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Swing Bi-Way 2

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/8/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Bisexual, Gay, European

Director: ?

Cast: Not listed 

Length: 108 minutes

Date of Production: 5/6/2014
Extras: None  

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Swing Bi-Way 2 is a gay film by production company Filthy Bi Products. In this production, we get three threesomes and one foursome. I like that it does not solely focus on a gay theme by including fuckable and suckable beautiful women.
Scene One: A hottie is laying on a nice looking sofa. She is running her hand along her dress. Moments later, a handsome hunk sits beside her and puts her legs on his lap. They kiss passionately. It does not take long for him to finger the woman's pussy. Then, the scene shifts quickly to where we see her giving head to him. The attractive lady moans solidly as her pussy gets fingered rapidly. Then, their male friend enters the shot and takes out his dick so that the man can orally pleasure it. As for the cocksucking activity, it's the woman who provides the most passionate effort. The lucky man is squirming. A reverse cock ride by her follows. At times, the shots are sort of erratic as the focus shifts back and forth from the screwable woman's pussy to the cocksucking activity. But, the most turn-on action is really those emotional moans from her. Later, we get pretty good spooning action as the man pumps his friend's ass while that friend is pumping the woman's asshole. This three-way moment looks cool. I wished it would had lasted longer. Next, the hottie is playing with herself on the sofa while the men are having sex on the floor. Then, a solid cowgirl ride by the hottie occurs as the other male licks his pal's snatch or plays with the woman's cute butt. Some man on man cockriding follows and the persistent fucking rhythm looks cool. Afterwards, the man jacks off rapidly at his friend's receptive face. Moments later, the woman sucks him off and he cums.
Scene Two: Two couples are sitting on a red sofa. One of the women is holding a strap-on dildo and lets her female friend suck it while their male partners look on. When the two women start playing that item with their mouths, their partners begin to make out. One of the fellas starts giving head to the other. Then, the more playful hottie puts the toy on her waist and has her pal suck it. The cocksucking lady then, puts her focus on the man's already pampered dick. Thus far, the best moments have been the ones focused on the women, but when one of the ladies fucks a guy and their male friend fucks the other woman, then, the scene really becomes more of a turn-on. A side by side cock ride occurs with the male on one side of the sofa and the women on the other side. It's too short. But, later we do see some pussy eating action by the woman's friend as the man continues to fuck, but this time in the missionary position. Next, the pairs are male-female now and hot cocksucking and fucking occurs. Afterwards, one of the guys cums a lot on the curly-haired lady's chest as her girlfriend gets doggied. Later on, that man cums too.
Scene Three: A guy is in a filled bathtub while his friend runs his hand along his wet body. It does not take long until he removes his shorts and joins his pal. While he is busy going down on him, an attractive blonde masseuse lady enters the room and she gets to give head to both of them. She really enjoys herself going back and forth pleasuring their dicks. However, all of the lengthy cocksucking action by her and the fellas do get bothersome and it became a relief to finally see the blonde hottie get fucked from behind. In the meantime, the guys kiss quite a bit. After some man on man screwing action, a heated cocksucking delivery occurs by one of them. I really enjoyed watching the threesome in the tub where the masseuse rides a dick while sucking one. The energy level is a turn-on especially with the lady's active humping efforts. I wanted to fuck her badly. The guy on guy screwing activity is fine, but it's not a match to the more horny woman. In the end, she jacks the cockriding fella off and then, the screwing guy cums on his pal's ass.
Scene Four: Two guys are making out. Soon, we see a woman sucking one of their dicks as the camera pans down. After some guy on guy cocksucking action, the hot babe rides a cock reverse cowgirl style. Her effort is really good and the camera does a nice job focusing on her pussy. In the meantime, the man's pal is fucking his mouth. Afterwards, she has a tough time sucking cock as the cockriding man humps too actively. Some doggie action by the men follows while the hottie gets her pussy eaten while laying on her back on the gym floor. The shots of her pussy look hot. I enjoyed seeing her inner pinkness. An active cowgirl ride by her occurs next as the woman strokes and sucks dick. In the end, one of the guys shoots his load on her chest. Then, his friend sucks him off for the eventual cumshot.       
Final Thoughts: The sex in this film is pretty hot especially with the women. Bisexual viewers will really enjoy this film since it's the ladies who outperform their male partners. I really enjoyed the active women and their beauty. I recommend it.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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