he jacks himself to completion as he sits in a chair, unfortunately getting most of his man batter on himself. A pretty drab scene here as I look back on it, it had a lot of potential, but lacked in giving the viewer anything more than a few things to look back on positively. 



Click here for a trailer from this scene at LethalHardcore.com!

Scene 5:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Peyton Sparxx/Chris Strokes

Peyton Sparxx (aka Destiny James) encapsulates our view for the next scene, which disguises itself as the final scene in the film, but is actually one taken from the third installment of the Teens Take It Big series. There is no disclaimer vindicating this, but upon further research I did find it to be true. Peyton enters view asking to bum a cigarette off of her long time pal, played by Chris Strokes, as he quickly refuses, thinking she's too young to be engaging in such acts. After she proves she's eighteen, she apparently doesn't want to smoke anymore, and the two quickly get down to business with Peyton giving a solid blowie to Chris before he takes her indoors to indulge in a doggie style fuck to get the action underway. Things in this scene are probably more solid than any other scene in the film, with Peyton and Chris showing an outstanding chemistry and Peyton taking everything that Chris dishes out surprisingly well. Sex switches through the standard positioning, with a fluent and organic feeling to it that is certain to give the viewer a much better masturbation-session than any of the [actual] scenes that this film provides. Peyton never lets up, sucking cock like a pro upon each position switch, with the camera capturing some choice views of this sex-starved hottie that has me jerking in a frenzy. The scene caps off with Peyton rushing downward from a hard missionary fuck to receive a faceload of jizz from her stunt cock, cutting abruptly to the end credits after doing so. An outstanding scene here nonetheless; it certainly outshines all others, and has me searching frantically for more scenes from this girl. Unfortunately, it's not a new scene, and not even a part of this movie, bummer.


Click here to check out a trailer from this scene at LethalHardcore.com! 


Stoney Curtis' Teens Take It Big #8 from Lethal Hardcore was relatively bleak upon my reflection of it, with 4 satisfactory scenes that could be considered as "good enough" to some, but not extraordinary in any way, shape, or form. I enjoyed Kiara Knight's scene the most out of the four, but I couldn't honestly tell you that I'd ever go back and watch it for any reason. While the movie does showcase some really hot girls with the potential to prosper in the business, I don't think any of these scenes will be something that they post as a substantial landmark in their climb to the top of porno fame. It's just a lot of filler. The best scene beyond any shadow of a doubt is the one taken from the third installment of the series, giving me even less of a reason to recommend this one, for the simple fact that there's a possibility that part 3 is better. It's also sort of staggering that there are two people involved in the filming and directing of these scenes. The camerawork has some ok moments I guess, but it seems like nothing that couldn't have been done with you're average 'dude holding a camera while people fuck' arrangement. Picturing some guy with a megaphone shouting out positions for the stars to fuck in has me lol'ing a little bit, especially after seeing how this movie turned out. I know it's the way that a lot of the more prominent scenes are shot, but if these are filmed that way Chucky and Stoney should probably look to put a little more effort into their work. Just saying. Extras in the film include a dull slideshow, a few trailers from other Lethal Hardcore films, with one actual bonus scene and one 'secret' bonus scene that I already talked about earlier in my review. There's really nothing remarkable about this movie in any way. I've already typed way too many words about it. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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