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Swing Bi-Way

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 11/17/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Bisexual, Gay, European

Director: ?

Cast: Not listed 

Length: 112 minutes

Date of Production: 2/28/2014
Extras: None  

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Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Swing Bi-Way is a film by production company Filthy Bi Products. In this production, we get four threesomes. I like that it does not solely focus on a gay theme by including fuckable and suckable beautiful women.
Scene One: At the gym, a blonde couple are fondling a handsome dark-haired man as he is sitting on the athletic contraption. It leads to some kissing activity between the fellas. The room becomes steamy as the woman runs her hand along the brunette guy's face and kisses his ear. Later, the cocksucking action occurs as their new pal gives head to her hubby as she gives head to him. The bj moments become more heated when the couple share in the oral play on the dark-haired hunk. I liked how they got turned on by seeing their partner perform a sexual act on someone else. In this scene, her hubby is the more passionate cocksucker. Afterwards, we get a very good shot of her pussy as their new friend eats it with good effort. Meanwhile, her husband spreads his butt cheeks wide and digs in for some tasty treats. I continue to get turned on by seeing the woman get turned on. Her pussy gets nicely wet. Some heated doggie action is applied by her hubby on the man. It does not take long until we see the dark-haired guy riding his cock. His wife is busy stroking their new friend's dick while running her hand along her tits. Some cocksucking also occurs by her too. A cool fucking session follows on the gym floor when the blonde hottie actively rides the handsome man's dick while her hubby is performing cocksucking push-ups on the guy's face. Some very passionate bj work by the woman is provided as their three-way continues. In the end, her hubby jacks off at the guy's mouth.  
Scene Two: In an office, a blonde hottie has her legs spread while showing off her pussy at her hubby's boss. It does not take long until the man fingers her sexual plaything. Soon, we see her giving him some head while her supportive hubby stands beside them. Her cocksucking activity is a big turn-on. Moments later, the boss man sits in her chair as his dick gets to be orally pleasured by the couple. I really like how the woman is positioned throughout this scene. It enhances her sexiness. Also her red and black lingerie outfit looks hot on her too. Her bj efforts are also quite hot too. Whereas the guy on guy action was the highlight in the first scene, the girl on guy action is the highlight in this one even during the screwing moments. For the men, the pumping delivery during the cockriding and spooning action had the most energy. Later on, the blonde hottie used a dildo on herself while her hubby was getting doggied by the boss. Afterwards, her hubby jacks off at her mouth and his boss shoots his load at the man's cheek.
Scene Three: A trio are making out in a balcony. Some very tight and good close-up shots of a woman and her bespectacled male partner performing oral sex on a man are provided. The passion increases as soon as the woman gets doggied by the blonde cutie. We continue to get a good amount of hot oral sex by her as well as her fucking partner. More hot tight bj close-ups of the frizzy haired lady are shown afterwards as some cockriding is performed by the blonde man. At this point, I enjoyed looking at his very hard dick. It made me want to touch it. As this scene progressed on, the woman continued to be the highlight and the one who was the most memorable despite some hot gay fucking action. She really puts out a very heated effort during her cock ride moments. She reminds me of Rebecca Bardoux. Later, the appealing woman sucks and jacks off the man in her mouth. Then, the other man shoots his load on the man's asshole while the lady is playing with herself beside them.
Scene Four: On a red couch, a stud and his lady are making out. She immediately removes his pants and give him good head. At times, we can see her really sucking and tugging on it quite passionately. Later, the repairman enters the room and joins in after some reluctance from her fella. After some guy on guy cocksucking action is shown, we get some playful kissing activity from the woman. The trio of brunette performers look good together. I like seeing the lady in her negligee. The camera moves a lot. The woman continues to stick the man's dick into her partner's mouth. Next, she gets fucked on the couch. It's a nice looking one especially the way she is positioned on her side with her left leg up in the sky. The screwing motion gains in energy and her moan's sound cool. A three-way chain is formed as the lady gets spooned and the man fucking her gets screwed by the other fella. Some guy on guy cockriding follows while the woman keeps active by sucking dick. A cool doggie fuck occurs on the dark-haired siren next. She gets fucked well. A cum shot to the receptive man's mouth occurs as the woman continues to provide solid bj work. Then, the other guy cums on her chest.
Final Thoughts: The sex in this film is pretty hot especially with the women. The gay action is pretty good, but it's the female performers who mostly are the ones who really shine through. This series is a good introductory material for those readers who are curious about gay porn, but are reticent about watching it. The inclusion of a beautiful woman in each scene makes it much more appealing especially since a lot of the focus is on her. I recommend it.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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