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It's How Big?

Studio: Other » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/8/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 24 minutes

Date of Production: Unknown

Genre: Gay

Condoms:  Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Tommy Defendi, Brent Biscayne, Mario Costa, Kyler Rogue, Jeremy Bilding, Zach Alexander, Chad Davis, Michael Dora, Jessie Alan and Ryan Buckley

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Chapter Selection, Photo Slideshow; New Releases featuring Frat  House Fucks and Hot Dad, Horny Lad; Trailers for Circle Jerk Boys and Men Over 30


It’s How Big boasts 5 scenes of cum-bursting hard cocks that are at least 8 inches long. These guys are horny for cock and ass and there’s a lot of both going around. That’s especially true in Mario Costa and Kyler Rogue’s scene. Mario’s cock is huge and Kyler takes every inch of it up his tight ass hole, and the standing doggy shot is a turn on. Jessie Alan and Ryan Buckley get into hot ass rimming in their scene. Ryan is so flexible that Jessie flips his legs back over his head and buries his tongue down up his ass crack for a little tongue lashing action. Other notable cocksman like Tommy Defendi, Brent Biscayne, Jeremy Bilding, Zach Alexander, Chad Davis and Michael Dora round out a pretty good flick. The film quality and production is good. You’ll love some of the closeups of ass holes being plugged with big hard dicks. And there’s cum galore when these guys spout off. It’s clear that these scenes are probably webisodes that have been put together on this DVD, but I still recommend this movie. It’s a solid collection of big, hard cock.

Scene 1: Tommy Defendi and Brent Biscayne

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Tommy and Brent are playing rock, paper, scissors and the loser has to strip. It turns out that they’re both stripping down slowly but surely as they go through round after round of the game. Before long, Brent is down to his underwear and he has to take them off. He does, revealing a hard cock that’s dangling in Tommy’s face. Without hesitation, Tommy reaches for Brent’s dick and sucks what he calls his prize for winning the game. He’s got Brent’s dick wet almost immediately as he deep throats him. Brent bends on all fours and we’ve got a great shot of his hairy ass as he leans in to return the cock sucking favor on Tommy’s dick, sending him into a pattern of deep moaning. The boys get into a really nice 69 on the floor and they’re both manhandling a mouthful of hard cock. Brent takes the action to new heights by sitting on Tommy’s cock cowboy style. Tommy grabs hold of his ass cheeks and splits them open with his dick. Tommy’s ass is up for grabs too as Brent opens it up with his cock. Tommy really likes that, especially in doggy position. But the missionary style fuck makes Tommy blast out a wad of cum all over his stomach and chest while Brent’s cock slips in and out of his ass hole. Brent pulls out and add more cum to Tommy’s stomach, jerking off all over him.

Scene 2: Mario Costa and Kyler Rogue

Mario’s got a big dick and he knows how to use it in this hot scene with Kyler. Mario walks up to Kyler who is on the phone and he rubs Kyler’s hand all over his hard cock in his pants. Mario takes off his shirt and drops his pants, leaving only his underwear on and Kyler is amazed at how big that cock is even in Mario’s underwear. He has no choice but to take it out and suck it, slowly at first then with more zeal. Mario helps him out of his clothes, freeing Kyler up to really focus on Mario’s meat.

They pleasure themselves in 69 position, sucking each other’s cocks, taking their time and being careful to slurp and lick all around the dick head.

With the oral play behind them, Kyler takes the plunge and rides Mario’s meat in cowboy position and he manages to take it. But Mario really digs in deep, fucking Kyler hard in standing doggy position, pumping him stroke after stroke and nearly taking Kyler’s breath away as the dick plows deeper and deeper up his ass. Mario doesn’t let up as he moves to a pile driving missionary pump. With Mario’s cock deep up his ass, Kyler grabs his dick and jerks off, shooting cum all over his stomach. Mario pulls out and finishes the job, cumming on Kyler’s navel.

Scene 3: Jeremy Bilding and Zach Alexander

Jeremy and Zach are getting really cozy on the couch, making out with long, passionate kisses. They strip down to their underwear and continue to grind and play with each other. Jeremy is the first to get his cock wet as Zach makes it disappear down his throat. Jeremy is grinning from ear to ear in pleasure as Zach takes him time working his dick over. Jeremy is a great cock sucker too, and we get a great shot from underneath of him deep throating Zach with Zach’s balls bouncing off of Jeremy’s chin.

But Zach’s been a bad boy and Jeremy decides he needs his asshole tongue lashed. He wets Zach’s ass up with his tongue so Zach can slide down on his dick in reverse cowboy position. Jeremy grabs hold of his dick and jerks it while he fucks Zach.

We get another great standing doggy shot from underneath as we watch Jeremy’s cock fill up Zach’s ass hole. Great ball-slapping action here. With Jeremy’s dick plowing Zach’s asshole missionary style, Zach shoots off, sending streams of cum everywhere, including all the way up onto Zach’s forehead. Jeremy pumps harder and faster then pulls out and cums all over Zach’s cock.

Scene 4: Chad Davis and Michael Dora

Michael shows up in Chad’s studio to try something new. And, that’s all the explanation he gives before he starts making out with Chad. They get out of their clothes and Chad plays with Michael’s cock while it’s still in his underwear. Chad finally pulls out it, revealing a nice hard dick. Chad has a blast sucking Michael off and so does Michael when he finally gets his turn to introduce his mouth to Chad’s dick.

Chad lubes Michael’s ass up and sits him down on his dick cowboy style. There’s no escaping Chad’s cock and Michael is stuck taking every inch of it.

The standing doggy style fuck leaves Michael’s ass juices dripping and we’ve got a close up view as Michael moans and holds on to the couch. After a little reverse cowboy, the guys sit side by side on the couch and jerk off. Michael is the first to cum all over himself. Chad follows suit with a big load shooting all the way up his chest.

Scene 5: Jessie Alan and Ryan Buckley

It’s Halloween and Jessie and Ryan have on some scary masks but it’s not long before the masks and their clothes are on the ground as they work to get to know each other really well. Ryan is after Jessie’s dick and he gets a mouthful, sucking him and licking his balls. Jessie sucks Ryan’s cock too, but the best part of the scene is that great rim job Jessie gives Ryan, really digging his tongue deep up Ryan’s ass, then beating his ass with his dick.

Ryan finally gets all the dick he’s been waiting for, taking Jessie in missionary position and then in doggy position. Ryan goes to work now, bounding up and down on Jessie’s dick in cowboy position, holding on to Jessie’s thighs. All that action makes Ryan cum all over Jessie’s stomach. Jessie jerks off, adding more cum to his stomach.

Final Thoughts:

If you enjoy watching a good ass rimming and a big dick hard fucking a tight ass hole, then you’ll like It’s How Big. This collection of 5 webisodes from Extra Big Dicks and Pride Studios does a decent job of pitting cock-hungry ass holes up against some big dicks the likes of Mario Costa and Jeremy Bilding. Speaking of Mario, his scene with Kyler Rogue is one of my favorites in this flick. It’s nice watching his big dick explore Kyler’s ass in standing doggy position. The camera work is good, the overall quality of production is good and these dicks all shoot big loads of cum in a sloppy finish. I recommend this movie. It’s a good watch. 

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