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Rainwoman 6

Studio: Other » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 10/13/14

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Coast To Coast's Rainwoman series of squirting/female ejaculation movies began in 1989 as a vehicle for "squirt queen" Fallon, and ended in 2002 with the 17th installment starring an entire cast of squirters. I've only seen the first six movies in the series, and of those six, I've always liked #5 and #6 the best - with honorable mention to Lois Ayers in #4.

I've been in the process of rebuying my VHS adult movie collection on DVD, and surprisingly, only a few of the titles were even made available on DVD, and even fewer are still in print. Thankfully, Rainwoman #5 and #6 are available on DVD, but #6 is not a conventional DVD. To better explain exactly what I mean by that, I have to take you though the process of how I bought it.

I searched through all of the usual online adult DVD sellers, and found the movie listed on only two sites: Excalibur Films and Adult DVD Marketplace (ADM). Excalibur had it listed for $17.02 ($12.94+$4.08 shipping), while it was going for $13.45 ($9.95+$3.50 shipping) on ADM. With ADM being a few bucks cheaper, I would have naturally bought it there, but the seller of the only reasonably-priced copy had so much bad feedback (most of it stating that he lists items he doesn't actually have in stock) that I didn't want to take a chance buying it there. That left Excalibur as my only choice.

The Excalibur website says that the DVD comes in "generic packaging". Since they were the only game in town, sort of speak, for this title, I had no problem receiving just a disc in a paper sleeve - even though for the price they're asking, I would prefer to receive the real packaging with artwork. (I've purchased DVDs for a dollar that came in cases with artwork, and that's a fraction of the price Rainwoman 6 was listed for.) It's not like the actual artwork for Rainwoman 6 is anything to get excited about. However, you can imagine my utter shock when I opened up the package and saw THIS:


Yes, that's a DVD-R in a black plastic slim jewel case. Nowhere on the Excalibur website (screen shot) did it say that the item they were selling was a DVD-R. Saying that it comes in "generic packaging" is NOT saying that the product itself is a DVD-R! (I've e-mailed a complaint to Excalibur customer service, but never heard back from them.) Not only that, but it's the most generic "bootleg"-looking DVD-R I've ever seen. Heck, I've made my own DVD-Rs with LightScribe-burned monochromatic labels on them that looked more legitimate.

So, right away I thought that Excalibur sold me a bootleg DVD. I'm sure you would, too, looking at that generic disc pictured above. Then I decided to visit the Coast To Coast websites listed on the disc face and came to a startling discovery: This is a legitimate DVD-R manufactured by Coast To Coast from the movie's original master tape and distributed by select retailers who choose to distribute Coast To Coast's products. Coast To Coast has a program called Coast 150 (website screen shot) which are 150 movies "from our library that were never converted from VHS to DVD. They have not been viewed by the public for the last 5-15 years. We went through the library and decided to convert 150 movies from their original masters to DVD." Guess what one of the 150 movies is? Yup, Rainwoman 6!

I have no problem buying a Manufactured-On-Demand (MOD) DVD-R product IF I'm told before I make my purchase that that is what's being sold. Amazon has hundreds of MOD DVD-R products, and all of them have this note atop the item pages in bold letters: "DVD-R Note: This product is manufactured on demand when ordered from Amazon.com." Further down each page, at the bottom of the Editorial Reviews section, in italics, it also says: "This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media." On top of that, the DVD-Rs Amazon sells have artwork on the disc and include DVD case artwork. That makes them look like a retail product.

Okay, now that we know that this Rainwoman 6 DVD-R is a legitimate "official" release, I feel that it's worth reviewing here on this site. So, let's put that disc in the DVD player and get started... UH-OH! The disc doesn't auto-play. I have thousands of DVDs, both legit, bootleg, and areas in between, and ALL of them auto-play upon disc insertion. This is the first disc I've ever seen since I started collecting DVDs in 1997 that doesn't auto-play. Not a good sign of things to come.

I press Play on the remote and I get a 13-second screen of legal text. Not sure why it gives a copyright date of 2000 for a movie made in 1993, but whatever... When that's over, the movie plays. No jumping to a main menu. Not that there's much of a menu, anyway. If you press the Menu button on your remote, you'll see that the menu looks like this:


Yes, this completely official release manufactured by the movie's copyright holder contains a generic DVD-Recorder menu! Again, had I not found the "Coast 150" webpage, I would have surely thought this was a bootleg DVD. Then again, that's an unfair thing to say about bootleg DVDs, many MANY of which have professional-looking menus (and those discs auto-play, too). Selecting square #1 takes you to the 13-second legal text video, while square #2 takes you to the movie. The other squares do nothing, and the arrows on the sides just take you back to this same menu screen.

The movie is presented in its original 4:3 aspect ratio with a runtime of 1 hr 13 min 19 sec, and the video is time-coded. Video and audio quality is as good as can be expected from a 20-year-old movie shot on video. In fact, I might even say that it's a little better than expected. There are some very minor video noise elements here and there, but they're hardly noticable. However, there are two negative aspects of the presentation. (1) Instead of chapter marks being placed at the beginning of each scene, they are placed every 10 minutes regardless of the video content. (2) The disc stops after the movie is finished. It doesn't go to that generic menu seen above, nor does it restart the movie.

The back of the original box artwork gives the movie plot as such: "A workday fantasy in a raincoat factory. A mad job-interview. Sex on a beach. In a bathroom. A kitchen. And enough squirting to quench any thirst." The movie will make a bit more sense when you know this information beforehand, as there really isn't much in the way of plot in the movie itself. I mean, does this look like a raincoat factory to you?


The movie gets off to a great start with an opening credits sequence set against a shot of some trees in the rain, while the most unappropriately dramatic music plays in the background. Seriously, this piece of music belongs in another movie. The credits themselves are not without fault as Kamisha is credited in spite of not actually being in the movie, and the names of both Melanie Moore and Nikki Sinn are absent even though they ARE in the movie. In keeping with the title "Rainwoman", each scene has a water element of some sort.

The movie itself starts with Sarah Jane Hamilton (credited as "Victoria Secrett" on the original box artwork and as "Sarah Jane" in the movie) standing in the pouring rain, knocking on Melanie Moore's door.

- Sarah: Hi. I'm here to see Rainwoman.
- Melanie: Oh, you must mean Rain Nolan. Come in, come in. Oh my god, you're soaking wet. Don't you have an umbrella?
- Sarah: Unfortunately not.
- Melanie: Well you won't need one in here anyway. Rain's not here yet. In fact, there's nobody here but you and me. I'll try to find you a towel. Okay?
- Sarah: What is this place?
- Melanie: What does it look like?
- Sarah: A factory?

-- sponsored by --

- Melanie: Then that's what it is - it's a factory. Why don't you get undressed and i'll get you a towel.

Melanie leaves, and Sarah is left all by herself to get undressed. Once she's stripped down to her white frilly lingerie, she lingers by the doorway of the only room you see in this "factory" and spies something off-camera that catches her interest. That "something" would be sex scene #1. In fact, all of the sex scenes that Sarah's not in take place in off-camera rooms that Sarah spies in on. That means that every sex scene she's not in is intercut with reaction shots of her standing in the doorway or by a window. You may not notice it while watching the movie, but when I was going through it to do screen shots, I noticed that these Sarah Jane reaction shots repeat themselves quite a bit.

Image Scene #1
Stars: Lacy Rose, Jonathan Morgan
Length: 11:27
Condoms: No

Lacy's in a neon yellow/green garter belt and stockings, wearing yellow latex gloves at an unattached sink by an unattached window in a nearly-black room. Yeah, don't expect realism here, folks? Then again, the fakeness of it all will make some sense at the end of the movie. Jonathan teases her by saying, "I guess a woman's work IS never done." Lacy replies, "That's a sexist remark. Take it back. Take it back or I'll..." What are they, eight years old?!? Jonathan suggests they have a little truce, and that's good enough reason for her to stop being mad at him and suck his dick. After the blowjob, they do vaginal and anal in doggy, missionary, and an interesting doggy position where she's standing bent over so she's touching the floor. The whole time they have sex she's wearing the yellow latex gloves, which he cums on at the end, and she smears it on her face. I'm guessing the kitchen sink at the beginning and the latex gloves were the "water" element of this scene.

Image Image Image

Melanie comes back and sees Sarah interested in something happening in the other room.

- Melanie: What are you watching?
- Sarah: I'm watching this guy and girl. They're...
  [the kitchen room is now empty]
- Sarah: They were just there a minute ago.
- Melanie: I told you. You and I are the only ones here. I'm sorry, this is all I could find.

Melanie hands her a clear plastic raincoat, but before she can put it on, Melanie walks off again. Sarah starts to go after her, but is distracted by the happenings in another room that would seem to have replaced the kitchen room as Sarah looks off in the same direction as before.

Image Scene #2
Stars: Nikki Sinn, Peter North, TT Boy
Length: 14:22
Condoms: No

There's no plot or set-up for this scene. The guys lather Nikki in tons and TONS of oil and they fuck her. This was the scene that introduced me to oiled-up sex, and I dare say it's the best oiled-up sex scene ever filmed! They pour oil all over her hair, they toss a bucket of it on her pussy while she's being fucked...they absolutely drench poor Nikki in the stuff. Naturally, you get the prequisite double penetration (in TWO different positions), along with the usual blowjobs and vaginal. The "water" element in this scene is obviously the oil. By the way, the music in this scene sounds like it belongs in an 8-bit video game.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Sarah's watching the trio in a state of disbelief. The music from the scene cuts off and Jonathan Morgan enters.

- Jonathan: You can't believe what?
- Sarah: It's you!
- Jonathan: Have you found what you've been looking for?
- Sarah: You mean Rain Nolan...Rainwoman? I don't even know why I'm here.
- Jonathan: Why, you're here because the agency sent you here.
- Sarah: What about Selina, do you know where she is?
- Jonathan: Hmmmm...

So we've just learned that Melanie Moore's character is named Selina, and at the start of the next scene we'll learn that Sarah's character is named Brooke. That said, since most of the characters in the movie are not named, I'll be referring everyone by the actor's names.

Jonathan extends his hand to Sarah and tells her to come with him. They are instantly transported to a blue room with an elegantly-decorated bed in it.

- Sarah: But where? What?
- Jonathan: Brooke, you ask too many questions. Why don't you sit? Relax. Maybe you should watch for once.
- Sarah: I don't know what you mean. I don't understand.

You and me both, sister! All you've been doing is watching! Jonny Boy's gonna get you to do some participating, but he's saying that you should watch?!? I don't think he understands the definition of the word "watching".

- Jonathan: Don't worry. She'll come.
- Sarah: She left me here alone.
- Jonathan: Oh, you're not alone. You're with me.
- Sarah: And what if she never comes to find me again?
- Jonathan: Oh, she'll come.
  [he unzips the clear plastic raincoat]
- Jonathan: You just have to check...other doors.

The editing for this exchange of dialog is kinda bad. At least two times when the camera is on Sarah, you hear Jonathan start to speak his line when the audio cuts off as it cuts to the opposite camera angle, and after a second you hear him speak it again while the camera is on him. In other words, all of the shots of Sarah were left running a second or half-second longer than they should have as they started to capture Jonathan delivering his dialog.

Image Scene #3
Stars: Sarah Jane Hamilton, Jonathan Morgan
Length: 10:11
Condoms: No

There's some pussy eating, an all-too-brief blow job, some missionary, some doggy, some cowgirl, and for the finale... they both cum on each others faces! The "water" element in this scene is Sarah's squirting.

Image Image Image

Post-coitus they both sit up in bed, and Sarah's amazed because she's never squirted before.

- Sarah: Oh, god! That's never happened to me before.
- Jonathan: There's a first time for everything.
- Sarah: Where are you going? Where are you going?

And just like that, Jonathan walks off, a thunderclap and flash of black, and Sarah's in the bed all by herself.

- Sarah: Not again!
[she gets out of bed and walks over to a nearby "window" cut-out on the wall]
- Sarah: Now what?

A thunderclap is heard, a flash of red, and we cut to the next scene.

Image Scene #4
Stars: Lacy Rose, Crystal Wilder, TT Boy
Length: 18:00
Condoms: No

We're on a "beach" with Lacy and Crystal lying on blankets getting a tan, and TT Boy sitting on a wooden chair with an umbrella over it. I think he's supposed to be a lifeguard. The two ladies are play-fighting with spray bottles and bottles of water. After a cutaway to a Sarah reaction shot, TT's magically naked and Crystal has found her way to his waiting cock. She give him a blowjob and then they fuck doggy style, while Lacy keeps herself busy spraying water on her pussy. Lacy eventually gets a brief turn with TT, before he goes back to Crystal in what could best be described as a doggy piledriver position. He cums on their faces and sunglasses, which Lacy licks off Crystal's face and plays with a little bit. The "water" element in this scene is the water the ladies were play-fighting with and the beach setting.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Sarah's still in the bedroom looking through the window cut-out when Melanie walks in and surprises her.

- Melanie: Where have you been?
- Sarah: Where have YOU been, Selina?
- Melanie: I've been looking.
- Sarah: For who?
- Melanie: For Rainwoman. You probably need a bath.
- Sarah: But I've just come in from the rain.

They walk towards the camera together, clap of thunder is heard, and now they're walking towards a steamy shower.

Image Scene #5
Stars: Sarah Jane Hamilton, Melanie Moore
Length: 12:45
Condoms: No

Being that it takes place in a steamy shower, this is not the most crystal-clear scene in the movie. Although you can always tell what's going on, as you can see in the screenshots, you don't always get a really good look at it. Okay, so they're in a shower with two opened sides, which for some reason, has a blue silhouette of a person with their fingers touching their chin on the wall, which is supposed to represent a window, I guess. All the stuff you'd expect to see in a girl/girl scene is here. They strictly use mouths and fingers to satisfy each other, though a dildo is used briefly to achieve the squirting. Melanie's wearing a clit clip, which is the first time I've seen pussy jewelry in an adult movie; it's removed and licked clean by both gals. They use soapy sponges on each other, before Melanie uses a dildo on Sarah to get her to squirt. The "water" element in this scene is the shower and Sarah's squirting.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Cut to a bored Sarah sitting at the table in the "factory" room. Jonathan comes in looking rather nerdy, and plops an unsealed boxed marked "Rainwoman Wet Weather Gear" down on the table.

- Jonathan: Don't you be daydreaming while you're on my shift, pal!
- Sarah: Yes, Mr. Nolan.
- Jonathan: Listen, you're here to work. I want you to inspect this box.
- Sarah: No problem, Mr. Nolan.

She opens the box and finds the clear plastic raincoat inside. Melanie walks in and says, "Be careful. You might get wet.", and then leaves. Sarah puts her hands up to her face in a shocked expression, like the famous Macaulay Culkin expression from Home Alone. Fade out. The End.

Don't worry. I didn't spoil the movie for you. The back of the original box artwork did that before you would have even removed the tape (or DVD) from the box. Remember, it said that the plot involved "a workday fantasy in a raincoat factory [and] a mad job-interview". Yes, it gave away the big "twist" ending! Oh, and was Sarah/Brooke trying to find Rain Nolan so she could have a job interview with her? The box implies that, but at no point in the movie itself did I get that feeling. Not that it matters, anyway, as there wasn't much of a plot in the movie. All of the dialog I quoted throughout this review is, pretty much, all of the dialog there is in the movie. That should tell you exactly how much the story really mattered.

As you might have expected by now, there are no bonus features. Not a sausage. You know, I laugh when mainstream DVDs list "Animated Menus" as a bonus feature, but this disc doesn't even have that!

Were this any other movie, I would definitely say to skip it. However, this is one of my favorite movies from one of my favorite periods of porn (the early to mid 1990s), and this is the only legal release of it, so that grants this DVD a higher rating than it should get. Based solely upon the movie itself, and that it has decent-quality video and audio, I would recommend this - though Rainwoman 6 deserves much better than this near-bootleg DVD-R. If you've never seen this movie before, and my screenshots don't automatically entice you, then I'd say rent it first to see if you like it.

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