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Double D Sexperience

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/30/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: All Sex/Natural/Big Tits



Cast: Anais Hills/Tigerr Benson/Ava Koxxx/Emma Butt/Maserati/Nanny/Sandra Bobbies/Csoky Ice/James Brossman/Thomas Stone/Mugur/Nick Lang

Director: Uncredited

Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers

Release Date: 8/18/2014

Runtime: 163 Mins


Click on the photo above for more info on DDF Busty's 'Double D Sexperience'! !



Scene 1:

Maserati/Csoky Ice/James Brossman

The premiere scene in DDF Busty's Double-D Sexperience kicks off in a sauna, where Csoky Ice and James Brossman are relaxing before mega-titted Maserati steps into view. Action sets in only moments after, with the guys each worshipping one of Maerati's gorgeously mouth-watering chesticles. A double-barelled blowie comes next, as Maserati takes turns jamming the guys'cocks into her mouth as tit-play stays the primary focus throughout. Things move extremely quickly here; sex sets in with a spoon style fuck given to Maserati, as she chokes down Csoky's choad while James does some sensual pussy pounding, progressing decently well throughout the scene. Both guys get ample time to ream Maseratis's cream-hole in a few different positions and camera angles continuously showing tons of tit cloeups making it better or worse depending on the preference of the viewer. Tit-fucks also run rampant throughout the scene as each of the guys bury their dongs in Maserati's tits frequently before unleashing their loads over her juggs to close it out. This was an okay scene overall, there was a good amount of sex and Maserati is a "must have" in all tit flicks if you ask me. It could've been better though. 



Scene 2:

Tigerr Benson/Emma Butt/Cristian Clay

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Next up is a personal favorite Tigerr Benson, teamed up with the beautiful Emma Butt in an office setting. Emma plays the role of the boss, dressed in beautiful business attire that would probably only be suitable for a porn movie, as her secretary Tigerr's tits are so perfectly peaking out of her white top that it's hard to really focus on anything else. Cristian Clay is looking to do business with the firm that Emma and Tigerr work for, but after being unable to focus the girls decide to have their way with him. Action sets in with a blowjob from Tigerr, coached by Emma who later joins in on the fun. This scene is already leaps and bounds above the last one, and even though it's all fairly slow moving it sets the tone well for the action to come. Sex sets in with Tigerr being the prime recipient of Cristian's fuckstick in a missionary style pussy pound that gives way to Emma bending over for some doggie style fun to continue forward. The scene progresses well, with Tigerr showing flashes of her hardcore side (if you didn't know she has done some seriously great stuff) through some heavy deepthroats and whatnot, but the scene mainly contains an assload of tit-fucking and rightly so considering it's title (as well as the two sets of tits that this scene features). After a plethora of position changes things begin to drag, before Tigerr takes a reverse cowgirl ass-fucking to liven up the mood. These are certainly the best parts of the scene but it's relatively short-lived, ending with Cristian dripping a generous load of dickspit over the girls' tits to show his appreciation. This is a nice scene overall with some lacking moments, and a reserved Tigerr Benson in comparison to some of the more hardcore scenes she's previously performed in. 



Scene 3:

Sandra Boobies/Mugur

Cleverly named 'Sandra Boobies' is next on the list of big-titted vixens, opening up the scene in a classroom setting where she plays the teacher of unruly student Mugur. The scene opens as she waits for him to finish his assignment, with her monster mammaries on full display in a professional outfit that looks like it would only pass dress code for a porn movie. Sandra soon shoves her students head into her tits when it seems that he can't concentrate on his schoolwork, opening up the flood gates for the scene to begin. Action sets in with some tit-worship from Mugur, moving forward as Sandra raps her juggs around his johnson-rod, sporadically sucking him when her mouth reaches the proper proximity. It all moves relatively slow, but I don't think it takes away from anything for the most part, especially since most are probably watching this to get a good view of Sandra's boobies, which you get plenty of. Sex sets in with some doggie style action, running through the standard rigor of positioning with some decent moments that gradually progress into stronger sex. The scene caps off after some light facefucks from Mugur as his teacher hangs her head over her desk, resulting in a load of ball sauce spattered over her breasts to close. A pretty standard scene here overall, with some sporadic moments of goodness.



Scene 4:

Ava Koxxx/Nick Lang/Thomas Stone

Ava Koxxx is next up, with Nick Lang playing the role of her hired photographer who's taking some "sexy" pictures of her for her boyfriend. Thomas Stone plays the role of Nick's clumsy assistant, leaving in the early moments of the scene. When Ava offers to take out her tits for the photos Nick can't help himself, and so begins the porn scenario. Another slow moving pre-sex sequence takes place next, with Ava looking great but the overall feel of it all being rather impeding. Nick eats her pussy for what seems like an eternity, which is all well and good, but has me twiddling my thumbs as opposed to beating my cock. The tit-fuck sets in next, before some surprisingly hard facefucks from Nick have Ava gurgling his cock and set a much better tone than the previous parts did. sex is pretty good in the scene, starting with missionary and moving through some spoon variations with a decent intensity from Ava as her tits bounce gleefully to the rhythm of Nick's poundings. Thomas steps back in at around midway point, with Ava welcoming him with some cocksucks as the ménage à trois sets in. Things get pretty good upon Thomas's arrival, with a step in a more hardcore direction, and Ava really running the scene and makin it into something mor than I personally though it'd be. After Ava is fully fucked, things cap off with each of the guys releasing their loads onto her breasts  before setting up another appointment with her new photog's. This was actually one of the better scenes once it got moving; Ava is beautiful and her energy was what really tunred it into something more. 



Scene 5:

Anais Hills (Solo)

Anais Hills is next up with a solo scene featuring only tease and titplay, making for an extremely boring viewing. Not saying that a tease only scene is always bad, but this one was just awful in every sense of the word. Anais looked like she was hoping for it to be over the entire time, the camerawork is garbage, and it seemed to run for an eternity. There's really nothing more to say about this scene aside from you'll be fast-forwarding through it if you ever watch it. 


Scene 6:

Nanny/Tony (BJ Only)

The unusually named "Nanny" is our featured star in the final scene of the film, as it begins with her fixing her maekup in the bathroom mirror as her significant other is taking a bath a few feet away from her. The action sets in relatively quickly, with Nanny prancing over to him, dressed casually in a button down top and a jean skirt. She soon jumps in the bathtub for some cocksucking fun, wetting her tee shirt for some added effect before unleashing the puppies at mid-dicksuck. This is another abbreviated scene with a drab and lifeless feel to i all. It appears as though it's amateur porn based on performance, but from the looks of it Nanny has been in a couple other movies as well. Regardless, it was awful and a terrible way to end the DVD. 




DDF Busty's Double D Sexperience features a bounty of heavy-chested babes throughout it's contents, showcasing some decent scenes along with the obvious dud here and there that is probably no surprise when watching a web-to-DVD release such as this one. Tigerr and Emma were without a doubt the best in the film overall, with Ava putting in some good work, as well as Maserati. Extras feature a standard photo gallery with a couple snaps from each scene, as well as the conventional grouping of trailers from other current releases from the DDF franchise. The sex in the film just wasn't enough to merit any sort of recommendation, as I'd be much more likely to tell you to check out their website for around the same price of the DVD to watch all the scenes, included with a far more appealing photo gallery, and a plethora of big-titted euro babes should you wish to check them out. Fans may like what some of the film has to offer, but if you find the screenshots or trailers appealing I'd suggest checking out the website above anything else. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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