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Dark Side of Brooklyn Chase, The

Studio: Pulse Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/5/14

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The Dark Side of Brooklyn Chase

Pulse Pictures/Dogfart

Genre: Interracial, Brooklyn Chase, Web-to-DVD

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Director: Billy Watson


Cast: Brooklyn Chase, Jason Brown, Charlie Mac, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, D. Snoop, Rico Strong, LT Turner, Mandingo (no males credited so many more)

Length: 154:05 minutes

Date of Production: 2014

Extras: There was only a pop shot recap and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Dark Side of Brooklyn Chase was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to director Billy Watson for Dogfart. There were no credits on the disc, cover, or company website which explains why the five “brand new scenes” were really just compiled from the company website, no production dates included either. The scenes all appeared to be shot with a single camera and minimal editing, even if it was heavy handed at times, the establishing shots nicely done in most cases even if the camera moved around too much and had troubles framing the shots right. The lighting was pretty good though but this did not appear to help the resolution of the scenes, at least there was no company watermark onscreen at all times (but there were compression artifacts). The aural qualities were equally modest with the vocals appearing to come straight from the camera’s built in microphone and some music added in post production, the vocals too low at times to hear what the cast was saying clearly and too hollow as well, turning up the volume causing the background noise to interfere with the spoken words.


Body of Review: Billy Watson is a director at Dogfart, the man rarely credited for his work from what I have seen on their website. That his name has been a pop culture staple since WWII in the various Captain Marvel comic books appears to have little to do with his work, his latest title a compilation of five web scenes called The Dark Side of Brooklyn Chase. The disc took five of Brooklyn’s nine current scenes for the company and jammed them on the single disc release, most of them having the gal address the camera repeatedly while speaking highly of big black dick, the resulting sexual activity including a lot of ghetto talk and gangbangs of one sort or another as Brooklyn learned to appreciate the completely uncredited males. The action included oral and vaginal sex as the busty brunette took on the black mopes, her sexual abilities unable to throat the men or push her limits much though I’m led to believe this will become a series with more sexually skilled ladies proving their worth in subsequent volumes, Brooklyn still a cute piece of ass even if there was no anal. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Brooklyn Chase, wearing a sheet white patterned blouse one could see her red bra through and a tight black skirt, was up first needing desperately to take a piss. The women’s room was locked so she went to the men’s room, going to a stall in the horrid smelling, graffiti walled dump. Before long, she is discovered and men such as Jason Brown, Charlie Mac, Moe Johnson, Isiah Maxwell, D. Snoop, and many others come at her in waves to get blowjobs, her knob slobbing skills simply not up to the task of tackling such well gifted men most of the time. There was some hand to gland friction and there was some modest amounts of vaginal fucking taking place, the guys appearing two by two (I thought only women went to the bathroom together?) to get their dragons drained of semen that was then deposited on her face in most cases. Brooklyn nuzzled nuts and cleaned up a bit between bouts of boning and blowing, some of the men having performance anxiety. The company website described the scene like this: “Brooklyn Chase's days of living on the edge may have just caught up with her. Brooklyn brought over her new tits for a return to the Dogfart Network. After all, it's easy to see why she's such a huge hit with all of you. The busty slut is in dire need of using the ladies room. However, it's locked and the mens room is her only option. Once inside , Brooklyn's panties drop to the filthy floor. One thing leads to another and waves of black guys come and go. However, they're more interested in the black cock slut than the urinals they intended to use. When it's all said and done about a dozen black cocks have their way with the bathroom whore. Brooklyn and those huge, new tits exit the restroom with another interracial notch on her belt.”


Scene Two: Brooklyn Chase, next up in skimpy pink bikini undies under a crop top and slutty short skirt, was up taking care of eight men including such notable performers as Rico Strong, and LT Turner. The guys were having a “black males against the world” meeting and she was their tribute, her willingness to blow them and let them play with her body duly noted. While most of the scene showed Brooklyn sucking them off, she did allow some vaginal plowing too, the man passing her around to use her bald beaver as she cried out during the standing penetration only sex (only a few guys nailed her because after she took a vaginal creampie, no one else was willing). The rest of the guys blasted her face with sperm and thoroughly glazed her face with their seed, a fairly generic scene overall. The company website described the scene like this: “It seems as if the man's continual degradation of our race has yet to be stopped. However, there's a silver lining in this White-Owned world: Brooklyn Chase. We're given the chance to take out over 400 years of aggression on that big tittied white girl....and the freak loves it. Just sucking on our black cocks wouldn't be enough- we get access to that white pussy and there's not a fucking thing the white man can do about it. We bent the busty slut over and gave it to her in the same manner the white devil has been giving it to us, hard! We kept fucking the busty beauty and one of my crew even blew his load in that pussy. We don't give a fuck which unlucky guy gets tricked into thinking that Brooklyn is carrying his offspring; as long as he's a white guy.”


Scene Three: Brooklyn Chase, wearing a black tank top and green skirt, was up next in a service station bathroom that she took great efforts to berate as filthy. On either side of the toilet she used was a glory hole too, gray duct tape making the openings safe for use when a big black cock pops up for her to play with. She warned the guy that they needed to be quick and set to slobbing his knob, well, his head for the most part, and stroking his shaft before bending over for him to fuck. She was passive at riding and took a vaginal creampie, the scene playing up the anonymous nature of the situation a great deal. The company website described the scene like this: “Brooklyn Chase's husband has no idea that his woman is as unfaithful as they come. Brooklyn's husband has dropped her off to use the restroom, and, well, her need for real dick overtakes her need to drain her bladder. Brooklyn's encounter with an anonymous black cock comes when her husband's car engine is still running. Brooklyn reminds the nameless black cock that her time is limited , seeing as how her husband could potentially walk in and fuck things up. Brooklyn Chase sucks on that anonymous black cock right before her smokin' hot body rides the gloryhole wall. Brooklyn's amazing tits shake and rock as her married pussy gets beaten by a lucky black guy. A shot of cum to the face is off the table since her husband will know something was going on as her listened to his car radio. A cream pie will suffice.”


Scene Four: Brooklyn Chase, next in a black tank top and blue jean skirt, was up with popular (and genetically gifted) Mandingo. They were walking along when she recognized him, asking him if they could make a personal movie for her boyfriend on one of his sets. His acting ability was minimal and she wasn’t given much to work with either but sexually there was some hope here. She stripped and knelt before him, his cock wider around than her wrist, maybe even the lower part of her leg so I knew she was barely going to get any of it in her mouth during the oral, the POV scene lacking any gash gobbling either. She tried to titty fuck him but couldn’t get her boobs around his pecker, the gal squatting to actively ride the top half of his cock in what was her best work of the entire show as he stretched her out completely. They boned in a few more positions before she sucked his nuts as he jerked off onto her face, his manly fluids coming out in copious quantities. The company website described the scene like this: “Brooklyn Chase has never, ever fucked a black guy. In fact, Brooklyn Chase and her boyfriend fuck while watching interracial porn, despite the fact that she’s never accepted black cock into her life. That was then this is now! This busty brunette welcomes her boyfriend's tiny dick while secretly dreaming about a huge black cock, and Mandingo's the one to give it to her. Brooklyn is in the middle of running around and she's about to encounter Mandingo- someone she's fucked her boyfriend while watching his interracial porn. Mandingo and Brooklyn shoot the breeze when Brooklyn Chase drops a bomb: It's always been her, and her boyfriend's fantasy for her to make a homemade interracial porn that would be for their eyes only. Mandingo is willing to deposit his third leg into Brooklyn in order to keep the boyfriend happy- yes, it's twisted but different strokes for different folks. We find ourselves inside and Brooklyn Chase experience's her first black cock and her eyes nearly pop from their sockets. Brooklyn's stash of interracial porn couldn't get her completely ready for the monstrosity before her. Mandingo assures her that this interracial porn will be for Brooklyn and her boyfriend's consumption only. Brooklyn Chase. After getting reassured, Brooklyn gets a face full of Mandingo's huge black cock while nearly 9 inches of it is coming out of her mouth. The camera (train) keeps rolling as Brooklyn's first taste of black cock nearly damages her wind pipe. Mandingo's gigantic black cock slithers its way from Brooklyn's mouth and into that tight, white pussy. There's no sleep until Brooklyn Chase rides that 13 inch black cock until her pussy nearly bursts at the seams. Mandingo fucks this white slut and you can nearly hear her boyfriend jerking his tiny dick from the house they share together. The legendary black cock claims another newbie to interracial porn and Brooklyn Chase gets her first facial of black jizz. Mandingo had this scene edited while Brooklyn showered off the black nut sauce he left all over her. It would be a crime towards humanity not for him to share this first interracial encounter with the rest of the world.”


Scene Five: Brooklyn Chase, up last in a pink tank top and tan shorts, was up last as she had car trouble in a bad part of town, a group of seven men who were hanging out on the street coming over to render aid. Rico, Isiah, Mark, Charlie, Jason, and others took her to a shitty apartment to wait for a mechanic friend of theirs, the gal lounging on the worn denim couch when they asked her for an “incentive” for helping her out. She put on a strip tease for them and they pushed it further to engage in a guessing game where she was blindfolded and sucked their dicks trying to identify them. From there she did keep sucking and added some vaginal fucking to her repertoire, the guys unleashing their seed on her ass, face and all over the general area before a vaginal creampie was provided. The company website described the scene like this: “Brooklyn Chase's boyfriend has had his head up his ass for quite a while now. It seems as if he's completely spaced on renewing their roadside assistance plan.....she's not happy. Brooklyn reads her guy the riot act when a group of black guys come over to lend some help. Brooklyn, without much of a choice, agrees and they're soon back inside where their true motives come shining through. Brooklyn's initial anger disappears when she decides that revenge is on the menu this afternoon. Seven big black cocks are for Brooklyn's taking and she does just that: She takes every inch they have to offer. The returning busty babe sucks down seven black cocks and offers up the same pussy that her neglectful boyfriend is treated to. However, after the dilemma with the car, it looks as if that pussy is no longer for her boyfriend. The gang of black guys are reaping the benefits of Brooklyn's new found love for being unfaithful. Brooklyn Chase gets passed around the room and gets the fucking of her life. The last slap to the face of her boyfriend comes in the form of several loads to her face AND one in her pussy. He might have forgotten to renew their roadside plan, but he's gonna be paying through the nose for a black baby that arrives as a result of his girlfriend's interracial gang bang.”

Summary: The Dark Side of Brooklyn Chase by director Billy Watson for Dogfart was definitely a case of a company providing quantity over quality, lovely Brooklyn Chase an unlikely partner for someone as genetically gifted as Mandingo or other members of the cast. Still, if you fancy the gal blowing lots of men, even in her limited way that usually reflected her focusing on the head or first few inches of their turgid rods, or passively riding portions of said peckers, there was some eye candy worth appreciating here so I rated it as a Rent It. I know friends completely into interracial sex that tell me Dog Fart is the best IR website around and often sing its virtues but I suspect they would tell me this particular release was a trial run using a popular starlet rather than using a lesser known lady who was more sexually skilled with big cocks so your mileage may vary. In short, The Dark Side of Brooklyn Chase was a selection of five scenes from the Dog Fart website placed on DVD to show former IR dodger Brooklyn Chase finally engage in a variety of blowbang and gangbang activity to make up for lost time with her new boobs, my preference being for right sizing partners to the level of skill they show and dropping the whole “ghetto loser” trash talk to add replay value and strokability. It wasn’t bad but it was very repetitive in terms of what took place and the limits mentioned, my desire for full credits for the male performers and folks working on the scenes well known. Web companies wanting to make their mark on disc don’t have to do a whole lot to stand out for the extra sales but throwing a few scenes on a disc is reminiscent of years gone by instead of the current reality, people that are willing to spend money getting very selective.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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