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Voracious Season Two Volume 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/28/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Voracious Season 2: Volume 4 (episodes 13 to 18)

Evil Angel

Genre: Web-to-DVD, Horror

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Director: John Stagliano


Cast: Stoya, James Deen, Lea Lexis, Wolf Hudson, Rain DeGrey, Chastity Lynn, Ashley Fires, Roxy Raye, Jessie Volt, Skin Diamond, Rocco Siffredi

Length: 212:29 minutes (140:44 minutes & 71:45 minutes)

Date of Production: 2014



Extras: There were some partial filmographies for a few of the ladies, a cast list by episode, some trailers, art captures (photogalleries), and a few websites but the best of the batch on disc was a cool video commentary helping tie up some loose ends or the extra sex feature. On top of that was a 24 page booklet that outlined the entire second season in detail with lots of graphic pictures of the cast. The combination BTS and video commentary lasted 126:21 minutes, John deciding on key elements of the show as he discussed it on camera (which he used to do a lot more frequently in the past, albeit in far shorter form), with Lea Lexis making a surprise appearance to take him to task for a reflection (vampires do not cast reflections) but John openly raising various issues from the first episode until the 17th episode, trying to decide on key elements of the final episode. I did not use the commentary or interspersed BTS footage it contained to write the review but suffice it to say that there was a wealth of material on the technical aspects as well as why he made specific choices thematically on a tight budget in order to tell a story, the individual aspects not as important as the resulting sweeping epic of the season as a whole (Lea having a great time with John in the editing room). There was also a section of extra sex but it only lasted 5:29 minutes, not the wealth of additional footage I imagine ended up being cut from such a big production.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Voracious Season 2: Volume 4 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel. Unlike the first season that was released in a single boxed set after all the periodic episodes were released to fans, this second season shows Buttman releasing the DVD sets some episodes at a time, drawing out the show a bit for those of us that prefer a physical media release, this time providing 6 whole episodes. I’ll be up front that I have avoided all media discussion about the episodes as they came out, my review below containing as few spoilers as possible to refrain from ruining the viewing experience for the rest of you. That said, the show is very dark thematically but also in terms of the way the episodes were lit, often just hints of light allowing the viewer to delve deeper into the sex and story elements which added replay value. John directed, co-wrote the script with Lea Lexis, edited it with some help by Von Vonage, and had significant assistance in the technical areas of the show, the dark nature of the material making that much tougher to shoot for anyone. There was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen during the show so it stood out compared to most company releases that are more traditionally lit. Still, a lot of thought went into the editing and framing of the scenes. In the same sense, the aural components of the series were also well handled with a lot of care, the music and vocals blended in with appropriate ambient sounds to make it seem like a mainstream feature. There was precious little exposition this time but as I don’t intend on giving away major plot points, that makes it all the better. The music by Douglas Mariah throughout the season was very suited to the visual elements, the vocals easy to hear (if the accents got in the way at times, so be it), and the ambient sounds helped elevate the aural components substantially above most productions, including “blockbusters” that were mostly hype.


Body of Review: John Stagliano is one of the recognized leaders of gonzo porn, his style of participating in action literally spawning generations of copycat directors over the years. John’s company, Evil Angel, is considered one of the biggest and brightest stars of the gonzo realm even now, years later, John focusing most of his talents on tease titles with minimal actual sexual contact. John’s upcoming volume of Voracious Season 2: Volume 4 (episodes 13 to 18) is a marked change from his usual material, a dark tale of vampires and sex continued. The whole sexy vampire porn angle is nothing new to the industry yet John took it to new heights (or depths) with his web-to-DVD show and later season set release awhile back, this sequel amounting to taking some of the characters on a new journey for fans to appreciate. Lea Lexis is back as is Rocco Siffredi, joined by former contract babe Stoya to weave another tale of darkness and depravity. Most of Stoya’s feature work to date has been very tame and lightweight, the same holding true for the rest of the cast (more or less), John allowing them all to let loose a bit in a darker look at things. The company website has not posted any description of the most recent set of episodes but suffice it to say that as the feature elements start coming to the close of the season (in volume four), the sexual elements are getting increasingly kinky, a religious angle brought in last time getting more attention and some key plot points come out (I don’t like revealing them, sorry). This one wraps it all up, brings forth some of the previously minor performers into much larger roles, and offers the kind of twists one might expect given the nature of the subject matter. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Episode Thirteen: Are You The Last One?: Stoya, the beautiful brunette featured on the front cover, was up first with priest James Deen, the man surprising her as she read his fortune. He used his wits to subdue her and chain her up, confronting her aggressively from a position of strength in a prolonged breaking of her will that resulted in a lot of rough tease and a blowjob. Stoya had great eye contact and throated his turgid pecker as deeply as she was able, some hand to gland friction applied as she nuzzled his nuts in a submissive style. He then plastered her face with semen before chaining her back up, the clothespins and other devices no longer causing her pain.



Episode Fourteen: Can You Feed On Me?: Lea Lexis, the impressive former gymnast with the smoking hot curvy body, was up next with moper Wolf Hudson, his desire to change his lot in life resulting in the question of the episode title, the sexy hotty showing some of her moves in a black mesh body stocking before the two went at it. The tryst was as much a dance at first as a fuck session, Lea slobbing his knob after he rimmed her and gobbled her gash, some rougher sex included though she sat on his face and jerked him off nicely. The vaginal sex led to anal, on her not him this time (Wolf is well known in pegging circles), Lea diddling herself before a blowjob break and more penetrative positions. It ended when she milked his balls of sperm and rubbed his manly fluids all over her face, throating him before he kissed her to taste his own spew.



Episode Fifteen: It’s Really A Shame You’re A Vampire: Stoya, still chained in a prone position, then resumed her tryst with James Deen, the man wisely not trusting how weak she looked given his experience with the undead. She was naked but for her specially made chains, James flogging her body while making sure she understood he was the boss. As he moved her to a spread leg position that looked really hot, the flogging of her thighs and boobs intensified, James going down on her pussy and ass before drilling her snatch, Stoya begging him to fuck her ass within minutes. He took it slow and she clearly liked it, the couple resuming the encounter in the following scene.



Episode Sixteen: Don’t You Want To Bite Me?: Stoya and James Deen picked up where they left off at the beginning of this episode, James kissing her before securing her again to go talk to Rain DeGrey and Chastity Lynn to gather the information he wanted. This led to a more balanced sexual encounter with Stoya as he ate her ass, bit her, kiss and caressed her, Stoya responding favorably as he fuck toy who did anything he wanted. While she smiled from ear to ear as he fucked her (telling him to do her harder), she seemed a bit creepier than usual, her enjoyment of being treated like a lowly piece of ass working for James who hammered away at her in doggy. They both stuffed hands into her cookie and he got her off after nutting all over her torso and face, Stoya savoring the seed like a confection as he went back to drilling her juicy pussy.



Episode Seventeen: Impress Me Ladies: Ashley Fires, Roxy Raye, Rain DeGrey, Jessie Volt, Chastity Lynn, and Lea Lexis, were up next as the bait was trained to embrace their inner sexuality as soldiers in the holy war they were about to embark upon. Their loose white robes and habits gave them the look of nuns while the toys were heavily lubed up to stretch their assholes, a lot of lesbian anal and taste testing as well as lengthy anal gape hang times provided to prepare them for the ultimate encounter. If you like kinky lesbian trysts with heavy religious overtones, you will really like this one, the wand vibrator helping get the ladies off as much as the crucifix dildos from Divine Intervention.



Episode Eighteen: I Am Foul And Corrupt: Lea Lexis, Skin Diamond, Roxy Raye, Ashley Fires, Rain DeGrey, Rocco Siffredi, Stoya, James Deen, and Wolf Hudson were in the final episode as Rocco was enticed to come out into the open where he was vulnerable to his foes. The sexual exploits included some bizarre black light footage and toys from a company called Divine Intervention, the low level lighting making the devices glow with a spooky hue as the ladies masturbated and otherwise get each other off in the dark chamber. James upped his game in an unusual manner too but it was Rocco that sexually dominated this final chapter of the season, the sheer amount of anal pounding, rimming, blowjobs, and rough sex surpassing that of the rest of the season courtesy in part due to the almost 72 minute running time of the episode. Lea’s final revenge was hilarious but I’m not going to ruin it for you, just watch the fucking thing already.


Click for Trailer (when released)

Summary: Voracious Season 2: Volume 4 by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel included the six concluding episodes of the follow up season that I have been waiting for, the release date of later this month (in time for awards) no surprise. The sex was steamy and intense, the vampire theme polished up really well to show the horny blood suckers at their most devious, and the technical aspects enhancing the final product enough to make this the latest “must have” for any vampire lovers out there. There were more religious themes as major plot threads wrapped up, some surprises that I won’t ruin for you (beware of other reviews though, some don’t care about spoilers). This show is not for the squeamish by any means but it already has earned a rating of Highly Recommended, the series as a whole likely to earn a full Xcritic Pick when properly packaged up in an expected collector package in the future. In short, Voracious Season 2: Volume 4 might not be for the squeamish out there who shy away from gory vampire tales or don’t like rough, truly hardcore sexual encounters but compared to the lightweight fluff offered up so poorly by the rest of the industry, this concluding set of episodes and extras was designed to impress so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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