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Wrecked & Ruined 22

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/7/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gay

Director: ?

Cast: Milo Taylor, Lincoln Gates, Mylo Jordan, Luke Desmond, Reece Bentley, Max Brown, Leroy Dale, Dan Jenkins, Jacob Daniels, Adam Watson, Liam Strider 

Length: 169 minutes

Date of Production: 11/19/2013
Extras: None

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Wrecked & Ruined 22 is a gay film by the website BoyNapped.com. It focuses on bondage and fetish play where pain is a big feature. Pegs, clothespins, spankings, floggings, ropes, and chains are major accessories to many of their scenes.
Scene One: In a dungeon basement, Milo Taylor has his ankles chained while he is upside down naked. His tormentor Lincoln Gates is sucking his dick in the meantime. The intensity heightens when Lincoln sort of fists the man's asshole. I enjoyed that Milo's ass does not get much of a break. When you hear Milo's emotional moans, you feel sorry for him. But, it is also a turn-on and you want him to continue to get punished. He does receive some relief from the ass action when Lincoln fucks the man's mouth. But, as soon as Lincoln cums, he is back to punishing Milo's ass. Afterwards, Lincoln cums on the man's mouth.
Scene Two: Mylo Jordan's wrists are tied to a chain that is hanging from the ceiling as his tormentor Luke Desmond caresses and spanks his naked ass. Some cocksucking action occurs next by both men. Luke applies a more heated bj delivery. Afterwards, he starts fucking his sex slave from behind while both guys are standing. The screwing activity is alright, but the cockstroking action by Luke has the most energy.
Scene Three: Lincoln Gates drags in Reece Bentley into the dungeon and ties his wrists onto the chain. The shirtless man flogs the other man's bare chest and torso. The flogging activity shifts to his back where the activity becomes rougher. Later, the tormentor pulls down Reece's pants a bit to expose his balls and crotch. Some flogging activity on his butt occurs. Then, Lincoln sticks his dick into his ass and fucks him briefly before more flogging action on Reece's body is shown. Then, a driven standing fuck from behind by the tormentor follows. The screwing tone and delivery are not as rough as I had expected. After fucking his mouth, Lincoln cums at it. 
Scene Four: Max Brown has his wrists tied separately as well as one of his ankles. The slave is standing as tormentor Leroy Dale flogs his naked body. He mostly focuses on his cute ass. His balls are also tied too. At times, you can tell that Max is hurting from the activity. The more intense action occurs when he zaps him many times. The fucking activity did not feel as intense.
Scene Five: Dan Jenkins punishes his student Jacob Daniels for passing notes in class. He spanks him a whole lot which gets his ass very red. The very lengthy butt spanking activity leads to Jacob giving head to his instructor. We see the teacher sucking cock too, but it's only for a short time since he had to resume the over-played spanking activity. More back and forth bj action by the guys follow before we see Dan jack off on his student's face. The kissing activity that occurred felt sweet.
Scene Six: Adam Watson has Liam Strider as his slave. The young naked lad has his wrists tied and his right ankle. His tormentor flogs him a bit, but this scene is really all about the clothespins that he puts on Liam's body. He puts a lot on Liam and you can feel his pain. Some cocksucking action occurs as Adam climbs on top of the ladder so that Liam can give him head. But, as you can see from the noticeable photo above that it is all about the pegs. In the end, this good scene ends with Adam cumming on his mouth as Liam is laying on the floor.    
Final Thoughts: For those viewers who enjoy seeing gay men in bondage situations, this film is for you. Most of the high intensity is from the spanking, flogging, and clothespin moments. As for the fucking and cocksucking action, it's fine in the scenes that have it. I recommend this film.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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